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Dylan's Never-Ending band:
Tony Garnier - Stuart Kimball - George Receli - Charlie Sexton - Don Herron -

Bob Dylan and Tony Garnier, Kentucky 2001

Garnier, Tony

May 10, 2019: Tony Garnier is 63 years old today.

Both double bass and bass guitar player, Garnier has been an accompanist
to Bob Dylan since 1989. He is Dylan's longest-running sideman and his
musical director.

Many accounts claim that Garnier was born on August 18. However, that
sprung from Dylan wishing Garnier a happy birthday as a joke during a
performance. Garnier confirmed his actual birthday is May 10.

In addition to his work with Dylan, Garnier has recorded with Tom Waits,
Loudon Wainwright III, Paul Simon, Marc Ribot and Eric Andersen. He was
a member of Asleep at the Wheel (from 1976–78) and The Lounge Lizards.

He also played with Robert Gordon in the early 1980s, and was a
long-time sideman for David Johansen in his Buster Poindexter persona.
For a brief time, he was a member of the Saturday Night Live house band.

Garnier’s musical heritage descends from the Camelia Brass Band in New
Orleans led by his grandfather, D'Jalma Garnier, (also spelled Ganier
while with Camelia Brass Band), a legendary early jazz player noted on
the Preservation Hall roster in the New Orleans French Quarter.

Garnier is one of numerous grandsons descended from D'Jalma Thomas
Garnier, the New Orleans bandleader, trumpet player, pianist and
violinist said to have taught Louis Armstrong at the New Orleans Boys
Home for Colored Waifs.

Tony Garnier is the younger brother of D'Jalma Garnier (born in 1954),
the fiddler, composer, guitarist and "pedestrian scholar" of Louisiana
Creole fame. The two brothers are the only descendants of Papa Garnier
to become professional musicians in the legacy of this significant New
Orleans musical family. Both of their parents were musicians working
with non-profits in California.

Before joining Dylan's Neverdending Tour Band in 1989, Tony added bass
tracks to films by Jim Jarmusch, most notably Down by Law, filmed in
Louisiana. He appeared in Bob Dylan's 2003 film, Masked and Anonymous.
Garnier worked with Michelle Branch on her third studio album,
Everything Comes and Goes, released in 2010.

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Discography  for Tony Garnier:

  Bass (Electric,Acoustic,Upright), Guitar (Bass,Acoustic),
  Double Bass, 6-string bass, Keyboards, Multi Instruments

Appeared on:

year   artist                     title

1976 Asleep at the Wheel    Wheelin' & Dealin
1977 Asleep at the Wheel    Wheel
1978 Asleep at the Wheel    Collision Course
1079 Roy Clark              Makin' Music
1980 Jane Gillman           Jane Gillman
1980 Robert Gordon          Bad Boy
1980 Paula Lockheart        Incomplete
1982 Marshall Crenshaw      Marshall Crenshaw
1982 Robert Gordon          Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die
1985 Marshall Crenshaw      Downtown
1985 Tom Waits              Rain Dogs
1986 Kristi Rose            Some People
1986 Peter Laurence Gordon  Innocent
1987 Peter Laurence Gordon  Brooklyn
1987 Buster Poindexter      Buster Poindexter
1988 Asleep at the Wheel    Western Standard Time
1989 Eric Andersen          Ghosts Upon the Road
1989 Robert Gordon          Robert Gordon Is Red Hot
1989 Robert Gordon          Live at Lone Star
1989 [Various Artists]      Stay Awake: Interpretations
                                 of Vintage Disney Films
1989 [Soundtrack]           Mistery Train
1990 Lori Carson            Shelter
1990 Chris Spedding         Cafe Days
1991 Marshall Crenshaw      Life's Too Short
1993 Ron Levy               B-3 Blues & Grooves
1994 [Various Artists]      Tribute to Mark Heard
1994 [Various Artists]      Texas Music, Vol. 2:
                             Western Swing & Honky Tonk Vol.2
1995 Bob Dylan              MTV Unplugged
1995 [Soundtrack]           Get Shorty
1995 David Johansen         From Pumps to Pompadour:
                                 The David Johansen Story
1996 Danny Gatton           Humbler: Live
1996 Robert Gordon          King Biscuit Flower Hour
1996 [Various Artists]      Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
1997 [Various Artists]      Songs of Jimmie Rodgers -Tribute
1997 Bob Dylan              Time Out of Mind
1997 Manhattan Transfer     Swing
1997 Marc Ribot             Shoe String Symphonettes
1997 Paul Simon             Songs from the Capeman
1998 Brian Setzer           Dirty Boogie
1998 Johnny Hoy             Walk the Plank
1998 Tom Waits              Beautiful Maladies: The Island Year
1998 Robert Gordon          Lost Album Plus
1998 John Lurie             Fishing with John [TV Soundtrack]
1998 [Various Artists]      Kerrville Folk Festival: Early Year
1998 Eric Andersen          Memory of the Future
1998 Loudon Wainwright III  Little Ship
1998 Bob Dylan              Not Dark Yet [single CD]
1998 Bob Dylan              Love Sick [single CD]
1999 [Soundtrack]           Message in a Bottle
 ?   John Lurie[Soundtrack] Stranger Than Paradise/The Resurrec
 ?   Robert Gordon          Black Slacks
1999 Erica Wheeler 	Three Wishes 
1999 Bucky Baxter 	Most Likely, No Problem (recorded in 1993) 

See also: Mojo Mancini

 - First show with Bob in Dublin, Ireland on June 3, 1989.
   Replaced bass player Kenny Aaronson after June 8, 1989.

 - The interview, photo and the recipe apeared on New York Times
   food section dated January 18, 1998.

 - Has also played in the band, Mojo Mancini.


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