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9 July 2024:
Bob Dylan - The 1974 Live Recordings,
27 CD Box Set Sept 20 from - - .de

9 July 2024:
The 1974 Live Recordings to be Released on September 20

26 March 2024:
Willie Nelson’s 4th of July show in Camden will feature Dylan, Robert Plant, others
(NJ Arts)

5 March 2024:
Bob Dylan to play Nashville's Brooklyn Bowl
March 26 and 27
(Nashville Tennessean)

27 February 2024:
Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson Unite
for Epic ‘Outlaw’ Summer Tour

(Rolling Stone)

6 February 2024:
Dylan concert dates

30 January 2024:
Dylan concert dates

23 January 2024:
Dylan concert dates

14 January 2024:
‘Life is about creating yourself’:
on Bob Dylan: Mixing Up the Medicine


13 January 2024:
Lost tape of Bob Dylan's 1976
Rolling Thunder show in Austin -
Complete soundboard + Bonus tracks


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Bob Dylan LIVE 1964 Hybrid SACD March 18, 2016 from Audio Fidelity

WIN a FREE 5.0 multichannel hybrid Double-SACD of the new release - Bob Dylan LIVE 1964 - Concert at Philharmonic Hall.

This 5.0 multichannel surround sound version is being released for the first time by Audio Fidelity, a leader in the audiophile sound business.These original 1964 analog concert tapes were remastered into 5.0 and never released until now.

The hybrid SACD is compatible on all standard CD players and no special equipment is needed though you will have a great listening experience if you have an SACD or Multichannel player.

All you have to do is:
Write the answer to the following question in the Subject Line of an eMail and send it to
Include your name, address phone number and eMail.

Question: Who played the organ on "Like A Rolling Stone", the single release that has been voted The Best Rock 'n' Roll Record of All Time?

Deadline: Entries must be received by Monday morning at 0600 CET, March 14. Only one entry per eMail address!

Four winners will be chosen by random drawing on March 14 prior to the double-SACD release. The winners will be contacted directly and their names will be announced on this web site and related social media as well as the Audio Fidelity web site and social media. The names will be randomly drawn by the mastering engineer on this historic release, Steve Hoffman.

March 19, 2016: The four winners of the Bob Dylan Live 1964 Contest in association with Audio Fidelity are: Christopher Gambon, Andrea Orlandi, Tom Davidson and Mary Ellen Voss. Over 400 correct answers were received. Congratulations! The Discount Coupon is available for 20% Off the SRP by visiting and entering the Code LIVE64 (this is not case sensitive) at checkout

Special 20% discount:
If you wish to buy a copy of BOB DYLAN LIVE 1964 directly, Audio Fidelity is offering a 20% discount off their web site
Enter the Discount Code: LIVE64 when prompted in the checkout process. You will receive a 20% discount off of the $59.99 (US) purchase price. This exclusive discount offer expires June 30, 2016 and applies only to this title.

You can also order from - - .de.

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CD March 18, 2016:
Live 1964.
Bob Dylan Live 1964
from - - .de.

Bob Dylan
The Cutting Edge 1965-1966: Bootleg Series Vol. 12
Collector's Edition 18CD Box Set,
The Cutting Edge.

Nov 6 2015 2CD $17.88
from - - .de

Nov 6 2015 3LP vinyl $76.23
from - - .de

Nov 6 2015 Deluxe Ed. (6CD) $115.22
from - - .de

[Blu-Spec Cd2] 2CD
from - - .de

[Blu-Spec Cd2/Book] 6CD Box-Set
from - - .de

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Book. 27 Oct 2015:
All the Songs.
Philippe Margotin, Jean-Michel Guesdon:
Bob Dylan: All The Songs -
The Story Behind Every Track - - .de.
Bob Dylan - Alle Songs: Die Geschichten hinter den Tracks, from

Back in the rain.
Doc Pasquale:
Back in the Rain
The Making, Unmaking and Remaking of Bob Dylan's Blood On The Tracks - .de.




The Bob Dylan Show:

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Sat 9 Miyagi
Mon 11 Osaka
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Fri 15 Nagoya
Mon 18 Tokyo
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Thu 21 Tokyo
Fri 22 Tokyo
Mon 25 Tokyo
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Thu 28 Yokohama

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