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various names

From           Patricia Jungwirth 
Date           Mon, 24 Nov 1997 19:58:01 +1100
From the liner notes to 'Times They Are A-Changin'' (1964) comes this litany
of names:

with the sounds of Francois Villon
echoin' thru my mad streets
as I stumble on lost cigars
of Bertolt Brecht
an empty bottles
of Brendan Behan
the hypnotic words
of A. L. Lloyd
each one bendin like it's own song
an the woven spell of Paul Clayton
entrancin me like China's plague
drownin in the lungs of Edith Piaf
an in the mystery of Marlene Dietrich
the dead poems of Eddy Freeman
love songs of Allan Ginsberg
an jail songs of Ray Bremser
the narrow tunes of Modigliani
an the singin plains of Harry Jackson
the cries of Charles Aznavour
with melodies of Yevtushenko
thru the quiet fire of Miles Davis
above the bells of William Blake
an beat visions of Johnny Cash
an the saintliness of Pete Seeger

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