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January 2002......“Paul Sills’ Story Theatre”  Original Cast Recording
February 2002......Billy Lee Riley  •  Funk Harmonica!
March 2002......Dead Ringers
April 2002......Artist Feature: Graeme Allwright
May 2002......The Kingston Trio  •  Once Upon A Time
June 2002......Artist Feature: Rick Nelson
July 2002......Wolfgang Ambros   •   Live… auf ana langen, finster'n Stroß'n
August 2002......Gary Shearston   •   Songs Of Our Time
September 2002......Manfred Mann’s Earth Band   •   Mann Alive
October 2002......Ashley Hutchings   •   The Guv'nor
November 2002......Dave's Faves:  Clarence Gatemouth Brown   •   Don't Think Twice from “Long Way Home”
December 2002......Johnny Sea   •   Live At The Bitter End

January, 2002 “Paul Sills’ Story Theatre”  Original Cast Recording
US LPx2 LPx2: Columbia Masterworks  SG 30415  (US, 1970)
Dylan covers on Broadway!
No, not the Alec Guinness play Dylan... that was about Dylan Thomas (“whoever he was,” to quote Paul Simon,) but this 1970 comedy staged at the Ambassador Theater on Broadway, New York City.  Billed as “an entertainment with music,”  the production was described in a review as “[Paul Sills] takes some fairy tales from the Brothers Grimm and transforms them into the evening hilarious.”
The good news is the album includes 2 Dylan songs, both sung by actor/folk-singer Hamid Hamilton Camp (formerly known as Hamilton Camp, and before that as Bob Camp.)  He is represented on this site by his album Paths Of Victory.  Two other songs are also used, Country Joe McDonald's I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die Rag and George Harrison's Here Comes The Sun, both sung by Lewis Ross. The music is performed by The True Brethren, a 4-piece folk-rock band.  The incidental music was co-written by Camp.
The bad news is the songs are not presented as continuous songs,  but are performed intermixed with dialogue from the play, each song used during a different fairy tale: I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  for  The Robber Bridegroom, and Dear Landlord  for  The Master Thief.
But it is an interesting item, showing how Dylan's music was — and is — everywhere.
Paul Sand won a Tony Award for his role. It is amazing that all 8 of the actors involved would become familiar to American TV and movie audiences, by sight if not by name:
Peter Bonerz  •  Hamilton Camp  •  Melinda Dillon  •  Mary Frann  •  Valerie Harper  •  Richard Libertini  •  Paul Sand  •  Richard Schaal  •  (click on each actor for bio & filmography at...The Internet Movie Database)
Dylan Covers:
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  Dear Landlord -- Hamid Hamilton Camp
This album is not in print. Check GEMM for hard-to-find out-of-print music.

February, 2002 Billy Lee Riley  •  Funk Harmonica!  Funk Rock and Folk Blues
US LPx2 LP: GNP-Crescendo  GNP 2020  (US, 1966)
Billy Lee Riley's first claim to fame was being a member of the Sun Records roster during their golden era in the 50s, when the label boasted Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison (see below).  Though he didn't have a chart hit at Sun, Riley and his band The Little Green Men's best known track was 1957's  Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll.  In 1961 he moved to California, and became in-demand harmonica player, appearing on numerous records, including several albums of his own.This 1966 Gene Norman produced album for GNP-Crescendo (just 5 catalog numbers after Dylan Jazz) tapped into the new folk-rock market.  The all-instrumental album featured 3 Dylan covers.  From the sleeve notes: “Bob Dylan, a disciple of Woody Guthrie, has featured the harmonica extensively in his successful performances.  But now, in the hands of the virtuoso, Billy Lee Riley, the harmonica starts to "rock" as well in a low down dirty style that can only be described as "Funk."   For those who need to know all the details: Blowin' In The Wind  was played with a Hohner Echo-Deluxe, and the other 2 Dylan tracks were played with a Hohner Marine Band #1896!
Dylan Covers: Blowin' In The Wind  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Mr. Tambourine Man
This album is not in print.  Try  GEMM  for hard-to-find out-of-print music.
Elvis Presley - Tomorrow Is A Long Time - US CD compilation
Back in 1955, Elvis, Cash, Perkins & Lewis were known as Sun's “Million Dollar Quartet.” It is interesting to note that all of them, plus Roy Orbison, have some Dylan connection: 
• Elvis recorded several Dylan songs, most notably   Tomorrow Is A Long Time
• Johnny Cash covered several Dylan songs, and performed several duets with Bob over the years
• Carl Perkins recorded Champaign, Illinois, a song he co-wrote with Bob
• Jerry Lee covered the obscure Dylan B-side Rita May
• and of course Roy Orbison was a fellow Traveling Wilbury
Carl Perkins - On Top - US LP

March, 2002 Dead Ringers
US CD CD: Relix  RRCD206  (US, 1993)
Live album from a part-time touring group that included the former Grateful Dead keyboard player, Tom Constanten, and other musicians who had performed with Grateful Dead members.  The album includes Grateful Dead compositions  and other songs from their repertoire, including three Dylan covers recorded 1992-93.
Several other Dead-related albums have appeared on the Feature page, including 
The Heart of Gold BandJGB's Welcome To Our World, and  The Jerry Garcia Band.
Dylan Covers:
When I Paint My Masterpiece  •  Gotta Serve Somebody  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door
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New Zealand born Graeme Allwright has lived in France since 1948, and been recording since 1965.  His 1966 self-titled second album contained his first Dylan cover,  Qui a tué Davey Moore?The track also appeared on an EP, as the 4th track.    He sings mostly in French, with the occasional vocal in English, including his 1973 live performance of  Blowin' In The Wind.  On the same album is a live version of  Davey Moore.In 1992 & 93, he released studio and live versions of  L’Homme donna des noms aux animaux(Man Gave Names To All The Animals).  His French covers are self-adapted.
Dylan Covers:
Qui a tué Davey Moore?  (Who Killed Davey Moore?)  -  Graeme Allwright (1966)
Qui a tué Davey Moore?  (Live)  -  à l’Olympia (1973)
Blowin’ In The Wind (Live, in English)  -  à l’Olympia (1973)
L’Homme donna des noms aux animaux  (Man Gave Names To All The Animals)  -  Lumiére (1992)
L’Homme donna des noms aux animaux  (Live)  - Live: Demain sera bien  (1993)
.  .  .
Official website (in French):  http://www.graemeallwright.com/
Page about Graeme Allwright's Dylan covers: http://www.graemeallwright.com/dylan.htm
Thanks to  Marc Gaffié & Jean Fernandez  for their assistance with this feature
Shop for Graeme Allwright CDs at:  amazon.fr,   or try  GEMM  for hard-to-find out-of-print music
Graeme Allwright  (1966)
à l’Olympia  (1973)
Lumiére (1992)
Live: Demain sera bien  (1993)

May, 2002 The Kingston Trio  •  Once Upon A Time
US CD Tetregrammaton TD-5101  (US, 1969)
The Kingston Trio are credited with bringing American folk music into the mainstream.  During their 10 year run,  they only released 2 studio recordings of Dylan songs:  Blowin' In The Wind  on 1963's “Sunny Side!”  and  Farewell  on 1964's “Nick - Bob - John.”  So it's surprising that on their live album “Once Upon A Time,”  recorded in July of 1966 at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel at Lake Tahoe, Nevada,  the Trio performed three Dylan covers,  none of them versions of the studio tracks: Tomorrow Is A Long Time,  Mama, You Been On My Mind  and  One Too Many Mornings.   The album was not released until 1969, two years after the Nick/Bob/John version of the trio disbanded.  The entire live album has never been avilable on CD,  although 2 CDs have included all 20 music tracks, but minus the between song dialog the Trio were famous for.  These are “On Stage” and “20 Greatest Hits” (shown at left, below.)  Other CDs have been released in abridged form.
The instrumental version of  Blowin' In The Wind  on “Sing a Song with The Kingston Trio” - an early karaoke-type album! - is not performed by the Trio...  but by Capitol studio musicians including Glen Campbell!  Read more about it HERE • A good site to research The Kingston Trio: THE KINGSTON TRIO LINER NOTES
Tomorrow Is A Long Time • Mama, You Been On My Mind • One Too Many Mornings
.  .  .
Blowin' In The Wind  -  Sunny Side!  (1963) • Farewell  -  Nick - Bob - John  (1964)
Blowin' In The Wind  -  instrumental - Sing a Song with The Kingston Trio  (1963)
.  .  .
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Rick Nelson's most famous Dylan connection is probably the line about “Dylan's shoes” in his big 1972 hit Garden Party, but he covered several Dylan songs in the late '60s and early '70s,  starting with Walkin' Down The Line  on his 1967 LP “Country Fever” (Decca DL 74827).  This song appears on Rhino's I SHALL BE UNRELEASED CD.  Then in 1969 he released a single of  She Belongs To Me, which reached #33 on the charts.  It is on the 20th CENTURY MASTERS Dylan tribute from BMG.  PICTURE SLEEVES  were released in some countries.    In that same year, Rick recorded “In Concert” (Decca DL 75162) at the famous L.A. club The Troubador,  and it included 3 Dylan covers: a live version of  She Belongs To Me, plus If You Gotta Go, Go Now  and  I Shall Be Released.  The last two were coupled as a single in the U.S. that did not make the Top 100 charts.  In October of 1971, the album  “Rudy The Fifth” (Decca DL 75297)  was released with two more Dylan covers, Love Minus Zero/No Limit  and  Just Like A Woman. Love Minus Zero  was issued as a promo single, and was also the B-side of the  Gypsy Pilot  single.  In 1978 Rick recorded an album for Epic produced by Al Kooper that included a cover of Mama, You've Been On My Mind.  The project was shelved, and remained unreleased until the 1993 CD “Stay Young: The Epic Recordings.”   “Live At The Aladdin,”  an import CD of a 1979 show,  has another live version of  She Belongs To Me.
Country Fever  (1967)
In Concert  (1969)
Rudy The Fifth (1971)
Stay Young: 
The Epic Recordings  (1993)
Walkin' Down The Line
She Belongs To Me
She Belongs To Me (Live, 1969)
If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Live)
I Shall Be Released (Live)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Just Like A Woman
Mama, You've Been On My Mind
She Belongs To Me (Live, 1979)
Order “Country Fever” from:...amazon.com..or..amazon.co.uk..or..amazon.de
Order “Rudy The Fifth” from:...amazon.com
Order “Stay Young: The Epic Recordings” from:...amazon.com
“In Concert” is out-of-print, check for availability at:...amazon.com
“Live At The Aladdin” is out-of-print, check for availability at:...amazon.com
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July, 2002 Wolfgang Ambros   •   Live… auf ana langen, finster'n Stroß'n
German LP/CD LP: Bellaphon 320.01.003 (1979) • CD:  Bellaphon 290-01-021  (Germany)
A year after Austrian singer Wolfgang Ambros released his Austrian-dialect all-Dylan album WIE IM SCHLAF: LIEDER VON BOB DYLAN, he recorded this live album that included performances of five of the Dylan songs that had appeared on the studio album.  The CD deletes Denk ned Noch.(Don't Think Twice).   In 1982 Ambros recorded  Für Immer Jung (Forever Young), reprised in 1996 with a live version.  The live version and a remix of the '82 studio recording were released in Austria as a  CD SINGLE
Allan Wia A Stan (Like A Rolling Stone) • I Bin's Ned  (It Ain't Me Babe) • 
Wahre Liebe  (Love Minus Zero/No Limit) • Des Sandler's Flucht  (Drifter's Escape) • 
Denk ned Noch...(Don't Think Twice) (LP only)
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August, 2002 Gary Shearston   •   Songs Of Our Time
Australian LP LP: CBS  BP 233133  (1964)  (Australia)  •  CD:  rumored to-be-released in 2003(?). Monitor his website for updates.
Gary Shearston was a leading figure in Australian folk music in the '60s,  known for his versions of traditional Australian "bush" (folk) songs.  After releasing  several singles and EPs in 1963-64, his first album, “Folk Songs And Ballads Of Australia,” was released in April 1964,  followed in July by this album,  featuring three Dylan covers:  A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall,  Who Killed Davey Moore?  and  Don't Think Twice.  Several more CBS albums followed, and he became one of the biggest folk-record-sellers during the '60s folk boom in Australia.
His 1974 UK-recorded album “Dingo,” also released in the US, yielded a hit with a version of the Cole Porter song  I Get A Kick Out Of You.  After spending much of the '70s and '80s in the US and UK,  Shearston returned to Australia in 1989,  and became an Anglican Church minister in rural New South Wales.  He still writes and records,  his most recent album, “Only Love Survives,” was released in 2001.
DYLAN COVERS:...A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall • Who Killed Davey Moore? • Don't Think Twice
For more info about Gary Shearston, and to order his available CDs, visit...GARYSHEARSTON.COM...Thanks to Stuart

September, 2002 Manfred Mann’s Earth Band   •   Mann Alive
CD: Cohesion/Virgin  (1998)  (UK)
This double live CD was recorded during Manfred Mann's Earth Band's Soft Vengeance European Tour of 1997, with a couple of tracks from Mann's 1991 “Plains Music” album added.  Five Dylan covers are included,  including The Times They Are A-Changin',  the first recording of this song by MMEB.  Studio versions of the others appeared on these albums:
Father Of Day, Father Of Night   (“Solar Fire”,  1974)
The Mighty Quinn   (“Watch”,  1978)
You Angel You on   (“Angel Station”,  1979)
Shelter From The Storm   (“Soft Vengeance”,  1996)
The Times They Are A-Changin'
You Angel You
Father Of Day, Father Of Night
Shelter From The Storm
The Mighty Quinn
Another live version of  Mighty Quinn  was also on their 1983 album “Budapest.”
Check amazon for availability of the UK release of “Mann Alive”:...amazon.co.uk...or...amazon.de
Check amazon for availability of the German release of “Mann Alive”:...amazon.com...or...amazon.co.uk...or...amazon.de
Manfred Mann's Earth Band also covered:
Please Mrs. Henry  (“Manfred Mann's Earth Band”, 1971)
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  (“Glorified, Magnified”, 1972)
Get Your Rocks Off!  (“Messin'” (UK) / “Get Your Rocks Off!” (US), 1973)
Quit Your Lowdown Ways  (was added to the 1999 CD reissue of “Nightingales & Bombers”, 1975)
Several of the 1999 CD reissues added the single versions of the Dylan covers as bonus tracks.
For more details about these albums and CD reissues visit:..Manfred Mann's Official Website
Many of the Dylan covers also appear on various MMEB compilation CDs.
“Wired,” a live recording of a 1977 Boston show has also been on CD, with live versions of  Father Of Night  and  Mighty Quinn.

October, 2002 Ashley Hutchings   •   The Guv'nor
CD: HTD Records  HTD CD 23 (1994) (UK)  /  Wildcat! WLD-9221  (1996)  (US - shown)
Reissue CD (1999): Transatlantic TRACD 323 (UK)  /  Castle America CMACD 519 (US):...amazon.com...or...amazon.de
Dear Landlord  - Fairport Convention  (1969)
Lay Down Your Weary Tune  - Steeleye Span  (1970)
Angelina  - The Ashley Hutchings Allstars  (1988)
This retrospective of British folk bass player Ashley Hutchings includes performances by a variety of bands he has worked with, including The Albion Band and others in addition to those listed above.  Dear Landlord, an outtake from Fairport Convention's 1969 UNHALFBRICKING sessions with vocal by Sandy Denny, also appears on  FOREVER YOUNG: A BRITISH FOLK TRIBUTE TO BOB DYLAN, but is 23 seconds longer here (4:12 vs 3:49.)  Lay Down Your Weary Tune  is performed acapella by Steeleye Span.  Hutchings sings lead on  Angelina.  Information is sparse in the 1996 US CD shown above,  but several webpages provide more information about this collection: #1#2#3

November, 2002 DON'T THINK TWICE
Clarence Gatemouth Brown with Maria Muldaur & Eric Clapton
from the album “Long Way Home”
(Gitanes 314 529 465-2,  1996)
If you liked Eric Clapton's bluesy version of  Don't Think Twice at BOBFEST,  you'll probably like this version.  Recorded three years later in 1995,  EC reprises his bluesy guitar arrangement,  this time leaving vocal duties to Clarence Gatemouth Brown in a duet with Maria Muldaur.  The result is a very interesting version of the oft-covered tune.  Eric and Maria appear on several tracks, along with Leon Russell, Ry Cooder and many well known session players.
amazon.co.ukamazon.de(Audio sample available at amazon.de)

December, 2002 Johnny Sea   •   Live At The Bitter End
US LP [ Philips  PHM 200-194 (mono) / PHS 600-194 (stereo),  U.S.A., 1965 ]
Country singer/songwriter Johnny Sea had a few country hits from 1959 through the mid-'60s, first appearing on the country charts in 1959 with the Top 15 Frankie's Man Johnny.  His 1960 follow-up, Nobody's Darling But Mine, did equally well and in 1964  My Baby Walks All Over Me  reached the Top 30. A year later, he had another hit with My Old Faded Love.
For his July 28, 1965 debut at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village,  Sea temporarily abandoned country music to play a set of folk tunes, which he “handled with convincing verve and power” according to the Billboard review.  In the set he covers  It Ain't Me, Babe  and  Masters Of War.  According to the review, “he deserted mostly the Johnny Cash style he had been using and it was for the better.”  He couldn't desert his Johnny Cash-like voice, though, and this record sounds very much like the more famous Johnny.
In 1966 he had his biggest hit,  Day for Decision, a spoken-word reply to Barry McGuire's  Eve of Destruction.  It reached the Top 15 in the country charts, and crossed over to the pop charts at #35.  He had a few more minor country hits in 1967, using his birthname, Johnny Seay.
This album is not in print. Check  GEMM  for hard-to-find out-of-print music

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