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January 2001......Jerry Garcia Band......Jerry Garcia Band
February 2001......Ramblin' Jack Elliott......Bull Durham Sacks & Railroad Tracks
March 2001......Pete Seeger......Broadside Ballads Vol. 2
April 2001......Hugues Aufray......à l’Olympia  1964 et 1966
May 2001......The Sound Symposium + Metropolitan Pops Orchestra......Extra Dylan Covers!
June 2001......Ronnie Hawkins......Ronnie Hawkins
July 2001......Joan Baez ......From Every Stage
August 2001......i Kings......i Kings
September 2001......Johnny Cash......Orange Blossom Special
October 2001......Dean Christopher and his Orchestra......Images
November 2001......Dylan Covers on non-Dylan Tributes
December 2001......Dylan Covers on Christmas Albums

January, 2001 Jerry Garcia Band
US CDx2 CDx2: Arista  18690-2 (1991; US)
This self-titled, live, double CD was recorded in 1990... and includes four extended versions of Dylan songs, including a 12+ minute Tangled Up In Blue.  The four Dylan covers total over 41 minutes.
Dylan Covers:
Simple Twist Of Fate  • I Shall Be Released  • Señor (Tales of Yankee Power) • 
Tangled Up In Blue


February, 2001 Ramblin' Jack Elliott  •  Bull Durham Sacks & Railroad Tracks
US LP LP: Reprise  6387  (US; 1970)
The recent "Ballad of Ramblin' Jack" film and soundtrack sparked renewed interest in Ramblin' Jack Elliott.  This 1970 album, with liner notes by Arlo Guthrie, includes five Dylan songs.
These tracks (minus Girl Of The North Country)  are on the compilation CD  "Me & Bobby McGhee"
Dylan Covers:
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  • Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  • Lay, Lady, Lay  • 
Girl Of The North Country  • With God On Our Side
This album is not in print. Check GEMM for hard-to-find out-of-print music.

March, 2001 Pete Seeger  • Broadside Ballads Vol. 2
US LP LP: Broadside Records  BR 302  (US; 1963)
This second volume in the Broadside series has Pete Seeger performing songs written by Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Tom Paxton and other lesser-known writers. Included was the typical Broadside booklet, with reprints of the Broadside magazine pages where the songs first appeared.  The tiny text used as a background is a newspaper financial page.  The "Little Boxes" sticker was probably added after the success of Pete Seeger's recording of the song for Columbia in early 1964.
Dylan Covers:
Fare Thee Well  • Who Killed Davey Moore?  • Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

This album is not in print. Check GEMM for hard-to-find out-of-print music.

April, 2001 Hugues Aufray    •    à l’Olympia  1964 et 1966
CD (France) CD: Barclay  519 307-2  (France; 1993)
If Aufray Chante Dylan, Aufray Trans Dylan and Au Casino De Paris are not enough for you, 5 live Dylan covers are on this 1993 Barclay CD that combines Hugues Aufray’s 1964 and 1966 live albums.  These five tracks later appeared as bonus tracks on the very rare Dial magazine 1992 version of Aufray Chante Dylan.
Dylan Covers:
N'y Pense Plus Tout Est Bien..(Don't Think Twice It's All Right)(1964)
Les Temps Changent..(Times They Are A-Changin')   (1966)
La Fille Du Nord..(Girl From The North Country)   (1966)
L'Homme Orchestre..(Mr. Tambourine Man)   (1966)
Cauchemar Psychomoteur..(Motorpsycho Nightmare)   (1966)
Order the CD from Amazon.com  •  Check GEMM for hard-to-find and out-of-print music.

May, 2001 Two for the price of one this month! Only one cover on each, but both these studio groups should look familiar, as both recorded full albums of Dylan covers. The common point of these albums is that their Dylan tracks are not on their respective Dylan LPs.
US LP The Sound Symposium  •  Contemporary Composers Interpreted
LP: Dot  DLP 25909  (US; 1969)
This was Sound Symposium's 2nd album, falling between 1968's "Paul Simon Interpreted" and  Bob Dylan Interpreted, which appeared later in 1969.  Along with a 2:56 version of Don't Think Twice,  it included America, another Paul Simon composition. The symbolism of the cover montage of rusty pocket watches, broken jewelry and false teeth is beyond me... perhaps they are meant as artifacts of the previous generation?  The times they are a-changin'?
Dylan Covers:  Don't Think Twice
US LP The Metropolitan Pops Orchestra  •
Plays Instrumental Versions of Peter, Paul & Mary Favorites
LP: Metro  MS-596  (US; 1966)
This album is just one catalog number earlier than Plays Instrumental Versions of Bob Dylan Favorites.  That probably explains why the ubiquitous Blowin' In The Wind was not on the Dylan album.  Read more in the MYSTERIES section.
Dylan Covers: Blowin' In The Wind
~ ~ ~
Check GEMM for hard-to-find and out-of-print music.

June, 2001 Ronnie Hawkins
US LP LP: Cotillion  SD 9019  (US; 1970)
Both sides of this self-titled 1970 album by Ronnie Hawkins start with a Dylan cover.  One More Night on Side 1, and One Too Many Mornings  on Side 2.  Also on the album are 2 early Gordon Lightfoot songs, Bitter Green and Home From The Forest, and several early Rock'n'Roll covers: Carl Perkins' Matchbox, Bo Diddley's Who Do You Love and a remake of Chuck Berry's Forty Days, which had been a minor chart entry (#45) for Hawkins in 1959.
A single from this album, Down In The Alley, peaked at #75.
Dylan CoversOne More Night  •  One Too Many Mornings
This album is not in print.  Check GEMM for hard-to-find and out-of-print music.

July, 2001 Joan Baez   • From Every Stage
US LP LPx2: A&M SP 6506   (US; 1976)   CD: A&M
Joan Baez’s Dylan covers from her A&M albums in the 70s are perhaps overshadowed by her more well-known Vanguard recordings.  This live double-LP was recorded at various venues during her 1975 U.S. tour. It contains five covers, including the then new Lily, Rosemary, and The Jack of Hearts.
Dylan Covers:
Blowin' In The Wind • Forever Young • I Shall Be Released • 
Lily, Rosemary, and The Jack of Hearts • Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word
CD available from amazon.comor amazon.co.ukor amazon.de
The Essential Joan Baez: From The Heart - Live
Karussell 550129-2 (Australia)
This 15 track CD is an abridged version,  all 5 Dylan covers are included.
CD available from amazon.comor amazon.co.ukor amazon.de

August, 2001 i Kings
US LP LP: ? (Italy, 1966)  •  CD: Vinyl Magic  VM 056  (Milan, Italy; 1996)
The CD reissue of a 1966 album by the Italian beat group “i Kings” (The Kings).  There is no information on the CD about the original album, other than the notation “Prodotto su licenza BMG Ricordi S.P.A.”  The album is a collection of mostly well known mid-60s songs, translated into Italian, an exception is If You Gotta Go, Go Now which is sung in English, with vocals by the 17-year-old American bass player, Randy from Boston.  The other four members of the group were 20-22 year olds from Verona, Italy.
Other translated covers include Time Is On My Side, 1-2-3, You Were On My Mind, and She's Not There.
Dylan Covers:    Bambina, non sono io (It Ain't Me Babe) • 
If You Gotta Go, Go Now  •  La Riposta (Blowin' In The Wind)
Check GEMM for hard-to-find music.

September, 2001 Johnny Cash  •  Orange Blossom Special
US LP LP: Columbia CL 2309 (mono) / CS 9109 (stereo) (US, 1965)
This 1965 LP by Johnny Cash has yet to be issued on CD.  While  It Ain't Me Babe  has been included on several of the various-artist Dylan cover collections, it is rare to find all three of Cash's early Dylan covers together.  His later cover of  Wanted Man  is also a favorite track for various artist albums.
Dylan Covers
It Ain't Me Babe  •  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  •  Mama, You Been On My Mind
Remastered CD released 3/02, with bonus earlier version of Mama, You Been On My Mind. Order from..amazon.com

October, 2001 Dean Christopher and his Orchestra  •  Images
US LP LP: Mainstream  MRL-302  (A Red Lion Production)  (US, 1970)
This LP just misses the SHARED category of this site, by virtue of the Dylan mention on the cover (along with 8 other famous names,) but with only 1 Dylan cover (Lay, Lady, Lay) it is disqualified by Rule V-b.  The Beatles and Paul Simon each have 2 compositions covered, and the Peter Paul & Mary cover is of John Denver's Leaving On A Jet Plane.  It's a typical late-60s hits-of-the-day album, played by a small orchestra augmented by guitars, piano and drums.  The album was produced by Bob Shad, the jazz/blues/R&B producer who founded Mainstream Records, and also produced the debuts of Janis Joplin and Ted Nugent.
Dylan Cover:..Lay, Lady, Lay  (instrumental)
This album is not in-print;  check GEMM for hard-to-find music.

November, 2001 Dylan Covers on Non-Dylan Tributes
A question was posted on the Dylan newsgroup asking about Dylan covers on tributes to other artists.  Upon seeing the Garth Brooks tribute New Friends In Low Places and its cover-of-the-cover-of  To Make You Feel My Love, the poser of the question wondered if there were others.   The answer, of course, is yes!
CLICK HERE  for more...

December, 2001.....................Dylan Covers on Christmas Albums
Although Bob has yet to write an overtly Christmas song,  his songs have appeared on Christmas albums.
Edwin Hawkins used  Blowin' In The Wind  on his Christmas album as well as his “Peace is Blowin' In The Wind” album.  Blowin' In The Wind  is also on Peter, Paul & Mary's “A Holiday Celebration” album, recorded live in 1988.  “A Very Special Christmas 2,” 1992's volume of the Special Olympics benefit Christmas albums, contains Sinéad O'Connor's recording of I Believe In You, the song she was scheduled  to sing at Bobfest.
These CDs available from:
Edwin Hawkins Singers: 
Peter, Paul & Mary:
A Holiday Celebration
various artists: 
A Very Special Christmas 2

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