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Bob Dylan 971101 in Asheville, North Carolina

 November 1, 1997
 Asheville, North Carolina
 Asheville Civic Center
 Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
       Address: 87 Haywood St. 
       Capacity: 2357 

Subject: Asheville Set List From: Erskine White ( Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 09:17:26 GMT Awesome show, with Dylan in excellent voice and having a good time. Lots of smiles, winking at the audience, posturing, and even a little dance at the end of the set before the encores. After LARS he broke out into a big grin that indicated he was very pleased with the song and audience response. Here's the set list: Maggie's Farm Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You Cold Irons Bound Simple Twist Of Fate Can't Wait Silvio Roving Gambler Tangled Up In Blue (A) Mr. Tambourine Man (A) 'Till I Fell In Love With You (A) This Wheel's On Fire Highway 61 Encores: Like A Rolling Stone Forever Young (A) Love Sick Rainy Day Women The fatigue mentioned in the posts about the Tuscaloosa show was gone. Bob was very animated, with lots of "Thanks everbody" throughout the show. Family obligations kept me from the RMD gatherings. Sorry I missed meeting folks there. Visit The "Official" Whitey-Dog homepage at
Subject: Re: Asheville Set List From: Andra ( Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 05:50:15 -0500 Organization: Duke University, Durham, NC, USA Erskine White wrote: > The fatigue mentioned in the posts about the Tuscaloosa show was gone. > Bob was very animated, with lots of "Thanks everbody" throughout the > show. Family obligations kept me from the RMD gatherings. Sorry I > missed meeting folks there. C'mon Erskine, what kind of reason is that? You can see your family any night! :-) OK, I admit I was (fashionably?) late to the pre-concert gathering, but within 30 seconds of entering Barley's I met no less than four'ers, some coming from as far as Florida and Georgia. The taproom was packed with Dylan fans, quite a few of them wearing their flowers. A nearby restaurant was even giving flowers out (they are on the tables for the taking, right?) Ah, and the show, what a fantastic time! "Simple Twist Of Fate" was a real treat, as was "This Wheel's On Fire," "'Til I Fell In Love With You," and "Love Sick," and "Roving Gambler." Bob was showing signs of a good rest prior to the show, he did his wonderfully distinctive struts across the stage, complete with facial contortions galore, for a good bit of the last three songs, and smiled a lot. As he was leaving he bent down and hi-5'ed many of the audience members with the hugest grin on his face! (Well, not counting his smile when a woman jumped onstage and hugged him.) Many more flower children to be seen at the show! Apparently the Asheville security are aware of the flowers... I quickly learned that if you don't wear a flower they have no qualms about throwing you out of the concert.... As can be expected, the show had to end, and it was time to find out what my companions thought of the show. There were five of us total, me the only one having seen Dylan live before. Four of us (including myself) were VERY impressed and are looking forward to his next tour. The fifth enjoyed the show, said he was very glad he came, but probably would not go to another one any time soon. Said Bob looked "like an old man" and seemed kind of silly on stage. But he was impressed with Bob's outfit, said that when Bob first came out, he thought his outfit was out of "the old West like 100 years ago." After a few songs, however, he admitted that the outfit grew on him and actually looked pretty good on Bob. "Nobody else could pull it off, but it kind of suits Bob." I couldn't agree more. On the way to the car, I noticed a large, light-purple bus parked outside the back of the venue. Bob & co. perhaps? I struck up a conversation with one of the guards there, who told me that Bob's bus had left within minutes of the show's end, and that the remaining bus was part of the tour but he thinks is used for equipment. After a fun 20-questions game he told me that he talked with Bob before the show. "Yeah? What did he say?" "He asked me how I was." "Really... did you look him in the eyes?" "Yeah... why?... huh?" "Nevermind, just curious." :-) We had a long drive home... about 4 1/2 hours in the rain... but I convinced the friend who was driving that 1/2 hour of post-show partyin' wouldn't make much difference to the time we finally arrived home. He went for my reasoning, and off we were to Barley's, home of the Highland. Quite a few'ers there when we arrived, already recounting the highlights of the show. Somehow we ended up talking for a good 20 or 30 minutes with two librarians who one of my friends had seen at the show. Some talk of Bob, security guards, and undisclosed sexual favours got us onto the topic of the hiking the woods of California. The odd places where Dylan's music takes you.... Andra (Back home, back to the real world, but geared up for Dylan's next tour!)
Subject: 11/1 Asheville Show From: Steve Wilson (stwlfwawbw@SPRYNET.COM) Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 13:29:03 -0800 Some thoughts on the 11/1 Asheville show: 1. Cold Irons Bound-- As far as the new songs go, I think this works best. The sound at the begining was really eerie, almost mysterious. The song just soared right from the very begining. Bob assumed some classic guitar poses throughtout. 2. Can't Wait-- Another treat. The guitars weren't quite edgy enough on this one, and the tempo possibly a little faster than what I am used to. None the less a great version. 3. Silvio--I miss Winston on this one. 4. Roving Gambler--First time I ever attended a show tha Bob has performed this one. Some nice harmonizing. BTW, Bob's outfit seemed to fit this one. 5. TUIB--Bob breathed life into a song that he has done a million times. The band was really tight. 6. Till I Fell in Love With You--Another great performance of a new song. Bucky really kept this one together nicely. Bob now is starting to swagger around the stage now. The "God is my shield", line was delivered nicely. 7. This Wheels on Fire--Never heard this one either. Bob made a comment something to do with Doc Watson. Does anyone know what it was? 8. Forever Young--Worth the price of admission 9. Love Sick-- Equally as good as Cold Irons Bound. Bob, if your readung this, Where do you buy your shoes??? Steve
Subject: asheville report (long) From: Jeff Passe (jpasse@UNCCVM.UNCC.EDU) Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 13:03:33 -0500 Asheville report, 11/1/97 Asheville is a beautiful town. And even though it was cloudy with a few drizzles, it was great to return to the Highlands of the Southern Appalachians. High energy level in town. Seems like most of the people at Barley's were there for the show. Abot 10 of us with flowers. (Must admit that our rmd crowd is weak in the flower slection department. Seems like some very last minute choices.) I myself picked a dying flower to fit the tone of the TOOM. Pre-show Feeling: VERY excited. Unlike some other recent Bob shows, the entire crowd seemed to be serious fans. Lots of waving to friends, discussion of other shows, with just about everyone I met from out of town. It was a pilgrimage rather than a concert. Could we be a cult? (I suppose that the small venue and very brief warning about the ticket sale limited purchase to those who were motivated to act quickly. Casual fans lost out.) I felt very badly for all those folks outside the hall who traveled long distances but couldn't get a ticket. I hope that they pulled something positive out of their journey. 1. Maggies Farm First impression was ...he sounds great. None of that Drifters Escape mumbling. The sound was great too. Seems like the sound check process is improving. Second impression...he looks healthy. He looked pretty bad in Tanglewood this summer. But, oh, that tie. He was the "Rovin' Gambler" tonight. 2. Tonight I'll be Stayin Here With You I really like this sappy song. Nice pedal steel work and some tasty lead guitar work by our hero. It's getting to the point that, if I didn't know who he was, I might comment to a friend that I really liked the guitar player. 3. Cold Irons Bound Oooh, the tone just changed. This is a dark song. Bob is belting out the lyrics. The sound is much cleaner than on the album. I realized it's the lack of organ, (Bucky was playing pedal steel) plus all that other atmosphere stuff Lanois uses. (Don't get me wrong. I love, love, love the album. Can't stop listening. But I like this version a whole lot too. It tells me that the outtake collection, whenever it appears, will be quite tasty.) It makes a whole lot of sense that Bob and the band would be really into the new stuff after playing all those old chestnuts for so many years. I'm sure every musician welcomes the challenge of developing live versions of their songs. 4. Simple Twist of Fate Got to admit I didn't recognize it at first. I heard people clapping and whooping but I had to wait for the lyrics. I guess it's because I don't have this on any recent tapes. Bob sang the hell out of it. It's a great companion to the new album. Wonder if that's why it's being resurrected. That guy on the waterfront docks is now standing in the doorway. The link between Blood on the Tracks and TOOM is cementing in my mind. While there is no doubt that Bob's voice has changed since 1975, his vocals don't sound a whole lot different. He didn't have to make much adjustment for this song. 5. Can't Wait Hearing this song live is like hearing it for the first time. The absence of the organ and the out-front vocal makes it extremely powerful. I'm beginning to think that this is a special performance. I don't say that often. My last two shows (Spartanburg and Tanglewood) were good but not great. But Bob's singing and playing have reached new heights. It occurs to me that one of the assets of the new songs is that they perfectly fit his latest vocal range. At times I felt like I was listening to the Guitars Kissing Dylan. He even looked like the rock and roll rebel up there. (Seemed like he was leaning into the mike with one bent leg in front of the other when he sang. Lots of contortions with the guitar solos too. Can't get over the difference in his energy level from the post-illness show in Tanglewood.) 6. Silvio It seems that every concert reviewer grasps for words to provide a new spin for this song that every tape-collecter has heard a million times. Here's mine: This song sounds much better in concert than on tape because it is fun to watch. The tempo changes and extensive guitar breaks are fascinating to watch. It is clearly a favorite of Bob's or else he wouldn't play it. You can tell how much fun he's having. He and Larry have developed a nice rapport. Kemper is banging away a la Keith Moon! Toward the end of the song, the jam evolved into this very weird riff. It sounded like the Dead just before they go into drums and space. At one point I wondered if the band would segue into a new song. But then it got back to Sylvio. 7. @ Rovin Gambler Bob was, literally, showing off his finger pickin' here! And not just on the breaks. As he began a stanza, he would play some very neat chords to set up the verse. The old folkies were swooning, as were the Deadheads who clearly detected the influence of Mr. Garcia on that song. My Dead-head friend turned to me after the song and asked, "Do you have a tape of that?" I do, but I'd like a tape of the one we just heard too. 8. @ Tangled Up in Blue Another great guitar performance to a song already rich with attributes. I tried to keep up with his pronoun changes, but it was hard since it changed everything! Just who was turning around and who was saying something over their shoulder? I'd have to listen again, but I suspect it was the girl who was leaving Bob this time. This fits the lovesick tone of the new album. 9. @ Mr. Tambourine Man A great performance. When Bob finally receives his Nobel Prize, and they cite certain lyrics as proof of his genius. this will be the song. I was transported back to when I first heard Bob's version after loving the Byrds version. Has there ever been better imagery in a song? 10. Till I Fell in Love With You Although all the electric songs had that bluesy feel, this one sounded most like it was recorded by one of those great delta blues bands. Bob and the boys sounded like the Robert Cray Band, who sound like Albert King's band, who sound get the idea. This song will be a classic. Mark my words. Looks like it's fun to sing. 11. Wheels on Fire I've always been a major fan of this one, starting with the wonderful Band version. But tonight I heard it all over again as a love song. Bucky and Larry sang harmony, but all I want to hear is Levon, Rick, and Richard's harmonies. Plus Bob changes the phrasing, so you can't just join in from the audience. That's alright, it's still an amzingly rich song. Before the song he said something about Doc Watson. Probably welcoming him, as Doc lives in the area. 12. Highway 61 Great guitar work. At the end, he bowed and gave a smart salute to stage right. Perhaps that's where Doc's entourage was sitting. Or maybe he was looking for Sadie Jane. :) Encores 1. Like A Rolling Stone A more countrified version. Less sarcasm, more irony. 2. Forever Young Very pretty. Couldn't help but think of my 11 year old son, a big Wallflowers fan, who gets to see Bob in Columbia tonight. 3. Lovesick Wow. Highlight of the show. Biting off the lyrics. After noting the terrible wrong of him being killed with a smile, he adds the horror -- while I was sleepin'. The tension in this song was unyielding. The chords were louder, clearer, more emotional. So were the vocals. (Another example of the cleaner sound allowing the musicians to rework the song in a new way.) 4. RDW Yawn. But then I look around and see EVERYONE dancing and singing along, smiling and (surely) reminiscing. I even saw some of the veteran rmd folks shaking their backsides. The whole scene made me happy. It probably made Bob happy. He was doing so much mugging up there that some of my old-timer friends coudn't believe it was the same dour guy they used to see. As if he were becoming Mick Fleetwood or something. All in all, a fabulous show. I thought Bill Parr was too excited to give an objective review, but Bill was probably right on target. Dylan keeps getting better. Next report from Columbia. Jeff Passe
Subject: Re: asheville report (long) From: Gert Webelhuth ( Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 09:55:45 -0500 ... Jeff, what a wonderful concert report! You describe exactly the mood as I perceived it as well. With the camaraderie of the rmd crowd, the excitement before the show, the feeling of meeting face to face people you had talked to via email or traded with in the past, and then a blockbuster performance by Bob and the band. It was all around a beautiful night. It showed once again that Bob has the ability to create beauty and meaning for all of us out of nowhere. I just hope these moments are as special to him as they are to us. He deserves it! Thanks for a great report and it was great fun meeting you and all the other rmd'ers. Saturday showed the true spirit of rmd, I choose to believe! Best, Gert
Subject: Review of Asheville show 11/1/97 From: Ken Venet (net618@MAIL.WAY.PEACHNET.EDU) Date: Sun, 2 Nov 1997 16:33:27 -0800 Just got back to Georgia from the Asheville show and thought I would throw in my .02 worth. I don't have the set list because I didn't write it down. These are just some of the highlights. This was, IMO, a killer show. The sound was AMAZING. I am a rock n' roller at heart and don't usually pay much attention to pedal steel (sorry) even though I used to play in a country band. But, Bucky was coming through real clean and crisp in the mix. It was great, gave me new appreciation for the instrument. The crowd was on its feet from the rockin' Maggie's Farm opener. Bob followed with a real passionate and sweet Tonight I'll be Staying Here With You. His vocal was real clean and clear in the mix. The countrified Simple Twist of Fate was also real nice. This is such a kick ass band. To say they're tight is a serious understatement. David and Tony drive the band like a run away freight train. I love Kemper's drumming. Solid as the Rock of Gibraltar and he propels the band. The TOOM selections were slammin': Cold Irons Bound, Till I Fell in Love With You, Can't Wait and Love Sick. A treat to hear four TOOM cuts in an all around outstanding set. One thing about Love Sick though, and don't get me wrong because it was incredible, I miss the eerie, haunting keyboards from the recorded version. Kind of like the feel of the keyboards in the Doors Riders on the Storm. Great versions of Tangled Up in Blue and Mr. Tamborine Man. Silvio rocked hard as usual but Bob broke it down with a real cool slow blues section before he started to rock it again. Has he done this before with Silvio. Highway 61 was relentless. The band, locked tight! It was that above mentioned freight train, barreling down the mountain, picking up steam as it went. One last comment. I don't know if this is sacrilegious or not but I think LARS should be dropped or revamped. To me, it's getting kind of old. What about a ska version!!! All in all, an outstanding show. The band was hot, Bob's vocals were rockin' and passionate and of course he was his usual chopmeister self on guitar. A splendid time was had by all. Special thanks to Andra for helping me to track down a ticket and thanks to Stanley for selling me one. Ken
Subject: Asheville reflection From: Keith Lane Wigington ( Date: Tue, 04 Nov 1997 11:32:59 -0500 A longer and more reflective review will follow-but let me just get the word out. Bob and his band are playing absolutely unbelievable. The "Simple Twist Of fate" was as good a performance of any song I have seen Bob do ever. The new songsd are better than I expected and I'm the one that continds "Time Out Of Mind" is his best album ever. AQnyway go see as many shows this tour as you can-you owe it to yourself if you like what Bob has been up to lately. Yhe crowd at Asheville was the best audience I have ever witnessed at a auditorium show-everyone up and exited the entire show! See you down the road! Keith
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