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Bob Dylan 980924 in Eugene, Oregon

Subject: 9/24 review and caveat
From: ststephen (
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 05:17:31 -0700

Well Bob absolutely rocked, plain and simple.  The sad part was that
Van Morrison wound up the night. Bob was in top form and ever the
professional musician, unlike Van, the big baby.

Dylan's playing (and band) was tight and right on the entire set. In
Tangled, did anyone catch the change of the verse "later on he moved
to New Orleans, right outside Delacr..? (Delacroix is the original
verse) where he was lucky to be ..."?? It didn't sound like Delacroix,
nor "employed".  I was on the floor and paying attention, but didn't
understand the verse (not suprisingly).

While watching Van in the last number, he scolded Pee Wee with "Are
you in this band or what?"  Obviously frustrated with something, he
ended the set and stormed off stage, no encore. After talking with the
sound man, that is just the primadonna in Van coming out.  My advice,
if Van is in the middle of Lucinda and Bob, skip it, go get a beer. 
If Van closes out the night, go home satisfied with a hot Bob set and
don't get let down by Van.  He is no longer "The Man" in my book.
Van's entire set was totally lackluster and didn't hit us with any
rockin' numbers.  When a fan yelled out "Brown Eyed Girl!", he goes
into "Send In The Clowns"  What the ???

The crowd booed after Van left the stage because it was obvious we
weren't getting an encore.  I will never pay to see Van Morrison
again. On the other hand, I will pay to see Bob again and again.  He
got the whole place on it's feet and into his set To those of you yet
to see this tour, you've got a treat in store with Lucinda Willams and
Bob Dylan. 

Subject: Re: 9/24 review and caveat From: Leonard Coop ( Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 19:02:17 -0700 I had a different experience last night at Mac Court. I have not seen a show there since 1980 and 1981. (Frank Zappa and Grateful Dead) The sound in Mac Court was atrocious back then. I was worried about the sound for Dylan, but rested in knowing how the art of sound systems has improved. Not in the case of Dylan. The review from Portland seems to apply here. On the other hand, Van sounded great, and I enjoyed his performance much more than I expected, especially how he played so many non-hits that were soulful and reflective. I have no quarrel with his on-stage demeaner, and willingness to play an odd song on moments notice (Send in the clowns) was cool, IMO. The sound was just fine for Morrison and Lucinda (who I enjoyed too). Dylan and band were fighting with the tin roof and/or box echo sounds. I never heard Bucky on pedal steel once. Any tapes made from the first balcony, 2/3 back (not bad seats) will sound terrible. Dylan's performance was about average, and built up some steam after a weak start. The crowd was mostly pretty lively, and some sections (mainly the floor) danced most of the show. Songs like Silvio, Highway 61, and Rainy Day Women got the crowd to appropriate peaks. I enjoyed the acoustic numbers (Cocaine, Masters of war, Tangled, Blowin) especially because the room acoustics were much better. Blind Willie McTell was a treat. Dylans guitar hardly ever went anywhere. His show, since it preceeded Van, was only 78 minutes. That makes it the shortest I can remember. I thought the last show I saw, at the Gorge last May, was a quite at bit better overall. There Dylan could rock without limits, and he did. After 17 or so shows, my rule that the bigger the hall the less I like Bob held up again, but It could have been much better if only Van's sound man also worked for Dylan. I would see Dylan at the Portland Civic Auditorium or the Eugene Hult center if possible, coliseums just dont work well for me (ever since 1978 for my first show). Anyone on the floor during the show hear better sound? I hope so. They put seats down there, preventing so many from getting in (they gave wrist bands to the first thousand or so people. I waited in line since 4:00 only to get turned away). No seats would have meant more people and more dancing. -- L. Coop Oregon State University check out for info on another great songwriter.

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