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Bob Dylan 980900 in Wollongong

Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 09:26:02 +0000
From: guest 
Organization: Kinko's Pitt Street Australia
Subject: September 5, 1998 - Wollongong, Australia - a review

> Bob Dylan & Patti Smith
> Wollongong, Australia, September 5, 1998
> Wollongong Entertainment Centre
> A review by Carsten Wohlfeld

The last show in Australia took place just two hours south of Sydney, in
the industrial town that is Wollongong. We went down there in a mini bus
with 20 people which was lots of fun (thanks Darren for the nice idea)
and the people from overseas got to see a bit of rainforest on the way
too. The Entertainment Centre was brand spanking new, in fact this show
was the first ever there, with about 4,500 attending.

Matt Walker & Ashley Davies impressed me once again, especially with
their last song (sorry, still don't know the title), which kinda reminds
me of the Stones' "Midnight Rambler". A great bluesy rocker.

Patti took to the stage at 8.00pm and got into a big discussion with the
local securitry straight away cause the security guys wouldn't allow
anybody to stand up and get to the rail. In the end Patti and the
audience won, which was nice to see. Her set included "People Have The
Power", yet another "Spell", a rare "Don't Say Nothing" and an amazingly
intense "Horses"/"Gloria" to finish with. Even the security guy in front
of the stage was allowed to sing "GLORIA" with her, which made everybody
smile. It was hard to believe that Bob would be able to follow her
terrific set, but indeed he did. I simply think it was the best show
this year, Ray Webster called it the best show Bob played in Oz - ever.
Yes, it was that good!

> Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat

The usual bluesy jam, Bob didn't move an inch but was striking poses
straight away. Bucky didn't wear his hat during this song, and he looked
kinda silly.

> I Threw It All Away

Much better than the night before. Bob's vocal was excellent again, hut
this time the band didn't fuck up the song as band as the previous
night. Very nice to hear indeed.

> Cold Irons Bound

Average version.

> Every Grain Of Sand

Without a doubt the highlight of the whole Oz tour and arguably the best
performance of 1998. He got the words right, the band was playing
perfectly and Bob was smart enough to leave the guitar solo to Larry who
put in a wonderful solo indeed. One of the best live performances I've
ever heard from Bob. Too good to be true.

> Can't Wait

Yet another real highlight. Slightly different phrasing that fitted in
perfectly. Larry put in some extra guitar lines as well. Great stuff.

> Silvio

Not quite as smoking as the night before, but better than most 1997

> Roving Gambler (acoustic)

Nice to hear this one again. The usual stop/start arrangement that I
liked a little bit better in Melbourne, but the backing vocals from
Bucky and Larry on the chorus are always good to hear.

> One Too Many Mornings (acoustic)

Earned Bob a well deseserved first standing ovation of the night.
Slightly slowed down, he sang it beautifully and the band didn't make
any mistakes either. Perfect, you may call it.

> Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic)

was "Tangled" and the short harp solo at the end wasn't worth

> The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll (acoustic)

Yet another highlight! Yet again, almost perfectly done, very nice
phrasing, great cresendo on the "six month sentence" verse.

> To Make You Feel My Love

The usual. Dreadful song, very nicely done. Doesn't change a bit though.

> Til I Fell In Love With You

The band intros concluded with "Tony just played his first show. He just
came out of rehab" (!?). "Til I Fell..." was okay, but wasn't a standout
track as usual.

> (encore)

> Love Sick

As good as it ever was

> Rainy Day Women # 12 & 35

Yes, that one was well. Most of the people in the wings boogied their
asses off. Bob was having a great time as he did all throught the set.

> Blowin' In The Wind (acoustic)

Slightly tired version that was - of course - very well received by the
people. Another standing ovation in fact.

> Like A Rolling Stone

Nice to hear that he dropped "Highway" in this slot and even though most
people are sick and tired of "Rolling Stone" as well, it has to be said
that this was an excellent version with nice new phrasing all
throughout. And I wasn't the only one who loved it!

> Forever Young (acoustic)

Same as with most of the "TOOM" songs and "Rainy": It hardly changes
from night to night and is nice to hear at almost every show but isn't
necessarily a smart choice for an encore. Great finale for a stunningly
strong show nevertheless.

So there you got it, a bit rushed ($10 per hour at an internet cafe make
you type faster) but hopefully you'll get the idea. It was awesome! Do
yourself a favour, and get a tape! The Oz tour is over now, Ray and I
travel on to NZ and will keep you updated. Thanks to the Jungwirth
family, Stephen, Ed, John G., the italian crew, the Sydney Jumpers, Ray,
Tini and co. and all the other nice people I met here. It was a pleasure
travelling with you. Apologies to Shane, sorry for getting your name
wrong the other day, I was just too tired. See ya!

Carsten Wohlfeld
"your girlfriend can leave you but the rolling stones are there forever"
(alan mcgee)

Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 09:28:53 +1000 From: "Nick Miller" ( September 5, Wollongong Entertainment Centre - "out of rehab" A night of firsts! Dylan in the industrial heartland of Australia opening Wollongong's new Entertainment Centre. It was only just ready with electricians fiddling with switchboards as we looked around and heard Patti warming up. Familiar faces from other concerts littered the scene of this Dylan's last night in Australia for 1998. We had fourth row tickets with a great view of the stage. Patti Smith played another great opener with highlights of Under a Southern Cross and Gloria. Dylan came on stage at around 9.15 pm with the incense intense in the air and into a dynamic Leopard-skin pill-box hat and beautiful I threw it all away. Security had implored us that Dylan himself wanted everyone to sit at the front - the surge happened after a few songs! Dylan really gave us some treats on this night as well as great versions of tour staples. In the first electric set we got a reworked and excellent Every grain of sand - but it was the acoustic set where we were really spoilt! Roving Gambler, One too many mornings and Hattie Carroll. All sung with passion and clarity * "For those who philosophise disgrace" resounding around the new venue. Dylan even spoke tonight "This is my first concert in awhile*I've just got out of rehab" and played harp at the end of Tangled up in Blue. The last songs were turned into many encores - sweat covering his back. Everyone was up for Rainy day women and Like a rolling stone rekindled so many memories. Dylan had worked hard for this last night in Australia. A great way to open a new venue. It all seems so empty and quiet now Dylan has left. We were sorely tempted to escape to New Zealand! Have a great time there and I look forward to hearing how the Never ending tour progresses and joining it again someday. It's been a great leg of the tour. Thanks Bob. Nick Miller Sydney
Subject: Re: Setlist 980905, Wollongong, Australia From: Patricia Jungwirth ( Date: 6 Sep 1998 08:43:53 -0700 Just got back from Sydney (10 hour drive) and found this rather fanciful setlist posted, probably already been corrected by Peter G, Carsten et al, but what the hell I'll correct it anyway. Patti did 'Horses'!!!! >Date: Sat, 5 Sep 1998 16:38:29 +0200 >From: Karl Erik Andersen (karlerik@MONET.NO) >980905, Wollongong, Australia > >1. Leopard Skin Pill-Box Hat >2. I Threw It All Away Terrific, better than the previous time... >3. Cold Irons Bound >4. Every Grain Of Sand Perfection! >5. Can't Wait >6. Silvio >7. Roving Gambler >8. One Too Many Mornings By this stage I thought I must be dreaming... >9. Tangled Up In Blue What a brave setlist - no instant recognition 'Greatest Hits' songs till #9, fantastic performances... >10. The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll This one was quite breath=takingly wonderful **>11. The Times They Are A-Changin' **NO - NOT PLAYED >12. Make You Feel My Love "That song was a special request" Thanks Bob = it was lovely (not implying that it was my request!). Phrasing of "You ain't seen nothin' like me yet" was great. Proved my theory... so you don't like it and wonder why it's on the disc? Now imagine you're seeing/hearing it played live. Whole 'nother matter. Much better arrangement, too. Young girls next to me went right off during this one. Well, okay, they went right off at almost every number. Very sweet. After introducing the band, Bob (who was very "frisky" at the 'Gong) cracked himself up by joking around... I thought he said "This is my first concert in a while... just got out of rehab" but apparently someone else said he was referring to Tony Garnier. hmmmm. >13. 'Til I Fell In Love With You > >14. Love Sick >15. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 >16. Blowing in the Wind PLUS Like A Rolling Stone Forever Young Little addendum... at Friday's Sydney show Lenny Kaye (who'd earlier played a superb set himself with Patti Smith) was standing next to my husband in the "mosh pit" for the final song and going wild, or going off, or going sick or whatever your favourite expression for displaying unbridled enthusiasm for Bobby D is... just thought I'd mention it... tricia off to get some zzzz's... sorry if I split a few infinitives, it's late and I'm tryin' to walk the line...
Subject: Re: September 5, 1998 - Wollongong, Australia - a review From: Rebecca Rushbrook (beckfast@HOTMAIL.COM) Date: 9 Sep 1998 05:04:47 -0700 I just want to add a few lines about the Wollongong show. This was the fourth time I have seen Bob play, and the first time I have seen him without fooling around with recording equipment (sigh)...but it was worth it because it was also the first time that I have seen Bob from right up close! Folks, this was one of the the most incredible nights of my life. Patti was just on fire, and wonderfully in tune with the audience. When security tried to make all of us up front go back to our seats Patti stuck up for us and we stayed there (although we compromised by sitting during Beneath the Southern Cross). My girlfriend threw an anti uranium mining t-shirt onstage and Patti checked it out and read the message on the shirt to everybody. "'No Uranium, No Weapons, No Waste: Reclaim the Future'...the people have spoken!" This was great publicity for an important message here in Australia (since as I type they are in process of fucking up some of the world's most beautiful and sacred land for uranium). Thanks Patti! Her closing number Horses/Gloria was indescribable in its intensity. Bob had a hard act to follow! Security made us all go to our seats for the first part of Bob's set, but after Every Grain of Sand there was a mad rush for the stage, which security couldn't hope to control (heh heh). So there I was. It was magic to see Bob in such good form, obviously enjoying himself immensely, and doing dazzling solo work on the acoustic guitar. It was great to see Bob grinning away in spite of himself, and then compose his face into the classic Dylan mask. After Bob made the gag about Tony just getting back from rehab a voice up the front called out "We can fix you up with something, Tony!" to which everyone in the band, including Bob, cracked up. By the end of the show Bob's nice grey suit was drenched in sweat. A splendid time was had by all! -Daveybob (

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