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Albums with the songs of Bob Dylan sung by a single artist.  See Rule II

Danny Roberts  •  The Robins Sing  •  Rock Union Orchestra  •  Rolling Thunder  •  The Jamie Saft Trio  •  Saint Hill  •  Beth Scalet  • J.W. Scholte & Band  •  John Schroeder  •  Second Floor  •  SFUZZI East/West  •  Ben Sidran (2)  •  Owe Sigvardsson  •  The Silkie  •  Smeke  •  Sørensens Psykedeliske Sumprock Cirkus  •  Spirits in the Rock  •  Jens Stage  •  Stars at Studio 99  •  Bobbie Stewart  •  Subterranean Homesick Band  •  Swamp Dylan  •  [28]

Danny RobertsLos Exitos de Bob Dylan    
Released: 1978
Dylan Content: 9/10
LP: Nevada ND-1252  (Spain)
Cassette: Nevada NC-1252  (Spain)

Knockin' On Heaven's Doors (sic)  •  Maggie's Farm  •  Mighty Queen (sic)  •  She Belongs To Me  •  I Will Be Released (sic)  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  House Of The Rising Sun  •  Just Like A Woman  •  You Ain't Going Nowhere  •  Blowing In The Wind

The music on this LP was also released under various names and formats.
Click on the ARTIST NAME for more info about each variation.

LP (Spain) MC (Spain)
Al Burton    Lo Mejor de Bob Dylan  (Cassette: Auvi Activ - number required, Spain, 10/11)
Bill Collins    Tribute To Bob Dylan  (Cassette: Audiomasters SK 563, USA, 9/10)
Johnny Desvan
    Tributo a Bob Dylan
(Cassette: Triton T-22, Spain, 10/11)
Rod Lansing    Exitos de: Bob Dylan  (Cassette: SEVEN 7C-18, Spain, 10/11)
Zuk Milton    Hits Of Bob Dylan   (Cassette: Satosa 25C24, Spain, 10/10)
Jane Reynolds y Johnny Desvan    Tributo a Joan Baez y Bob Dylan (Cassette: Triton 60-07, Spain, 1977, 12/18)

artist uncredited    Grandes Creaciones de Bob Dylan (LP: Gramusic GM-772, Spain 1978, 11/12
artist uncredited    Sounds Like Bob Dylan  (Cassette: BiBi Music MCPS BBM 22, UK, 11/12)
LP cassette
The Robins SingThe Robins Sing Dylan   
Released: 1999
CD-Rx2: no label, no #   (Germany) [78:39]
Recorded May 5 to July 18, 1999 at Studio Langstr. Mannheim, Germany  •  band website

One Too Many Mornings  •  Under The Red Sky  •  Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance  •  I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine  •  She Belongs To Me  •  Ring Them Bells  •  Wallflower  •  You Angel You  •  Billy 7  •  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  •  Dark Eyes
Down Along The Cove  •  Simple Twist Of Fate  •  Only A Hobo  •  Lovesick  •  Is Your Love In Vain?  •  My Back Pages  •  Forever Young  •  If Not For You  •  I Threw It All Away  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  In The Summertime  •  Blowin' In The Wind   (Instrumental)

2xCD-R (Germany)
Rock Union OrchestraThe Sound of Bob Dylan: Ultimate Collection    
Released: 2009
CD: Luxury Multimedia Ltd.  2030202  (Ireland) [37:57]
Distributed by Galaxy Music Netherlands

The Times They Are A-Changin'  •  All Along The Watchtower  •  Blowing In The Wind  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  I Shall Be Released  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  Just Like A Woman  •  It Ain't Me Babe  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Rolling ThunderThe Never Ending Rehearsal    
Released: 2001
CD-R: Blue Frog Records  CD0101  (UK) [69:21] BUY[CD Baby]

Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)  •  Man In The Long Black Coat  •  I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  Love Sick  •  Where Are You Tonight (Journey Through Dark Heat)  •  Billy  •  Lilly Rosemary And The Jack Of Hearts  •  Meet Me In The Morning  •  One More Cup Of Coffee  •  Gotta Serve Somebody  •  All Along The Watchtower  •  It’s All Over Now Baby Blue  •  Dark Eyes

Jamie Saft TrioTrouble: The Jamie Saft Trio Plays Bob Dylan    
Released: August 22, 2006
CD: Tzadik TZ8111  (US) [51:22]
Instrumentals except as noted.
“Jamie Saft and his dynamic trio present a sparkling interpretation of the work of Bob Dylan... A lifelong Dylan enthusiast, Saft is the perfect man to take on this challenging project and his choice of compositions spanning over four decades of activity is creative as the arrangements themselves... Featuring guest vocalists Mike Patton and Antony, this is a deep and meaningful tribute to one of the world's greatest living songwriters.”
Artist website

What Was It You Wanted  •  Ballad of a Thin Man (vocal: Mike Patton)  •  Dignity  •  God Knows  •  Trouble  •  Dirge  •  Living the Blues (vocal: Antony)  •  Disease of Conceit 

Saint HillYou Ain't Goin' Nowhere    
Recorded: 2009
Download only album: Grand National Championships/GNC Records  GNC012  (US) [52:03]
Free download album from: grandnationalchampionships.com  (13 x 160Kbps mp3s - 59.7MB)

You Ain't Goin' Nowhere  •  Let Me Die In My Footsteps  •  Mama You Been On My Mind  •  When The Ship Comes In  •  I Shall Be Released  •  It Ain't Me Babe  •  My Back Pages  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  •  Queen Jane Approximately  •  If Not For You  •  With God On Our Side  •  Positively 4th Street  •  Forever Young

Beth ScaletBeth Loves Bob: The Songs of Bob Dylan    
Released: 2001
CD-R: Marais des Cygnes Recordings  MDC2011  (US) [51:42] BUY[CD Baby]
Artist website 

The Times They Are a-Changin'  •  Knockin' on Heaven's Door  •  Girl of the North Country  •  Blind Willie McTell  •  Corrina, Corrina / It Takes a Lot to Laugh  •  Down in the Flood  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  •  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  Boots of Spanish Leather  •  All Along the Watchtower  •  Don't Think Twice, It's Alright / Just Like a Woman

J.W. Scholte & BandJust Like A Woman  (Scholte sings Dylan)   
Released: 2003
CD: Copyright Joke  cjoke0975  (The Netherlands) [57:09]
Tri-fold digipak.   Joke Scholte - vocals; Wouter Planteijdt - guitars & background vocals; Thijs Vermeulen - bass; Richard Heijerman - drums; Hans Schaap - acoustic guitars; Nico Brandsen - organ & electric piano; Dolf  Planteijdt - guitar on “Dirge”
More info & contact information at label website  (in Dutch)

Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Going, Going, Gone  •  Baby, I'm In The Mood For You  •  One More Cup Of Coffee  •  Dirge  •  Ballad Of A Thin Man  •  Idiot Wind  •  All Along The Watchtower  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  •  It Ain't Me, Babe..(unlisted track)

CD (The Netherlands)
John Schroeder ProductionDylan Vibrations   
Released: 1971
LP: Polydor 2460 134 (UK,  black/"spirograph" cover)
LP: Polydor 2383 096 (New Zealand,  black/"spirograph" cover. German #, labels also show UK #)
LP: Polydor 2484 041 (Canada, 1972,  full color cover)
LP: Polydor 2383 096 (Germany,  full color cover.  Promo version had plain white cover in plastic envelope)
Mix of vocal & instrumental tracks.
Session players Include “Ricky” Wakeman-piano and Alan Clarke-harmonica

Blowin' In The Wind (instrumental)  •  A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall  •  It Ain't Me, Babe (instrumental)  •  To Ramona  (instrumental)  •  Queen Jane Approximately  •  I Want You  (instrumental)  •  Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You  •  I Threw It All Away (instrumental)  •  If Not For You (instrumental)  •  Watching The River Flow

UK LP Canadian LP
UK LP Canada LP
Second FloorPlays Dylan   
Released: 2001
CD: no label name or number  (The Netherlands) [46:21]
Band from Leiden, The Netherlands.
Available from Hans Seegers

As I Went Out One Morning  •  One Too Many Mornings  •  She Belongs To Me  •  One More Night  •  My Back Pages  •  Don't Think Twice  •  Love Minus Zero  •  Girl From The North Country  •  Lay, Lady, Lay  •  Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You  •  You Ain't Going Nowhere  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Let Me Die In My Footsteps  •  This Wheel's On Fire  •  John Wesley Harding

CD (Netherlands)
Sfuzzi East/WestThe Reluctant Prophet: Songs of Bob Dylan - '76 Back   
Recorded: 2002-06     Released: 2008
CD-R: Cello Room Productions  CD20082A  (US) [47:04] BUY[CD Baby]
“Sfuzzi East/West is a collaboration of Italian and American musicians. This project interprets 13 of Bob Dylan's early tunes, written before 1976...  We hope our unique flavor will cause you to rediscover some of his best work. Dylan is a master of lyric content, but also of musical ideas.”
Recorded 2002-2006 in Torino, Italy and Seattle, Washington USA.  
Lead vocals by Jeff Winston.
More info at Cello Room Productions.

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat  •  Spanish Harlem Incident  •  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  •  As I Went Out One Morning  •  If You See Her Say Hello  •  Boots Of Spanish Leather  •  One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)  •  To Ramona  •  I Shall Be Released  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door  •  Buckets Of Rain  •  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Sfuzzi East/WestThe Return Of The Reluctant Prophet: Songs of Bob Dylan    
Released: 2010
CD: Cello Room Productions  CD20101A  (US) [40:09] BUY[CD Baby]
“Sfuzzi East/West is a collaboration of Italian and American musicians.”
More info at Cello Room Productions

It Takes A Lot To Laugh (It Takes A Train To Cry)  •  I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine  •  Everything Is Broken  •  Someday Baby  •  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  •  John Wesley Harding  •  I Pity the Poor Immigrant  •  Born In Time  •  Most of the Time  •  Ballad of A Thin Man  •  John Wesley Harding (Redux)

Ben SidranDylan Different    
Released: 11/16/2009
CD: Bonsaï /Unlimited Media Ltd./Nardis  no #  (France/US) [46:08] BUY[CD Baby]
Recorded June 1-4, 2009 at Studio Klein Leberau, Sainte-Marie Aux Mines, France
More info at:...bensidran.com...and...Bonsaï Music
In April 2010 a digital-only Bonus Track Edition with 2 extra tracks was released to select digital services [sources]

Everything Is Broken  •  Highway 61 Revisited  •  Tangled Up In Blue  •  Gotta Serve Somebody  •  Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (with Georgie Fame)  •  Ballad Of A Thin Man  •  Maggie's Farm  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door (with Jorge Drexler)  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues  •  On The Road Again  •  All I Really Want To Do  •  Blowin' In The Wind (with Rodolphe Burger)
Digital-only "Bonus Track Version" adds:

Like A Rolling Stone  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Rework)

Ben Sidran European 5etDylan Different Live in Paris at The New Morning    
Released: 11/4/2010
CD: Bonsaï   BON101002  (France) [61:27] BUY[amazon.com][amazon.co.uk][amazon.de]
Recorded Live April 29, 2010 at The New Morning, Paris, France
More info at:...bensidran.com...and...Bonsaï Music

Intro / Gotta Serve Somebody  •  Rainy Day Woman  •  Blowin' In the Wind (duet with Rudolphe Burger)  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues  •  All I Really Want to Do  •  Tangled Up In Blue  •  Everything Is Broken  •  Maggie's Farm  •  Love Minus Zero/No Limit  •  The Times They Are A-Changing  •  On the Road Again  •  We Are Here for a Minute

Owe SigvardssonDylan m fl  
Released: 1992
Cassette (only): Zamba MC 027  (Sweden)
Dylan content:  9/13
Dylan m fl  = Dylan and others
Two tracks on this tape  were covered by Dylan on Self Portrait, and are incorrectly credited to Bob:
Take A Message To Mary (Boudleaux-Bryant) and I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know (C.A.Null).
Other non-Dylan tracks are I Can't Touch The Sun (Shel Silverstein) and Writer In The Sun (Donovan Leitch)
Album webpage

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You  •  Don't Think Twice It's All Right  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  •  One More Night  •   I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •   She Belongs To Me  •  Lay Lady Lay  •    I Threw It All Away

Swedish cassette
The SilkieSing The Songs of Bob Dylan   
Released: 1965
LP: Fontana TL5256  (UK)
LP: Fontana 687 350 TL  (New Zealand)
8 of these 12 tracks later appeared on The Silkie LP You've Got To Hide Your Love Away,  listed on the NEAR MISSES page.     5 of these 12 tracks later appeared on the compilation VARIOUS ARTISTS The Times They Are A-Changin': Folk Songs of The Sixties

The Times They Are A-Changin'  •  Dylan's Dream  •  When The Ship Comes In  •  Boots Of Spanish Leather  •  Blowin' In The Wind  •  Long Time Gone  •  It Ain't Me Babe  •  Tomorrow Is A Long Time  •  Black Crow Blues  •  Love Minus Zero/No Limit  •  Girl From The North Country  •  Mr. Tambourine Man

SmekeSmeke Plays Dylan    
Recorded: 2006-07
Download format:  1 RAR file - includes 11 mp3s & artwork  • Webpage: http://ramonsmeg.blogspot.com/
Final format:  1 CD-R:  (Brazil) [64:31]
Rafael Smeke.  Recorded at Mario's House between 2006 and 2007, in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

Farewell Angelina  •  Simple Twist Of Fate  •  Blind Willie McTell  •  Tangled Up In Blue  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Silvio  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Things Have Changed  •  It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry  •  Is Your Love In Vain  •  Idiot Wind

Smeke's earlier album, “The (You Shouldn't Be Hearing This) Cover Album,” recorded 2001-03, 
contains 5 more Dylan covers (available on same page)

Tangled Up In Blue
  •   Blowin' In The Wind  •   It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  •   Simple Twist Of Fate  •   Masters Of War

Sørensens Psykedeliske Sumprock CirkusA Tribute To Bob Dylan   
Released: 1999
CDR: self-released, no #  (Denmark) [40:02]

Trying To Get To Heaven  •  Hard Times  •  Lone Pilgrim  •  Not Dark Yet  •  Only A Hobo  •  When He Returns  •  Saving Grace  •  I Shall Be Released  •  Tell Me It Isn't True  •  One More Cup Of Coffee

CDR (Denmark)
Sørensens Psykedeliske Sumprock CirkusPsychedelic Buddha    
Released: 2003
CDR: self-released, no #  (Denmark) [36:56]
Louis Sørensen, Per Muff, Jesper Tølbøll, & Viggo Steincke.  Recorded May/June 2003.

Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You  •  Quinn The Eskimo  •  Love Minus Zero/No Limit  •  Eternal Circle  •  Forever Young  •  Blowin' In The Wind  •  Simple Twist Of Fate  •  One More Night  •  This Wheel's On Fire  • Wallflower  •  Every Grain of Sand

CDR (Denmark)
Sørensens Psykedeliske Sumprock CirkusThe Reality of Illusion    
Recorded: 2006     Added: 1/31/08
CDR: self-released, no #  (Denmark) [46:00]
Louis Sørensen, Per Muff, Sif Sveinsdotir, Jesper Tølbøll, & Viggo Steincke.  Recorded July 2006.

Shooting Star  •  When I Paint My Masterpiece  •  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  Pressing On  •  Jokerman  •  I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine  •  Tears Of Rage  •  Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight  •  Lenny Bruce  •  Wanted Man  •
As I Went Down To The River To Pray  (traditional)

CDR (Denmark)
Spirits in the RockChillin Like Dylan    
Released: 2003
CDR: self-released, no #  (US) [39:24] BUY[CD Baby]
Band from Hawaii.  “A collection of Dylan tunes done with international flava - reggae, funk, groove”

Just Like A Woman  •  Shelter From The Storm  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues  •  The Times They Are A-Changin'  •  I Want You  •  Isis  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue  •  Maggie's Farm

CDR (US-Hawaii)
Jens StageA Tribute to Bob Dylan    
Released: 2003
CDR:  www.jenstage.dk, no #  (Denmark) [62:38]
Performed solo with acoustic guitar & harmonica.
Audio samples and ordering available from: jensstage.dk

All I Really Want To Do  •  I Don't Believe You  •  Man Of Constant Sorrow  [trad.]  •  Baby Let Me Follow You Down  [Eric Von Schmidt]  •  Girl From The North Country  •  Honey Just Allow Me One More Chance  •  House Of The Rising Sun  [trad.]  •  It Ain't Me Babe  •  If You See Her SayMoonshiner  [trad.]  •  The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll  •  Ballad In Plain D  •  With God On Our Side  •  Don't Think Twice
Includes a live video of Jens Stage from Skraaen, Aalborg,  on Nov. 27, 2002:
Man Of Constant Sorrow  •  Don't Think Twice  •  A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall  [1st verse only]

CDR (Denmark)
Stars at Studio 99The Legend - Bob Dylan    
Released: 2003
CD: Legacy Entertainment  BMP 089  (Canada) [43:29]
These are the same recordings as on the 2002 CD by  THE HANAWAY BAND.
Three tracks from that release are deleted:  Don't Think Twice It's All Right, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight and All I Really Want To Do.

Positively 4th Street  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door  •  Things Have Changed  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  She Belongs To Me  •  If Not For You  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  I Shall Be Released

CDR (Denmark)
Bobbie StewartUndercover Bob(custom-mix CDs)   
Released: 2004-05
CD-R: custom-mix  (Germany)
Bobbie Stewart is a street-musician from Germany, who performs Bob´s songs in the streets all over Europe.
His recordings are available on custom-mix CDRs (or alternately as as MP3 or WMA via e-mail.)  The customer picks tracks for the CDs from 130+ available titles,  including some Bob-related traditionals, songs Bob has covered, and some by other songwriters.
The CDRs or downloads are availabe on  eBay-Germany.  For contact information  CLICK HERE

The Dylan covers available (in alphabetical order)
Abandoned Love  •  All Along The Watchtower  •  Apple Suckling Tree  •  Ballad Of A Thin Man  •  Ballad Of Frankie Lee & Judas Priest  •  Blowin' In The Wind  •  Boots Of Spanish Leather  •  Clothes Line Saga  •  Cross The Green Mountain  •  Dark Eyes  •  Desolation Row  •  Dirge  •  Down Along The Cove  •  Drifter's Escape  •  Emotionally Yours  •  Every Grain Of Sand  •  Everything Is Broken  •  Farewell Angelina  •  Father Of Night  •  Forever Young  •  Girl From The North Country  •  Gotta Serve Somebody  •  Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall  •  Hurricane  •  I Threw It All Away  •  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  If Not For You  •  If You See Her Say Hello  •  Isis  •  It Ain't Me Babe  •  It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  •  John Wesley Harding  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Lo And Behold  •  Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll  •  Love Minus Zero/No Limit  •  Love Sick  •  The man In Me  •  Man In The Long Black Coat  •  Mighty Quinn  •  Million Dollar Bash  •  Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine  •  Most Of The Time  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  My Back Pages  •  Never Say Goodbye  •  Not Dark Yet  •  Oh Sister  •  On A Night Like This  •  One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)  •  One More Night  •  One Too Many Mornings  •  Peggy Day  •  Please Mrs. Henry  •  Po' Boy  •  Rainy Day Women #12 & 35  •  Ring Them Bells  •  Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands  •  Señor (Tales of Yankee Power)  •  She Belongs To Me  •  Shelter From The Storm  •  Sign Language  •  Silvio  •  Simple Twist Of Fate  •  Slow Train  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues  •  Summer Days  •  Tangled Up In Blue  •  Tell Me That It Isn't True  •  Things Have Changed  •  This Wheel's On Fire  •  Time Passes Slowly  •  Times They Are A-Changin'  •  To Be Alone With You  •  Too Much Of Nothing  •  Tryin' To Get To Heaven  •  Tweeter and The Monkey Man  •  Up To Me  •  Visions Of Johanna  •  What Was It You Wanted  •  Wicked Messenger  •  Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread  •  You Ain't Goin' Nowhere  •  You're A Big Girl Now  •  You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Also duets by "Renaldo & Clara":  Blowin' In The Wind  •  Yea! Heavy and a Bottle of Bread

custom-mix CDR (Germany)
Subterranean Homesick BandLive At Dankovice 2001    
Released: 2001
CD-R: PlainD Productions  SHB-LV-20010519  (Austria) [68:13]
Trio from Czech Republic; Recorded at the Bob Dylan Festival in Dankovice, CZ, on May 19, 2001
Tomas Bublak, bass, voc.; Peter Bublak, guitar, voc.; Jaroslav Brecka, guitar
(formerly known as Plechovka)   To order  contact: PlainD@inode.at

Rainy Day Women #12 & 35  •  Lay, Lady, Lay  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Masters Of War  •  Sign Language  •  License To Kill  •  Maggie's Farm  •  I Threw It All Away  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues  •  One More Cup Of Coffee  •  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  •  Baby, Stop Crying  •  All Along The Watchtower  •  New Pony  •  Gotta Serve Somebody  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  Forever Young

CDR (Czech Republic)
Swamp DylanSwamp Dylan    
Released: 2005
CD-R: Bald Ego Records/Soweto Productions
no #  (US) [55:35]
Swamp Dylan is "a tribe of Bob Dylan aficionados spanning from Detroit to Seattle."
Initially available as a download album, now available on CDR from  SwampDylan.com

Ring Them Bells  •  I Can't Wait  • What Good Am I?  •  Love Sick  •  Standing In The Doorway  • Man In The Long Black Coat  •  Shooting Star  • Million Miles  •  Not Dark Yet  •  Cold Irons Bound  •   Most Of The Time

Swamp DylanRoots    
Released: 2007
CD-R: Bald Ego Records/Soweto Productions no #  (US) [43:02]
This is a pre-release version of Roots, finalized album may differ slightly.
Man In the Long Black Coat and Cold Irons Bound are different recordings than those on the first Swamp Dylan album (above.)
Available on CDR from  SwampDylan.com

Peggy Day  •  Man In The Long Black Coat  •  Things Have Changed  •  If You Belonged To Me (Traveling Wilburys)  •  Mississippi  •  Country Pie  •  Spirit On The Water  •  Cold Irons Bound

Swamp DylanBliss Motel   
Released: 2010
CD-R: Bald Ego Records/Soweto Productions ?  (US) [43:22]
Streaming audio at SwampDylan.com

Miss The Mississippi And You  •  Had A Dream About You, Baby  •  Dreamin' Of You  •  Floater (Too Much To Ask)  •  Huck's Tune  •  Moonlight  •  Red River Shore  •  Po' Boy  •  Blood In My Eyes  •  Make You Feel My Love


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