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January 2004......Skeleton Krew   •   The Complete Works
February 2004......Dave's Faves:  Greg Kihn   •   Subterranean Homesick Blues  from  Mutiny
March 2004......Larry Nelson   •   The “In” Harmonica
April 2004......MOOG Does Dylan
May 2004......3 South American covers
June 2004......Chillie Mack’O   • Highway Robbery
July 2004......Tina Harvey   • Tina Harvey
August 2004......The Bosstown Sound
September 2004......Patrick Quillin   • Escape Velocity
October 2004......Celtic from the North Country (Canada, eh!)
November 2004......Find these at you local record shop!
December 2004......Terry Melcher  •  Terry Melcher

January, 2004 Skeleton Krew   •   The Complete Works
Prestige Records  CDSGP 019  (UK, 1992)
Skeleton Krew included 3 Dylan songs on this CD:
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right, She Belongs To Me,  and Knockin' On Heaven's Door.
I couldn't find anything about the band on the internet,  so the liner notes are my only source of information:
“Skeleton Krew are an unusual bunch of musicians collected together... by Paul King to form a unique visual band specializing in skiffle, blues and original material...  All the band cut their teeth on early R&B, blues, skiffle and folk and were prominent members of the seventies music scene- Mungo Jerry, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, The Nashville Teens along with numerous other musical involvements.”
Skeleton Krew consists of Paul King (founding member of Mungo Jerry), Colin Earl (also Mungo Jerry), Colin Pattenden (founding member of Manfred Mann's Earth Band), Ian Campbell (Nashville Teens and Mungo Jerry), and Don (The Skull) Stevens (“origins are unknown”).
Other songs include covers of Donovan's Hey Gyp, Willie Dixon's My Babe, and Woody Guthrie's Gypsey Davey.  One song was written by Ian Campbell, and the remaining 9 originals were written by Paul King.
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February, 2004 Dave’s Faves:  Subterranean Homesick Blues ~ by Greg Kihn   •   Mutiny
CD: Clean Cuts  CCD714  (1994) (USA)  /  Demon  FIENDCD755 (UK)
Greg Kihn enjoyed a successful career in the late 70s and early 80s, but the hits had stopped by the time “Mutiny” was released in 1994.  As a result, this now out of print CD can be found very easily (and very cheaply - see the amazon.com link below) here in the US.  But for Dylan cover collectors it's a must have for it's great cover of  Subterranean Homesick Blues.  Kihn presents SHB in a slow, ballad like arrangement.  He also rearranges some of the verses, so purists may not like it as much as I.
. . .
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March, 2004 Larry Nelson   •   The “In” Harmonica
LP: World Pacific  WP-1836 (mono) / WPS-21836 (stereo)  (1965) (USA)
The rear cover notes for this instrumental album proclaim it the "first LP devoted solely to the harmonica and it's important role in today's folk-rock music."  Larry Nelson was a sought-after studio musician in L.A., after spending four years touring in Duane Eddy's band.  Several famous names appear in the credits, including Billy Preston - piano and organ, Al Casey - guitar and banjo, Jerry Cole - bass and Hal Blaine - drums.  Also playing guitars in the band were Don Peake and Stuart Chadley.  Photo of Larry Nelson... unknown if the autograph is authentic!
The Dylan songs covered are  Ballad Of A Thin Man (Mr. Jones), All I Really Want To Do and She Belongs To Me.
The first two are featured in the liner notes by Richard Oliver:
All I Really Want To Do is another selection which really highlights the aliveness that is possible but is not always practiced with the harmonica. The drive of the folk-rock sound is once more heard along with the harmonica-organ interplay.  And take notice of the solid support offered by Jerry Cole's Fender bass, which acts as an excellent commentary instrument.
The integrality of the entire album comes to a brilliant climax in Mr. Jones. With this hard swinging minor blues, there is the ideal combination of musicians plus the ideal song.  The song "hit" so well with the musicians that they were able to acheive the desired results on one take!  Billy Preston's outstanding talent as an organ player reached it's height in an excellent solo. An interesting note in regards to this selection is that the harmonica is a major, not a minor scale instrument and, therefore, could be limited with such a tune. However, Larry Nelson builds a sensational sound within these limitations; he pushes the instrument to it's limit and beyond.  The results are outstanding; the blues, the beat and the wail are all there.  With Mr. Jones, there is that important addition - “funk!”  In fact, if one needs a label, “funk-rock” would be ideal!
World Pacific released several similar instrumental cover albums, each featuring a stellar lineup of featured and session players.  Two of their earlier releases that are advertised on the back of this LP are already included on Dylan Cover Albums:  Folk 'N Flute  by Bud Shank & The Folkswingers (WP-1819),  and Mr. 12 String Guitar (WP-1835)
This is the third harmonica album to be a Feature here, the others being What's New Harmonicats?  by Jerry Murad's Harmonicats, and  Funk Harmonica!  by Billy Lee Riley.     Search for this and other rare records at:  GEMM

April, 2004 MOOG Does Dylan
The MOOG fad of the late 60s - early 70s passed without giving us any all-Dylan tribute albums, unfortunately (or, maybe, fortunately!)  But the fascination with the new electronic synthesizer didn't miss Bob entirely, as shown by these two LPs.  Each includes a cover of  Lay Lady Lay,  which was also a favorite of the traditional keyboard instrumentalists, such as Ferrante & Teicher and Peter Nero.
Aspiring to be more than just gimicky MOOG albums, both albums presented the MOOG arranged with traditional instruments.  The Plastic Cow featured the MOOG with a standard rock band of guitars and drums, with technical help from synthesizer pioneers Paul Beaver and Bernie Krause.  The Canadian/French production of Claude Denjean mixes the MOOG with drums, bass and organ.
Both albums are well documented on the internet, being favorites of the MOOG & lounge music collectors.  Try a search to learn more.  The Plastic Cow even released an EP in Brazil, with 4 tracks from the LP including Lay Lady Lay  (shown HERE).
The Plastic Cow Goes
MOOG performed
by Mike Melvoin
LP: Dot DLP25961 (US) 1969
Claude Denjean
LP: London  SP 44155 (US)
Decca (UK)  1970
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May, 2004 3 South American covers
Laura Canoura is from Uruguay, but her single Para hacerte sentir mi amor  (Make You Feel My Love)  was a number one hit in Chile for 2 months during 2002.  The CD also contains an acoustic version of the song.  amazon.com

Brazilian singer Renato Russo performs a gender-switched  If You See Him, Say Hello  in English.  Despite the title, this is not a live album.

The Brazilian group Skank performs a Portuguese language, reggae version of 
Tanto (I Want You).

Laura Canoura
Pasajeros Permanantes
CD:Warner Music
3984 26036 2
(Chile)  1999
Renato Russo
The Stonewall
Celebration Concert
CD: EMI  829850 2
(Brazil) 1997
CD: Chaos
(Brazil)  1993

June, 2004 Chillie Mack’O   • Highway Robbery
CD: Spinach Chin Records  (no#)     (US - Dearborn, Michigan) 2000
Chillie Mack'O (a.k.a. Don McAlpine) was a guitarist in The Traitors,  one of the earliest Detroit alt-rock/punk bands.  Don Was was the band's singer.  The Traitors were one of the bands that pioneered the form of popular music during the 70s.  Chillie said “Don Was and I began touting the line that punk rock or new wave had its origins in Detroit.” 
Given that background, the two Dylan covers on this 2000 CD - Mr. Tambourine Man  and Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  are not what one would expect... both are solo  acoustic, surprisingly “normal” folkie renditions!

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July, 2004 Tina Harvey   • Tina Harvey
LP: UK Records/London  UKS 53103     (US LP shown) 1973
I don't know much about Tina Harvey.  I don't even know if she was American or British, UK Records was Jonathan King's New York-based label.  This 1973 LP was produced by King.
Dylan covers are  Like A Rolling Stone  and  Baby, You Been On My Mind,  and also Eric Von Schmidt's Baby Let Me Follow You Down.

Search for this and other rare records at:  GEMM

August, 2004 The Bosstown Sound
Three '60s era Dylan covers from Boston.
Visit The Boston Rock & Roll Museum  to learn more about The Bosstown Sound.
•    •    •
Phluph - "Phluph"  (Verve, 1968)
 Phluph was the Boston answer to The Doors and West Coast psychedelia in general, as evidenced by their organ heavy rendition of
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
The album has been reissued on a hard-to-find CD from Italy.
Search for this and other rare records at:  GEMM
•    •    •
LP:Verve, 1968
The Barbarians
LP: Laurie LLP2033, 1966
A Session with
The Remains
CD: Sundazed SC5069, 
1996   (recorded 1966)
The Barbarians - "The Barbarians" (Laurie LLP2033, 1966)
The Barbarians are one of the best remembered '60s garage bands. Their only album yielded the minor hit Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl, plus their version of  Mr. Tambourine Man. The album has been reissued on CD several times, including the 2000 Sundazed CD with bonus tracks shown above.
•    •    •
The Remains - "A Session with The Remains"  (Sundazed SC5069, 1996)
The Remains are best known as the opening act for The Beatles' 1966 final tour of the US.  They recorded these demos for Capitol in 1966, but eventually signed with Epic, so these recordings remained unissued until this 1996 Sundazed CD with
Like A Rolling Stone

September, 2004 Patrick Quillin   • Escape Velocity
(self released, US, 2003)
Patrick Quillin  wears all the hats on this CD: producer, engineer, arranger, mastering, guitars, keyboards, piano, bass and vocals,  with help from Eric Klein - lead guitar on  D.T.T..
Blowin' In The Wind,  Don't Think Twice  and Make You Feel My Love.
•    •    •

Also available from:cdbaby.com

October, 2004..........Celtic from the North Country (Canada, eh!)
Iron Brew   •   Are You My Sister?
(Iron Filings  9901, Canada, 1999)
Regina, Saskatchewan
All Along The Watchtower
framed by traditional and original pipe music!
(now disbanded)
McNamara & MacDonald
(self released WRC8-7533, Canada, 2001)
Nova Scotia
Just Like A Woman
John MacDonald: voice/guitar/whistle
Charlie McNamara: bass

November, 2004..........Try to find these at your local record shop!
All Along The Watchtower
Jenn Adams
In The Pool
White Boxer Music, 2000
Doug Hoekstra
Around The Margins
Inbetweens 5015, 2001
Mr. Tambourine Man
William Nowik
Notes From The Underground
Last Resort 168-270 031-2, 2003
I Shall Be Released
Erich Russek
What Are You Afraid Of?
Yama Llama 8604, 2004

December, 2004 Terry Melcher
US: Reprise 2185  /  UK: Reprise K54016 (shown)  1974
Terry Melcher, who passed away a few weeks ago, is best known by Dylan cover collectors as the producer of The Byrds' Mr. Tambourine Man  and other early Byrds' covers.  More obscure are the Dylan covers he included on his eponymous 1974 album.  Terry recorded  4th Time Around  and used parts of  Positively 4th Street  and  Like A Rolling Stone  in a medley with his own  Halls of Justice.
•    •    •

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