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Recordings of Dylan Festivals or Tribute Concerts that circulate among collectors.
Notice: This page is not an offer to sell, copy or otherwise distribute the items displayed
Note: This section is arranged chronologically by performance date

Bob Dylan Acoustic Tribute  
Recorded: 2/28/1988
CD-R(x3)  [72:44+59:06+42:26]
Club Lingerie, Hollywood, California, February 28, 1988.
This show was available at bit torrent sites in early 2006.  
No artwork was provided with the download.
*members of Blow-Up. This recording was included on the CD
        Blow-Up: Groovy Dynamite Heavy Wow (A Collection 1981-88)

Day Of The Locusts
-- Walking Wounded
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues -- Walking Wounded
She Belongs To Me -- Walking Wounded
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
-- Kim Rogers
Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine

Richard D'Andrea & Jeff Wolfe
Spanish Harlem Incident -- Richard D'Andrea & Jeff Wolfe
I Don't Believe You -- Richard D'Andrea & Jeff Wolfe
*Visions of Johanna -- Jody Worth & Pat Pouch
Dear Landlord
-- Wednesday Week
Sign On The Window
-- Robin Zander & Bob Forrest
Nashville Skyline Rag -- Robin Zander & Bob Forrest
Oxford Town
-- Firehose
Tangled Up In Blue
-- Firehose
Shot Of Love
-- The Love Supremes with Phast Freddie
Clean Cut Kid
-- Carla Olson & George Tallent
Girl From The North Country
-- Real Impossibles
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
-- Real Impossibles

Times They Are A-Changin' -- Williams Brothers
Straight A's In Love (as Crazy Love) -- Williams Brothers
4th Time Around -- Carmaig de Forest
Simple Twist Of Fate
-- Carmaig de Forest
Just Like A Woman
-- Robin Casten & David Lent
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
-- Robin Casten & David Lent
Positively 4th Street
-- Steven McCarthy & Lucinda Williams
I Shall Be Released
-- Steven McCarthy & Lucinda Williams with Carla Olson
Let Me Die In My Footsteps
-- Rolling Zander Revue
Like A Rolling Stone
-- Rolling Zander Revue
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
-- Phranc
Boots Of Spanish Leather
-- Phranc
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
-- Marvin Etzioni
Open The Door Homer
-- Marvin Etzioni
Masters Of War
-- Marvin Etzioni
In My Time of Dyin' -- Bruno
Blind Willie McTell -- Steve Wynn Quartet
Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar
-- Steve Wynn Quartet with Julie Christensen
Abandoned Love
-- Sid Griffin & The Cure Feelers

Andy Hill (and others)Fourth Annual Dylan Birthday Bash  
Recorded: 1994
CD-R(x4): Why Pay Records WPR 01044/46 [69:30+72:38+71:21+39:17]
Recorded in California, with various uncredited vocalists
Ballad Of A Thin Man
The Times They Are A-Changin'
Just Like A Woman
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
Seven Curses
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
One Too Many Mornings
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Mr. Tambourine Man
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
I Shall Be Released
When The Ship Comes In
Blowin' In The Wind
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
I'll Remember You
Ballad Of Easy Rider
Every Grain Of Sand
George Jackson
Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)
Tangled Up In Blue
Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
Emotionally Yours
You're A Big Girl Now
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
License To Kill
Highway 61 Revisited
I Want You
Simple Twist Of Fate
One More Weekend
Blind Willie McTell
All Along The Watchtower
It Ain't Me, Babe
Positively 4th Street
Tweeter And The Monkey Man
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Shooting Star
Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You
She Belongs To Me
Baby Stop Crying
Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart
Subterranean Homesick Blues
Man Of Peace
Masters Of War
Union Sundown
Sweetheart Like You
My Back Pages
Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)
Queen Jane Approximately
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Like A Rolling Stone
Like A Rolling Thunder 98: A Tribute To Bob Dylan  
Recorded: June 1, 1998
CD-R(x3): private issue  [73:15+71:45+67:46]
Kalkscheune, Berlin, Germany
To Make You Feel My Love
Stephan & Manuela:
Rank Strangers To Me
One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
Dark Eyes
Crazy Love
Weeping Willow
I Don't Believe You
(She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
Mr. Bojangles
My Blue-Eyed Jane
Man Of Constant Sorrow
Tangled Up In Blue
Maik Wolter & Friends:
You're Gonna Make Me
     Lonesome When You Go
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
I Want You
Simple Twist Of Fate
Love Sick
Maik Wolter & Friends:
Just Like A Woman
Chris Deschner:
All I Really Want To Do
It's All Right, Ma
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
The Water Is Wide
Pancho & Lefty
To Ramona
Almost Heaven:
Oh, Sister
North Country Blues
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Lay Down Your Weary Tune
Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word
Hard Times
Manfred Maurenbrecher:
(all in German)
Clothes Line Saga
Coming From The Heart
Desolation Row
Standing In The Doorway
Shelter From The Storm
My Back Pages
I Threw It All Away
Chimes Of Freedom
Simple Twist Of Fate
I Shall Be Released
Mr. Tambourine Man
Like A Rolling Stone
Jesse Ballard's Paradise Island Band:
Boots Of Spanish Leather
She Belongs To Me
Country Pie
Down Along The Cove
I Shall Be Released
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere
The Plankenstein Tapes 1999  
Recorded: May 21-24, 1999
CD-R: private issue [63:32]
Bob Dylan Festival, Burg Plankenstein, Austria
Luigi Catuogno: (solo guitar instrumentals)
Is Your Love In Vain

The Man In The Long Black Coat
Make You Feel My Love
With God On Our Side
Dark Eyes
Blind Wille McTell

Farewell Angelina

Simple Twist Of Fate
Tangled Up In Blue
Every Grain Of Sand
In The Garden
To Ramona
The Plankenstein Allstars:  (vocal)
I Shall Be Released
Also includes 3 Italian traditionals sung by Maria Fernanda Morosini, and 4 Dylan-themed poems recited by Stephen Scobie, all accompanied by Luigi Catuogno on guitar.
CD-R (scan from photocopy)
Dylan. A Tribute To His Bobness, Vol. 1  
Recorded: May 29, 1999
CD-R(x2): private issue (Germany) [72:14+65:57]
Recorded live at the "Dylan-Festival" at Forum Wasserturm in Meerbusch, Germany.
Blowin' In The Wind -- Uncle Willy
Billy The Kid -- Uncle Willy
Mighty Quinn -- Uncle Willy
Masters Of War -- Digger's Fake
Unbelievable -- Digger's Fake
Joey -- Cello-Quartett, Dan Zemlicka(instrumental)
You Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go --
Maria Hermann, Michael Decker, Dan Zemlicka
Tomorrow Night-- Volker Täube, Stefan Harf
John Wesley Harding --
Werner Auernhammer, Alex Müller  (see Aui & Alex)
One More Night -- Werner Auernhammer, Alex Müller
It's All Over Now Baby Blue --
Birgit Meyer und Hannes Schindler
Like A Rolling Stone -- Hannes Schindler
God Knows -- Jokermen
Silvio -- Jokermen
Gotta Serve Somebody -- Jokermen
Lay Lady Lay -- Robert Berger
Father Of Night -- Robert Berger
All Along The Watchtower -- Robert Berger
Wiggle Wiggle -- Robert Berger
Forever Young -- Jennifer Kim
One More Cup Of Coffee - Rafael Cortés y Grupo
Mississippi -- Lothar Offak
Shelter From The Storm -- Lothar Offak
Tangled Up In Blue -- Lothar Offak
My Back Pages
Maria Hermann, Michael Decker,
         Dan Zemlicka,Maria Scheele

I Believe In You-- Liz Souissi
Pledging My Time -- Liz Souissi
Make You Feel My Love -- Liz Souissi
Mr. Tambourine Man -- Beatlesons
Subterranean Homesick Blues -- Beatlesons
Death Is Not The End -- Beatlesons
Not Dark Yet In Gothenburg  
Recorded: October 5-6, 2000
CD-R(x2): Why Pay Records WPR 01030/31 [62:16+60:39]
Soundboard from Gillestugan, Gothenburg, Sweden
CD#1 (October 5, 2000)
Ulf Dageby with Valdemar:
  Political World
  Death Is Not The End
  John Wesley Harding
  I Pity The Poor Immigrant
Ulf Dageby with Totta Näslund and Valdemar:
  Like A Rolling Stone
Totta Näslund with Valdemar:
  I Pity The Poor Immigrant
  Nothing Was Delivered
  Make You Feel My Love
  Tears Of Rage
  The Times They Are A-Changin'
  She Belongs To Me
  Visions Of Johanna
CD#2 (October 6, 2000)
Lännart Zimmerman Band:
  One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
  I Shall Be Released
  You're A Big Girl Now
  Not Dark Yet
  Lay Lady Lay
  Precious Angel
  All Along The Watchtower
  Every Grain Of Sand
  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
  Shooting Star
  Tryin' To Get To Heaven
  Sweetheart Like You
Bob’s 6-0 på Rockefeller  
Recorded: May 24, 2001
CD-R: private issue [53:50]
Recorded at Rockefeller, Oslo, Norway... English vocals except as noted
Broadcast on P1-Scenen, NRK (Norwegian Radio) June 22, 2001

Blind Willie McTell -- Rolling Thunder Revisited
Subterranean Homesick Blues -- Ian Senior
Like A Rolling Stone -- Kalle Storm Andersen
Love Minus Zero/No Limit -- Henning Kvitnes
Watching The River Flow -- Reidar Larsen

Du skall ha flaks for å flire, du skall ha tur for å ta trikk (It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry) -- Kåre Virud (Norwegian)
Hvert sandkorn og hvert strå..(Every Grain Of Sand) -- Åge Aleksandersen (Norwegian)
Absolutely Sweet Marie -- Prepple Houmb
One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) -- Lynnie Treekrem
Not Dark Yet -- Sivert Høyem
Series Of Dreams: Dylan 60 Celebration  
Recorded: May 25, 2001
CD-R: private issue [62:35]
Recorded at Pusterviksteatern, Göteborg, Sweden...   all English vocals
*studio versions of these 2 tracks were released as a...CD-single
Series Of Dreams -- Valdemar Erling
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  -- Nicolai Dunger
Like A Rolling Stone -- Valdemar Erling
Ballad Of A Thin Man -- Freddie Wadling
Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat -- Freddie Wadling
I Wanna Be Your Lover -- Mattias Hellberg*
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 -- Mattias Hellberg
All Along The Watchtower-- Freddie Wadling
You're A Big Girl Now -- Mattias Hellberg
Hundred Songs -- Nicolai Dunger  (no Dylan content)
Precious Angel -- Valdemar Erling*
Gotta Serve Somebody -- Freddie Wadling
Tryin' To Get To Heaven -- Valdemar Erling
Nod To Bob Workshop: Bob Dylan Tribute Show - Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 7/28/01  
Recorded: July 28, 2001
CD-R: private issue [77:40]
Recorded live at the 2001 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival  (Hillsdale, New York)
Features some performers who appeared on the  NOD TO BOB  tribute
I'll Remember You -- Jimmy LaFave
Just Like A Woman -- Vance Gilbert
Don't Think Twice -- Eddie From Ohio
Girl From The North Country -- John Gorka
Oh Sister -- The Nields
Ballad of Hollis Brown -- Jeff Lane
Forever Young -- Mary Gauthier
It Ain't Me, Babe -- Lucy Kaplansky
Farewell Angelina -- Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer
Shooting Star -- Mark Erelli
All Along The Watchtower -- The Paperboys
Gotta Serve Somebody -- Eddie From Ohio
I Shall Be Released -- Jimmy LaFave
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 -- everybody (must get stoned)
Love & Theft - en hylining till Bob Dylan  
Recorded: October 10, 2003
2xCD-R: unreleased [74:41+41:10]
P.A. recording from Kägelbanen, Stockholm.  All tracks performed in English.
Mr. Tambourine Man -- Maja
New Morning -- Granada
To Be Alone With You -- Granada
One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below) -- Granada
Tryin' To Get To Heaven -- The Chrysler
If Not For You -- Anna Maria & Goran Kajfers
To Ramona -- Anna Maria & Goran Kajfers
Dear Landlord -- Anna Maria & Goran Kajfers
The Man In Me -- The Chrysler
Most Likely You Go Your Way -- Karl-Jonas & Jenny
Changing Of The Guards -- The Chrysler
Fourth Time Around -- Love Olzon
Goin' To Acapulco -- Love Olzon
Tombstone Blues -- Love Olzon
I Wanna Be Your Lover -- Mattias Hellberg
Ballad Of A Thin Man -- Kajsa Grytt
Hazel -- Kajsa Grytt
From A Buick 6 -- Kajsa Grytt
I Threw It All Away -- Kajsa Grytt
Love Sick -- Mattias Hellberg
I Shall Be Released -- all cast
Talking Bob Dylan Blues  
Recorded: 9/26/2005
2xCD-R / 1 DVD: unreleased  (UK) [70:05+38:19]
Tribute concert at Barbican Hall, London, later broadcast on BBC Four.  Both audio and video versions were circulated via dowload sites.  Tracks marked * are deleted on the download version.  Direct from broadcast copies may include them.
Several performers also performed original or traditional songs, only the Dylan covers are listed here.
KT Tunstall's performance of “Tangled Up In Blue” has been officially released on her “Under The Weather” CD-single
When The Ship Comes In -- Billy Bragg
*Tomorrow Is A Long Time -- Odetta
Mr. Tambourine Man -- Odetta
To Ramona -- Willy Mason
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll -- Martin Carthy
Girl From The North Country -- Roy Harper
Rambling Gambling Willie -- Liam Clancy
Restless Farewell -- Liam Clancy
If Not For You -- Barb Jungr
Like A Rolling Stone -- Barb Jungr
Not Dark Yet -- Robyn Hitchcock & John Paul Jones
Tangled Up In Blue -- KT Tunstall
*Simple Twist Of Fate -- KT Tunstall
Blowin' In The Wind -- Odetta & Liam Clancy
This Wheel's On Fire -- Billy Bragg & KT Tunstall
Title Screen
Dylan covers performed at the concert but not included in the broadcast or circulating videos.
Videoclips of these and the 2 deleted tracks above can be seen on the BBC webpage for the concert HERE
Song To Woody -- Billy Bragg
Only A Pawn In Their Game -- Willy Mason
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine -- Martin Carthy
The Legendary 1977 Dylan Tour Reunion Concert  
Recorded: January 23, 2006
2xCD-R: Vigorous Records  VR-19/20  (Finland) [75:55+44:53]
Available for download from: dimeadozen.org  (limited access / membership required)
Live at Tavastia Club, Helsinki, Finland
“It was 30 years ago already that some very legendary mostly-Finnish musicians gathered together and toured the land playing only Bob Dylan songs. Now Mr Mike Westhues (U.S.) is time traveling and putting together an updated anniversary reunion present with a little help from his friends - for all of us to presence it one more time.”
The Times They Are A-Changin' -- Mike Westhues Trio
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry -- Mike Westhues Trio
Positively 4th Street -- Markus Nordenstreng
Love Minus Zero / No Limit -- Markus Nordenstreng
Nobody 'Cept You -- Eduardo
Oh Sister -- Eduardo
Simple Twist Of Fate -- Maria Hänninen
When I Paint My Masterpiece -- Maria Hänninen
All Along The Watchtower -- Hasse Walli
Stuck Inside A Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again -- Hasse Walli
One More Cup Of Coffee -- Tuomari Nurmio
Señor -- Tuomari Nurmio
I Am A Lonesome Hobo -- Tuomari Nurmio
Went To See The Gypsy -- Jim Pembroke
Licence To Kill -- Jim Pembroke
Like A Rolling Stone -- Jukka Gustavson
Knockin' On Heaven's Door -- Jukka Gustavson
I Shall Be Released -- Mike Westhues & all
Lenny Bruce -- Jukka Gustavson
You Ain't Going Nowhere -- Tuomari Nurmio
The Legendary 1977 Dylan Tour Reunion Concert
Berlin Bobbirth Bash '06: Most of a night -  The Bluebird Café, Berlin Germany - April 30, 2006  

Recorded: April 30, 2006
2xCD-R: private issue  (Germany)
Copies of this CDR were produced for the private use of the performers only, it is NOT available to the public. I have listed it here because some of the tracks are in circulation thanks to the artists who granted permission for mp3s of their performances to be made available on-line at the DylanPool forum.  Tracks marked  x  were not made available and are NOT in circulation.
WilBurt songs marked
* also appear on the WilBurt CDR Bobsongs
xMillion Dollar Bash -- Some Wicked Messengers
xIt's All Over Now, Baby Blue -- Some Wicked Messengers
xGoing, Going, Gone -- Some Wicked Messengers
xDon't Think Twice, It's All Right
Some Wicked Messengers
Tangled Up In Blue -- Bobbie Stewart
Visions of Johanna -- Bobbie Stewart
Yeah Heavy and a Bottle of Bread -- Bobbie Stewart
xMama, You Been On My Mind -- Julia A. Noack
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right -- Julia A. Noack
xBlind Willie McTell -- Julia A. Noack
xJust Like A Woman -- Wayne Grajeda
xCountry Pie -- Wayne Grajeda
Ugliest Girl In The World -- WilBurt
*Every Grain Of Sand -- Wilburt
*Jetzt Ist`s Egal (Things Have Changed) -- WilBurt
*Denk ned noch (Don't Think Twice) -- WilBurt
*Blind Willie McTell -- WilBurt
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 -- WilBurt
Nobody Except You -- Nadja Petrick
To Make You Feel My Love -- Nadja Petrick
xSong To Woody -- Tobi King
xGirl Of The North Country -- Tobi King
Isis -- Ron Randolph + Jingo
xWallflower -- Ilka Posin, Ron Randolph + Jingo
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight -- Ilka Posin, Ron Randolph + Jingo
If Not For You -- Ilka Posin, Ron Randolph + Jingo
It Ain't Me, Babe -- Ilka Posin, Ron Randolph + Jingo
xLay Down Your Weary Tune-- Ilka Posin, Ron Randolph + Jingo
Simple Twist Of Fate -- Jamestown Ferry
Billy -- Jamestown Ferry
One Too Many Mornings -- Jamestown Ferry
xOne More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
Some Wicked Messengers
xOh Sister -- Some Wicked Messengers
xGeorge Jackson -- Some Wicked Messengers
xFarewell Angelina -- Allstars

Berlin Bobbirth Bash '06
Dylan On The Edge: Internationaler Bob Dylan-Kongress, Frankfurt am Main, 11.-13. Mai 2006  
Recorded: May 11-13, 2006
2xCD-R: circulating  (Germany) [55:20+48:35]
From radio brodcast of tribute concert at the 2006 International Bob Dylan Congress, Frankfurt.
Jewels & Binoculars tracks are jazz instrumentals. Wiglaf Droste with das Spardosen-Terzett. FSK is
a punk/rock band from Munich.
The DoubleDylans performance at the concert was not broadcast.
Boots of Spanish Leather -- Jewels & Binoculars
I Pity The Poor Immigrant -- Jewels & Binoculars
Masters Of War -- Jewels & Binoculars
I Believe In You -- Jewels & Binoculars
Gates Of Eden -- Jewels & Binoculars
One Too Many Mornings -- Jewels & Binoculars
Father Of Night -- Jewels & Binoculars
Highway 61 Revisited -- Jewels & Binoculars
Dark Eyes -- Jewels & Binoculars
Dear Landlord -- Jewels & Binoculars
Muse feife inne Wind  (Blowin' In The Wind) -- Wiglaf Droste
Der elektrische Reiter (monologue)  -- Wiglaf Droste
The Times They Are A-Changin' -- Wiglaf Droste
Schieb' mich an  (You Ain't Goin' Nowhere) -- Wiglaf Droste
One Too Many Mornings -- Wiglaf Droste
Subterranean Homesick Blues -- FSK
Just Like A Woman -- FSK
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall -- FSK
Like A Rolling Stone -- FSK
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (instrumental) -- FSK  
Dylan On The Edge
Million Dollar Bash: NOW Lounge, Toronto - 5/26/06  
Recorded: May 26, 2006
2xCD-R: circulating  (Canada) [73:08+76:01]
Bit Torrent available at: bt.dylantree.com
"Robert and the Zimmermans" are:
Shawn Sage (vocals, guitar, harmonica); Devrim Eldelekli (guitar); Miles Peart (bass); Andre Skinner (drums, guitar, vocals)
Steve Pulver also performed Drifter's Escape and Forever Young at the show, but these are missing from the download.
Million Dollar Bash -- Robert and the Zimmermans
It Ain't Me Babe -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Subterranean Homesick Blues -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Señor -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Things Have Changed (clipped) -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Lay Lady Lay -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Gotta Serve Somebody
-- Robert and the Zimmermans
Don't Think Twice, It's Alright -- Arthur Renwick
She Belongs To Me
-- Arthur Renwick
Billy -- Arthur Renwick
I Shall Be Released -- Michele Rumball
All Along the Watchtower
-- Robert and the Zimmermans
Tangled Up In Blue -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Ballad of A Thin Man -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Highway 61 Revisited -- Robert and the Zimmermans
One More Cup of Coffee -- Breanne Swan & Shawn Sage
Blowin' in the Wind
-- Breanne Swan & Shawn Sage
4th Time Around -- Steve Pulver
To Fall In Love With You
-- Steve Pulver
Love Sick -- Steve Pulver
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Like A Rolling Stone -- Robert and the Zimmermans
Knockin on Heavens Door -- Adam the Dylan imitator
Simple Twist of Fate -- Andre Skinner
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
-- Robert and the Zimmermans
Fiesta Dylan 65  
Recorded: May 27, 2006
CD-R from downloaded mp3s  (Spain) [7x:xx]
Recorded live at Residence Café, Bilbao,  May 27, 2006.
Available as mp3 files from zimmingpoint.com (free registration required)            

Maggie's Farm -- Coppel, Lucas, Gumu, JB
-- Aitor, Javi, Alain, Arantxa
Dignity / Tough Mama
-- JB, Xabi, Gumu, Lucas, Arantxa
You Angel You
-- Gumu
Million Dollar Bash
-- JB, Xabi, Gumu, Lucas, Arantxa
Queen Jane Approximately / Bob Dylan's Dream
-- Coppel
Lo and Behold
-- JB, Xabi, Gumu, Lucas
You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
-- Gumu
Positively 4th Street
-- Coppel, JB, Gumu, Xabi
Seven Days
-- Lucas, Xabi, Gumu, JB
The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
-- Coppel
Things Have Changed
-- JB, Xabi, Gumu, Lucas
Is Your Love in Vain?
-- Luis
Everything Is Broken
-- JB, Gumu, Lucas, Humberto, Residence Jam Choir
I Threw It All Away
-- Coppel
Forever Young
-- JB, Gumu, Residence Jam Choir
The Music of Bob Dylan: a Benefit for Music for Youth  
Recorded: November 9, 2006
2xCD-R: circulating  (US) [78:35+75:43]
This show was available for a short time at some download sites,  it has since been deleted.
Tribute concert at Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, New York, 11/9/06.
*Natalie Merchant/Phillip Glass track omitted from download.

If Not For You -- Bob Mould
Make You Feel My Love
-- Joan Osborne
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
-- Natalie Merchant and Phillip Glass*
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
-- Al Kooper & The Funky Faculty
Times They Are A-Changin'
-- Spottiswoode & His Enemies
Like A Rolling Stone
-- Sandra Bernhard
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
-- Clap Your Hands Say Yeah   
Ballad Of A Thin Man
-- Jamie Saft Trio - instrumental
Positively 4th Street
-- Lee Ranaldo Project
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
-- Lauren Shera with Warren Haynes
Buckets Of Rain
-- Medeski Martin & Wood with Oliver Wood
Mama You Been On My Mind
-- Allan Toussaint
Ring Them Bells
-- Jill Sobule with Cyndi Lauper
I Shall Be Released
-- Warren Haynes with Kevn Kinney & Joan Osbourne
License To Kill
-- Roseanne Cash
Going, Going, Gone
-- Jay Farrar
Thunder On The Mountain
-- Phil Lesh & Friends
Masters Of War
-- The Roots
Isis > Love Sick > Isis
-- Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Dark Eyes
-- Patti Smith & Tony Shanahan
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
-- Ramblin' Jack Elliott with Jennifer O'Connor, Al Kooper and Patti Smith