Date:    Mon, 28 Aug 1995 10:05:45 +0500
From:    xyx  

   Greetings from the deep. Interesting "Baby Blue"/Beatles posts in the
last few days. Fie on the one who disparaged "GAIBTY" and "WGW" as being bare
and heartless. To the 15 year old who inquired: I say get 'em, if you don't
dig 'em, I'll eat my oxygen tank.
    Two pearls to review today, one precious and one with flaws. Before I
start, who the hell is Emmett Grogan? Where's Craig when we need him?

 "THE EMMETT GROGAN ACETATES" 1CD (Capricorn CR-2055)  "Another Side of BD"
 acetates recorded June 9, 1964 plus acetates recorded Aug & Oct 1963.
     Seven tracks from the Emmett Grogan (?) acetates in superb stereo with
little hint that acetates are the source, the sound is that clean. "All I
Really Want to Do" live Newport 1964 excellent sound. Bonus tracks also in
excellent quality, though the CD lists these as being recorded on June 9,
1964, Krosgaard ID's these as recorded on August 6,7,12 and Oct 23,24,31 '63.
These are as follows: California/Denise/BDs New Orleans Rag/ELaredo Blues/
That's All Right-Sally Free & Easy/New Orleans Rag (2)/Hero Blues. These
bonus tracks, as I said, are in superb stereo sound, to my knowledge best
quality available.
      Now, for what is sure to cause a stir, the "Another Side.." acetates:
It appears that these trax are the same as appeared on the regular album,
though in a couple of cases you hear the producer asking Dylan if he's ready
and perhaps a count-in. I A-B'd a couple of trax, notably "I Don't Believe
"You" and "Chimes..." and could not discern much difference. For comparison
sake, here are the trax and the times on the "EG" and the regular CD.
  I Don't Believe You    4:29   vs   4:20   (0:09 difference due to chat
  Chimes of Freedom      7:21   vs.  7:08
  Motorpsycho Nitemare   4:35   vs.  4:31
  All I Really...        4:33   vs.  4:03
  Black Crow Blues       3:46   vs.  3:12
  I Shall Be Free        5:21   vs   4:45  (large difference due to Bob
                            stopping to discuss, chat, and then continuing)
    When I have more time, I'll check it more carefully. But since Krogsgaard
has these recorded on June 9, '64,  as does the CD, I'll assume these are
acetate sources of the released versions. All, that is, except "MR T Man".
There is no record of this being recorded on June 9, 1964 in Krosgaard, or
anywhere else for that matter that I can find. No outtake listed in the
"Bringin' It" sessions either. Now for the big news: this version is
completely different, vocally and instrumentally, than the one that was to be
recorded 6 months later in January, 1965 and released on "Bringin' It.." I
don't want to go overboard -  awww hell, yes I do - this is a major find.
Unlike the upbeat, optimistic, jaunty "MrTMan" on "BIABH", this one is much
slower, more sparse (one guitar and harp), sung like BD has the "worried
blues," concerned that his muse may not return. A totally different song,
different phrasing, added lines, a mistaken line, different ending. And who
is that singing the choruses with Bob? This version runs 6:52, well over a
minute longer than the released version, and ends with ".. in the jingle,
jangle morning I'll come foooollowiiiiiing youuuuuuu...", a few strums and
then ends (no guitar/harp solo as in the released version). IMO, a major
discovery. This one tune is more than worth the price of admission. Perhaps
Mr. Heylin, Mr. Taylor, Mr. Howell, or Craig could shed some light on the
mystery surrounding this treasure, confirm the date and the background
singer? Could this have been recorded June 9, 1964? It sure sounds like
it is of one with the rest of the tunes here.  Thanks, Emmett, whoever you

"INSIDE THE COLISEUM"  2CD (GRUNT 002/003) New Haven, CT  Sept 17, 1978
   The complete show from above, a welcome addition to the few 1978 shows
available on CD. Though not up to the quality of either "Blackbushe" set
or "Live From the Gaza Strip," decent sound nonetheless, albeit a slight bit
harsh and "busy," for want of a better word. All this is overshadowed by a
wonderful performance and some cool renditions of "Shelter"/"Tangled"/"I
Dont Believe You"/"Threw It All Away"/"Stepchild"/"The Man in Me" and an
excellent ending "Changing of the Guards." The rest of the show is a typical
setlist for this time. You get an inkling of how good things might be after
the opening "My Back Pages" instrumental is followed by a kick-ass "I'm
Ready."   If you like the '78 tour, you'll like this.  500 copies made.

   That's it for this edition. Apologies for boring those not interested,
that's why you have a trash button on your computer. I don't make 'em, I
just listen to 'em.
                                              Love & Mercy* - xyx

*Great Brian Wilson documentary on Disney this month - "I Just Was'nt Made
    For these Times" - fascinating, to be honest.

                     "Truth is an arrow,
                         And the gate is narrow,
                         That it passes through"

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