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Bob Dylan 2002.05.05 in Bornemouth

To: "Karl Erik Andersen"
Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 12:16:35 +0100

No, he did not sing "Isis", on the fifth day of May, but Bob
did once more sing fifteen songs not performed in the
previous show. Three songs only he repeated in the main set;
the acoustic "If Not For You" (which is thought to be in
rememberance of George Harrison, now that Bob is in
Britain), the highly enjoyable "S.H.B.", and "Summer Days",
a song no Dylan concert should be without these days. Those
guitars !!! But I mentioned them already yesterday, did I ?
From the encores he did repeat the usual three.

For this show I was standing, pretty close to the action, a
little to the left, so I could hear very good. I got to hear
four songs I had never seen live. For one the great opener,
[], which appeared
for the fifth time in Europe. Also the first electric song,
"Absolutely Sweet Marie" was new to me, and I wonder if he
played it because in 1997 it also had been the first
electric song in Bournemouth. Two more L&T songs I got to
hear for the first time, a very nice "Floater", and a very
strong "Cry A While" (I did not find any fault in Jim
Keltner's drumming all night).

Highlights from the songs I had seen before were many, as
this was a very very good show indeed. "Desolation Row"
featured seven verses (Sell./ Cind./ Moon/ Across/ Einst./
Midnight/ Received), and Bob was with the lyrics all the
time. "Mama" was beautifully sung, and "Boots Of Spanish
Leather" (with nice red lighting) was sung even more
beautifully. "Hard Rain"
[], was strong as
well, but Bob's microphone created distorting feedback
noises during the last verse, causing him to sing most of
that verse off mike, as loud as he could, before beckoning
the audience to help him finish with the last chorus.

"Don't Think Twice" had a very nice groove to it. "Summer
Days" just was great (I am really looking forward to see it
six more times), and being back in the 12th spot, I knew
that number 13 would be something I would like very much. So
I got to hear my fifth "NOT DARK YET"
[]. It must have been
the first one ever starting with a harp solo, and it was a
great version (~ "... and I got to the sea" ~ The
Bournemouth International Centre is located right at the
coast ~ ;-)

The band intro (with each member playing a solo) during the
extended jam session following "Pillbox" was immensely
entertaining, to say the least. This band sure is fantastic.
The song in purple lighting in spot number 18 was "FOREVER
YOUNG" [], which
featured nice vocal harmonies; and the second encore was
"Highway 61" this time, which showcased Charlie Sexton's
talent once more. To observe Bob's look on his face as he
was looking from three feet distance into Charlie's face for
quite a long time, it was obvious that he was well pleased
with him. And rightly so ! I was well pleased as well with
all five artists on stage, and I have the feeling, that I
will be even more pleased in Cardiff tonight. These shows
are a pure pleasure.

Markus Prieur

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