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Dylan's Never-Ending band:
Tony Garnier - Stuart Kimball - George Receli - Charlie Sexton - Don Herron -

Charlie Sexton and Bob Dylan, 2001

Sexton, Charlie

Subject: Re: Charlie Sexton
From: Tiernan Henry (HENRY.TIERNAN@UCG.IE)
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 1996 08:54:22 +0000

Cheekbones like geometry.  Charlie played with Bob and Ron Wood and Keef when
he was a teenager.  They did some studio work that went nowhere, and Charlie
described Bob as looking like an "old owl".  Bob mentions Charlie somewhere in
an interview, wishing him success.  In "Thelma & Louise" Sexton appears
fronting the barband in the scenes leading up to the killing.

He sort of looks like Matt Dillon's skinny cousin.


Charlie and Will Sexton - Family Circle (Austin Chronicle)
Subject: Re: Bucky speculations From: "Massey, Bobby SGM" Date: 1 Jun 1999 22:09:17 -0700 Organization: None Timothy Herrick wrote: > ....sexton is a rock guitarist, so does this mean we will see a more rock > line up, guitar wall ala rolling thunder? While Charlie is considered a rock musician, remember that he cut his teeth as a "child prodigy" with Joe Ely. Although he's been in the biz for quite awhile, he's still largely an unknown 'cause the record companies apparently can't figure out how to market him. He had a little hit in the early 80's with "Beats So Lonely" as one of those big hair rockers. But he's also done some good stuff with Tonio K, Peter Case, and others. I consider the Arc Angels (hard rock with some fellow Texans) as probably his weakest output. On the other hand, his latest CD (of 2-3 years ago), "Under the Wishing Tree" was a very strong effort and deserved a lot more exposure than it got. In all of the session work I've heard Charlie do, he has complemented (not dominated) the performance. I don't foresee any change to that philosophy when he joins Bob's tour; however, the lineup change (as has already been mentioned) will bring the possibility of some new arrangements. I could also see the possibility of Charlie serving as an opening act on occasion.
Subject: Re: A 'Charlie Sexton @ The Gorge' Question From: Dane Strom Date: Sat, 24 Jun 2000 13:59:41 -0700 Dane Strom wrote: > (Also, how old is Charlie? A friend said he looked like he was 25 and > he was right up front, but through the binoculars, he looked more like > in his mid thirties. A skinny Matt Dillon.) I answer some of my own questions: I guess he'd be 31 or 32. Charlie Sexton was regarded as a musical prodigy. In his early teens he toured with groups ranging from David Bowie to Joe Ely. His first major album debut was 1985s Pictures For Pleasure, he was only 16. This albums sound would be regarded as "New Wave". Sexton was also close friends with legendary guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan. His Austin, Texas roots brought him back to playing straight ahead blues and rock n' roll. Charlie has had songs on various movie soundtracks like True Romance, Air America and he had a cameo in Thelma & Louise as a nightclub singer. Sexton now lives in Austin with his wife. Charlie Sexton also has graced many other artists CDs. Notably Don Henley's "Building the Perfect Beast", and recently Shawn Colvin's "A few Small Repairs" (Which featured the hit "Sonny Came Home"). article
Ronald Lamars, January 2008: L istening to Everything is broken from 25 October 1991, Austin Texas: 'we got a guest guitar player Charlie Sexton [uncomprehensible].'
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