Date:    Wed, 21 Feb 1996 14:31:47 +0500
From:    xyx  

  Distressing news from abroad that Luxembourg (home to several major
unofficial labels) is no longer looking the other way in terms of
CD manufacturing, putting a hold on some major projects from our friends
at Yellow Dog/Cat, Vigatone, etc etc. Add to this news of a recent seizure
of 65,000 disks elsewhere in Europe and it appears that things are
tightening up all over, not just here in the US. Things remain difficult
here at home in terms of getting product in, as ICE quotes one source
abroad as saying that "manufacturing for the US market has ceased." ICE
also lists several other labels who have things "on hold," with releases
in the works but no firm street dates. It remains to be seen what the
long term effects will be on the underground industry but it is safe to
assume that with disks more difficult to manufacture in Europe the flow
will be somewhat reduced, at least until things calm down. In any case,
some have been waiting in the wings for an assessment:

"FRIEND OF THE DEVIL"  2CD (Wanted Man 64/65) Compilation from Aug/Sept
     1992 six night stand at THE ORPHEUM, Minneapolis, MN
 Dylan played 50 songs during this stint and a nice selection of 22 are
presented here in decent but (all too common for Wanted Man) not
outstanding quality (perhaps they should leave the compilations to
Red Sky). The disks are certainly very listenable and contain some
outstanding perfromances, however,  separation is not a strong point
and the sound does not have the crispness/clarity that distinguishes
most Red Sky releases (actually, for the best compilation of 1992 you
should seek out "The Warfield" 2CD set from Flashback). On the plus side,
Dylan's vocals shine bright and the track selections make this a
worthwhile and unified set - highlights include a slooooooooooow "It
Takes a Lot to Laugh," "Visions" (can't touch the '95 version), "EGOS"
"I&I" and "Hard Rain." Remainder: EvIsBroken/FriendOfDevil/Watchtower/
Hwy61/ItAintMebabe. Although a compilation, it's put together like a
regular show. Lukewarm recommendation.

"RICH FOR POOR"  2CD (Rambling Cowboy) Buffalo, NY 4 July 86 w/TP&HBs
    plus bonus track "Thanks God" Chabod Telethon, SF, CA 1986
The complete circulating tape from the satellite feed broadcast w/18
songs by Bob and 8 by TP&HBs, plus the bonus track. Quality is excellent,
particularly sharp on the acoustic numbers, which for my money were the
highlights of the BD/TP&HB pairing. A typical show for '86 w/particularly
energetic versions of CleanCutKid/Mastersofwar/WhentheNightComesFalling
featuring the ever-tasty leads of Mike Campbell & the keyboards of Benmont
Tench. Not everyone's favorite tour (it seems) but more than cursory
listens will reveal some great vocal performances by BD on standards (for
this tour) WeHaditAll/OneTooManyMornings/IForgotMoreThanYoullEverKnow/
Lonesome Town/AcrosstheBorderline. A killer HardRain also graces this set,
along with BandoftheHand. Remaining:SoLongGoodLuck/Pos4thSt/Emotionally/
TrustYourself/Ramona/ThinMan/12&35/RealYouatLast (smokin'). Nice package,
too w/color glossy photos, black disks. Recommended (along with "Lonesome
Town" 1&2 and "There is a Land of Broken Dreams") as a keepsake from '86.

"LOUD & STRONG" 2CD (White Rabbit WR3/4) Monterey (Laguna Seca Daze) 5/95
    soundboard, R&R HofFame performance, 4 tracks May/June '95
 A strong second effort from the ones who brought us the fine Dublin '95
double awhile ago, despite the fact that the Monterey portion was
previously released on Tuff Bites "Guided by the Eternal Light." Quality
here is identical, see a previous DEEP for review of this performance,
which by the way was outstanding (so if "Guided" eludes you this will do
for the Monterey board). Also included here is the complete R&R HoF
performance previously available on "Forever Young" (and also reviewed in a
previous DEEP)and presented in just as good quality here. The 4 bonus trax
are outstanding in all respects: PledgingMyTime(Berkeley 5/25), 5
Believers (Warfield SF 5/22), Queen Jane (Warfield SF 5/23) and Tom
Thumb's (Spokane 6/7). An outstanding set, well thought out and boils
2 batches of birds guts with one cook, AND then seasons the mix with the
4 bonuses mentioned above. Highly recommended.

Upcoming releases include Red Sky compilations from '78 and '86, and
another Roseland '94, this one from the 20th (never released in its
entirety). ICE also made mention of rehearsals from the '92 Tribute
concert in the works.

Peace - xyx
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