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Deep Beneath The Waves Vol 16

From: Thad Williamson (
Subject: Boot CD Review: "Maestro"
Date: Mon, 27 May 1996 21:37:26 -0700 (PDT)

This is a 2 cd-set on the "Q" label, consisting primarily of 13 songs 
from BArcelona, july 24, 95. The filler is the performance of LARS with 
the stones and 3 other songs from Montpelier, July 27, and 2 more songs 
from UK March 95.

This is a thoroughly mediocre cd and not recommended. the Barcelona is 
an audience tape, with considerable white noise evident and audience 
clapping etc, . the sound of the band is on the whole good but volume 
of vocals varies annoyingly. The set list from the 7-24-95 is fairly 
interesting and well-performed, but this recording doesn't match up to 
the commonly circulating tape material of the 95 shows.

the sound of LARS with the stones starts off way too low then suddenly 
jumps to a normal level. the performance itself is absolutely 
atrocious, no credit to bob or the stones, far inferior even to the 
stones' cut of it on "stripped".

the first song of the whole cd, senor, starts midsong.

also, in the filler from montpelier they inexplicably included AATW.

Overall this is serviceable as a near-complete recording of the 
barcelona show in the B to B- range of quality, but the 2 cd-package as 
a whole get a C at best. 

The cover consists of nice picture of Bob and Mick sharing the mike. 4 
additional photos included in the packaging too.

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