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Bob Dylan 971111 in Lisle, Illinois

Benedictine University
       Dan and Ada Rice Athletic Center

       Capacity: 3700 
       Showtime: 7:30 PM 

Subject: Re: November 11, 1997 - Lisle, Illinois From: Linda Berris ( Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 01:30:29 GMT On Wed, 12 Nov 1997 09:34:14 -0600, William J Vadbunker wrote: >Oh what a show. The sound was great and I could actually hear Bucky >Baxter this time. Dylan was in fine form. In my opinion, the best I have >seen in the last several years. The songs from TOOM were simply amazing. >The surprise of the evening though was Simple Twist of Fate. This new >rendition breathed new life into a Dylan classic. Cocaine is still one of >my concert faves. Dig that harmony. >Overall, I was swept into a musical dimension where Time is out of Mind >and nothing else mattered. >Thanks for a great show Bob. I'd like to add a few "WOW!!!"s of my own!! I have never seen Bob in this kind of form - absolutely astounding!!! He was actually grinning during the songs, relating to all the musicians and to to audience during his bows ... he seemed to be having a great time! And boy, so was I!! I agree, the sound was superb, considering the venue (an "atheletic auditorium" - fancy name for a gymnasium). Lots of stuff from TOOM - Cold Irons Bound was especially breathtaking! And what a great version of Mr. Tamborine Man - acoustic (with the band on acoustic too), in 4/4 time but with a different rhythm than the Byrds' version. The mandolin really added sometime extraordinary to the mix, on all the songs, actually. And man, the man was rocking!! Extended jams on Highway 61 Revisited, Like A Rolling Stone and Rainy Day Women ... with Bob frequently taking the leads. I agree that STOF was the surprise of the night - the intro didn't give any indication that that was what he was going to play ... but wow, what a great version! And I loved Cocaine Blues - never heard him do this before - a fantastic arrangement. The band was awesome as well - everyone was tight and had every single song right in the pocket. Thanks for the evening, Bob, especially for all those encores -- I will never forget it!! Linda
Subject: Lisle, Illinois Show (Veterans Day) From: Paul Bullen (bul1@MIDWAY.UCHICAGO.EDU) Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 21:52:36 -0500 The Lisle/Benedictine Show was very good (i.e., excellent), in my opinion. There was no difficulty following the first three shows, as there had been at Tinley Park in August. From a distance he looked remarkably like he did from a distance in 1966. Thin, dressed in black, and a sphere of curly hair. The sphere is not quite at spherical as large now. When I bought my ticket over the phone I was told that the show would start at 7:30 pm. The morning of the show I received a telephone call letting me know that the show would begin at 8:00 pm instead. They decided to call a few thousand people to let them know that they could get there later (even though they also advised getting there early because there was a shortage of parking spaces). When I one drove into Benedictine College, there were flashing signs welcoming Bob Dylan and indicating the showtime was 7:45. And, in fact, the show began at exactly 7:45 pm. On the one hand, it is odd that deciding on and communicating the starting time should be so difficult; on the other hand, it is great to be in a country where things can be negotiated in 15 minute intervals. Unfortunately, the time-consuming telephone calls of the day of the concert probably caused many people to miss the beginning of the concert--which was very good, by the way. By divine intervention, when I drove into the completely full main parking lot at the last minute an attractive female student whistled as I passed by, indicating she about to leave. This allowed me to miss nothing except the initial walk onto stage. And when leaving, I turned on the radio set to a classical station, adjusted the reception, and caught the beginning of "Like a Rolling Stone" on the neighboring station. Most general admission seats were better than the reserved seats. I managed to get around 10 good photos before being dragged off by the authorities and tortured. I was surprised by how good the Time Out of Mind songs were in concert, especially Cold Iron Bounds and Love Sick. Can't Wait seemed nondescript. It may require more time for it to get ingrained. I wonder if 'it is no accident' that Bob was playing at a Catholic College (in the sense that a Catholic College might want to have him perform at their institution given his recent meeting with the Pope). After the show an enterprising devotee was selling Dylan and other videos for $10 each. I got the Toronto June 5, 1990 show. --Paul "Do hugs last?" my son just asked. A philosopher. Last year: "Are shoes alive?" Earlier still: "I don't even know what a scroll is! Except that it is the opposite of a chipmonk."
Subject: new tune performances/11.11.97 From: Topspin747 ( Date: 13 Nov 1997 07:54:00 GMT Got some interesting impressions from Dylan's performance last night in Lisle, IL. In typical Dylan fashion of weeding through the options to locate a cozy 3000 seat venue, we ended up in an oversized high-school gym on the campus of Illinois Benedictine University. The crowd (although mixed) seemed much younger than at recent Bob shows I've attended, many high school aged and younger. Could marketing for TOOM / the Wallflowers have had any influence? I was definitely satisfied with the performance, the band sounded tight and Larry Campbell is beginning to mesh really well. As far as the new songs are concerned, I was really impressed with the way Cold Irons Bound sounded, not knowing how I would appreciate it in the 3 slot. In fact I would say they have outdone and improved upon the version on the record. Unfortunately I cannot say the same for Can't Wait, Till i Fell in Love, and Love Sick. Although I was previously indifferent, the live performance of Can't Wait turned me off to the song altogether; sorry Bob. Till i Fell in Love would be the easiest song for the band to pull off solidly each night, and likewise they followed through, yet so unphased that they fell out of synch by the drawn out conclusion. As Love Sick began, I got that feeling of when a multi-disc player automatically changes to the next disc and it is the one you keep forgetting to change... "I'm walkin..." Though the live version did not seem to stand up even to the recorded version, the crowd remained standing throughout, as they did through 4 encores. I hate to make it sound like I am slamming Bob, however, I have fallen harshly critical of these songs, as they were naturally not the tunes I would have rather heard off of the new record. Perhaps Bob is just unable to effectively pull off a ballad in concert like he once was -- Simple Twist and Tangled, though definite highlights, were performed at a decidedly uptempo clip. This Wheel's On Fire and Cocaine Blues were also great to hear. Andy Sternberg

Subject: Re: Milwaukee concert From: "Mark H. Withrow" ( Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 22:13:44 GMT On Thu, 13 Nov 1997 21:41:20 -0600, wrote: [snip wonderful review] >Thanks Bob for another great concert. >Anne Thanks, Anne! Here's my two cents: Lisle, IL 1.Maggie's Farm 2.Man In The Long Black Coat Bob had a little trouble finding his voice on the first two songs. Maggie's is a good opener, but the arrangement was nothing special. The band stretched their wings on Long Black Coat. It simmered, even if Bob's vocals never quite came to a boil. 3.Cold Irons Bound Things really came together with this song. The difference in Bob's vocals was amazing. A large portion of the audience knew this one, a fact that energized the band. The crowd was rather sedate for a Dylan concert. Everyone was seated & a man near us who was standing and swaying to the music was shouted down. It was the polite/reverential thing. It would take the audience a while to really give it up, but attention was rapt. No chatterboxes that I could hear. "The wind in Chicago/tears me to shreds/Reality has always had/too many heads." This was an especially well received line. The day had delivered the first taste of winter's long, deep kiss. 4.Simple Twist Of Fate What a treat! I wasn't expecting this one, and was I ever glad Bob brought it out. And bring it he did. Now the crowd was warming up, sensing that this evening was going to be something very special. A gorgeous performance. The man gets out of bed to "put his shoes back on," rather than his clothes. The possibility that the previous evening had ended in exhaustion, not lovemaking (he seems to have slept fully clothed--only the shoes were removed), places yet another color on the canvas of this wonderfully moving song. 5.Can't Wait Funkier than on the album, this is another highlight of the evening. The arrangement brings to mind a Sonny Sharrock album, Highlife. The band is simply marvelous. They obviously love playing the new ones, and--as Christine C. mentioned--Bob is treating his "new babies" with loving care. He wrings all of the pathos out of this song. The crowd still seems subdued to me, but it's attentiveness, not restlessness. 6.Silvio Very solid, with some sweet guitar work from Larry. Bob seemed to be sharing the leads far more than last fall & a little more than the spring and summer. Subterranean Sonic. 7.Cocaine Blues (acoustic) More amazing vocals. I liked this at the World this summer, but this version surpasses that one. Bob alone is in the spot light. He plays much of this solo, with harmonies, steel & bass rising to sweeten the mix. Bob is confident and relaxed. 8.Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) A better arrangement than earlier in the year. Just a tad slower. For me the change makes a big difference. It no longer seems out of place in the acoustic set. The crowd enthusiastically voices approval. 9.Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) This is where I miss Bob's harmonica the most. A very fine performance, yet I couldn't help but wonder when Bob will again pick up the harp. I never get tired of this one. "Take me deep beneath the waves/let me forget about today/until tomorrow." Indeed. 10.'Til I Fell In Love With You The band played it with gusto. Again the new songs seem to take the band to an even higher level. 11.This Wheel's On Fire Another highlight for me. Bob nails the vocals in a major way (as he did all night after the first two songs), and Tony's playing added a nice punch. Kemper's outstanding & sympathetic playing is a big part of this band's excellence. I love it. 12.Highway 61 Revisited Well done but ho-hum. My friend Marc, who hadn't seen Dylan since 1990, was knocked out by this one. He loved the whole show and raved about the band afterwards while I smiled in full agreement. It was nice to get his fresh perspective. He is neither collector nor fanatic, but his view is that the band and Bob are amazing. This was his third Dylan concert ('81 and '90 being his first two) and his favorite. Recognizing the folly of allowing seven years to pass between Dylan concerts, he now plans on being at Club Metro in December. Wise move. (encore) 13.Like A Rolling Stone Even though the World performance of this was quite good, imho, this was better. The crowd was on its feet by the time Bob and Co. finished nailing this classic song. 14.Don't Think Twice, It's All Right (acoustic) Not the one I want to hear in this spot. I prefer My Back Pages, One Too Many Mornings, or Forever Young. That said, it was well done and the crowd loved it. Can't blame them a bit. 15.Love Sick This one got the strongest reaction of the new ones (which were all well received). From the killer first line, "I'm walking in streets that are dead," the crowd was on its feet. Bob delivers (again). This would be well suited to the #1 or #3 spot, but a song this strong would get a big reaction no matter when it was played. Makes me want to rush home and play the whole superb album. 16. RDW Everyone stays on their feet and joins in the fun. Things have moved from rapt attention and reverence to a mood of celebration. Lots of smiling faces and overheard compliments on the way out. A wonderful night of music that has my feet pointed toward Milwaukee & my heart in the highlands.
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