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Bob Dylan 2002.05.04 in Brighton

From: "sonya eastman"
Subject: Brighton setlist
Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 10:27:05 +0000

Hi I just thought you might like to know that I went to the
Brighton gig yesterday and there were three encores. He did
All Along the Watchtower for the second encore and came off
then came back to do Blowin In the Wind. He then took his
third or fourth bow and then I think he looked as if he was
waiting for the crowd to stop clapping but he then smiled
and blew kisses at the audience!! It was my first ever gig
and I don't think anything will surpass it!! Long live Bob,
I think he was really chuffed at how much noise we made!!

From: To: "Karl Erik Andersen" Subject: BRIGHTON REVIEW MAY 4TH Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 16:05:26 +0100 There was something special about going to this Bob Dylan concert, as it was my first Bob date since Kilkenny; and so it has been anticipated for some months. It is the first time my wife and I left the Emerald Isle since coming back from Portsmouth in September 2000 (so it was our first show since then without Ron Wood clowning around). Both in 2000 and now in 2002 we came to Britain in order to see eight shows. The Brighton Centre was packed and we were sitting on the balcony, a little far away from the "action", but that is what you have binoculars for. I must say, it was a very enjoyable show. One third of the 21 songs I had never seen live (in 32 shows since 1981), the five "Love & Theft" songs, as well as "S. H. B." ( ... watch the parking meeeeeters) and "Man Of Constant Sorrow". Also I had never seen before the acoustic version of "I Shall Be Released", and certainly no acoustic "If Not For You". But even the frequently played songs were on a high artistic level, with every musician on stage showing what a brilliant craftsman he is. Jim Keltner was working hard, and for my part delivered his goods. This guy knows his stuff. The other four artists I had seen at work many times before, strumming away on their manifold stringed instruments, but they all are getting better and better. Bob was singing fine and strong throughout the evening. One of the high points for me was the challenging opener, "I AM THE MAN THOMAS", as I really love Bob Dylan singing about Jesus Christ, believing him that he is serious in doing so. [] I am looking very much forward to hear "SOLID ROCK" at hopefully some of the shows we are heading for. "Can't Wait" was also really nice; and "Masters Of War" was performed strong, convincing, and with authority, as was "Sugar Baby". "Summer Days" I really was looking forward to, and I was not at all disappointed. Those guitars !!! What can I say ??? "Man Of Constant Sorrow" was one of the peaks of the night. I loved every second of it, as I cherished every note of "I SHALL BE RELEASED". [] That one was so beautiful, with its purple lighting and the great singing of Bob and the boys. The curtain closer, "All Along The Watchtower", was certainly not the first one I have seen, but it definitely was the best one, with Bob's phrasing being somewhat different than any other version I have heard before. With all these setlist changes so far during this finest European tour since 1981, we really do look forward to some more nice surprises, as we arrived in Bournemouth, where we will be standing tonight, a little closer to the "action". This is not a bad way to spend your vacation ;-) Markus Prieur NOT DARK YET A WEBSITE FOCUSING ON SOME OF THE SONGS PERFORMED OCCASIONALLY BY BOB DYLAN IN 2002, IN 2001, IN 2000 AND IN 1999
From: "Sue Robinson" To: Cc: Subject: Fwd: Brighton review Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 19:50:03 +1000 This was my 21st Bobshow, but the first outside Australia and I was looking forward to experiencing a show with a non-Australian audience. Won't bore you with my impressions of Brighton (notice some people complaining about same), but there wasn't much difference in the audiences - the main difference was in the fact that the bars are allowed to stay open throughout the show, which led to a drunken yobbo tipping a cup of beer all over me as he regained his seat right in the middle of 'Sugar Baby'. This was pretty disappointing, cause I'd really been looking forward to this song live. The (completely sold-out)venue was small in comparison with the barns he plays in Australia, which was great, and we had good close balcony seats although the speakers on the corner of the stage partially blocked some vision. Some general observations of the show: We got our money's worth with a long show, 2hours 20mins. by my timing. Bob was in fine strong voice, and looked great in a black suit (short jacket) with red side-stripe on the pants and red pocket trim, and those beautiful black cuban-heel boots. (Could have done without the big hat and that moustache, but hey, you can't have everything!) His guitar 'noodling' has improved and is usually in the same key as the band. A couple of the acoustic numbers started with a delicate intro of just Bob and Larry playing, wish there was more of Bob without the band, he's just the greatest in that mode. Great to see the harp featuring on three songs, although the playing was a bit tentative. Re drumming: had always thought Jim Keltner would be ideal, but was a little disappointed - his playing lacked a little spark in spite of Tony's efforts standing next to him, and now I think David Kemper was possibly the best I've seen in Bob's band. You know the setlist, so some comments on specific songs: After a fairly slow start, the place came to life with a great rendition of 'It's alright ma' (although Bob was swallowing some of the words at the start of some lines!). Was a bit disappointed with 'Tweeedle dum', had been looking forward to that one live. But 'Subterranean' was great fun and really got the audience going, and if he missed some words that's quite understandable (if you've tried to sing along with it you'll know!). The whole show really took off with a great swaggering rendition of'Lonesome day', a real treat. 'Masters' was impressive as usual, and 'Tangled' lively. 'Sugar baby' was probably good, but I missed most of it thanks to the drunk mentioned above. My main highlight came next with 'Summer days', Bob and the band all played a brilliant, spirited extended jam on this, they all seemed to have a ball. 'Cold irons' was great, this is a personal favourite. The usual 'Rainy day' closed the set, and the band left the stage to great applause. The first encore started with a fascinating, thudding version of 'Man of constant sorrow', which got a great reception, the crowd really went off. Could have done without yet another 'LARS', it's sounding a little jaded. 'Released' featured some nice vocal harmonies from Larry and Charlie on the chorus (as in a couple of previous numbers). 'Honest with me' was a blast - the L&T songs certainly provided most of the highlights. The set closed with 'BITW' which was surprisigly moving, given the frequency of outings it gets. From our sideview seats we could see Bob chatting to people offstage during the break, it's good to see him still looking easy and confident. The final encore brought a 'Party Political Statement' in 'Watchtower meets the theme from Exodus', but of course he's as entitled as anyone else, and it made for a very musically interesting number. Thus closed another great show, Bob beamingly blowing a kiss to the crowd and standing with arms outstretched to embrace us all. Tony, Larry and Charlie were terrific as usual. And who was that blonde who got a kiss from bob as he left the room? And a note for Darren and the Sydney Jumpers: the Oscar is still proudly sitting atop Bob's amp! Can't wait for our next show at Manchester. Sue _________________________________________________________________ Send and receive Hotmail on your mobile device:
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