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Bob Dylan 971030 in Columbus, Georgia

 October 30, 1997
 Columbus, Georgia
 Columbus Civic Center

Subject: Columbus View
From: DuncanHume 
Date: 31 Oct 1997 16:46:51 GMT
Organization: AOL

4th show of the leg for me. Columbus Civic centre. Huge cavernous place with
 air conditioning providing a chilly blast, blowing away the chance of any
 intimate atmosphere. Had a lousy seat but it didn't matter. People just stood
 where they wanted. It was like a general admission show ! 8.10 and on stage.
 Black suit (new to me) blue silk shirt, white bow tie and those shoes !
 Maggies a la previous shows, Bob getting used to the environment. Sound at the
 front of the stage was very poor. It seems you really have to pay the price
 for being so close, by losing the vocal, further back was much clearer I am
 told. Lay Lady Lay. Bob still kind of stiff, his motor not started yet. Cold
 Irons bound was given the great intro of recent shows, building so well,
 Kemper following the rest with his sudden beat intro. Bob was still a little
 rigid but you could see that he was slowly getting involved. By the close of
 the song he was with warmed up (despite the arctic chill of the a/c).

Big Girl Now with Cambell playing some really nice patterns over Bob's gentle
 lyric. More people crowd to the front realising no one is going to be asked to
 return to their seat. Can't Wait is just so great. The lines delivered in 4 or
 5 word bursts, back and forth between the melody. Silvio is, well, Silvio. Guy
 to my right screams the lyric in my ear, I wish he wouldn't. Cocaine. Well the
 guy to my right sings thoughout the song and the kids behind me suck down
 their beer and chatter. Why do this ? I feel like asking Bob to hold on a
 minute, let me just kill a few of these people and you can start again. But
 no, pay for your ticket and don't complain, I know. "All around my brain"
 homer to my right shouts, devoid of any tune, beating Bob to the line. Get me
 a shotgun now. I know, move. To where, how ? We are now packed in nice and
 tight, I ain't goin' nowhere. Tangled, Homer knows all the words (don't we
 all) and he's out to prove it. Bob beats him to some lines, extends others and
 manages to confuse him so he give's up half way through. Bob sing's the song
 with passion and obvious enjoyment. Cambell really drives this along so well.
 The footlights at the front on the stage (a new feature for me) suddenly burst
 in to life. All the other lights are killed and we get a new look at Bob.
 Lighting directly in to his face. Bright and clear. It's very strange and very

Baby Blue has me guessing for a couple of seconds. A long intro before the
 familiar tune emerges. Homer knows all the words again. Bob does to. Bob's
 version is much better ! Bucky slides the melody with the precision we all
 come to expect and take for granted. 'Til I Fell in Love get's Bob's vocal
 chords the full workout. The band grin as Bob fires his way through the song.
 So what's next. No it can't be, yes it is, Not Dark Yet. A quiet gentle intro
 which I figured out in a micro second. I've been wondering how he'll do this.
 How will he hit those wonderful low notes in the refrain? How can he recreate
 the rich sound on stage?. He can't. Now don't misunderstand me. A very great
 first performance. Like the CD version but only less depth in the vocal. Of
 course, Homer next to me has also got the CD and shouts "but it's getting
 there" at each opportunity. Thanks Homer. 

61 really gets rocking. Bob's face pours with sweat. I get a high five as he
 leaves (honest). Make a note, never wash right hand again. Back for Rolling
 Stone. A big bunch of flowers hits the stage, to Bob's right. Then a pink bra
 ! Looked like a "B" cup but I can't be sure. Big finish. Back for It Ain't me
 Babe. God this is great. Never thought I'd be tapping my feet to this one. New
 faster version with a Kemper shuffle. It adds so much and changes the feeling
 of the song for me. No more pleading, more instructing, No No No It Ain't Me
 Babe. Love Sick and Cambell really plays a lovely lead. I'm increasingly
 impressed with him. His eyes seem to get bigger and bigger as the show goes on
 so by the end he look's continually shocked ! Rainy Day closes. Everybody
 having fun, I can't hear homer above the noise of the band. I glance right.
 He's shouting, singing and puching the air, having a good old time. 
 That's what it's about after all..................

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