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a Ole Lien / b Hanns Peter Bushoff / c Ger Hemel / d Anita Illing / e Michael Tearson / f Ronald Born / g Bill Hester
/ h Jean Fernandez / i Thomas Groschwald
Song Title........................... Performer Album / Source songwriter(s)
Notes    /    Thanks
Abandoned Love Reed Thomas Lawrence When You Get In 2006
Abandoned Love A. Mason Illumination   2006 / US
Abandoned Love Robby Roadsteamer The Most Pretentious Album Since Axl's! Robby Roadsteamer
(title & tune from Dylan (uncredited) - all new lyrics
All Along The Watchtower Psycho Realm Unreleased [EP] ? 1999 / US / Rap
Ballad of a Thin Man Raoul Graf Marsfield ?
Ballad of a Thin Man Pegazus The Headless Horseman
Thunder From Down Under
(A Tribute To Philip Lynott)
Blowing In The Wind AshbaCrew Welcome to My Rumble 2 ? 2007 e
Blowing In The Wind Bigg Mouth Bigg Mouth ? 1995 / NY hard rock
Blowin' In The Wind cootdog The cootdog project C. Wyman
Blowin' In The Wind GG Allstars single ? 1971 / Jamaica b
Blowing In The Wind Victor Holubowich
& The Royal Lites
God Bless The Farmer
and The Best of...
196?/7? - Canada?
Blowin' In The Wind Mickael Maddison Free  [EP] 2005 / Canada
Blowin' In The Wind Marylene Quatre Vents (single) French version of
"Four Strong Winds" with
incorrect writer credit to
"B.Dylan  -H.Aufray"
Canada f
Blowing In The Wind MDB
(Meet Da Butcha)
Hood Legend 2004 / Hip-Hop
Blowing In The Wind Augustus Pablo Blowing With The Wind ? 1990 / Reggae
Blowin' In The Wind Chris Perkins Broken ? 2005 / US / Rap
Blowin' In The Wind Bobby Rush Undercover Lover Blues instro
Blowing In The Wind Strange as Angels All Roads Lead Here ? US / KC band
Blowing In The Wind Yabby You Yabby You Meets Mad Professor  & Black Steel in 
Ariwa Studios
? Jamaica / 1993/Reggae
Buckets Of Rain Boochie Shepherd Boochie Shepherd ? e
Changing Of The Guard Darryl Alexander Tea For Two e
Changing Of The Guard B. Lawrence Keys Follow The Money   2004 e
Changing Of The Guard Plainsong Pangolins UK e
Changing Of The Guards Rosebud Vespers rec.1971 e
Changing Of The Guard Sytek and Davies From The Shadow Of The Citadel 2005 e
Chimes Of Freedom Atelewo Osunlade/Offering  (v/a) 2002
Chimes Of Freedom Pastaboys Daylight In The Invisible World
Country Pie Celebration German P/S Eddie Tuleja /
Ron Altbach
1978 f
Dark Eyes The Falcons single (Sweden) B-side ? 1960s a
Dark Eyes Duke Robillard Groove-A-Rama ? US / 2006 e
Dear Landlord The Nite Lights A Quiet Evening with
The Nite Lights
US / 2005
Dear Landlord Still On The Hill Kerrville: End Of The Century
(various artists)
lyric by poet
Langston Hughes
2000 e
Dignity The Brokedown The Dutchman's Gold 2005 e
Dignity Chick Corea Past, Present And Futures e
Dignity Endpoint If The Spirits Are Willing e
Dignity Katey Sagal Well... 1994 e
Dignity David Sait Guzheng Music 2005 e
Dignity Shane Simon 26 years, 53 days, 10 hours and 9 minutes 2004 e
Don't Think Twice 5:15 single   Australia b
Don't Think Twice Allister Last stop suburbia 
Don't Think Twice David Ball single ? US b
Don't Think Twice Chris Cacavas Bumbling Home From the Stars ? US / 2002 d
Don't Think Twice Five Fifteen single ? Australia b
Don't Think Twice Fergal Flaherty Don't Think Twice D. Ball Ireland
Don't Think Twice John Hayes Don't Ya Wanna..? ? 1999
Don't Think Twice Greg Mayo More Time Than Money ? US / 2005
Don't Think Twice
The Projection Company Give Me Some Lovin' US / 1967
Don't Think Twice Tilt single / 
from the film "Der Experte"
The refrain is 
"Don`t think twice 
it`s alright"!
Hans Franek /
Germany / 1988 f
Don't Think Twice Peter Walker  Young Gravity 2006
Down In The Flood Deacon Blue single-B side Ross/Deacon Blue 1989 / Scotland
Down In The Flood Dodgy single 2008 / UK
Drifter's Escape Interfaith Interfaith 009
Eternal Circle Nemesis Eden? 2002
Eternal Circle Nokturnal Mortum Goat Horns 1999
Every Grain Of Sand Tony Pica Soul Occupation 2003
Everything Is Broken Emerald Rain Sleepwalk 2005 / Canada
Everything Is Broken Nathan Gaunt Circledreams   more info Nathan Gaunt(?) 2000 / Australia
Everything Is Broken No Head on My Shoulders Caution Overload 2006
Everything Is Broken Ollabelle Riverside Battle Songs 2006 e
Everything Is Broken The Second Sight Everything Is Broken 1998
Fare Thee Well Frank Black Fast Man Raider Man 2006
Farewell The Belmonts single   b
Farewell The Ethics single [b/w I Want My Baby Back]   b
Farewell Famous Davis Sisters single [b/w My Wonderful Counseler]   b
Farewell Willy & Ruth ?   b
Foot of Pride Zaac Pick Fierce Wind  [EP] Canada / 2009
Forever Young CLICK HERE FOR MORE  Not Forever Young
Forever Young Black and White Television The Bridge is Laid Hip-Hop 2005 e
Forever Young Jo-Ann Campbell     b
Forever Young J. Daniel Davidson Happy Soul 2001 e
Forever Young Cameron Dezen Mary's Daughter 2000 e
Forever Young Ella single NZ
Forever Young Five O's My Last Dream 2005 e
Forever Young The Flashback Five     Spain / 1994 b
Forever Young Grasshopper Takeover International Dance Marathon 2000 e
Forever Young Derek Holt & 
Dave Day
Demos 2003 2003 e
Forever Young Jo-Ann Kelly       b
Forever Young Kathy Leonardo Here I AM 2005 e
Forever Young Rod McKuen     b
Forever Young Madness The Liberty of Norton Folgate 2009 e
Forever Young Monochrome Set Compendium: A History 1979-1995 e
Forever Young David Monte Cristo Solo Piano Gold, Lloyd 2005
Forever Young Brother Noland Mystical Fish Rod Stewart's Hawaii / 2006 e
Forever Young The Numbers       b
Forever Young Bernadette Peters     b
Forever Young Ben Reno Forever Young   US / 2009
Forever Young Salty Dog Every Dog Has His Day 1990
Forever Young Tribeca Kate-97 Alphaville Sweden / 2004 e
Forever Young Spike Wilner Portraits 2000 e
Forever Young Wayne Wonder       b
Forever Young CLICK HERE FOR MORE  Not Forever Young
Gates Of Eden Amarna Circle Of Time Don Grady / 
Mark Winkler
Gates Of Eden Bob Boyle Hidden Drive Robert Boyle
Gates Of Eden Christopher Hopper Please Come In 2002
Gates Of Eden Lost Dogs Real Men Cry 2001
Going Going Gone En Davy Okay I Am K.O. single 
Reichel-Dostal Japanese group / 1976 a
Going Going Gone Felice Brothers Tonight at the Arizona 2007 i
Going Going Gone Al Kooper Black Coffee   US / 2005
Hard Rain Highway61 Strawberry ? Japan / 2007
Heart Of Mine Leanette Lopez Portrait Leanette Lopez US / Christian / 1995
Heart Of Mine Boz Scaggs Other Roads 
(also released as single - shown)
US / 1988
Highway 61 Brett Marvin
and the Thunderbolts
Alias Terry Dactyl 
and the Dinosaurs
Brett Marvin and
the Thunderbolts
UK / 1972
Highway 61 Revisited David Thomas & Two Pale Boys Erewhon Thomas-Moliné 1997
Hurricane Peter Griffin single-B Byxton/Vaylon/Griffin Germany / 1980 f
I Believe In You Jeremy Corriveau The Experiment US / 2005
I Believe In You Barbara Dickson single Barbara Dickson UK / 1983 a
I Believe In You Phil Driscoll Shine The Light Phil Driscoll US / Christian / 1998
I Believe In You Mark Wayne Glasmire Life Goes On   US / 2009
I Don't Believe You Chris Christian single ? ? b
I Shall Be Released Pamelah Pure (also single) 
more info
? Japan
I Threw It All Away Elroy Elroy 2002 e
I Threw It All Away The Mains The Higher You Get,
The Higher You Get
I Threw It All Away Quick Drawl Two Dollar Buffet
I Want You Animotion single ? US / '80s
I Want You Josh Aran Sun Up Josh Aran 2001
I Want You Lorita Barlow single ? US b
I Want You Beau Brummels single Ron Elliott US / 1965
I Want You The Bo-Weevils single ? Australia b
I Want You The Bobby-Pins single ? US b
I Want You Bonnie Lou single ? US b
I Want You Dorian Burton single ? US b
I Want You Cabaret Voltaire single Kirk/Mallinder
UK / 1985 f
I Want You Cadets single ? UK b
I Want You Cameo single ? US b
I Want You Johnny Carver single ? US b
I Want You Celebrities single ? US b
I Want You Claytons single ? US b
I Want You Jackie Lee Cochran single ?   b
I Want You Concrete Blonde single ? Australia b
I Want You Bob Conrad single ? US b
I Want You Alana Davis Fortune Cookies ? 2001 e
I Want You Exportations single ? US b
I Want You The Finestuff single ? US b
I Want You Free Style single ? Japan b
I Want You J. Allen Gann single ? US b
Netherlands d
I Want You Marvin Gaye I Want You Ross, Ware US / 1976 d
I Want You Shirley Gunter with The Flairs single ? US / '50s b
I Want You Chris Hairston single ? ? b
I Want You Helena single Helena Springs Germany / 1986 f
I Want You The Hitmen (Australia)   ? Australia b
I Want You The Hitmen (Italy)   ? Italy b
I Want You Inspiral Carpets   ?   b
I Want You Jaydee CD- House Nation Jaydee NL / 1995 c
I Want You Kings of Leon Only By The Night ? 2008
I Want You The Lions single ? Denmark / 60s b
I Want You Gary Low single ? ?
  I Want You Dave Major & The Minors     US b
  I Want You Abby Marabelle       b
I Want You Matata single ? UK / 1973 b
  I Want You Matchbox       b
  I Want You Smiley Maxedon single ? US b
I Want You Frankie Paul single ? Jamaica b
  I Want You Poor Souls single ? US b
  I Want You Claire Raine single ? UK b
  I Want You Doc Rant & The Purple Blues single ? US b
I Want You Reactions single ? ? b
  I Want You  Stewart "Rick" Rose single ? US b
  I Want You Jimmy Scott US b
  I Want You Paul Severs & The Criminals NL / 1967 b
I Want You Spiritualized  Lazer Guided Melodies ? 1992 e
I Want You Story single
RCA PB 4541
? NL / 1980 c
  I Want You T-Boones single ? Sweden / 1967 b
  I Want You Tomahawk     Sweden / 90s b
  I Want You Tony & Terri       b
  I Want You Buddy Walker     US b
  I Want You The Warphphle     US b
  I Want You Bobby Wilding     US b
  I Want You Danny Wyant     US b
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Humpff Family Mothers 1995 e
  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight Rick Jones single ? ? b
I'll Remember You Frank Ifield LP ? 1960s a
I'll Remember You The Spotnicks single (Sweden) B-side ? 1960s(?) a
I'll Remember You Sophie Zelmani Sophie Zelmani ? Sweden
If Not For You Karl Broadie Nowhere Now Here AU/UK e
If Not For You Felix Cavaliere single 
(MCA MCA5P-3074)/ 
from album: “Dreams In Motion”
Felix Cavaliere 
& Steve Lunt
US / 1994 a
If Not For You Ray Conniff Singers I Will Survive E.Morricone-L.Kuisk US / E-Z e
If Not For You Highway61 Strawberry ? Japan / 2007
If Not For You George Jones single ? US b
If Not For You Della Reese ? ? US b
If Not For You Supremium Tales LA band e
In The Garden Larry Norman Copper Wires 
Note: Larry Norman did 
also cover Bob's In The 
Garden on the collection
Rock Papier et Scissors!
? US / 1998
John Brown Tea Leaf Green live performances / LMA
Just Like A Woman Johnny Dankworth     UK b
Just Like A Woman Willie Dayson Blues Band Live Demetrius & Moore New Zealand g
Just Like A Woman Wylee Dixon     US b
Just Like A Woman Keir Dullea     US b
Just Like A Woman Champion Jack Dupree     US b
Just Like A Woman The Fads single   US b
Just Like A Woman John Lee Hooker Anywhere, Anytime,
Anyplace  +comps
US / Blues / 1948-49
Just Like A Woman Kikki Just Like A Woman ? Sweden / 1981 a
Just Like A Woman Warren Lee single (B-side) Warren Lee
Dagen er over
(Just Like A Woman)
Bente Lind B-side of "9 til 5" single ? Norway / 1981 a
Just Like A Woman Mark Murphy single ? UK b
Just Like A Woman Stephen Pride Pride On The Wild Side ? US / 2004 /country
Just Like A Woman Whispering Smith     US b
Knocking On Heaven's Door Margaret Allison & The Angelic Gospel Singers Try God Jerry Mannery /
Jerry Smith
Knocking On Heaven's Door Avalon A Maze Of Grace  +compilations Huessman/
US / Christian / 
Knocking On Heaven's Door Danny Canh Autumnhanna (When
Words Surrendered)
Danny Canh 1999 / New Age instro
Knocking On Heaven's Door The McRaes Traveling On Jeff Ferguson 
& John Darin Rowsey
US / Christian
Knocking On Heaven's Door Minority Militia Criminal Network ? US / Rap / 1999
Knocking On Heaven's Door Pimpsta South Side Soldiers 1997 / Rap
Knocking On Heaven's Door Praise-Apella Word of Mouth US / 2006
Knocking On Heaven's Door Preacher J Knocking On Heaven's Door US / 2009
Knocking On Heaven's Door Scoob Serious Knocking On Heaven's Door 2005 e
Knocking On Heaven's Door Spud Thug Religion in da Hood 2005 / Rap
(Lay) Lady Lay Pierre Groscolas single P.Groscolas / 
1973 f
Like A Rolling Stone Cornelius Sensuous Japan / 2006
Like A Rolling Stone Eiffel 65 Eiffel 65 ? Italy / 2003
Like A Rolling Stone Memphis Blues Theatre Bluesology ? Germany
Like A Rolling Stone Judson Spence PainFaithJoy Judson Spence US / 1996
Love Is A Four Letter Word Roy Budd Get Carter - soundtrack Budd/Fishman UK / 1971
Maggie's Farm Ben Warren Manifest Destiny 2006 e
Man In Me Shawn Desman ? / 12" single
Man In Me Jack Williams Across the Winterline 1997
Man Of Peace Bad News Bros Barrelhouse Rock N' Roll   US / 2009
Man Of Peace Levite Hope Is Still Alive   US / 2008
Man Of Peace mindFULL mindFULL   Italy / 2008
Masters Of War Amon Amarth The Crusher
Masters Of War Leemonster Leemonster Leemonster US / 2006
Masters Of War Teresa Neal Green Light   US / 2003
Meet Me In The Morning Everything But the Girl The Language of Life
Meet Me In The Morning Hopkins, David Running With Knives Ireland / 2007
Meet Me In The Morning Hurray For The Riff Raff It Don't Mean I Don't Love You US / 2008
Meet Me In The Morning Pushtonawanda The Road's Gone Narrow US / 2008
Meet Me In The Morning The Royal Beat Conspiracy Gala Galore
Memphis Blues Again Stealers Wheel ? ?   b
[Most Likely] You Go Your Way (I'll Go Mine) Sherman Bluemoon ? US / 2003
Mozambique Loop live performances / LMA
Mr. Tambourine Man Full Tilt Boogies Mr. Tambourine Man (CD-S) Japan
My Back Pages The Direct Hits Blow Up [1984 LP]
The Magic Attic [CD comp]
My Back Pages The Tambourines My Back Pages (mini album) Japan
New Morning Salvation Street Salvation Street Norway e
Oh Sister Dan Bern Fifty Eggs Dan Bern US / 1998 d
One Too Many Mornings Bill Anderson Always Remember Mike Settle US / Country / 1971
One Too Many Mornings Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust 
? UK / Techno / 1995
One Too Many Mornings Mark Erelli Mark Erelli 1999
One Too Many Mornings Michael Jarrett Come On Michael Jarrett 2004
One Too Many Mornings Slackjaw Darkest Hour e
Outlaw Blues Larry Miller Outlaw Blues UK / 2008
Oxford Town Ray Bonneville Roll It Down Ray Bonneville Canada / 2004 e
Queen Jane King Maker single ? UK / 1993 b
Ramona Les Brown single ? US / Big Band b
Ring Them Bells Davidson, Ethan Daniel Ring Them Bells 2004 e
Ring Them Bells Davidson, Ethan Daniel Better Living Through Creative Selling  ? 2004 e
Ring Them Bells John Kander & Fred Ebb An Evening with... ? e
Rita Mae Dale Ann Bradley Catch Tomorrow ? 2006 / Bluegrass e
Seven Days The Apollas       b
Seven Days Backyard Seven Days
Seven Days Chuck Bennett     US b
Seven Days Frank Black Fast Man Raider Man 2006
Seven Days Dorothy Collins     US b
Seven Days Cracker     US b
Seven Days Trevor Davis Seven Days 2004
Seven Days Rod MacDonald Into The Blue ? US / 1999
Seven Days Little Junior Parker     US b
Seven Days The Quireboys
(London Quireboys in the US)
This Is Rock N' Roll ? UK / 2001
Seven Days Mick Ronson     b
Seven Days Sting Ten Summoner's Tales
/ single
Sting 1993
She Belongs To Me Blueass Blues Band Hooked On You Gustavsson/
Sweden / 1996 c
She Belongs To Me Ray Emmet & The Superiors single ? US b
She Belongs To Me Gino & Gina single ? ? b
She Belongs To Me Freddie Hart My Hang-Up Is You Jerry Foster/G.Shepard US / Country / 1972
  She Belongs To Me Jake Holmes The Above Ground 
Sound of Jake Holmes
  US / 1967
She Belongs To Me Magic Sam single (Crash label)  +compilations Maghett/Benson US / Blues/1966
She Belongs To Me John Németh Come And get It Maghett/Benson
She Belongs To Me Ramones Animal Boy ? US / 1994 e
She Belongs To Me Chris Richards Mystery Spot ? US / 2003
She Belongs To Me Jacky Ward single
[b/w A Lover's Question]
 ?   b
She Belongs To Me Young Turks ? ? ? b
Shelter From The Storm Jim Bohn Blues Cowboy Sampler Jim Bohn US e
Shelter From The Storm Samantha Caley It's No Secret 2004
Shelter From The Storm Charlo She Walks by All Dressed in White
Shelter From The Storm Britt Craig In the Land of the Blind Britt Craig
Shelter From The Storm Al Downing River of Life ? 2008 e
Shelter From The Storm Steve Fister Shadow King 1996
Shelter From The Storm Mark Wayne Glasmire Life Goes On   US / 2009
Shelter From The Storm Monique Gonzales Out Of Nowhere Dale Boaz
Shelter From The Storm Megan Gosse My Yellow City Slicker   Canada / 2010
Shelter From The Storm Derek Holt After The Climax / I Love You Derek Holt 2000
Shelter From The Storm Rob Kendt I'm Not Sentimental ? 2006
Shelter From The Storm The Mission single ? UK b
Shelter From The Storm Mitchell, Taylor For Your Consideration     Canada / 2009
Shelter From The Storm Rockhill Struck By Lightning ? US / 2005
Shelter From The Storm Dave Vincent Love Letters From The Brink Dave Vincent 2002
Shelter From The Storm Roger "Hurricane" Wilson The Ohio Connection ? US e
Shooting Star 8 Days Gone Silence to the Naysayers ? 2004 e
Shooting Star Harry Chapin  Verities & Balderdash Harry Chapin 1974
Shooting Star Bad Company  Straight Shooter  ? 1970s e
Shooting Star Kevin So Individual ? US e
Simple Twist Of Fate Shannon Cain Things I used to know 2005
Slow Train Big Sky Stringband Flyin' Blind
Turning of the Wheel [EP]
Meier/Stanek 2005
Something There Is About You Greg Williams Caterpillar US
Tangled Up In Blue Brilliant Corners single Woodward 1984 f
Tangled Up In Blue Miss Kristin Amazing Power US / 2007
Tangled Up In Blue Iyeoka Okoawo Black & Blues Iyeoka Okoawo spoken word/poetry
Tangled Up In Blue St. Christopher Lioness 1999
Tangled Up In Blue Rick Schuler Another Place In Time US / 2007
Tears Of Rage Primal Fear Primal Fear 1998
Tears Of Rage Spitfunnel Three Count   -&-
Hard Music '96 Indie Comp.
Canada / 1996
Tears Of Rage Sygnet Children of the Future 1998
Things Have Changed Kalim Addison I Dreamed A Dream US / 2004
Things Have Changed Andy's Automatics Things Have Changed US / 2005
Things Have Changed Michael Bernier Michael Bernier US / 2005
Things Have Changed CJA Things Have Changed US / 2006
Things Have Changed Dacks Live at The Downtown Lounge US / 2002
Things Have Changed Grebo Don't Just Do Something Stand There UK / 2002
Things Have Changed David Myles Things Have Changed US / 2006
(This) Wheel's On Fire The Magic Numbers The Magic Numbers 2005 e
Time Passes Slowly Hayes, Jeffrey Songs For Squirrels 2005
To Be Alone With You Billy Falcon Billy Falcon's Burning Rose US / 1978
To Be Alone With You Jacob Graff West By Southwest US / 2008
To Be Alone With You Jelly Bean Bandits Time And Again US / 2001
To Be Alone With You Romislokus Bandit Planet (v/a tribute to The Jelly Bean Bandits) Russia / 2003
(To) Ramona Les Brown single  (Big-band music) ? US b
Tombstone Blues FemBots Small Town Murder Scene ? US / 2000
Too Much Of Nothing Hal Ketchum King Of Love ? 2003 e
Too Much Of Nothing Lowfive CD-single ? 2004 d
Too Much Of Nothing Tracie Spencer Make the Difference ? 1990
Tryin' To Get To Heaven Matt Stillwell Take It All In e
Up To Me Greg Trooper Everywhere 1999 e
Wanted Man Amberjack Rice New Roots 2003
Wanted Man Gwyn Ashton album   1997 a
Wanted Man The Avett Brothers Live Volume 2 2005 e
Wanted Man B.B. and the Stingers New Set of Rules 2007
Wanted Man Al Foul The One, The Only 2004
Wanted Man Dennis Green     Jamaica / 1976 b
Wanted Man Scott Hisey Dead Man Walkin' 2003
Wanted Man Paul Kelly album     a
Wanted Man Ted Mulry     Australia b
Wanted Man RATT single ? 1984 a
Wanted Man Michael Ray Wanted Man 2004
Wanted Man Jerry Wallace single ? 2003 b
Wanted Man Greg Westfall Texas Theater 2003
Wanted Man Drew Winters Wanted Man 2006
Watered Down Love Black Bird Somewhere South of Heaven
Watered Down Love Tommy Z Universal Love
When The Ship Comes In David Archibald Spirit Of The Inland Sea Canada / 2000
When The Ship Comes In Steve Brandick Home is Where the Music Plays US / 2008
When The Ship Comes In Ry & Cory Petermann Step It Up US / 2007
Wiggle Wiggle The Rich and Famous Stand Back... Prepared To Be Amazed AU / 2007
Wigwam Ted Heath & His Music       b
With God On Our Side Will Diehl Dream #2 ? 2004
You Ain't Going Nowhere Steve Haden No Way Home? Steve Haden UK / 2010
You're a Big Girl Now Charlatans UK Tellin' Stories 1997 e