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Bob Dylan 2002.04.25 in Strasbourg

From: "Gerard-Poillet"
Subject: STRASBURG REVIEW 24/4/2002
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 09:01:54 +0200

Bob is a great, great showman, with sincerity, honesty and
depth.In the very beginning of the show, his stetson behind
he was not very concentrated, but after some minutes he gave
us a demonstration of his art. The highlights of this concert
were certainly I WANT YOU, SUMMER DAYS (with a high technical
level ...) SUGAR BABY, FOREVER YOUNG and a very surprising MAN
OF CONSTANT SORROW. For me, I think that BOB give us today,
through his last shows his best manner of playing harp since
 few years. He was good playing guitar too (on bridges of
some songs). Jim Keltner was supported by Tony during the
whole show. Tony was very near him.

During SUMMER DAYS, an electricty break down stopped the
mikes and guitars. Jim Keltner played solo... in front of Bob,
Larry, Charly smiling. After two minutes, and a close speech
of Bob with his band, the songs re-started just where it
stopped. What a surprise... even the technical staff and
everybody on stage gave a round of applauses. Tonight, BOB
gave us the best... and once again his way of view of R'nR,
american music, his own past, his own legend. No words for
the public, no signs, we love him like that! The 8000
persons who attempted of this show, will not contradict me.

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