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Brown, Tony

Subject: Re: Tony Brown
From: Peter Stone Brown (
Date: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 12:18:07 -0400

A Bienen wrote:
> Looking at my copy of Blood on the Tracks yesterday, I discovered that the
> extraordinary bass playing on that album was by none other than Tony
> Brown. Does anyone know the history of this great musician? Has he played
> with Bob on anything else besides BOTT and TOOM? And who else has he
> played with?

The only work Tony Brown (who is not the Nashville producer of the same name) did with 
Bob Dylan was the New York Sessions of Blood On The tracks, and the various outtakes 
that appeared on Biograph and the Bootleg Series.  He was the bass player for Eric 
Weissberg and Deliverance, though after the first session for the album, he was the only 
member of the group asked to remain for the other sessions.  Deliverance recorded one 
album for Warner Brothers and one single for Epic.  Tony Brown also toured with Happy 
and Artie Traum and recorded with the Woodstock Mountain Revue on the Mud Acres Album, 
which included the Traums, Maria Muldaur, John Herald and many other musicians.  He also 
toured and recorded with Eric Andersen appearing on his Sweet Surprise album and with 
guitarist Arlen Roth.  He is no longer involved in the music business.

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