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Bob Dylan 980619 in Belfast, N. Ireland

       Botanic Gardens
       Capacity: 15,000 
       Double bill with Van Morrison 

Subject: Re: Belfast Fri 19 June 1998 From: GARY GALBRAITH ( Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 23:44:03 GMT The unknown song was,as far as I could make out,"I'm A Roving Blade" aka Newlyn Town which Bob said "I believe it comes from around here..and I havent played in a long time".. I think he played this a few times around the Australian tour in 1992? he did a great version too..the show was fabulous tonight,Bob looked great (nifty shades which he wore throughout - it was a very sunny evening,- an immaculate looking black suit & cravat and white boots)..only drawback was the fact that he split after one encore..obviously the set was cut short as Morrison was headlining... personally,although i like Morrison and its good to see him in his and my hometown,I just couldnt get into his set at all tonight - Dylan was in such fantastic to the shows I saw in Glasgow in '95,it was a s good as I've ever sen him play.. For those of you who will see the rest of the European shows,you're in for a treat...

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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Path:!!!!!not-for-mail Subject: BELFAST 1998, What a Show (Review) From: BlindDerek Date: 22 Jun 1998 13:21:03 GMT Organization: AOL, Well the Blindman is taking a break from the tour before rejoining it on the weekend. But what an opener. bobby and the boys took the sun drenched stage at 10 to 8 with the sun sining right onto the stage. Bobby was clad in a black suit with white boots and shades and boy was he in grand form. Gotta serve somebody rocked the house bobby doing chuck berry moves all over the place constantly grinning at the crowd. Then a perfectly sung 'Tonight I'll be' and the kick ass Cold Irons bound. Must say the show very slightly lulled during Red Sky and Silvio but when Dylan cam back with an acoustic guitar things were looking up immediately. This is where the show set itself apart from the many shows I've seen in the past. The dissappointing Cardiff show last year and the fantastic Point depot Dublin show of 95 all paled in comparison to this one. Bob Shuffles up to the mike and starts smiling:- " I haven't played this song in a long time but I'm gonna play it tonight 'cos it comes from 'round here" Then he sang a beautiful version of the Roving Blade along with a great one too many mornings and a fantastic sing-a-long-a-bob "Dont think twice". The crowd were fantastic and Bob took great pleasure from them, the highlight came at the end of "Tangled', when Bob did a striptease dance to relieve himself of his acoustic guitar and grabbed the harp and mike in his left hand , down on his hunkers he shimmied from side to side accross the stage constantly waving his free hand in unison with the music. The crowd went bananas. "Till I fell in love with you" was worth the admission price alone with Bobs smiling face and swaying torso singing better than I've ever heard him. Looking forward to London but I need to upgrade my tickets, 20 feet from the Bobster at Belfast ain't gonna compare to high in the stands at Wembly, so anyone got any spares :-) Derek keogh (Dublin)