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Bob Dylan 980626 in Roskilde, Denmark

 Roskilde Festival

"Marc de Oliveira" ( writes:

> This was a super concert! Dylan was happy and had a good strong voice.
> Where I stood (up front) people were just going crazy!

Subject: Re: Dylan at Roskilde 26. June 1998
From: "Vegard B. Havdal" (
Date: 29 Jun 1998 14:33:41 +0200

I beg (politely) to differ. I found this concert quite uninspired, at
least compared to Oslo earlier. If not for you, I think it is,
together with The man in me, my least fave of the songs on the
neverending tour. He just doesn't sing the melody.

On Love sick he stumbled over the words constantly, and the intro to I
shall be released was badly messed up by the band...


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