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Bob Dylan 990129 in Daytona Beach, Florida

Subject: ft lauderdale
Date: 30 Jan 1999 05:19:17 GMT

just a brief few words about ft lauderdale-
i thought it was way better than ft myers due to the fact tha Larry was the
lead guitar on 80% of the material.
The can't wait and leopard skin were specifically smokers.
i cant say enough about the can't wait-it was remarkable.
during stone walls the murmer of a talking disinterested crowd drowned them out
for the first few minutes, and those annoying people that call themselves fans
sang along during don't think twice. that was really lame. the harp solo was
not spectacular either especially when he does that one note solo that usually
is reserved for the guitar(in Ft myers during tangled up it was different
becuase it had been so long since i heard him play harp but to see the
identical solo in a different song is just plain ridiculous.)
i gotta say i loved silvio(all i wanted was for him to just move it around a
little and not be so set in his ways-that's how ruts start and unethusiastic
versions are born.)
other than the acoustic set which was only ok the rest of the show was top
notch(even though JLAW and Feel my love are hardly my favorites).
love minus zero and a tune called lousiana were on the cue sheet and not
this show was tight and just all around well done better than ft
myers&MD&MSG(the last three i caught)
about 10,000 showed and i'm sure everyone was happy.-dylan

Subject: Daytona 1/29 From: Al Garzon ( Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 12:01:17 -0800 January 29, 1999 Daytona Beach, Fl Ocean Center Bob went on stage about 9:30 PM, he was wearing his grey or light color suit with the black stripe going down the side of his pants, black and white cowboy boots and the usual tie attire. He looked good, younger sort of like the photo in the back of the TOOM album. Everybody in the band was wearing a hat except Bob and the guitar player Larry Campbell. The Bass player Tony Garnier was wearing black leather pants and a black jacket. The opener was, Gotta Serve Somebody The sound was pretty clear and loud. He sounded basically the same as he did at the end of the last tour on this song. The crowd was cheering when the band first came out, but the it was quiet for most of the sets with few exceptions. If Not For You This song was delivered nicely, the vocals were easy to understand and the band sounded very tight. Cold Irons Bound The beginning of this song is the best part, they kept the lights low and the spooky sounds filled the room, then finally the stage lights came on. Nicely done, the bass on this song was outstanding, you can hear it loud and clear. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere Nice surprise, I loved this song, he sang the words completely and a very nice arrangement. I was also surprised because the crowd did not seem to recognize any of the songs so far. Ballad Of A Thin Man The way Bob played this song was amazing, the vocals and the delivery of the song, it was like the first time he ever played it. Everytime he sang "there's something happenning here Mr. Jones" he would look at the crowd so mysteriously. Roving Gambler The accoustic set sounded even better than the electric set, not as loud, and the lyrics could be heard more clearly. Very nice performance. Dylan and his band have aquired a level of professionalism that leaves little room for improvement, however I noticed they have been working rearranging the ends of the songs. The ends are new, longer and sound just great. Love Minus Zero/No Limit Excellent version of this beautiful song, the beginning sounded different, like he was playing in a different key. Tangled Up In Blue A loud cheer can finally be heard from the crowd when this song started playing, a crowd pleaser and an excellent performance. My Back Pages The best song of the night for the accoustic set. Bob played the harp for a long time during this song, with his foot on the drummer's stage for awhile. It sounded wonderful, loud and clear. Til I Fell In Love With You The best performances of the electric set were the ones from the TOOM album. Bob said something before he sang but I could not figure out what. Great version of this song. You're Too Late My favorite song of the night. I don't think I've heard this one before, I have to check, but I would like to have a tape of this show just so I can hear this again. F***ing Awesome. Highway 61 Revisited New life has been injected into this song, sounds like a Rock'n'Roll Celebration with some excellent guitar jams, and Bob looked to be enjoying himself. We were all having the best time. Love Sick No usual cheering for the encore at the beginning of this great song. I was wondering which songs the crowd came to hear. The ending of this song has been completely rearranged, much more powerful end, it stops and starts then it ends. Better than the Grammies or the last tour. Not Fade Away When this song started the crowd cheered wildly, The Grateful Dead fans were all over the place, you can hear people singing the song everywhere. Bob did a great version with a powerful voice, and the Band seemed to get into it too. Bike City had descended on Daytona and for a moment the Dead was back and everybody joined in the celebration. Blowin' In The Wind Another crowd pleaser, Bob's songs and their meaning become very obvious when he plays live, the lights were on the crowd and you could see the peace sings everywhere. He sings it sort of like the original version with a crafted and beautiful musical back up. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 The loudest cheering can be heard during this song, like everybody was waiting for this song to come up. Bob looked like he was having fun during the guitar solos. Covered in sweat at the end of this anthem Bob took a bow put his guitar down and walked away into the dark, about 90 minutes after he first came on stage. The general admission floor was full all the way to the back, the seat sections were about 2/3s full. A lot more people attended the Dylan set than during Brian Setzer's show. The show was great and Bob looked and played in great form. Hopefully there will be tapes circulating from this show so everybody can enjoy. Al
Subject: "You're the reason I keep Traveling on" From: paula & pete ( Date: 2 Feb 1999 03:47:10 GMT My and I went to the three central Florida shows: Sunrise, Daytona, and Tampa. The Sunrise show was great! The music was played with a dance groove, and everyone on the floor, no matter what their age, was dancing. Wiggle Wiggle?? Bob put much emphasis on singing the lyrics. During Don't Think Twice, Bob gave the audience a little message; he gestured broadly to the audience as he sang "You're the reason I keep traveling on". I got the message and it made me feel good, but I had no clue to the degree that Bob would carry this theme to. That night after the show we drove from Sunrise north on the Florida Turnpike and stopped at the Lake Worth Service area, and there an unbelievable thing happened; we met Bob Dylan live, in person, up close, face to face! After thirty years of being fans and seeing concerts all over the United States, what are the odds of meeting Bob in front of a Burger King at a highway service area? I'm still floating on the electricity of the excitement of the experience! Even though the encounter was brief, Bob was not in a hurry to get away; he was animated and maintained eye contact and was very genuine in thanking me for complementing the show that night. Of course, I got the big thrill out of our meeting, but I'm hoping he took away the sense of my real appreciation of his artistry and of my warmth for the artist. Needless to say, the concert in Daytona had special meaning for me and for my wife. I was grinning from ear to ear throughout the whole show! The audience was great for Bob; the smallest venue of the three, but the most enthusiastic crowd. Everybody that we could see had a geat time. In Tampa, the show was just astounding, befitting one more saturday night. Bob's playing was driven as he forcefully led the band to higher and higher heights. The sound at all of the concerts was the big multi-layered and multi-leveled arena sound, and Bob and the boys gave it an impressive workout that night. We were very close to the front and everyone there, whether a veteran or a novice, was thrilled by how great the music was. Bob made many new followers that night. I can't exactly say why, but I feel that this tour has more meaning for Bob than usual and you won't want to miss it. Anyway, the live music is simply superb and enough reason to get your tickets if you don't already have them. PETE.

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