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Bob Dylan 980517 in George, Washington

       Gorge Amphitheatre
       Address: 754 Road "W" N.W. 
       Capacity: 18,500 
       Ticket prices: $84 (Gold Circle), $63 (Regular Reserved), $47.25 (General Admission) 
       Ticketmaster phone number: 509-453-7139 
       Triple bill with Joni Mitchell & Van Morrison 

Subject: May 17, 1998 - Van sucks! From: "J. Matau" ( Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 04:33:18 -0700 Organization: University of Washington I've got a few things to say here. I waited three years to see Bob again. Spent $90.00 on a ticket, drove for over three hours just to get to the show, and got only a 65 minute opening set. The only reason I can stand it is because Bob and the band kicked ass. No trimmings - Bob and the boys cooked through thoses numbers. I still got ripped off. Okay, I was excited about getting a chance to see Van Morrison. I had never seen him, and like a lot of his music old and new. Having seen him perform, I don't care if I ever see him again. You can bet that I'm never buying any of his music. What a bore! If I understand correctly, Van was going to pull out of the tour just as the shows were about to be announced. Then Van comes back in only if he get to headline too. More Van less Bob. I saw nothing in Van Morrison's performance that said he should have closed or headlined that show. His vocal stylings were flat (all two of them). His band never really got into a groove. They had a nice quality, but did nothing special, and came off sounding mostly the same all the time. Horn solos were limited to just a few short bars, players never being allowed to the time build anything interesting. Van stunk. After playing for about a hour, he stormed off with out an encore, never having touched that guitar sitting at his side or really doing anything of interest. "Boy, I sure can't wait until he comes back around." I never want to see Van or his ego again. Saturday night Bob headlines and plays well over 90 minutes, and I'm told was outstanding. Sunday night Bob opens and plays only 65 minutes, and is great. Which show do you want to see? Let the punk with monster ego open the show, like he should have! I would like to take a line or two to apologize to any Van Morrison fans who stand by their man and think that he doesn't suck, and is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I've just got to call them like I see them. I can't believe that, in all likelihood, I'm going to have to wait years to see Bob again. later, -James
Subject: Another Bad Dylan experience :-\ From: Planetboy5 ( Date: 18 May 1998 22:02:47 GMT Sunday May 17th @ the Gorge In Geogre WA .... Well... It's happened again... without any pre notice Mr. Dylan decided to play first :-( Before Joni Mitchell and Van Morrison... It was yet another nightmare as I raced with my nephew towards the main stage to find our seats ($84.00 9th row Seats at that) only to get there as Bob is taking a bow, and then walks off stage !!! The show Slated to start at 6pm with the addition of an unknown opening act started earlier that the tickets said, Me and my nephew, who had yet to see Mr. Dylan... I on the other hand have seen him many times... this not being the first time I had missed him... the last time I went to see him with Santana he pulled another switcharoo and I ended up seeing only the last four songs...Dont get me wrong I'll still love his music, But right now I'm very upset and disappointed, I mean what other act do you know of that suddenly decides to swich the billing around with no forewarning ???? There have been none in my experience thus far, only Dylan I know theres not much I can do but all involved will be recieveing a two week daily bombardment of, shall we say less than satisfied emails from yours truly !!! If you're out there Bob and you are by some chance reading this, I hope you understand the hurt and disappointment this caused not only for me but a new fresh young fan who I had been so foolishly telling, how wonderful you are in concert and what a great time we would have together... Only to be crushed and left with a pouting over weight egotist going by the name of the late great Van Morrison... "I got, Blood in my eyes for you" Sincerely, Your brother from another... Planetboy...
Subject: Re: Another Bad Dylan experience :-\ From: Peter Stone Brown ( Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 22:14:13 -0400 Evansmg wrote: > > The switching about of the billing has been standard since the New York/Boston > dates in January. It's the ever popular alternating headliner agreement. > There is a reason for this other than the alternating headliner agreement and a simple one too: They don't have to break down all the equipment and set it up again. Now I'm not looking at the schedule, but if there's any other 2 night (or more) shows out there, simply be aware (by checking out the newsgroup) if Bob headlines one night, he's opening the next.

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