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Bob Dylan 2002.04.21 in Zürich

Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 11:14:27 +0200
Subject: The Zurich Concert

Good morning everybody

Yesterday, Bob had zwo different drummers during his show in Zurich.
I think, the second was Jim Keltner.
Greetings from Zurich

Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 20:13:47 +0100
Subject: review concert zurich 21,4,02

hi there, here i short review of last nights gig in zurich

for the first time the hallenstadion which hosted his
bobness several times throuh the last years, was all seated.
but neverless the crowd in the most expensive areas in the
centre aisle close to the stage was like always (at least
here in switzerland) a good balanced mix of a crowd of at
least three generations, yes dylan is so cool and hip
nowadays that even quite young people are interessed to see
him from quite close, nevermind the exorbitant high prices
for tickets.

anyway to my pleasure the crowd in the center aisle remained
seated only for the first 5 or ten seconds of the show. the
show was GOOD (as always in the last few years) but maybe
not as intense as the last concert bob gave in switzerland
last summer in montreux. the band was as tight and compact
as we rembered them and the new drummer fitted in very well.

the higlights: its allright ma, with a suprising temporarliy
country-beat which made the some look different from its
cynicaly razor-blade original without to loose any of its

solid rock: what a pleasure to here one of his controversial
"religious" "saved"-album. (which in my opinion together
with the "slow train coming" is a very good one). the bands
first electric piece this night, in a very tight and
powerful performance, which got the hall boiling for the
first time. a superb vocal part from bob included.

high water: see above, a lot more intense and strong than
the studio version on his latest album, the band in absolut
perfection. (How long we have to wait for an official live
3-cd-box of his bobness live concerts througout the last

subterranen homesick blues: a refreshing and surprising
version which transform this old bluesy tune into a
super-contemproraray post-millenium-blues. the band very
sharp and also his voice. i looked at some of the younger
visitors and thougth to myself: "who, was it really who
invented the rap as a musical/lyrical expression?

tangled up in blue: in the beginning not very exciting (we
heard this arrangement some times before) if not for a quite
interesting phrasing of bob, it came to a exploding intense
ending during the guitar-solo part where the band once more
gave a sample of their dinamic ability.

summer days: boogie till you drop, a crusher, makes the lame
go running for  gold in the next olympics. superb: all the
three guitars and especially sextons.

forever young: such a tender and caressing version even
though there were some vocalistic disharmonys in the first
two refrains, but really soul and heart warming.

well, i hope i get to see this guys soon again. theyare
always worth to take a trip to go listen to them. if they
come near you, get moving, go see them....

steven, bern                     

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