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Bob Dylan and Larry Campbell, Tampa Feb 2 2002

Campbell, Larry

Larry Campbell web page by Joy.
Discography for Larry Campbell

  Guitar (Acoustic, Electric, Steel, Bass, Fingerpicked),
  Slide Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, lap steel guitar, Bass, Mandolin,
  Dobro, Banjo, Fiddle, Violin, Strings, Cornet, Cittern,
  Wurlitzer, Bouzouki, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Vocals (bckgr),
  Producer, Programming, Mixing, Multi Instruments, Percussion, Arranger.

Appeared on:

year   artist                     title

1980 Jane Gillman               Jane Gillman
1981 Woodstock Mountain Revue   Back to Mud Acres
1981 [Various Artists]          WSTW Album Project One
1982 Steve Forbert              Steve Forbert
1982 Willie Nile                Places I Have Never Been
1983 Rory Block                 Blue Horizon
1986 Greg Trooper               We Won't Dance
1987 Woodstock Mountain Revue   Music for Mud Acres
1988 [Various Artists]          Rounder Banjo
1988 Brian Slawson              Distant Drums
1989 Joe Henry                  Murder of Crows
1991 David Wilcox               Home Again
1991 Will Rogers Follies        Will Rogers Follies [Orig.Cast]
1991 David Wilcox               Home Again
1992 Shawn Colvin               Fat City
1992 David Massengill           Coming up for Air
1992 Jules Shear                Great Puzzle
1992 Richard Shindell           Sparrows Point
1992 Greg Trouper               Everywhere
1992  [Soundtrack]              Tune
1993 Marc Cohn                  Rainy Season
1993 Sara K.                    Play on Words
1994 Blood Oranges              Crying Tree
1994 Edie Brickell              Picture Perfect Morning
1994 Shawn Colvin               Cover Girl
1994 Manhattan Rhythm Kings     We Three
1994 Kathy Moffatt              Hearts Gone Wild
1994 Nuttin' Nyce               Down 4 Whateva EP [a different Larry Campbell? Hip Hop Larry "Rock" Campbell] 
1994 Puzzle Place               Puzzle Place
1994 Puzzle Place               Sing Along with Us
1994 Leon Redbone               Whistling in the Wind
1994 Richard Shindell           Blue Divide
1994 Lucy Kaplansky             Tide
1995 Pat Kilbride               Loose Cannon
1995 Rosanne Cash               Retrospective
1995  [Various Artists]         House on Fire
1995 Joan Osborne               Relish
1995 Kinky Friedman             From One Good American to Another
1996 Rosanne Cash               10 Song Demo
1996  [Soundtrack]              E.R.: Television Score
1996 Lucy Kaplansky             Flesh and Bone
1996  [Soundtrack]              Kazaam
1996 Dar Williams               Mortal City
1996  [Various Artists]         Women: Live from Mountain Stage
1996 Backstreet Boys            Backstreet Boys
1996 Shane Jackman              Rhythm of the Land
1997 Alana Davis                Blame It on Me
1997 John Flynn                 John Flynn
1997 Kenny Kosek                Angelwood
1997 Cyndi Lauper               Sisters of Avalon
1997 Bob McGrath                Sing Me a Story
1997 Julie Miller               Blue Pony
1997 Ron Sexsmith               Other Songs
1997 Dar Williams               End of the Summer
1997  [Various Artists]         Celtic Music Today
1997 Richard Shindell           Reunion Hill
1997 Rory Block                 Best Blues & Originals, Vol. 2
1997 Suzzy Roche                Holy Smokes
1997 Alana Davis                Blame It on Me
1997 Johnny Cunningham          Peter & Wendy
1997  [Various Artists]         Celtic Angels
1997 John Flynn                 John Flynn
1997  [Various Artists]         Jive's Unreleased Masters for
                                  the Children's Health Fund, Vol. 1
1998 [Soundtrack]               Primary Colors
1998 Frank Morgan               Slip Away
1998 Judy Collins               Both Sides Now [Intersound]
1998  [Various Artists]         Tammy Wynette Remembered
1998 Cry, Cry, Cry              Cry, Cry, Cry
1998 [Various Artists]          Jug of Punch
1998 Loudon Wainwright III      Little Ship
1998 Susan McKeown              Bushes & Briars
1998 Marc Cohn                  Burning the Daze
1998 Bob Dylan                  Not Dark Yet [single CD]
1998 Bob Dylan                  Love Sick [single CD]
 ?    [Various Artists]         Civil War: It's Music & It's Sounds
 ?    -                         Julian Dawson Collection 84-94
 (some are not our larry?)
(needs an update, this does!)

 - First show with Bob in St. Johns, Newfoundland on March 31,
  1997.  Replaced guitar player John (JJ) Jackson.


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Subject: something about Larry Campbell....
From: sadiejane (
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 10:26:02 -0500
Organization: home

I (asked) someone in the know and got this on Larry Campbell...

>This is too much!!!  If it IS Larry Campbell, then I know him well.  He
>was the multi-instrumentalist that we used on the Edie Brickell album
>"Picture Perfect Morning" a few years back.  To say he is a great player
>would be inadequate, to say he is a nice guy would be WAY inadequate.
>Guitar, fiddle, mando, pedal steel, lap steel, bazouki, etc etc.  you
>name it, he seems able to play it.  I am quite excited at the prospect
>of seeing him again.  Will check Bill's page to verify it, but I know
>it's gotta be him.  It would make sense because he would know Tony
>Garnier and I'm sure that's how he ended up with the gig.

Well - I for one am very eager to see the new sideman!!!!  I wonder if
he'll be playin' his bazouki during the acoustic set...maybe during masters
of war?


Delia ain't dead, she's in anticipation....

Subject: Who Is Larry Campbell? From: ( Date: Thu, 3 Apr 1997 16:25:21 -0500 With the recent entrance of Bob's new guitarist, thought I'd try to shed some light on the subject. An incomplete search of the net yielded the following results (no particular order): - Played w/KD Lang @ the Edmonton Folk Festival in 96 - Toured as part of Cyndi Lauper's band in 96 (mandolin,guitar,violin) and appeared on the "Twelve Deadly Cyns" and "Sisters Of Avalon" releases. - Played fiddle on Joan Osborne's "relish"(95) - Played on Sean Colvin's "Fat City" (93) - Has worked w/Kinky Friedman on Live From Lone Star Cafe as well as other releases. Played Pedal steel guitar, and violin. If this is all the same person, it makes me wonder: Is Bucky's job in danger? Hope not. Fred
Subject: Re: Larry Campbell/Kinky Friedman Connection From: Jack Regan ( Date: Sat, 05 Apr 1997 13:25:39 GMT robert cutrofello ( wrote: >Is the Larry Campbell being mentioned as JJ's replacement the same Larry >Campbell that played w/Kinky for many years? One and the same.
Helge Ottesen ( Larry Campbell visited Norway with the Greg Trooper Band in 1986. They made a CD called: "We Won't Dance". Also wrote for and produced Stephen Ackles' albums "Let's Keep The Night" (1993) and "One For The Moon" (1995).
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 21:17:21 -0400 From: Ken Leichtling/Jeanne Albrecht ( To: Subject: Larry Cambell Just a few more facts for you about Larry. I have known him for many years. A wonderful player, a really nice guy. We played on the New York country music circuit in the 1980s. Tommy played primarily with a wonderful singer named Tommy Joe White. He eventually moved on to the Greg Trooper Band, etc. He is the most dedicated musician I have ever known, constantly practicing, even when he was already better at everyone else's instruments than they were. He lives in Manhattan with his wife, Theresa (beautiful, talented and super nice). Tony Garnier used to be among the musicians who played the old Lone Star Cafe, in Greenwich Village. That IS how Larry got the job. When Dylan needed a guitarist, Tony insisted that he hear Larry. Larry used to say (as I did) that he wasn't interested in a road gig, unless the Beatles or Dylan called. Are you listening Sir Paul? Kenny Davis - FL (formerly NY)
On Fri, 25 Apr 1997 13:43:19 -0400, in TIMHRK@AOL.COM wrote: LARRY CAMPBELL Well, it turns out a New York musician friend of mine has some news on Campbell. He's a New York based studio musician, much in the same vein as Garnier and well, G.E. Smith. He is in his 40s, plays rock and rock and western swing. Played in a band called the Dixie Dough boys. He also was in the ochestra pit for Big River, a Broadway play based on Mark Twain's novels. He also played with David johansen when he did a long gig at the Bottom Line, mixing his rock and roll stuff with his other crap, buster poindexter. He's been part of the new york scene for years and years. Well, that's what I know so far. Sorry it's sketchy, but so is all the info on this guy anyway.
Subject: Re: Discography of Larry Campbell From: jack regan ( Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 18:58:34 GMT ... A couple of additions: Red Grammer's Favorite Singalong Songs, 1993 Songs In Bengali, Gautam Dasgupta, 1993 (Larry's wife Teresa Williams sings backup) Reunion Hill, Richrad Shindell, 1997 I believe the "Nuttin Nyce" EP listed is produced by a different Larry Campbell. Then there's the Campbell filmography. He appeared in the Peter Bogdanovich flick "They All Laughed" as part of Colleen Camp's band in the City Limits and Green St. scenes along with Jo-Ell Sonnier. .. Whoops. Almost forgot the killer "Hillbilly Voodoo" by Barrence Whitfield and Tom Russell.
Subject: Larry Campbell Update From: "WT Pfefferle, Ph.D." ( Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 21:00:00 GMT Recently Willie Nile's name came up in the "wannabe" stakes, and someone noted that Dylan's current axe-wielder Larry Campbell played on Nile's 91 album. What may not have been mentioned though is that Campbell played "fiddle" on the album, not guitar at all. Thought that was neat. WT
Subject: Let's Get Serious About Larry Campbell From: NickE6 Date: 02 Aug 2003 Tony and Larry are the backbone of this great band, and Larry deserves any and all praise we can give him. He is bristling with natural talent (indeed, far more talent that Bob allows him to display on any given night). Larry's cousin told me one time that Larry never took a single lesson on any of his instruments -- he is completely self-taught. Anyway, despite his incredible talent, Larry's greatest contribution to Bob's band has been Larry's continued willingness to be a team player. Larry's role is to supply the melodic and rhythmic background for these great songs, and he does it to perfection whether he is playing acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric slide guitar, steel guitar, violin, mandolin or cittern. Larry is not asked to play soaring leads (although he could readily do so). Rather, he is asked to "hold down the fort" with his rhythm guitar to provide a platform on which the other players can create. Larry recently was expected to maintain this role even as Freddy Koella joined the band. I truly enjoy Freddy's lead guitar playing, but there is no question is my mind that Larry is the better player. Still, Larry has accepted his role as the "number two" guitar player with grace and good humor. One other note: Larry really enjoys playing music, and is a down-to-earth guy with a fantastic sense of humor. He doesn't do it so much anymore, but in 2001 and prior years, Larry always got this huge, ear-to-ear grin on his face during LARS when they turned on those overhead flood lights to illuminate the audience during the "How does it feel?" chorus. Thanks, Larry, for your music and for your generosity.

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