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Patrick Tilden

Nico: "After Dino [Valente], Edie was very much in love with Patrick
Tilden. He was Bob Dylan's best friend. Bob had been staying at the
Castle before the Velvet Underground moved there. When Edie and
Patrick fell in love, I thought it was a very romantic thing. She
lived downstairs in Severn Darden's old room, the spookiest room of
all. It was haunted. There was a pentangle in the entrance. I heard
the shrieks and funny noises... I hear things rather than feel them.
Every morning at four, at the same spot, somebody... the ghost...
would make this noise like a broomstick pounding on the floor."

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... at the Tropicana and I had had enough of Patrick Tilden imitating
Bob Dylan's gyrating speech patterns up at the Castle.

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