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Bob Dylan 960423 in Orono, ME

        Down on the Flood
        If you see her say hello
        Shelter from the Storm
        Watchin' the River Flow
        Mama, you've been on my mind (A)
        Desolation Row (A)
        Love Minus Zero (No Limit)   (A)
        Wheels on Fire
        Highway 61 Revisited

        Alabama Getaway
        Lonesome Death of Haddie Carroll (A)
        Rainy Day Women #12 & 35

        Bob was once again looking and sounding good.   Real colorful on
stage with a lot of motions and work with the audience.   Highlights were a
rockin' Highway 61,  and soleful Haddie Carrol and a great overall acoustic
break.   One of the best Dylan shows I've seen to date.    Bobs voice was
right on and full through the entire night.
Source: "John W. Fitzpatrick" (jwf@ARETHA.JAX.ORG)
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