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Bob Dylan 990720 in Albany

Cuesheet from Maggie Z.

From: NN
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 00:23:07 EDT
Subject: Albany Dylan

As a huge Dylan fan, I am always happy to attend a concert and
never pass up an opportunity to see Dylan. However, I am dying to
hear more variety. I have heard Watchtower and Tangled Up In Blue
at every show. It seems to be a repetition of the same 25
songs-in my experience.  I would love to go and hear Isis, The
Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll, She Belongs to Me, Leopard Skin
Pill Box Hat (which I am happy to see he's been playing), etc.

The Albany show was great. I especially loved the versions of
Maggie's Farm and My Back Pages. I was amazed at the melancholy
and passion with which he performs Not Dark Yet. The duet with
Paul Simon was memorable, but a little bizarre. Sounds of Silence
was great! Dylan knew very few words to Wanderer...its just not a
tune for him and he appeared to know it. Knocking on Heavens door
was okay, and I had to laugh when Dylan threw in "I hear you
knockin but you can't come in." I appreciated his friendly jab at
Simon after they were finished performing together.

As a true Dylan fan, I feel that he could tour less and offer us
more variety. I am NEVER disappointed. I have heard Tangled Up In
Blue live 16 times and he always makes a different, new
impression upon me. Because it is always different, always with a
different tone.

I have never seen Simon before, but was totally pleased and
surprised by his show. He is a great performer and pleased the
audience-we were all dancing. Well, the younger crowd appeared to
be dancing and the older crown sat equipped with popcorn and ice
cream (a generalization). I usually do not dance for Dylan shows
as I am there to hear the greatest poet of the twentieth century.
During Simon, It was impossible to sit still for Graceland, Mrs.
Robinson, and Diamonds on The Soles of Her Shoes...Simon has an
energetic and positive disposition. I was familiar with
everything except the Capeman Songs. I can see why that show
wasn't that popular.

The guys were great. They are lucky to have suck great bands
backing them. Wonderful and unforgettable show.

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