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Bob Dylan 2002.04.28 in Brussels

From: "Gerard-Poillet"
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 08:03:56 +0200

Tonight "Forest National" was sold out. Wonderful show. Bob
and his band were very punchy in front of 10.000 persons.I
think that this show will count like one of the best ... of
those I've seen till now since the beginning of L&T Tour.

Bob had a very well placed voice , played guitar duo with
Charly and Larry in actuel fact in all songs during the
bridges.. and we've seen him laughing sometimes. In the end
of the last song, he was falling on his knees probably tired
but happy to have made a good show.In any way very playful.
Behind Bob, the band was playing loud and strong maybe more
than ever (especially during SUMMER DAYS, HONEST WITH ME,
and the second encore RAINY DAY). Now, Jim Keltner is
completely in level of the others, maybe the better drummer
since....He played strong and well. Charie and him had some
jokes during this show. Undoubtedly, the hilights of

Once again, Bob gave us an moment of his talent, the breath
of his spirit, in any case a very beautiful moment of his
american music.

Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 23:08:57 +0200 From: Eddie Janssens To: Bill Pagel, Expecting Rain Subject: Brussels review 04/28/2002 Review April 28, 2002 - Brussels - Belgium After the show in Oberhausen, of which the first part was very good, but the second part was a bit disappointing, I was very curious to know what Bob would do in my hometown Brussels. Would he continue in the same spirit or would he take revenge for the somewhat disappointing performance the day before? Traditionally Brussels has a very good reputation when it comes to Dylan concerts. Especially the 95-, 96-, and 98 shows are worldwide cherished by the Bob-fans. I had good hopes that it would be true also this time and thank goodness for me and the whole audience I seemed to be right. My friend Jan, his father Francis and I had found place on about the 5th row in the middle, right in front of the microphone standard of Dylan. My wife and my three kids Eva (11), Hannah (9) and Jesse (6) had taken seats and were waving regularly at me. At 20h02 the lights of a sold-out Forest National dimmed and Columbia Recording Marshal Bob Dylan appeared; white suite, black hat, shirt and shoes. And the opener was · Hallelujah, I'm Ready To Go Dylan took us by surprise. Even he seemed to believe what he was singing! The band played solidly and it was a pleasure to hear Jim Keltner playing. What a top-class drummer! When I Paint My Masterpiece The first surprise of the evening and, even if the vast majority of the audience did not recognize this number, the early hour Bob-fans responded enthusiastically when Bob started to sing 'I left Rome and landed in Brussels'. Dylan seemed to have problems with the lyrics because he repeated this strophe once again at the end, with yet another enthusiastic reaction from the Brussels audience to follow. Also Bob did not fail to see that and could not suppress a smile on his face. And above all that· Bob had just only started a concert that was going to be a master-piece. It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Surely not my favorite song. I had rather preferred him to sing the beautiful yesterday's 'Desolation Row' once again, but Bob brought this song in such a convincing way that my regrets quickly disappeared. Excellent guitar rendition from Bob by the way! It Ain't Me, Babe No 'Don't think twice' tonight but instead a beautiful, quiet rendition of 'It ain't me, babe', with Bob on harp for the first time. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Charlie in a star role here. This is really a song that smashes things up when brought live. Sung with a cristal clear voice. Great ! After Bob had brought me to a climax yesterday evening with the electric performance of 'Positively 4th Street', I was curious which acoustic song he would give an electric rendition tonight. It was · If You See Her, Say Hello Simply brilliant. Larry's rendition on the violin was beautiful and Bob had still a high-grade voice. I wonder why Larry can not show more often some of his violin wizardry. Without any doubt THE climax of the evening ! Cry A While Booming, astonishing version. Much better than what we heard in Oberhausen. Bob sang this in a tight-lipped, almost sarcastic way, precisely what this song needs. Fine guitar work by everyone. This song kicks ass ! Moonlight After the heavy guitar work, this intimate master-piece. Deliciously jazzy and again high-grade voice performance. Sophisticated drum play by the great Jim Keltner. Mama, You been On My Mind A song that he already sang more than once in Brussels. Lovely version without being grand though. Visions Of Johanna Although this is one of my favorite songs, I had the feeling that the potential did not fully come out . A moment of concentration loss? The song did not seem to get off the ground, even if it did not sound bad at all. Masters Of War Dylan got himself back under control right away. Again a superior rendition compared to the day before. Summer Days Without any doubt a climax again! Fine vocal performance and masterly solo's by Charlie. The song raised to an unbelievable climax. The band had a great time! I Believe In You Indeed a beautiful song to bring but nevertheless I think that it is possible to do much more with this number which got a sputtered electric approach today. But again not bad at all! The Wicked Messenger Personally I prefer the alternative 'Drifter's Escape' that sounded great in Oberhausen. However neither of both songs really appeal the big public. But what the hell, Bob and the band seemed to have a great time so · who am I? At a certain time Bob went looking for his harp and while he was standing with his back to the audience, we could all see that his jacket was soaking wet from sweat. Finally a roadie found his harp. Rainy Day Woman Without any doubt the best version I ever heard and in a much slower pace than the 2000 shows. Brilliant work by Larry on pedal steel. During the bands intro Charlie played a joke. When Jim Keltner was introduced, he got behind the drums and pulled out a drumstick with 2 balls and showed them to the public. It is obvious the band is pleased having this class-drummer aboard. Tony had his back turned to the audience, facing Jim almost all evening and did not stop talking and laughing at him. Those two are already best palls, that much is obvious! A standing ovation afterwards and ready for encores. Love Sick A masterly version and great vocals. Ominous and dark as it should be. Like A Rolling Stone Still the public's favorite. Bob and the band were completely focussed on this one. Personally a beautiful moment for me when the spots highlighted the audience and I saw my kids clapping enthusiastically. Isn't it great ? Knockin' On Heavens Door Great slow version, grand drums and beautiful vocals by Bob, Larry and Charlie. Honest With Me Again a very solid version of what seems to be one of Dylan's favorite songs. Fine guitar rendition by everyone. Blowin' In The Wind Nice version, altough Bob's guitar work was a bit less on this one. Followed by a 2nd standing ovation which Dylan undoubtedly enjoyed. All Along The Watchtower Here again the very best live version I ever heard. Booming and accurate. Jimmy Hendrix would most certainly have given his OK to this one. Yet another great applause and Bob kneeling in a showy way to the Brussels' audience and giving us a goodbye kiss. What a wonderful night. Thx Bob ! Eddie Janssens, Brussels, Belgium. (
From: Benny Schuurmans Benny.schuurmans@PELTER.BE To: "''" Subject: Review Brussels 28th avril 2002 Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2002 12:27:18 +0200 I left Rome and landed in Brussels... The Belgian concert kicked off at 08.00 in a sold-out Forest-National in front of 10.000 people with a remarkable hillbilly and well sung version of Halleluia, I'm ready to go. Interesting to notice was the fact that Bob's voice was on top already at the beginning of the concert. Straight and crystalclear! What followed was a beautiful version of When I paint my masterpiece. (At least three times Dylan declamed the word Brussels in this song and he was sure enjoying his visit to this town) Well, what to say, I mean, the band as well as Bob's performance during the rest of the show was absolutely amazing!! (the only song that lost the spirit was RD 12&35, which was probably played a bit too slow, but no hard feelings anyway..) To mention the highlights, well, there were at least a dozen, but on top of those I'd surely mention Masterpiece, If you see her say hello(terrific violin Larry!), Knockin' (beautiful harmony), Summer Days (which turned the Arena into a wild, never-seen-before dance hall), and Watchtower which blew us off our feet! Well, afterwards Bob left Brussels and landed in Paris.. Ben Schuurmans Achel, Belgium

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