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Bob Dylan 950616 at Harborlights, Boston

Subject: Harborlights (Boston), June 16 Song List
From: Ron Mura,
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 02:52:02 GMT

1. Down in the Flood
2. I Want You
3. All along the Watchtower
4. Just Like a Woman
5. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
6. Silvio

7. Mr. Tambourine Man (sans guitar, harmonica at end)
8. Masters of War (sans guitar, harmonica after each of the last 3 verses)
9. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright

10. Seeing the Real You at Last
11. I Believe in You
12. Obviously Five Believers

13. Like a Rolling Stone

14. My Back Pages (switch from guitar to harmonica at end)

15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

Subject: Re: Harborlights (Boston), June 16 Song List From: Noah M Davis, Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 04:25:44 GMT Silvio just plain and simple kicked ass. I was really impressed with the electric stuff (actually more than the accoustic stuff -- and I'm big on accoustic stuff). What is Seeing the Real You at Last from? Anyways, a kick ass show. I was a little dissapointed that he ended with Rainy Day Woman cause I don't really think the song is that great. I'm sure it was amusing the first time I heard it but beyond that I don't think it deserves that much merit. It was really funny seeing Bobby doin that stuff without his guitar -- All I could think was Bobby does Sinatra. The lead guitarist is really good . . what's his name? Billy Jay something . . Oh well, those are my random comments from the show.
Subject: Re: Harborlights (Boston), June 16 Song List From: DylanJak, Date: 17 Jun 1995 11:00:40 -0400 Hey Noah, I was there last night in Boston and I must agree with you, Ending With Rainy Day Woman Stinks, I've Seen Bob 23 Times Now And I still don't like that song! especially as a Closer. I was Hoping For "Knocking on Heavans Door" or anything but "Stoned" but other than that I loved it. Especially "Tambourine Man without the Guitar (Vegas here we come!). By the way Seeing the real you at last is from Empire Burlesque! I though he might have chose to sing that as a jab at that woman who is currently sueing him! Awesome I hear he will be back in the Boston area in Sept. peace james
Subject: Re: Harborlights (Boston), June 16 Song List From: CHC2hwy61, Date: 17 Jun 1995 12:33:12 -0400 : What is Seeing the Real You at Last from? :Anyways, a kick ass show. I was a little dissapointed that he ended with :Rainy Day Woman cause I don't really think the song is that great Noah, "Seeing the Real You At Last" is from Empire Burlesque--one of my personal favorites (in a very long list). I agree with you about "Rainy Day Women", but somehow when I see it in concert I just can't help enjoying it! I think it's a great song when seen live. The guitarist's name is J. J. (John) Jackson from Nashville. He does get better all the time but at times doesn't seem to notice when Bob wants to take the lead--prompting dirty looks occasionally! Christine
Subject: Harborlights 6/16/95 From: Jakflash, Date: 17 Jun 1995 22:21:46 -0400 I am anxious to hear anyone's comments on Bob's performance in Boston last night. I was pretty disappointed. Show seemed very uninspired and the acoustics were terrible, IMHO. Must say I am not a fan of the "lounge lizard" portion. Bob seemed to be going through the motions. Enjoyed Don't Think Twice, but I really can't say much else positive. Caught two Bob shows in Portland last fall and loved 'em both. Was I just having a bad night or was this really a lousy performance. I've seen enough Dylan shows both good and bad to know that this one was sub-par at best. Any reviews of the Dylan/Dead show in Vt. would also be most welcome.
Subject: Re: Harborlights 6/16/95 From: Ron Mura, Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 14:33:23 GMT > I am anxious to hear anyone's comments on Bob's performance in Boston last > night. I was pretty disappointed. Show seemed very uninspired and the > acoustics were terrible, IMHO. I wasn't disappointed. I wouldn't call it the best show I've seen but I enjoyed it a lot. The sound was pretty good where we sat and airplane noise wasn't a problem. Here are some comments I've sent to friends who asked about the show: The show was very good, though not phenomenal. "I Want You" was slow and nice but didn't have the unique _Unplugged_ arrangement. Instead, the guitar riff mimicked that of the original recording. "Watchtower" was very strong, enjoyable even though it was the umpteenth time. The singing on "Just Like a Woman" was very strong, perhaps the strongest of the night. "T. Thumb's Blues" was decent but the singing was more laid back. "Silvio" really rocked and was the "extra measure between each line" arrangement. The acoustic set was very good, the first time I've seen Dylan do his no-guitar singing in 1995. Denise said he looked like Tony Bennett holding the microphone! But he sang very well. One surprise was the audience en masse sang the last verse of "Don't Think Twice" with him. "Real You" really rocked, as did (surprisingly) "I Believe in You." "5 Believers" was somewhat a disappointment for me. I hadn't heard it and was expecting a real strong rocking version, but the band didn't rock out as much as on other songs and the singing was somewhat restrained. There was a rather long wait before the encores. The audience stayed put but most people had stopped clapping and I began to worry that they wouldn't come back at all. "Rolling Stone" started slow, in tempo and performance but was rolling by the second verse. After Dylan and the band walked to the side of the stage they walked right back and the lights came back. "My Back Pages" was very nice, similar to the _Unplugged_ version and just a tad below it in quality. This time the audience was really charged up and kept cheering until they came back again. "RDW #12&35" was a big crowd-pleaser done with fairly standard delivery. Lights were on throughout the song. The audience continued to applaud loudly but after a couple of minutes they turned on the taped music. One additional observation: Dylan seemed to be less interested in his guitar playing than he was at the 1992 through 1994 shows I've seen. He was usually content to let John Jackson take the lead and only some of the time did he layer on his distinctive counterpoint "noodling." On acoustic songs, he did some strident chord strumming rather than the picking he's usually done in recent years--at one point it reminded me of his 1991 electric piano banging. This isn't to say that there were not good moments. At times he seemed into his playing and three times he and Jackson lined up in "guitar hero" position and went at it together.
Subject: Harborlights June 16th setlist Pt. 2 From: Christopher Zingg, Date: 17 Jun 1995 05:53:05 GMT Ron told you what he played, here's what the printed setlist said: Down In The Flood I Want You/Baby Tonight Watchtower Tom Thumb/Most Likely You'll Go... Silvio Tambourine Masters Don't Think Twice God Knows/Real You At Last I Believe In You 5 Believers Rolling Stone/Mr. Jones Times/Back Pages One Too Many Mornings Just Like A Woman was not listed but was played, ditto for Rainy Day Women. Rumors of Bob and the Stones playing together in Europe this summer.
Subject: Harborlights Soundcheck (partial) From: Ron Mura, Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 13:21:11 GMT The June 16 soundcheck (without Dylan, Jackson doing the singing) included: 1. instrumental tuning-up and jamming (very un-Dylan-ish) 2. Drifter's Escape (3 takes) 3. Tears of Rage 4. It Takes a Lot to Laugh... 5. To Ramona (instrumental fragment) 6. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright (instrumental) At this point I went to join r.m.d-ers at the Barking Crab; there may have been another song or two.
Subject: Re: Harborlights Soundcheck (partial) From: Thad Williamson, Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 11:43:04 -0700 (PDT) "Jackson doing the singing", eh? Well, how does he sing?
Subject: John Jackson's Singing (Was: Harborlights Soundcheck (partial)) From: Ron Mura, Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 00:23:53 GMT > "Jackson doing the singing", eh? > > Well, how does he sing? Adequate but his singing is plain and straightforward. I was thinking while I listened that I wouldn't pay to go see him.
Subject: Harborlights Pavilion - Boston - June 16, 1995 From: "M. Leblanc" (turning_pt@UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU) Date: 17 Jun 1995 10:22:12 -0500 Bob Dylan and his band blew into town last night, to remind us all of what rock and roll is really all about. They crackled, they sizzled, and pumped more real music into the summer air than has been heard here since... since the last time they blew into town. Here's the setlist and a few notes: Crash On The Levee (Down in the Flood) - This is a wonderfully *strong* opener! I Want You - This is the slow, languid version that makes ya melt. All Along the Watchtower. Absolutely the best, most compelling Watchtower I've *ever* heard him do! Just Like A Woman Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Silvio - An all new, *killer* rocking arrangement you're not gonna forget! @Mr. Tambourine Man - sans guitar - Guitarless Bob looked pretty darned comfortable to me. If he started out awkwardly, he's refined it to the point where it's second nature now. Every word and note was both sculpted and effortless - Molded and free. @Masters of War - sans guitar - see above. I think it's fascinating that at this point in his career, he's chosen to take on this challenge of singing without guitar. It's an act of self mastery that you *have to* witness. @Don't Think Twice Seeing the Real You at Last I Believe in You Obviously 5 Believers - Wow! Encores: Like a Rolling Stone My Back Pages - This had to be the definitive My Back Pages. Rainy Day Women #12 and 35 - Raucous! Bob and J.J. exchanged leads and played co-lead throughout. Hot stuff! J.J. Jackson is such a treasure, there's simply no other guitarist who could fill the slot. Plays soulful, fiery co-lead, always with a sense of wonder. If you didn't think it was possible for Bob's lead work to improve any more, after last fall's East Coast tour, think again babies. The band intros were done before *Obviously Five Believers* and included a line about JJ that went something like "he's from Memphis so that oughta give you a clue" (but he told us his name anyway.) Bucky Baxter was introduced as the former mayor of Bluefield, West Virginia. (Nice pants Bucky!) "Thaneyewverymucherrybudday - we're gettin outta here right now..." Then, the memorable and perhaps prophetic line, added as a sort of shy/sly afterthought: "Hope you win the World Series." He "give us his heart" during the wild applause after each encore with a mimed *hands to the heart, then offering it to us* gesture. I'll take it. Home Run Bob! Maureen
Subject: Re: Harborlights Pavilion - Boston - June 16, 1995 From: John R. Weikart, Date: 18 Jun 1995 05:51:33 GMT >They crackled, they sizzled, >and pumped more real music into the summer air than has >been heard here since... since the last time they blew into town. Please, Bob, please, please, please, please, please, come to Texas! Hell, come to New Orleans, Little Rock, or Tulsa and I'll be there! Please!
Subject: Re: Harborlights Pavilion - Boston - June 16, 1995 From: Noah M Davis, Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 06:01:13 GMT I tell ya, it's concerts like these that make me want to quite my day job and follow him around the country.
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 11:46:33 EST From: Mark Hausman (mhausman@WARREN.MED.HARVARD.EDU) Subject: Dylan at Harborlights 6/16/95 Here's the setlist from Bob's Harborlights show in Boston 6/16/95: Crash On The Levee I Want You Watchtower Just Like A Woman Tom Thumb's Blues Sylvio Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob sans guitar) Masters Of War (Bob sans guitar) Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Seeing The Real You At Last I Believe In You Obviously 5 Believers ENCORE: Like A Rolling Stone My Back Pages ENCORE2: Rainy Day Women All in all, a wonderful show. It was a beautiful summer night, and the aroma of the incense on stage drifting over the crowd served to hide any smells that could arise from nearby Boston Harbor ;-) Crash On The Levee rocked, and there was an immediate response from many in the crowd to head toward the stage and dance. The security folks had other plans, however, and the eager fans were directed back to their seats. The slowed down I Want You worked well, with each word being clearly articulated. Watchtower was Watchtower, scorching but a bit mundane. I could listen to Just Like A Woman every night, so I was glad to get this, although I was wondering if Bob was going to acknowledge any of the last three decades. I didn't care if he was stuck in the 60's, though, when I heard Tom Thumb's Blues starting up. Unfortunately, my expectation of this song in concert is biased by the 1966 performances, and this one didn't quite live up. A bit too upbeat, I think. Bob finally played a "new" song ;-), Silvio, which was very hot. Dylan struck some great "guitar hero" poses and played some fiery leads. It took me almost the first verse of Tambourine Man to adjust to the visually striking guitarless Dylan. Microphone in one hand, cord in the other, untucked satin shirt hanging loose like a pajama top, Bob delivered the vocal magnificently. By the second verse I realized what magic this was. Unfortunately, the final verse was hampered by that hazard of Harborlights- the hated hum of a passing plane. Masters of War was another vocal masterpiece. A friend with me, a veteran of several shows, said "When has he ever sung like this?!" Don't Think Twice was fun; for some reason I couldn't convince myself it was not Mama You've Been On My Mind until the vocal started. The final electric set was fantastic, as each of the three songs was a first for me. The stage rush was allowed to proceed this time, and Seeing The Real You benefitted from the energy of the crowd. I Believe In You brought chills, with a passionately harsh yet delicate vocal. Bob introduced the band before 5 Believers. He said of J.J., "I won't tell you how old he is, but he's from Memphis. That should give you some clue." Bucky was again introduced as the former mayor of ?????? West Virginia. Obviously 5 Believers was great, although the audience seemed a bit unfamiliar with it and it might have fit better somewhere other than the closing spot. Bob slapped a few high fives before leaving the stage. I was looking forward to Like A Rolling Stone as an encore since I hadn't seen it performed in several years. The inclusion of the "jugglers and clowns" verse was nice, but it was at the expense of the second verse. It kept the audience on its feet throughout. My Back Pages was a fitting end (or so I thought) to the night, well-performed and well-received. After a few minutes of loud ovation, Bob and the boys returned for another encore. I was hoping for something special, and Rainy Day Women was a bit of a disappointment. The lights came up as the song was starting, and the crowd was very enthusiastic, dancing and singing along. I overheard several comments like, "I didn't know he was still this good!" on the way out. My eighteen year-old friend, for whom this was the first Dylan show, was overwhelmed. Eternal circle, indeed.
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 12:18:17 EDT From: "M. Leblanc" (turning_pt@UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU) Subject: Re: Problem with Dylan at Highgate skulick@ZEBULON.CIS.UPENN.EDU (Seth Kulick) writes: >where's the review of the show? Set list? Anything? George and I drove hundreds of miles, at considerable expense to see Bob at Highgate. Although we left (we thought) in plenty of time to make it to the venue, even with a traffic jam, it just didn't happen. We were trapped in a traffic jam from hell, that started many miles from the Highgate airstrip. Stuck inside of traffic with st least 10,000 others, we repeated our mantra, "No they'll never start a show, knowing there are so many people still stuck in this jam!" Think again. Not only did they start, they started *early*. The people who organized this little event have a lot to learn about traffic control. And that's just scratching the surface of what these folks need to get hip to. We finally were allowed to park and made our way into the venue. Asking around of various deadheads we heard that apparently Bob hadn't played yet! "Great" we said to each other, "we made it!" We'd heard no sounds coming from the airstrip, while stuck in the previously described frozen traffic. We were obviously two believers. When the dead came on we decided that what must've happened was a coin toss that determined who opened. Either that or the dead had graciously decided to let the sizzling hot Bob close. No and no. When they took a break, we figured "Fasten those seatbelts, here comes Bob!!" No again. We didn't "get it" for sure 'til they started dismantling the Dead's stage. Up close finally, we were told by stagehands that Bob had come on at 5:45 pm. Anyway, here's a complete setlist from today's (6/17/95) Boston Globe: Down In The Flood It Takes A Lot To Laugh/It Takes A Train To Cry All Along The Watchtower Tears Of Rage Silvio Mr. Tambourine Man Masters of War It's All Over Now Baby Blue Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again She Belongs To Me Highway 61 Like A Rolling Stone I'll bet he was great. Maureen
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 03:57:40 GMT From: Bill Burns (burns@ZK3.DEC.COM) Subject: Boston 6/16/95 Here is what was played: Down in the flood I want you Watchtower Just like a Woman Just like Tom Thumb's Blues Silvio Mr. Tamborine man (a) Masters of War (a) Don't think twice, it's alright (a) Seeing the real you at last I believe in you Obviously 5 believers Like a rolling stone My back pages (a) Rainy day women ---------------- Excellent. Just excellent.
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 13:52:58 GMT From: Bill Routhier (routhier@USA1.COM) Subject: Re: Boston 6/16/95 Here here, from another Bill. He did the most stunning version of Tambourine Man. No guitar, holding the mike and harmonica, walking the stage a little, doing it quiet and poignant, resigned still after all these years to follow that muse, but no longer challenging it, just waiting for it to come. I might have dried but for the two guys in front of me that kept standing and yahooing whenever the recognized a line or Bob blew the harp. Such is life, though. I went down front for the end, stood on a chair for My Back Pages and Rainy Day Women. Smiles all over the faces. When it was over, Bob kept putting his hand on his heart and guesturing out to the audience. He threw a harp to someone in the front after My Back Pages, slapped some high fives. Out in the distance the sailboats drifted across the harbor and the winds blew in gently and it was just wonderful in every way. Harborlights is a beautiful place....
Date: Sat, 17 Jun 1995 16:05:26 GMT From: Robert Shuman (rshuman@USA1.COM) Subject: Re: Boston 6/16/95 great concert. better than orpheum in fall. seen bob first in '64? at newport; '65 at Jordan Hall when kooper's organ from behind curtain before 2nd half of show sounded first sounds of ballad of thin man. this was one of best. harborlights is great.
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 00:10:04 GMT From: Howard Pack (hpack@NLNET.NF.CA) Subject: Dylan, Set List.Harbourlights. Set List: June 16, Harbourlights, Boston. Down In the Flood (e) I want You (e) All along the Watchtower (e) Just like a woman(e) Tom Thumb Blues (e) Silvio(e) Mr.Tambourine man (no guitar) Frank Sinatra style.Beautiful. Masters of war (a) Don't think twice Seeing the real you at last. I believe You. Obviously 5 believers. Like a rolling stone (encore) My back pages Rainy Day woman Review later, after I get over my Hangover. btw. I was 4 feet away from Bob for the first 3 songs. It was good to come from so far and get so close.
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 14:11:43 GMT From: Howard Pack (hpack@NLNET.NF.CA) Subject: Re: Harborlights 6/16/95 : I'm sorry, Jakflash, but i have to disagree with about the : Harbourlights show. I thought it a really great show. Dylan : didn't mumble like previous shows I've seen and heard on boots. : "I want you, watchtower, Tom Thumb Blues, Tambourine Man were : highlights of the show and Masters of war sung slow : concentrating on the anti war lyrics, protesting the wars of today. : just like back when he wrote it. as for the Lounge lizard, I : loved it. The solo on the Harp was excellent. : and when you travel 1000 miles to see him and he does, I believe : in you, and obviously 5 believers. It made my trip worth the money : I spent. He didn't do Ring Them Bells, I wanted to hear that one. : Oh well, maybe next time. : : To the rmd'ers whom I partied with before and after. Thank you for : a great time. I hope to do it again soon. : Bob Rules...
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 19:05:04 GMT From: peterson (peterson@SOVER.NET) Subject: Highgate Setlist Got a message from someone who was at Highgate saying that Dylan played the following and some others that he couldn't remember, but not in this order: Highway 61 Rolling Stone It's all over now Baby Blue Stuck inside of Mobile Watchtower Silvio and some other stuff. Anyone who has more info post it.
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 18:16:51 GMT From: "Peter W. Callas" (pcallas@MOOSE.UVM.EDU) Subject: Re: 6/15/95 Setlist Ken Doucet ( wrote: : I may have missed the first song in the mess to try and get in, but here : is what I can confirm, : Silvio : Tambourine Man : Masters of War : It's All Over Now Baby Blue : Stuck Inside of Moblie.. : She Belongs to Me : Highway 61 : Encore: : Like A Rolling Stone As I mentioned in an earlier post, I missed the first part of Bob's set. However, the local paper said that the second song he played was It Takes a lot to Laugh, followed by All Along the Watchtower. So we still don't know what he led off with, and if there was anything between Watchtower and Silvio. (Plus, of course, the report in the newspaper might not be completely reliable.) Anybody know? BTW, a few people I know who had never seen Dylan before have mentioned that they were quite surprised and impressed by his performance. As a previous post mentioned, it was too short, but that was sort of expected since he was the opening act.
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 09:42:21 -0500 From: "M. Leblanc" (turning_pt@UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU) Subject: Crabfest #1 As we circled through The Barking Crab for the third time (we think) fate stepped in and asked Mitch Gart to move his arm. It was then that I spotted the 2 1/2" or so paper circle stapled (?) to his chest. It read "r.m.d." So we met Mitch Gart, Howard Pack, 2 guys who said they weren't with r.m.d. Kei (?) and Jeff (?) but hung out both before and after (!) Call them the mystery guys. We met SadieJ and her roommate, and Peter from Australia, and we met Nate Smith. We heard that we'd missed a couple of folks who'd been there earlier, too. I'm probably leaving someone out, and don't mean to... It was great to meet you all! If Bob is playing where you are, you've gotta make some arrangements to meet up with each other! It was really a blast!! Every city must have a Barking Crablike joint. Do it. Maureen and George
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Date: Mon, 19 Jun 1995 23:09:42 GMT From: nate (nates@LL.MIT.EDU) Subject: Harborlights: review in Globe by Steve Morse ooops - without permission here was what steve "renaissance man" morse had to say about Harborlights.... ==========================Review by Steve Morse, Globe staff=================== For his umpteenth comeback concert, Dylan is full of surprises ------------------------------------ Bob Dylan At: Harborlights Pavillion Friday ------------------------------------ By Steve Morse GLOBE STAFF ------------------------------------ Bob Dylan in the summer of '95? It's a little like seeing Elvis rise from the dead. Let's face it, Dylan has been [1] counted out so often that it seems as if he's on his 33,000th comeback. He's been a critic's punching bag, even a laughingstock. But now, amazingly, _he's_ getting the last laugh - and not a moment too soon to salvage his reputation. The Dylan renaissance continued [2] at Harborlights Friday night. The show was booked late and didn't sell out; only 3,250 fans came. But what [3] these fans heard had them dancing vigorously in the seats and aisles. The show was every bit as exciting - and satisfying - as Dylan's three- night stand at the Orpheum last fall. Dylan came out smoking, the revved-up "All Along the Watchtow- er" was high up in the set, and kept getting better as the show went on. "He ain't mumbling tonight!" said one estatic fan. Indeed, Dylan's chief drawback in the past decade has been a slurry mumbling, but that was gone Friday night. His nasal- edged voice is never going to be con- fused with Caruso's, but Dylan enun- [4] ciated clearly on most songs. He con- nected deeply with the lyrics and brought the crowd, ranging from veteran tie-dyed hombres to fathers [5] with children on their shoulders, right along with him. Dylan delved into his classic rep- ertory for "I Want You" and "Just Like a Woman." He also did the lat- ter-day "I Believe in You," giving it a poignant reading. Dylan's story songs also glis- tened, "Silvio," with a dizzying gui- tar weave between Dylan and Jon Jackson, and "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues," which was written 30 years ago, but still captured a compelling sense of dislocation. Playing with the same band that joined him at the Orpheum and at Woodstock '94, Dylan worked the crowd like a sly magician. He switched to an unplugged format for "Mr. Tambourine Man," with up- right bass from the steady Tony Garnier and dobro from jack-of-all- trades Bucky Baxter. And he clever- ly changed the arrangement of "Masters of War" to focus more on the antiwar lyrics and on a moving harmonica solo. As the hour-and-45-minute show gathered steam, Dylan pulled out old rocking faves "Like a Rolling Stone" and the show-closing "Rainy Day Woman 12 X 35." Dylan even spoke between songs. "I hear the Red Sox will win the [6] world series!" he said. Well, Bob, they lost again Friday night, but if they'd caught your show, the adrenaline might have pumped them to victory. ============================================================ [1] didnt he mean the Dead? [2] steve has used this word, renaissance, in his last 3 straight reviews of Boston Dylan concerts [3] it seemed pretty packed to me. there were times when i turned around and saw people standing along the back in every direction. but this is possible, because they may have been getting concessions.... [4] mr. morse remembers his "Dont Look Back" lessons well! [5] "veteran tie-dyed hombres" :-) :-D [6] boy, i cant remember this. during the intros as close as i was, i could not make out what he was saying. kiss of death for you Red Sox fans! :-o
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