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Bob Dylan 990912 in Lafayette, Louisiana

Subject: Review/Vent on Lafayette, Louisiana
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 02:28:27 -0000

Well, here's my review.  Drove from New Orleans and got there
mighty one's here yet?????? Waited in the parking one's doing anything???  Met a fellow Dylan fan parked
next to us and found out he lived right by us and his seats were
right by us....Went started late, 'bout 10-20
minutes.  "Good evening ladies and gentleman....".

Alright this is gonna be a blast! The place is HUGE and TALL, if
you looked up it looked like a bad Lenny Kravitz video.  Hardly
anyone there at all yet!!  Bob comes on, strobe lights
flashing...we wait...seems like the strobes were miscued...we
wait.  Finally THE MAN!! Launches into "I Am The Man, Thomas". 
Never heard this one before but it sounds good, reminds me of
"Roving Gambler".  I miss Bucky :-(.  Not many know this song
either so no one stands..AT ALL!  Goes into "Tambourine Man" and
it's beautiful but the vocal mic is way too loud.  C'mon Bob
let's hear some harp....nope.  No one still standing!!  Look to
my front and they're all buttondown-khaki, just came from the
office, middle-aged, etc...."To Ramona"...pretty but vocals still
too loud, a tapers nightmare.  Everyone still sits.  "Tangled Up
In Blue" the most spectacularly version I've heard to date!  The
drums come in rockin after the first verse and I wanna explode!!!
 Everyone still I sit.  No harp yet :-(.  Biggest
applause so far for TUIB.

Now for the electric set..."Watchtower" sets the place on fire,
Bob has a new way of holding his guitar.  I don't like it
particularly but hey what can I say, I'm partial to the "Holding
it like a gun at the hip" method.  This songs rocks, not the best
version but It'll do.  "Positively 4th St." comes along and Dylan
sings it beautifully!!  Very careful wording and phrasing.
Everyone still sits......SILVIO!!!!  This is rockin and rollin
all the way up the bayou!! Nobody's moving, nobody's standing or
dancing, it's like a friggin' movie theatre!!  I fell like I'm
gonna get sick!!  I dance though and that's all that matters :-).
 Nice version, loud and strong.  "Not Dark Yet" next, the most
beautiful version in the world, almost made me cry! Dylan was
eating his words and spitting them out with a sadness only he can
conjur up.  This was definitely the highlight of my night. 
Highway 61 is loud, rockin and everyone knows this one...but no
one's up dancing or anything!!  I could be wrong but....forget
it.  Encore 1: "Like A Rolling Stone".  Nice version, emphasis on
the "How Does It Feel" and everyone likes it.

It seems like everyone has superglue on their pants and the
security guards...Don't even get me started, grabbed my lady hard
on the arm...had actual cops parading up and down the isle!!! 
"It Ain't Me babe" was nice but NO HARP yet!!!  I guess if you
play somewhere where they all sit down ALL the time you seem to
think they're not interested so why bother?  This isn't England,
you've no need to be polite to the artists, get up, dance and do
what you want just be kind to your fellow man and not get in
anyone's way.

Then Simon comes out and everyone goes CRAZY!!! Oh, I think I
understand now....The Boxer...bad duetting, they should leave it
in the closet and on Self Portrait...."That'll Be The Day" was
listenable but I just don't think these two and this venue should
sing on the same stage together.  No offense Bob.  "Knockin" for
the finale.  Nice but they could leave out the "Like So Many
Times Before".  I liked the new ending of "I hear you knockin but
you can't come in" or something like that.

Anyway, all in all I'll go see Bob again but never in Lafayette, 
between the boring crowd and the cops in the isles I think I'll
stick to New Orleans and leave my seat for some fine person who
wants to pay $50 to sit and "watch a video".  Thanks for letting
me vent.


Subject: Lafayette, LA 9/12/99 brief review From: "Colin J. Hulin" Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 16:36:35 GMT Hello rmd'ers - Well, Lafayette was awesome. Really cooking electric set, highlighted by Positively 4th Street, Not Dark Yet, a short but solid Watchtower, and a seering Highway 61. Acoustic was equally fine - I Am the Man, Thomas was nice to hear, Ramona sparkled, and Tangled was terrific, even if it's becoming the new "Watchtower" as the never-changing-song-slot. Bob seemed tentative at the start of "It Ain't Me Babe" during the encore, but it improved nicely. No harp to speak of, two really token attempts during It Ain't Me Babe and The Boxer. The Simon duets worked, sorta - highs and lows coming within verses of the same song. The Simon set was surprisingly good, although I wasn't expected much after the mangled, confused "Bridge Over Troubled Waters" opener. Awful arrangement, I thought. Things got better quickly, and as long as he was doing uptempo numbers, stayed pretty sharp. The unknown acoustic numbers (2 or 3) dragged on painfully. Biggest shock here was - gasp! - a setlist change - w/ Paul recognizing his place of performance w/ a rollicking "Standing on the Corner in Lafayette" (don't know if that's the title, but it was a key phrase in the chorus) right before the stirring "Sounds of Silence" closer ("Proof" was omitted from the set). Simon even brought out reinforcements for the Lafayette number w/ three local musicians on sax, accordian, and wash board. Anyway, bottom line, another fabulous show ... Colin
From: "Lindell/Gillett" To: Subject: Dylan in Lafayette Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 22:37:57 -0500 • I Am The Man, Thomas (acoustic) • Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) • It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (acoustic) • To Ramona (acoustic) • Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) • All Along The Watchtower • Positively 4th Street • Silvio • Not Dark Yet • Highway 61 Revisited encores • Like A Rolling Stone • It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic with Bob on harp) • The Boxer ( with Paul Simon, Bob on harp) • That'll Be The Day/The Wanderer (with Paul Simon) • Knockin' On Heaven's Door ( with Paul Simon    Not a review, but a few thoughts after the concert. Last time I heard Dylan was in Malmö, Sweden, last June. Since then I have moved to Louisiana, U.S.A. and this was my first Dylan concert since then. I had great expectations after last years concert, and Dylan didn't disappoint me this time either. Every now and then I think about the dreadful concert 10 years ago, when he played at Christinehof  Castle, in the south of Sweden, So I know bad things can happen ( but even at that concert I did forgive him, after the encore, which was Give My love To Rose by Johnny Cash). But yesterday, in Lafayette, I do not think I have ever heard him more focused on what he was doing. Of course, when Dylan started a lot of feelings ran through me, some of them personal, but most of them was because of the performer. I was overwhelmed, to say the least. He started off with a song I never had heard before, and continued with a beautiful Mr. Tambourine Man, and  a great  It's Alright Ma. The audience of course responded to the line about The President who sometimes has to stand naked, and  he has  been. A beautiful To Ramona followed. His band sounded great so far. Tangled Up In Blue ...... a great version of a great song, and I don't think I ever heard it with the band before. Then  it was time to rock'n'roll. The electric part of the show sounded  great too. All Along the Watchtower with a whining steel guitar from Larry Campbell, made me almost forget that it wasn't a cover of a Jimi Hendrix classic. The slow version of Positively The 4th Street was sung with afterthought. As Oscar Wilde once wrote: "Revenge is a dish that must be served cold" I think he was right, and maybe Dylan agrees with that. I was hoping to hear Not Dark Yet, my favourite song from Time Out Of Mind, and I wasn't let down. He made a great version of it, biting off every syllable like only  Dylan in good shape can. The final numbers, Highway 61, and the encoresLike A Rolling Stone And It Ain't Me Babe was a worthy ending of the concert. On the last one we even got some harmonca, but it seemed to be just for the sake of it. Just a few notes at the end. After that, he introduced Paul Simon to us, and smiled once more, yes we got a few smiles, and they ended  the set with three numbers. A great show. As a bonus we even got some zydeco-music during Pauls Simon's encores, but that is a nother story.   Kind regards   Bengt Lindell Welsh, Louisiana    
Subject: Re: Review/Vent on Lafayette, Louisiana From: Brother Bristone Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 15:38:47 -0700 Hello, I had an incredible evening last night in Lafayette. Of course I was there to see Bob, and of course I was upset that the audience wasn't more into Bob's set, but what can we do except enjoy the show as it's given to us. I had an aisle seat on the last (27th) row of the front¢er floor section (001); the next row behind me was at least ten behind me. So I stood for the entire Dylan set, without any authorities telling me to sit (though they did tell me I had to stand in front of my seat - & not in the aisle). I did take a sitting break for Not Dark Yet (it seemed appropriate and it tends to kindle a 'bad trippy' feeling). So I was fortunate to be 'seated' where I was. But didn't you take advantage of the Highway 61 Stagerush? I was watching for it, and sure enough they allowed us between the front row and the stage; so we were 5 feet from the stage from Highway 61 thru the encore and the duets. The crowd was slow to realize it, and it had become sardine- ish by the end of the duets, but after that I was going to sit down anyhow. Being that close made the night for me, especially when i once heard the seated people near the front complaining, when it was the 'authorities' who allowed us to stand there. No matter who complains, there were definitely people thoroughly enjoying Bob's set, including myself especially! And I cannot express enough how appreciative I am that Bob keeps touring for us. I will go listen to him anytime he comes near me to play! Thanks for allowing the stagerush, whoever you are!!! enjoy the music, Brian
Date: 22 Sep 1999 15:25:00 +0100 From: (Carsten Wohlfeld) Subject: september 12, 1999 - lafayette, la - a review Bob Dylan Lafayette, LA, September 12, 1999 Cajundome A Review by Carsten Wohlfeld I arrived in Lafayette after a more than 12 hour busride from Memphis, but even though I expected to be completely out of it I still managed to find a decent and cheap motel room and then went straight to the venue which is just a couple of miles outside of the center of town. Well, Lafayette is a pretty small town anyways. I liked the Dome though, probably the nicest venue I've seen Bob perform in since the Australian shows last year. Just looked like the right place for a good show. They sold about 9,000 out of 13,000 or so tickets I guess, it clearly wasn't a sell out, but the place didn't look empty either. Bob started 20 mins. late at around 7.50 I Am The Man Thomas (acoustic) As fast and good as the previous nights. I would've given my right arm (well, almost) to hear "Hallelujah I'm Ready (To Go)" but it wasn't to be. It actually took them quite a while to get on stage, usually they only have the strobe lights on for 10 secs. or so, tonight it was about 30 secs. I could see the band discussing *something* backstage. I was hoping they would discuss what to do first, but I guess it was something else after all. Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) No harp today, but a lot of jangly guitar solos by Bob. Surprisingly they were quite good, too. It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) Well, as much as I'm always hoping for changes in the setlist, this is one of the few songs I don't mind hearing every night. Already the roar from the crowd when Larry starts the song is worth it. I think David missed a change at some point tonight and Bob turned back to him and made a gesture that seemed to say: "Hey man, let's go, speed it up a little." To Ramona (acoustic) I usually don't like any waltz they do, but tonight I even liked this one. Bob seemed to have a great time too as he was *dancing*. Larry on mandolin and he even got to play a few solos showing that he's not only a better pedal steel player than Bucky, but better on the mandolin, too. Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) Wow! Pretty fast tonight, not as playful as before, some good phrasing though. Bob seems to care a lot more about the lyrics rather than the music on most of his song these days and this was a fine example. All Along The Watchtower was "Watchtower", which is still pretty darn good. Positively 4th Street was the song that completely made the night for me. Very slow, with a *gorgeous* pedal steel solo intro by Larry. Bob's singing was great too. Magdeburg '96 revisited, with less solos though. Except for a short solo brteak before the last verse it was a very lyric-orientated version (cf. "Tangled") Silvio was "Silvio" and sort of a let down after that amazing "4th Street". Not Dark Yet Larry had the guitar in hands that he usually only plays on "Feel My Love" and "Trying To Get To Heaven" both of which would have been a welcome change, but then he had to switch back to his old axe as Bob decided that he rather would want to do this song again. Nothing wrong with that, it was a lovely as every night, but if we really need to hear it EVERY SINGLE NIGHT is a different matter. Band intros followed. Highway 61 Revistited featured Larry on stand-up lap steel, Charlie on lead guitar and the first real stage rush on this leg of the tour (well, since Nashville anyways). The show seemed to improve due to the rush, Bob had a great time and the song seemed to go on longer than the previous nights. (encore) Like A Rolling Stone was "Rolling Stone" It Ain't Me Babe (acoustic) Good version that featured the nice very slow and long ending. And just about as David was ready to end the song Bob realized that he hadn't played harp all night, so he quickly grabbed one and gave us a very short harmonica solo... Then he introduced Mr. Simon and even clapped himself when the short guy came on stage. The Boxer (with Paul Simon) The band was a bit better on this song compared to the dreadful version in Noblesville, but it still wasn't all that special. Bob on harp. That'll Be The Day / The Wanderer (with Paul Simon) Bob seemed to feel more comfortable doing the Buddy Holly song compared to the "Simon sings the first word of every line and I try to follow" versions of "I Walk The Line". It was another last minute change as well as Larry already had the fiddle in his hands to do "I Walk The Line". I couldn't really see it from my seat, but I don't think that Larry was too happy about all the changes, especially since he seems to be in the same position now that Bucky used to be in: Bob, Tony, David and Charlie discuss the setlist change and Larry - standing or sitting too far away from them - basically notices the change when the others start the song. It just looks weird. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (with Paul Simon) I prefer this arrangement to the reggae version they do when Simon is opening, though tonight it was a pretty average version. I hear you knockin' but you can't come in, try again tomorrow and I'll let you in" - is that really what they are singing. I sincerely hope I just misheard that... A side note: At one point of the show Bob apparently turned to Charlie looking very angry and Charlie tried to hide behind Tony. Don't know what happened there and I didn't even see it from my relatively bad seat, but that's what happened as people were telling me the next day. A great show, probaly the best one I've seen in years when you just consider the quality of the performance itself. On to Austin... carsten wohlfeld -- "i wish i was special - i'm just like you" (the cardigans)
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