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Bob Dylan 990126 in Fort Myers

Subject: Ft Myers Review
From: Blazer1129 (
Date: 27 Jan 1999 18:23:02 GMT

Bob and band played to a 80% capacity crowd last night at the
Everblades Arena; a small, but comfortable, indoor hockey arena which
holds maybe 12,000? Anyway, this was the night of the setlist! In a
way, the set was similar to NYC 11/1 show with a few extra delights.
Serve Somebody opened. Bob played a very even guitar on Serve
Somebody; excellent performance here. I'll Remember You followed--one
of my personal favorites--good performance but I have seen better.
Memphis Blues came soon after (order of the tunes may be a bit off),
followed by Blind Willie McTell! Absolutely fantastic performance
here. Inspiring! River Flow comes next; so so performance, a little
too fast for me.

The acoustic set opened with Jimmie Rogers' Blue Eyed Jane. Most of you
will know this from Bob's Jimmie Rodgers Tribute CD put out last year
or so. Great performance--what a treat! Tambourine, another blazing
Tangled, Blowin in Wind and a great One Too Many Mornings rounded out
the acoustic set. The setlist had Cocaine, Stone Walls, Not
Supposed(?), Rock of Ages noted.

The final run included Hwy 61, Can't Wait (great high octane, funkin'
version) and Pillbox Hat (someone in the front was wearing a Leopard
Skin Pillbox hat and threw it on the stage while Bob was singing;
another took off her bra and threw that up on stage just after the
Pillbox Hat. Bob raised an eyebrow or two at that one as Tony Garnier
grinned from ear to ear clearly thrilled by the bra throwing.)

Encores included Lovesick, Forever Young and Not FadeAway!! What?? Not
Fade Away!!?? It appeared to me that Tony and Larry were pleasantly
suprised that Bob did this tune. The crowd was thrilled as well.

We saw the harmonica on Tangled Up. The tunes on the setlist not
played: Simple Twist, Tough Mama, Long Black Coat, Times, and You're
Too Late(?).

Can't wait for Thursday night in Lauderdale!

Subject: ft myers comments From: PEAZFUL ( Date: 27 Jan 1999 18:10:13 GMT here's what was on the cue sheet(from what i saw) serve somebody/???? i'll remember you/?????? memphis blind willie river flow blue eyed/cocaine/stone walls (not supposed to care-simple twist) rock of ages/tambourine man (tough mama-long black coat) tangled up one too many/times feel my love/your too late hwy 61 love sick leopard skin blowin can't wait now for a brief review-the sound was horrendous everywhere but on the floor up close-luckily the place was well more than half empty for most of bob's show so that you could get close. the crowd didn't recognize most of the tunes especially serve somebody and i'll remember you which were both simply average versions. a lot of poeple were there for setzer-this place was in the middle of nowhere too. an outlet mall and a venue and that was it right off the hwy outside ft myers-it was just weird. by the way it was a very quiet crowd. a lot of decent tapes should come from this show (especially because i saw at least two big rigs recording-there was no security searches what so ever. and one guy i was with didn't even get his tix ripped- it was that loose. Larry played a paul reed smith through a vox ac-30 and bob played his three toned strat through a least i think so. everything was real standard versions - tangled's harp solo was real nice and larry did switch to a new paul reed smith half solid half hollow for the two toom songs. otherwise business as usual. He did not get all the words to memphis (he never does) he didn't mess up the ones he did sing but he just does about 8 minutes and then stops. Blind willie was way better than in MD but he still forgot a verse he seemed visibly ticked when he sang the woman by the river verse instead on Plantation burning and he kept saying "i can tell you one thing, nobody can sing.. basically it was a very quiet crowd but not totally in a good way - you got the feeling they weren't being quiet cause they were in awe but because they were bored. there were a sizable amount of people dressed in swing garb and the GA section was a huge dance floor during setzers act.Bob was not first and formost on people minds around here. sure the usual crunch in front of the stage cheered him on but it was truly empty. the two unusual songs: blue eyed jane was incredible he sang the hell out it - he looked interested - the band looked happy and interested -it was perfect tempo - just plain outstanding bob dylan/flashes of the supper club. not fade away was kind of crappy. it was really uneven at first until he sang a few lines then the band found that bo diddley beat and it mellowed out. the solos were less than spectacular - it was fun but really seemed like a lot of garage noise. during forever young at every instrumental break they kept putting the house lights on (as if we all needed a hint) -the show left you wanting more becuase it really had the feeling of a rehearsal. but no silvio and no rdw so it gets a decent mark in my book. -dylan
Subject: Re: Ft Myers Review From: Fishtout ( Date: 27 Jan 1999 22:23:59 GMT Organization: AOL the place held like 8,000 and I felt it was barely half full....the GA deal and the small crowd created a great intimacy for those of us on the floor....bob was interacting with the crowd all night, gesturing, nodding, smiling and giving eyes all around..... i felt as though I had been transported to a high school dance back in the 50's...a small stage in a little aluminum shed with bob dylan as prom king..... wish i could be more specific but my mind is still digesting what my ears and eyes absorbed////
Subject: Fort Meyers Show (a fan's anecdote) From: ElysiaM ( Date: 7 Feb 1999 04:34:02 GMT The week before last I was in Florida for business. As I have been quite busy lately, I was not cognizant of Dylan's whereabouts. My co-worker and I had just put in a full day and were en-route to the gym to blow off some steam. I mindlessly flipped through the radio in the car and was astounded at the number of Dylan tunes on the air...My co-worker made a token anti-Dylan jab at me. I retorted that he was merely ignorant and needed to experience a Bob show in order to see the light. As if it were divine intervention, a promo for that evening's show at the Everblades Arena came on the radio. Although initially stunned, I insisted that we drive until we find that arena...Surprisingly, he obliged, and thirty minutes later we were standing in line to purchase tickets! It was all such a whirlwind. It wasn't until I was enjoying "Blind Willie McTell" that I realized I was actually at a Dylan show, having the time of my life...and dressed for the gym (grubby t-shirt, running shorts and all...). How's that for spontaneity? P.S. My coworker has been successfully converted! He borrowed CDs this week and wants to move onto boots next week!

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