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Bob Dylan 2002.04.23 in Innsbruck

Subject: Re: April 23, 2002 - Innsbruck, Austria - set list
From: andrea orlandi
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 01:41:06 GMT

>"##Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power) (acoustic)
>Absolutely Sweet Marie (Larry on pedal steel)
>I Believe In You
>Would love to hear somthing about these.....and about Jim Keltner on drums,
>if he played the complete show.

Oh boy
Jim Keltner is absolutely the best Dylan drummer of them all

I forgot how good he is...since Earl's Court 81
Well, I knew he was good, I saw him again at Bobfest and he
was fabulous He can hit hard, change the drive, and then be

And Bob enjoy him a lot: in Drifter Escape he could not stop
from turning to him and laugh mouth open wide, being
obviously very happy of having him (he was on from song nr.1
to song nr.20, Receli was backstage watching the show) The
set list was great, bum bum bum , one after the other, all
my favourite songs Senor, Desolation, Back pages, Sweet
MArie, 4th Time Around, Solid Rock. Senor was not so
different from the electric version, just imagine the
electric version played with acoustic guitars, and it was
very good

Listening to the amazing set list Bob was giving, one song
after the other and  thinking of Keltner at Earl's Court, I
had to shout in the stunning silence, after Mr Tambourine
Man, as loud as I can

"I believe in youuu!! " with  very little hope to succeed

Oh well, he started 4h time around instead

4th time around had a very nice electric lead from Sexton

but three songs later here it is: "They.....," with the same
lead line on electric guitar as in Earl's Court What a joy,
and, frankly, I was a little proud of myself at that point

In Honest with me Keltner played like he had no tomorrow and
gave another feel to the song

It is obvious that Bob is influenced in his playing by the
drummer, and it was very clear tonight

Will be Slow train coming next?


Newsgroups: Subject: Innsbruck, 23rd of April, some notes (long) From: Werner Haas Date: 25 Apr 2002 08:53:30 -0700 For a change we had fair weather that day. At 6:45 pm when I arrived at the Eisstadion, there was alread a small crowd waiting. It's interesting to see, how mixed the audience is: A boy about 8 years old, was probably the youngest concertgoer. At 7 pm it was announced via megaphone, that no cameras where allowed. They repeated this message at 7:15 pm again. At 7:18 pm one single door was opened. Of course everybody tried to get in. They told us: "Please stand back. Don't push forward. We don't want any injuries." But after some protesting they had the common sense to open a second door. The security controlled, if people had cameras with them. Then we got through a corridor into the hall. It is actually an ice sport venue so we were standing on the field and to the left and right are the bleachers ( On the front of the hall was the stage withe the eye-curtain as seen on the Stuttgart pictures ( At 7:58 pm joss sticks were distributed. By the way, the music we heard until the concert was classical music, quiet 20th century compositions. At 8:05 pm it was a composition beginning with a fanfare. Maybe Aaron Copland? 8:15 pm: The concert starts. 1. Humming Bird Acoustic, with upright bass. Bob in a black cowby outfit, boots with steel caps, the band in mauve(? The same as in Stuttgart), only Jim Keltner wore casual clothing. This song was filmed with a small videocamera from the left side of the stage. 2. Seľor (Tales Of Yankee Power) Larry Campbell on cittern, nice solo. Bob plays harp. 3. Desolation Row Filmed again. Soloing by Bob. He sings the verse with the Phantom two times. 4. My Back Pages Bob started on his harp and dropped it on the floor as he was rushing to the microphone to sing the first verse. Larry on fiddle. Filmed. Wonderful effect, as if a transparent curtain light was in front of the eye curtain. The lighting was simply wonderful. 5. Absolutely Sweet Marie Electric. Filmed. 6. Solid Rock Wow. 7. Sugar Baby Tony Garnier on upright bass again. Most of the time he was standing in a corner created by the drums and an amplifier. Filmed. 8. Highway 61 Revisited Electric bass. Filmed. A crowd pleaser. 9. Mr. Tambourine Man The eye curtain was lifted and stage and the curtain underneath were drenched in a dark red light. Filmed. Upright bass. Acoustic instruments 10. Fourth Time Around Larry on cittern and Charlie on electric guitar Filmed. Blue light. Bob was muggin for the camera. 11. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right Lighting was ethereal. Filmed. 12. Summer Days Crowd pleasing. Bob was mugging for us now ;-). Charlie Sexton had a nice solo on his half acoustic. 13. I Believe In You With this green lighting you thought you were underwater. Filmed. 14. Drifter's Escape Hard, frontal lighting in the beginning. The band sounded more hard rock. 15. Cat's In The Well Solo by Charlie Sexton. Bob introduced the band (Sexton played a bit with a guitar synthesizer), "On the drums tonight ... Jim Keltner" 9:55 pm End of the concert (almost) 9:58 pm Encore (whew!) 16. Love Sick The second curtain was also pulled back and you could see a cloud background. Red lighting. 17. Like A Rolling Stone Blue Lighting. One string on Larry Campbell's guitar snapped and he had to change guitars during the song. Good soloing by Sexton. 18. If Dogs Run Free Pink Lighting. It sounded jazzy ;-). Solo by Larry 19. Honest With Me The second curtain came back again. Blue Lighting. Larry on slide guitar, also soloing. 20. Blowin' In The Wind With chorus by Charlie and Larry. Tony Garnier on an acoustic bass guitar. During the concert Bob Dylan had the habit of raising one heel and twist his leg. He was in good shape, singing strong. The sound mixing (from my place at least :-) ) was good. I could hear the different instruments clearly, unless they got a bit loud (Highway 61, Drifter's Escape) and the sound muddied a bit. And now, I just want to hear and see this concert again ;-). Werner
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