Dylan & Cash

Here is a clip of Bob singin "One Too Many Mornings" on The Johnny Cash Show, May 1969.
26 seconds QuickTime .mov, 1 Mb.

Restless Farewell

Restless Farewell
When the Sinatra Tribute concert was broadcast in the US in December 1995, Bob's contribution was cut short, only verses 1,3 and 5 were shown. In Europe (Norway), however, we had it all. In sympathy for you over there, I bring you two short (about 1 minute each) video samples of what you missed.

Second verse, 2.2 Mb (2324 K) QuickTime .mov file.
Fourth verse, 2.7 Mb (2778 K) QuickTime .mov file.

Train Of Love from the Johnny Cash Tribute (file missing)

2009 YouTube alternatives:
One Too Many Mornings - (YouTube)
Restless Farewell - (YouTube)
Train Of Love - (YouTube)

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