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Bob Dylan 971205 at the 930 Club, Washington, DC

Subject: 9:30 Club ,12/5
From: Walmatthew (
Date: 6 Dec 1997 07:15:42 GMT

Dylan ,looking dapper, took the stage promptly at 10.The band was sharp the
whole night.17 songs.Highlights included three from the new album,a swampy
mctell,and everything shot through w/energy and intensity.Tangled Up danced
wonderfully.Can't Wait invoked the voodoo spirit.Highway 61 glowed with the
aura of its 1st appearance on record .Just Like A Woman wrapped itself snugly
around a rapt audience....and so it went.Dylan eyeballed those he could see
from the stage w/obvious pleasure and smiled throughout.House was filled
w/young and old alike.A wonderful time was had by all.

Subject: DC 9:30 Club Set - Comments From: Date: 6 Dec 1997 14:13:43 GMT Washington Post Critic - Richard Harrington sez.... " for juggernaut rockers, 'Highway 61 Revisited', 'Like a Rolling Stone', and the show-closing 'Rainy Day Women' they were delivered as if Bob Dylan still had something to prove. He doesn't". Great show. Our favorite part was watching Dylan up close from the back of the concert hall. The Bar Mirror (framed by Beer Ads) caught the image of Dylan perfectly. As the concert wailed on we could change views between the stage show (over the heads of the audience) or "the reflection in the night". 2nd favorite moment - freezing our butts off standing in line before the show we watched a kid looking for a ticket for $20. As he was haggling over pricing details with a disgruntled, shivering fan, another young lad trumped the price of the ticket by offering $200 on the spot. No questions asked. Maybe tickets should be sold on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. P.S. - Thanks to Eye Candy Productions and folks who posted information. Lady Luck smiled on us and I got the tix by Fedexing my order to California the day before Thanksgiving. This Internet stuff is powerful medicine. TIM WEIL TAKOMA PARK, MARYLAND
Subject: Dec. 5th 9:30 From: Jim Jenigen Date: Sun, 7 Dec 1997 09:05:12 -0500 Organization: Netcom X-Newsreader: Microsoft Outlook Express 4.71.1712.3 First, I have to say this was an incredible performance. The best experience I've ever had. "Be not a Stranger", in the #2 slot, was exceptional and Bob found a nice lyrical guitar line to play out with. I'll lump all the selections from the new record together: I really sense an intense commitment in the performance of the new material that I don't find throughout the rest of the numbers in the set. Of course this could be purely subjective... I love the new record. "Mr.. Tambourine" man actually brought tears to my eyes I'm a little embarrassed to say, but hey, that's what you go to the theater for, right.? "Blind Willie McTell" followed the excited cheers and applause for the classic "Tangled Up in Blue". But the rendition was so haunting that it quickly brought the crowd to silence, staring at the master at work. Beautiful performance. "Roving Gambler" and "White Dove", two classics on the Bluegrass circuit, are being performed very well by this band and they really seem to enjoy playing them. Of course all the standards that fill out the show were all very 'wow I can't believe it' unbelievable as well. That is my review of the show. A review of the club and *crowd* to follow. Peace, Jim Jenigen "on this new morning with you"
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