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Bob Dylan 980927 in Reno, Nevada

Subject: Re: September 27, 1998 - Reno, Nevada - Setlist
From: IvanZero (
Date: 8 Oct 1998 09:10:15 GMT

>Reno's a big Country & Western region (rodeos, gun shows,
>etc) so the crowd went wild thinking he did a Garth Brooks song.

He he he ... which greatly surprised the young lady on my left once the truth
was told. (Billy Joel never came up)

Still trying to get over the shock that these two giants decided to stomp on
Reno for the night. (Bob is no stranger to the venue, his '95 show here was
ALMOST as great as the '98 one)

 "Love Sick" was definitely the high point for me. Serious voodoo time, and no
Soy Bombs. Hell, it was all great - Bob was a man on fire.
The guy behind me kept exclaiming that Bob  must've taken his Viagra. Oh, shut

Loved the entire show even tho we were suffering from the idiot wind blowing
through the bleachers. 

My section  made it very hard on those few of us hardcore Van fans, bored,
restless, milling about, responding only to (you guessed it) "Jackie Wilson
Said" & "Moondance". That good old Reno oldies act mentality strikes again. 
Jesus, go see the Beach Boys next time they're in town and let us true
believers worship in peace!

I have to wonder if either lad partook of our wonderful Nevada style
entertainment while in town ... imagine Bob shooting craps or Van at the
blackjack table ...

And the throngs puzzled over my laughter as I strolled through the Hilton
gaming arena.


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