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Bob Dylan 971001 in Bournemouth, England
Bournemouth International Centre

1. Absolutely Sweet Marie 2. Man In The Long Black Coat 3. Tough Mama 4. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 5. Silvio
6. Cocaine Blues @ 7. Tangled up In Blue @ 8. Mr. Tambourine Man @ 9. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 10. Blind Willie McTell 11. Highway 61 Revisited 12. Like A Rolling Stone 13. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right @ 14. Love Sick 15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 From Ray Webster via Bill Pagel.
Subject: October 1, 1997 - Bournemouth, England - SOUND CHECK From: Bill Pagel ( Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 01:10:52 GMT This is the Sound Check NOT the Set List which was posted earlier. Sound Check Bournemouth, England October 1, 1997 Bournemouth International Centre Bob was not present for the first 4 songs. 1. Absolutely Sweet Marie 2. Blind Willie McTell 3. Mr. Tambourine Man 4. Tangled Up In Blue Bob joined the sound check. 5. It's Too Late 6. Willie And The Hand Jive 7. That Lucky Old Sun 8. Matchbox 9. Stone Walls And Steel Bars 10. Roving Gambler 11. How Long, How Long Blues ***************************************************** Set lists, cue sheets, reviews, and information on upcoming concerts can be found on the Bob Links page located at: Parties and gatherings information can be found at: or contact: parties@edlis. org Bill Pagel Bob Links
Subject: Bournemouth, 1 October 1997 (setlist etc.) From: Ben Taylor ( Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 23:34:11 +0100 Hey, I get to pretend to be Mr. Pagel for the day ;-) Got the call from SadieJane and so, ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment I present to you this evening's setlist: 1. Absolutely Sweet Marie 2. Man In The Long Black Coat 3. Tough Mama 4. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 5. Silvio 6. Cocaine 7. Tangled Up In Blue 8. Mr. Tambourine Man 9. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again 10. Blind Willie McTell 11. Highway 61 Revisited 12. Like A Rolling Stone 13. Don't Think Twice 14. Love Sick 15. Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35 ("Love Sick" is not a joke) Love Sick on the cue sheet is listed right after the acoustic set, the alternate being an electric Desolation Row. Between Love Sick and Rainy Day Women, the band hardly left a gap, and didn't leave the stage. At the soundcheck Dylan took part, singing various blues covers. They included Lucky Ol' Sun and Match Box. 5 or 6 songs in total. More details will be forthcoming, I'm sure.
Subject: Bob In Bournemouth - Thanks Bob! From: "Pete \"Madhouse\" Read" ( Date: 2 Oct 97 10:42:42 GMT Organization: ESSC I heard the songs, I didn't note the set list, but I was there This was the first time that I've seen Bob at a "standing" venue and it's a lot more fun than sitting in your seat. I had intended to queue up and get as close to the front as possible but this didn't prove necessary - I could see and hear all I wanted from around 2/3rds back in the crowd - good view of Bob and the band, maybe not close enough to study the lines of his face, but close enough to know it didn't matter how many lines there were, at any moment he may look like he'd just come from the Blonde on Blonde photo shoot, next moment he looks like some other period Dylan, never does he look, or act old. My God he's really there 30ft away singing his heart out (sorry Bob that wasn't meant to be a reference to your recent illnes, glad to see you're still alive you're looking like a Saint). This is what it's really all about for me, dancing the night away amongst a groovin group of friends I've never met before while Bob just raps out the lines from Stuck Inside of Mobile, Tangle Up In Blue or whatever, or stands away from the mike over to stage right and slashes out a few chords and riffs on his strat (it was great this time to be able to hear his guitar playing mixed high enough so that I could hear what he was doing without having to struggle pick it out). It all went by so fast, I just kept dancing. No harp, no keyboards. Hey Bob, you still look shy at times, looks like you know what you're doing up there (havin' a great time I hope), but that you still can't really figure out that all these people wanna party with you. Around me most of the audience was a way bit younger than me, everyone seemed to be having somewhere between a good (couple of older people behind me just watching and tapping their feet) and a great (most people from 15 to 50 dancing), everybody I saw was grooving one way or another. One thing about the set list, I note the last 4 songs listed as encore, well to me that should say "encores", I don't know where you go when the lights go down, but whatever, the howling for more, the gaps between each song, made me feel that we'd persuaded him to come back at for at least a second encore. Good songs, bad songs? I don't mind Bob, you play what you wanna play. My only request would a been to finish the show off with Highlands, by the time Rainy Day had finished I felt exhausted, but I guess I could have sat down on the floor for another 20 minutes and chilled out to Highlands. So good to be there to hear the first performance of a toom song, we all wondered if you would. I was sorely temped to stay over with friends (I bought all your albums from the first to Blonde on Blonde while I was living there in the 60's) it was just that what with going to Cardiff on Friday straight from work we had problems figuring out how that cat would get fed! It's not too late, I could still make it down to Bournemouth tonight, but if not see you on Friday, and Bob.....and the band.....thanks again Pete Read
Subject: Re: October 1, 1997 - Bournemouth, England - Set List From: Donald Hobern ( Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 10:09:11 +0100 I was at Bournemouth last night (it was actually the first time that I have seen him live). It seemed that it took until Tough Mama (#3) for Bob to really get into the set (or else the mix improved around that point). The show was really full of energy. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, Cocaine Blues and Don't Think Twice were particular standouts for me. As has already been mentioned, Love Sick was played as the first song in the third encore (to a large cheer from the audience). The version played sounded very close indeed to the album (in much the same way that on Budokan Is Your Love In Vain? is closer to the Street Legal version than any of the other - older - songs are to the corresponding album versions). It sounded very good and had probably the best vocal of the night from Bob. After the show I heard a woman say, "I prefer the acoustic dylan, but I suppose you have to move with the times". I would be very interested in a tape.
Subject: October Ist, Bournemouth, England - Set List From: Damian Furniss ( Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 09:55:00 +000 1. Absolutely Sweet Marie 2. Man in the Long Black Coat 3. Tough Mama 4. You Ain't Going Nowhere 5. Silvio 6. Cocaine (acoustic) 7. Tangled up in Blue (acoustic) 8. Mr Tambourine Man (acoustic) 9. Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again. 10. Blind Willie McTell 11. Highway 61 First Encore. 12. Like a Rolling Stone Second Encore. 13. Don't Think Twice (acoustic) Third Encore. 14. Love Sick (!!!) 15. Rainy Day Women Nos. 12 & 35 Personal highlights: Really cooking H 61. Very energetic DTT - two great acoustic solos from Bob. He took more and more lead as the night went on. Overwhelming reception to bring him back for the third encore. LS performed quite superbly. And the crowd loved it. Tony Garnier was laughing his head off at the response. Don't be surprised if they introduce more off TooM after that! Bob in RDW12&35 laughing, pulling poses, grinning at the crowd. House lights right up. And everyone up for it. He departed drenched in sweat with words of thanks and a "Hope you enjoy the rest of the tour." Only wish I was catching the other dates. I'm sure the Bobcats on the road will keep us informed. Damian. p.s. Sorry if someone beat me to it. There's nothing in my latest digest. Shoot me down if my largely remembered set list has any errors. But I'm pretty sure it's correct.
Subject: Bournemouth 1st October From: Ian Goold ( Date: Thu, 02 Oct 1997 14:01:50 GMT Bob was very stiff to begin with although his voice was strong throughout. His playing was amazing too, with Highway 61 enjoyed by audience and band-members alike. Highlights; You Ain't Going Nowhere - harmonies from the band & wonderful vocal playfulness from Bob (especially the keep, sleep, steep verse) Blind Willie Mctell - as per the Bands version Highway 61 - aforementioned guitar blitz Love Sick - just when we'd given up hope! word perfect & beautiful. To those who'll be at the show tonight; enjoy yourselves you lucky people & see you in London. Ian.
Subject: Re: October 1, 1997 - Bournemouth, England - Set List From: Sadiejane ( Date: Tue, 07 Oct 1997 09:58:56 -0700 Sorabh Saxena; Masters wrote: > > Yes, but there is something known as Sound Check. One does not > neceassarily have to sing the first song of the day in front of > a crowd. And I know that Bob does not really participate in too > many sound checks, however he could be humming in the back etc., > I really think getting acquainted to the surroundings as a listener > also has a lot to do with it. That to me explains, why many tapes > have a strong Before the Flood, Absolutely Sweet Marie, Senor > (#1 or #2 songs), and weak versions of Maggie, Just Like a Woman etc. > Sound checks are primarily for getting levels set up and making sure all the cables and mics are working properly. It is really not the right time to be warming up. People also get confused between pre-show "rehearsals" and "sound-checks". I've seen soundchecks where even the band is not entirely present and the crew play the instruments (tommy on guitar, jules on harp, etc.) - again the purpose being to make sure everything is plugged in ok and the levels are set. Then I've heard rehearsals where bob is present which last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes. The band also rehearses without bob too. I think what's important to consider is that when they are on the road there is simply very little time for rehearsing and warming up. They usually travel after a show and so don't get a proper nights sleep, arriving at the next hotel in the wee hours. Then they have the next afternoon to rest up, get something to eat, call their families, visit with friends locally, have dinner, etc. Keep in mind that they probably didn't get to bed until 4-5am in the morning IF THEY WERE LUCKY. The best opportunities for rehearsing come when they are in the same city for a few days residence. On days off - they generally take the day off as well they should. The band does generally arrive at the theater in time for the 4pm sound check. Unless Bob is needed for a rehearsal he arrives just in time for his set, usually 9pm (but he is probably somewhere in the vicinity, in his bus, as early as 7:30 or 8:00pm - but this is just a guess on my part) If they manage to rehearse once a week (always before a show) then they are lucky. The other thing is that no matter how well the levels have been set at a soundcheck, the presense of an audience always effects the sound tremendously. Which is why the balance in the first few songs is always a bit off - and often the vocals hard to hear. I also know that no matter how warmed up you think you are, the minute you step out in front of a live audience you tend to freeze back up. Nerves, adrenaline, etc. Often what you are doing during those first few songs is just warming up to the crowd - getting a fix on who they are and how they listen. my 2 cents. xx sj delia ain't dead, she's jetlagged. p.s. this is just the band and bob's schedule. Imagine how much harder it is for the crew who not only have to strike the night of the show -but then have to be at the next venue often by 10am to set up. This means the ONLY sleep they get is in the bus.
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