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Bob Dylan 960503 in Lewisburg, PA

Date:    Sat, 4 May 1996 04:40:35 GMT
From:    Anthony Kapolka (anthony@CS.PITT.EDU)
Subject: Bucknell May 3

Bucknell May 3rd

People were frisked when entering.  The whole atmosphere was prom-like.
It was ridiculous.

Strong insense was burned on stage right before they came out.

Bob was wearing black pants with 6 metallic buttons on each leg held up
by a white belt.  He had a red silk shirt over a black top.

Setlist - order seems ok, but might be fuddled a bit.

1.      Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat
2.      Lay Lady Lay
3.      All Along the Watchtower
4.      I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
5.      Silvio
6.      Just Like A Woman
7.      This Wheel's On Fire

8.      Mr. Tambourine Man
9.      Don't Think Twice
10.     Masters of War

11.     Maggie's Farm
12.     Friend of the Devil

13.     Alabama Getaway
14.     It Ain't Me Babe

Bob introduced the band, including the bassist, whose mother was in the
audience.  He said Diaz would be president someday.  "I hope that he'll
remember me."

During one number, Bob's guitar caused him trouble and he said "Son of a bitch"
off mike.

14 ended with a long harmonica solo.

This concert rated a 6.5/10.

Through out the concert, people where chanting hurricane loudly.
Bob ignored them.

Anthony Kapolka                               

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