Title List of Bob Dylan UNofficial CDs

Last updated 30 July 1998.

T = Townsend number.
Note that between 499 and 500 the numbers from 001 to 099 were used.

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T Title Label
:480 :1965 Revisited 14 CD Deluxe Box Set :Great Dane : :003 :20/20 Vision -2CD :Red Sky :385 :30 Years On The Road :Red Sky Records :311 :7 Years of Bad Luck :Spank :490 :A Dream Came True :Genschman Records :100 :A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall :Drive :451 :A Million Faces At My Feet :Tuff Bites :099 :A Night To Remember :Amsterdam :178 :A Slice Of Swingin' Pig :Swingin' Pig :392 :A Week In The Life :Gold Standard :521 :Acetates On The Tracks Vol 1 :Howlin' Wolf :524 :Acetates On The Tracks Vol 2 :Howlin' Wolf :539 :Acetates On The Tracks Vol 3 :Howlin' Wolf :109 :Acoustic Set NYC 1963 :Koine :102 :Acoustic Troubadour :Vigotone :258 :After The Crash Vol 1 :Big Pink :259 :After The Crash Vol 2 :Big Pink :557 :After The Heart Attack Vol 1 :Midas Touch :558 :After The Heart Attack Vol 2 :Midas Touch :352 :Alias: The Sideman Story, Vol. 1 :Diamonds In Your Ear :353 :Alias: The Sideman Story, Vol. 2 :Diamonds In Your Ear :354 :Alias: The Sideman Story, Vol. 3 :Diamonds In Your Ear :091 :Alias - The Sideman Story - 4CD :Diamonds In Your Ear :092 :Alias Vol 5 :Diamonds In Your Ear :035 :All Along The Roseland -2CD :Ying Yang Records :067 :All Hallows Eve And More :Midnight Beat :140 :All The Way Down To Italy :Templar :535 :Almost Went To See Elvis :Front Row Centre :493 :Always Down The Road :Arriba :193 :American Dream (Springsteen) :Red Phantom :511 :Ancient Odes :Watch Tower :248 :Anniversary Concert, The :Imtrat :287 :Answer Me :Wanted Man Music WMM 020/021 :241 :Apollo Landing :Inside Records :485 :Are You Ready For The Carnival? :Jokerman :515 :As Good As It Gets :Diamonds In Your Ear :368 :At The Flood :Dynamite Studio :336 :At The Warehouse :Trade Mark Of Quality :475 :Avignon :Moonlight :095 :Baby Let Me Follow You Down :Alegra :545 :Back At The Wolftrap :Q Records :414 :Bakhalls Litterara Roster :Bakhall :194 :Ballad Of A Blue Poet :American Concert Series :551 :(Bathed In A Stream Of) Pure Heat :Q Records :564 :Be My Guest :Blue Eyes Records :007 :Beacon Blues Again :Wanted Man Music :233 :Before And After The Flood :Unbelievable Music :234 :Before The Crash Vol 1 :Music With Love :235 :Before The Crash Vol 2 :Music With Love :305 :Before The Flood And After The Fire :Luna :228 :Belgrad '91 :Red Sky :292 :Best Of Bob Dylan's Anniversary Concert, The :Imtrat :527 :Best Wishes :Watchtower :083 :Big Bob And Holding Company :none :295 :Blackbushe :Wanted Man Music WMM 024/025/026 :520 :Blood On The Tapes :Columbus :361 :Blowin' In The Wind :I Miti Del Rock :073 :Blown Out On The Trail :Moontunes :400 :Blue Eyed Boston Boy :The Razors Edge :034 :Bob And Jerry -3CD :BAJ :094 :Bob Dylan :Concert Series :275 :Bob Dylan :Rainbow :411 :Bob Dylan And The Never Ending Tour Band :none :093 :Bob Dylan Live :D V More :151 :Bob Dylan Live :D.V. More :276 :Bob Dylan Live :TDM :331 :Bob Dylan With The Grateful Dead Live, Vol. 1 :Joker :331 :Bob Dylan With The Grateful Dead Live, Vol. 2 :Joker :118 :Bob Dylan's Dream Vol 1 :Living Legend :105 :Bob Dylan's Dream Vol 2 :Living Legend :463 :Bob's Full House :Sterling Sounds :517 :BobFest Rehearsals :Yellow Cat :286 :Bootleg, The :Wanted Man Music WMM 022 :216 :Border Beneath The Sun :Silver Rarities :280 :Born Again Music, The :Flashback :325 :Breadcrumb Sins :The Razors Edge :372 :Breakfast in Yokohama :Cherry Blossom :042 :Brian Wilson; Sweet Insanity (1 BD track) :Invasion Unlimited :494 :Brixton Blues -2cd :KTS :441 :Broadside :Gunsmoke Records :269 :Buffalo Skinners :Dream Tree Records :277 :Bye Bye Johnny :On Stage :189 :Can You Please Tell Me What I'm Doing Here? :none :554 :Can't Wait Vol 1 :Exclusive Series :175 :Captain Ahab's Dream :Rockland :250 :Celebration Night :Rare Life Treats :488 :Charlie's Choice :RR :500 :Christiania :Crystal Cat :204 :Circus Is In Town, The :none :052 :Clapton; Play With God And Die (1 BD track) :Asian Trading :210 :Clean Cuts :Sick Cat :005 :Cocaine Blues :Line :159 :Collection :Imtrat :029 :Come Baby Rock Me :Red Sky :021 :Complete Collection (Wilburys) :none :479 :Complete Last Waltz 4 CD :Cool Daddy Productions : :460 :Completely Unplugged :Moontunes :182 :Contract With The Lord (Part 1) :Silver Rarities :183 :Contract With The Lord (Part 2) :Silver Rarities :173 :Covering Them :Postscript :192 :Covering Them (U2) :Golden Stars :246 :Creatures Void Of Form :The Razors Edge :396 :Critic's Choice, Vol. 1 & 2 :Wanted Man Music WMM 052/053 :397 :Critic's Choice, Vol. 3 :Wanted Man Music WMM 054 :398 :Critic's Choice, Vol. 4 :Wanted Man Music WMM 055 :019 :Critics Choice Vol 7 :Wanted Man Music :020 :Critics Choice Vol 8 :Wanted Man Music :546 :Crossing The Great Divide :Scorpio :530 :Dallas, Texas :Watchtower :512 :Dance Beneath The Diamond Sky :Kiss :207 :Dancing In The Dark :Rockland :062 :Dancing In The Dark -2CD :Moonlight :306 :Dared To Be Free :Rock Calendar :016 :Darkness At The Break Of Noon :The Razor's Edge :264 :Day Before The Hurricane, The :none :211 :Days Before Hard Rain, The :none :267 :Dead Play Dylan, The (Grateful Dead) :Real Live :369 :Deep Blue Sea :Internatinal Broadcast Recs 369 :425 :Dignity :Moonlight :374 :Dinner in Osaka :Cherry Blossom :348 :Dirty Lies :Wanted Man Music WMM 045/046 :323 :Discover Broken :Off Beat :142 :Documents Of Bob Dylan (Vol 1) :Magic Music :143 :Documents Of Bob Dylan (Vol 2) :Magic Music :144 :Documents Of Bob Dylan (Vol 3) :Magic Music :145 :Documents Of Bob Dylan (Vol 4) :Magic Music :382 :Don't Dream Your Life :Diamonds In Your Ear :070 :Down In The Basement :Moonlight :146 :Down In The Flood :Archivio :468 :Down In The Flood :Money-Maker Records :063 :Down To The Earth :MUM :107 :Dr Zimerman's Old Time Hootenanny :Archive :283 :Driftin' Too Far From The Shore :Wanted Man Music WMM 013 :119 :Dublin, May 5th, 1966 :Bulldog :135 :Duelling Banjo's :Pappilion :370 :Duets :Rock Calendar :307 :Dust My Broome :Front Row :161 :Dylan :Laserlight :251 :Dylan Forever :Top :465 :Dylan Gets To The Point :White Rabbit :032 :Dylan plays Dead :The Razors Edge :101 :Dylan's Roots, The :Skeleton :436 :Dynamic Live :Apple House :051 :EC; No Reason To Cry Sessions (1 BD track) :none :474 :El Grande Del Rock Americano :Class :071 :Escaping On The Run Vol 1 :Moonlight :072 :Escaping On The Run Vol 2 :Moonlight :087 :Every Night About This Time :Oxygen :510 :Exclusive Series '93-'96 :none :065 :Exclusive Series '94 :none :066 :Exclusive Series '95 :none :509 :Exclusive Series '96 :none :544 :Eyes Of The Idol :Q Records :464 :F*** The Playlist :Sterling Sounds :487 :Far East Tour 1978 -3cd :Great White Wonder :383 :Farewell Bloomfield :Cuttlefish Records :263 :Fifth Time Around :Kiss The Stone :011 :Finally Live At Woodstock '94 :Front Row Meteor :156 :Finjan Club, Montreal, Canada :Yellow Dog :327 :First Supper :Wanted Man Music WMM 045/046 :429 :Flagging Down The Double E's :The Razor's Edge :147 :Flashing For The Refugees :Speedball :270 :Folk :Cambio 16 :200 :Folksinger's Choice :Yellow Dog :013 :Food For Your Ears :Wall Of Sound :009 :Forever Young :Gamble Records :540 :Fort Worth 1974 :Amsterdam :448 :Foxboro :Yellow Cat :304 :Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes, The :Vigitrone :291 :French Girl, The :Silver Rarities :017 :Friend Of The Devil -2CD :Wanted Man :205 :Friend To The Martyr, A :Silver Rarities :023 :Friends & Other Strangers :Moontunes :219 :From Broadway To The Milkyway :Real Live :389 :From The Coast Of Barcelona - 1984 :The Razors Edge :390 :From The Coast Of Barcelona - 1993 :Black Coat :394 :From The Mountains Of Madrid :The Razors Edge :050 :G'ful Dead; Estimated Prophets -2CD (1 BD tr) :Stortebeker :104 :Gaslight Tapes :Laser :308 :Genuine Basement Tapes I-II :Images :186 :Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 1, The :none :187 :Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 2, The :none :222 :Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 3, The :none :223 :Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 4, The :none :224 :Genuine Basement Tapes Vol 5, The :none :074 :Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2 :Scorpio :415 :Get Loud :Cuttlefish :129 :Get Ready! Tonight Bob's Staying Here With You :Great Dane :401 :Getting Harder And Harder :Red Sky :046 :Giants Of Rock'n'Pop (2 BD tracks) :Imtrat :149 :Go Ahead With A Dead :Raid Masters :208 :Going To Arlington :Silver Rarities: :238 :Golden Vanity :Wanted Man Music WMM 002 :226 :Great White Wonder Vol 2 :Great Dane :274 :Greatest Hits / Live :Alpharecord :010 :Greatest Hits Live :Arriba :096 :Greatest Hits Live :Chartbusters :001 :Guided By The Eternal Light -2CD :Tuff Bites :199 :Guitar Legends :Save The Earth Love The Music :024 :Guitars Kissing & the Contemporary Fix :Scorpio 51766A and 51766E :111 :Halloween Mask :WPOCM :293 :Hammersmith Highlights :One Over The Gate :362 :Happy Birthday Jimy (sic) :JMH Records :453 :Hard Times At Marseilles :Moonlight Records :355 :Hard Times In Alabama :Real Live :518 :Hard Times In New York City :RZ :004 :Hard To Find :Effective Mining Records :503 :Hard To Find Vol 3 :Effective Mining :507 :Hard To Find Vol 4 :Effective Mining :064 :Hard To Find Volume 2 :Effective Mining :244 :Have Mercy :Diamonds In Your Ear :561 :Hear The Document :Scorpio :502 :Heartbreaker Blues :Temple Records :428 :Hearts Of Fire Sessions :Countdown Factory :048 :Heroes Of The 60's -2CD (1 BD track) :The Easy Rider Years :526 :Highway 49 Revisited :none :174 :Highway 61 Revisited Again :none :565 :Highway Of Diamonds Vol 2 :Westwood One Entertainment :344 :Himself :Tuff Bites :347 :Hold The Fort (Lock Up The Warehouse) :Wanted Man Music WMM 040/041 :265 :Hold The Fort For What It's Worth :none :562 :Hollis Brown At Ivy :none :550 :House Of The Blues :none :078 :Hunted (Like A Crocodile) :Gashcat Unpunished :177 :Hurricane Carter Benefit, The :OMBS :432 :I & I :That's Life :084 :I Am The Real Bob Dylan (4 BD tracks) :Electric :132 :I Was Young When I Left Home :Golden Stars :491 :I'll Be Your Robert Today :Genschman Records :523 :I've Got A Song To Sing :none :371 :If My Thought Dreams Could Be Seen :Rocks :262 :If Not For You :Red Phantom :364 :If Not For You : :282 :Illusion Of Time, The :One Over The Gate :284 :Important Words :Wanted Man Music WMM 014 :168 :In Concert :Starlife :455 :In Concert :Capricorn :541 :In Concert :Wild Wolf :169 :In Concert (Alternative Content) :Starlife :225 :In The Garden :Kiss The Stone :213 :In The Heart Of Oregon :Flamingo :433 :In The Studio :Countdown Factory :206 :In The Summertime :Railway :454 :Infinity On Trial :Wanted Man Music WMM 062/063 :457 :Inside The Coliseum :Grunt :470 :Into The Flood :Largo, Maryland :321 :Isle of Wight :Wanted Man Music WMM 039 :028 :It Ain't Me Babe :Whatever :297 :It Ain't Me Babe :Thin Man :519 :It Takes A Lot To Laugh :none :486 :It's All Right, Babe -2cd :Jokerman :481 :It's Alright -2cd :none :341 :Japan 1994 :none :301 :John Birch Society Blues :Exit Records :418 :Jokerman :Red Sky :338 :Jokerman And Queen Mary :none :220 :Jokerman Has Left The Stadium, The :Sound Bites :375 :Just Like Zimmerman :RAG :528 :Just The Girls :Watchtower :185 :Keep In Touch With The Antichrist :American Concert Series :054 :Keith Richards; Exposures (1 BD track) :Silver Shadow :552 :Knight Of The Hurricane :The Razor's Edge :038 :Knockin On Foxboro's Door :Stortebeker :025 :Laguna Beach - 2CD :Wanted Man Music :419 :Lake Compounce :Audifon :209 :Learning The Game (Keith Richards) :Rhythm Music :299 :Leicester 66 :none :407 :Les Temps Changent :Silver Rarities :098 :Lessons In Endurance III (1 BD track) :Rhino Horn Productions :333 :Life Takes Livetakes :Diamonds In Your Ear :122 :Like A Rolling Stone :Vulture Records :273 :Like A Rolling Stone :The Easy Rider Years :179 :Live :Silver Shadow :427 :Live :Mainline Music :424 :Live Adventures :Sounds Alive :302 :Live And Alive :Imtrat :334 :Live At The Pitstop '78 - Gaza Strip :Wanted Man Music WMM 043/044 (none?) :449 :Live At The Warehouse :Yellow Cat :279 :Live Dylan With The Band,The :Black Panther :124 :Live In England May 1966 :Back Trax :190 :Live In Evanston :Real Live :257 :Live In London 1965 :Il Dizionario Del Rock :163 :Live In New York 1963 :Black Panther :112 :Live In New York 1964 :Document :154 :Live In New York 1964 :Black Panther :162 :Live In Newport :Black Panther :113 :Live In Newport 1965 :Document :172 :Live In Newport 1965/London 1966 :Il Dizionario Del Rock :139 :Live In San Fransisco 1975 :Super Golden Radio Shows :158 :Live USA :Imtra :115 :Live With The Band Al Kooper... :Document :136 :Live! The Silver Wilburyss :SWP :330 :Ljubljana '91 :Red Sky :123 :London, May 26th, 1966 :Bulldog :039 :Lonesome L.A.Town :Stortebeker :260 :Lonesome Town Vol 1 :Flamingo :303 :Lonesome Town, Vol. 2 :Flamingo :218 :Long Distance Operator :Wanted Man Music WMM 001 :014 :Loud And Strong -2CD :White Rabbit :417 :Love Minus Zero :Invasion Unlimited :548 :Love Sick At Wembley Arena :Crystal Cat :128 :Love Songs For America :Swingin' Pig :357 :Lucky 13 :Gold Standard :506 :Lucky Luke :Vagabond Wilbury Record Co :531 :Lucky Not To Be Destroyed :Lucky Records :423 :Lucky Old Sun :Pipeline :373 :Lunch In Tokyo :Cherry Blossom :229 :Madison '91 :Red Sky :495 :Maestro -2cd :QR :120 :Manchester Prayer :Swingin' Pig :381 :Master Of Woodstock :none :027 :Masters Of War :Whatever :342 :Masters Of War :none :097 :May I Have A Record Contract (1 BD track) :CDJ :126 :Meets George Harrison And Johnny Cash :Living Legend :290 :Melbourne :Wanted Man Music WMM 007 or 023 :236 :Melbourne, Australia :none :237 :Melbourne, Australia :Wanted Man Music BD-93-15-02 :363 :Men of Peace :Art Of Music :379 :Meran' 92 :none :202 :Midfyn :Full Flyte :547 :Million Miles :Exclusive Series :127 :Ministrel Boy :WPOCM :242 :Modern Ministrel :Wanted Man Music WMM 003/004 :384 :Mono Mixes :Gold Standard :103 :Montreal 1962 / New York 1961 :Evil :125 :More Music From Big Pink :The Early Years :002 :More Sunrises :Red Sky :130 :Moving Violation :Condor / Toasted :359 :Mr. Tambourine Man, Vol. 1 :Banana :360 :Mr. Tambourine Man, Vol. 2 :Banana :313 :Mr. Tambourine Man, Vol. 3 :Banama :314 :Mr. Tambourine Man, Vol. 4 :Banama :227 :Musica & Musica :Musica & Musica :386 :Naked In The Jungle :Gold Standard :387 :Napoleon In Rags :The Razors Edge :377 :Nashville 1969 :TNT Studio :022 :Never ending Tour Rehearsals -2CD :Moon :203 :Never Ending Tour, The :Deep Records :538 :Never Mind The Bollocks.. :Digital Sounds :405 :New Found Faith :Wanted Man Music WMM 058/059 :180 :New Morning :Great Live Records :148 :New York City '74 :Red Sky :461 :New York City '94 :Red Sky Records :556 :New York Sessions :Scorpio :395 :No Photographs Please :Wanted Man Music WMM 051 :402 :No Time To Think :Red Sky :477 :North Stage :Crystal Cat :522 :North Wind Blowing :Kiss The Stone :533 :Northern Songs :Amsterdam :555 :Not Dark Yet :Arts & Entertainment :413 :Not Much Is Really Sacred :none :329 :Nothing But You :Red Sky :114 :Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears :Swingin' Pig :447 :Now's The Time For Your Tears :Wanted Man Music WMM 061 :231 :Odds And Ends :Sick Cat :337 :Oh Mercy Outtakes :Wanted Man Music WMM 042 :294 :Oh The Streets Of Rome :Wanted Man Music WMM 031/032 ??? :537 :Okayama :none :201 :Old Orchard Beach :Red Sky :191 :Olympic Pleasure :Abacus :529 :On A Night Like This :Watchtower :504 :One For The Road :Oil Well :456 :One Hand Waving Free :Tuff Bites :212 :Orbiting Uvula :Turtle :198 :Original Recordings - Live :Golden Age :406 :Outside The Empire :Wanted Man Music WMM 031/032 ??? :408 :Over The Broken Glass :Cracker :513 :Paradise Hawaiian Style :Kiss :077 :Paradise Regained -2CD :The Razor's Edge :106 :Paranoid Blues :Diamonds In Your Ear :391 :Peco's Blues :Spank :484 :Phantoms Of My Youth -3cd :none :026 :Phoenix :Typhoon :272 :Picnic At Blackbushe, The :Hollow Horn :367 :Pill-Box :TNT Studio :420 :Pittsburgh 94 :Red Sky :266 :Play Fucking Loud :Supersound :501 :Pledging My Time :Crystal Cat :525 :Plymouth Rock :none :138 :Political World :Westwood :324 :Positively Far East :Off Beat :340 :Positivery 4th Night :none :278 :Positivly 4th Street :Crocodile Beat :358 :Possum Belly Overalls :Gold Standard :134 :Precious Memories :Three Cool Cats :133 :Press Conferences 1986 :Hearts Of Five :160 :Prophet And The Clown, The :Buy Or Die :551 :(Bathed In A Stream Of) Pure Heat :Q Records :008 :Rare Acoustic '94 :Imtrat :170 :Rare Live Performances :Magic Music :426 :Real Live Outtakes :Yellow Cat :089 :Remember Woodstock (1 BD track) :none :514 :Renaldo & Clara :Noriaa Records :031 :Revisiting Autobahn 95 :Zimmerman Records :006 :Rich For Poor -2CD :Rambling Cowboy :068 :Ring Them Bells :Moonlight :296 :Rio :Meteorite :319 :Rise Again :Wanted Man Music :150 :Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame :Living Legend :090 :Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame - 6CD (5 BD tracks) :Moonraker :310 :Rock Legends II :I Miti Del Rock Live :049 :Rock The Blues -2CD (1 BD track) :The Easy Rider Years :197 :Rockstars In Concert :Stemra :335 :Rolling Thunder Revue :Flashback :443 :Romantic Facts Of Musketeers :none :188 :Rooftop Serenade :none :018 :Roseland -2CD :Wanted Man Music :345 :Rough Cuts :Gold Standard :346 :Rough Cuts :Black Nite Crash :121 :Royal Albert Hall 1966 :Swingin' Pig :131 :Rundown to Maggie :Diamonds In Your Ear :055 :S'teen; Lucky People Everywhere (1 BD track) :Living Legend :476 :Salt For Salt :Crystal Cat :088 :San Fransiscan Nights :International Broadcast Recordings :230 :San Fransisco Bay Blues :Live Style Discs :117 :San Fransisco Press Conference, The :Sound Publishing :268 :San Jose '92 :Arriba :215 :San Jose Revisited :Kiss The Stone :434 :San Raphael Rehearsals vol 1 :Yellow Cat :435 :San Raphael Rehearsals vol 2 :Yellow Cat :542m:Satisfied Man :Blue Eye Records :328 :Second Supper :Wanted Man Music WMM 049/050 :416 :Sensei :Home :152 :Session, The :Black Panther :045 :Seville Nights -2CD (2 BD tracks) :Buccaneer records :300 :Shadows In The Sounds :Cosmic Thrills :085 :Shake Rattle & Roll (1 BD track) :Mid Music :298 :Shinning At The Beacon :Cosmic Thrills :469 :Simple Man Kept Waiting :Asian Trading :563 :Singing With The Crow :Kobra :356 :Sings For His Supper :Gold Standard :041 :Sings The Body Electric -2CD :Parrot :082 :Skeleton Songs :Happyweed :442 :Skipping Reels That Rhyme :none :239 :Solid Rock :Wanted Man Music WMM 005/006 :181 :Something Else :Flamingo :081 :Something Is Happening Here - 2CD :Lucky Records :320 :Songs for Patty Valentine :Wanted Man Music WMM 038 :549 :Songs From The Soundboard '97 :none :444 :Songs Of Darkness Songs Of Light :The Razor's Edge :439 :Songs That Made Him Famous :Tuff Bites :040 :Sooner Or Later :Stortebeker :505 :Soul :Kiss :466 :Sounds Inside My Mind :The Razor's Edge :195 :Special Night Special Guest :American Concert Series :221 :Stadiums Of The Damned :Kiss The Stone :285 :Staying Here With You :Wanted Man Music WMM 018/019 :030 :Stop Crying :Red Sky :116 :Striptease :Condor/Toasted :155 :Stuck Inside Of New York :Kiss The Stone :446 :Stuck Inside Of Roseland :Meteor Front Row :450 :Studs Terkel's Wax Museum :Yellow Dog :403 :Stumblin' Along :Hawk :247 :Subterranean Philadelphia Blues :Dream Tree Records :033 :Summer Night 1995 -2CD :Q :498 :Summer Tour 1995 Vol. 1 -2cd :none :499 :Summer Tour 1995 Vol. 2 -2cd :none :543 :Tailgates & Substitutes :none :240 :Tales Of Yankee Power :Wanted Man Music WMM 011/012 :108 :Talking Too Much :WPOCM :421 :Tangle Up In Blue :Live Line :036 :Tangled Up In New York :Stortebeker :232 :Taste A Slice Of Swingin' Pig :Swingin' Pig :245 :Tell It Like It Is :Spacematic :536 :Tempest Storm :Theramin Music :243 :Temples In Flames :Wanted Man Music WMM 008/009/010 :322 :Testament: Rare And Unreleased :Living Legend :141 :Thank You Ev'rybody :NYS Record Company :037 :The Ballad Of Bob And Jerry :Stortebeker :452 :The Banjo Tape and NYC Town Hall :Yellow Dog :326 :The Complete Supper Club :Rocks :404 :The Critics Choice Vol 5&6 :Wanted Man Music WMM 056/057 :496 :The Day I Saved The Planet... :Diamonds In Your Ear :317 :The Deeds of Mercy :The Razor's Edge :351 :The Dylan/Cash Sessions :Spank :471 :The Early Years Vol 1 :Winged Wheel :472 :The Early Years Vol 2 :Winged Wheel :079 :The Emmett Grogan Acetates :Gunsmoke :482 :The Emmett Grogan Acetates :Capricorn Records :075 :The Empire Strikes Back -2CD :Laughing Camel :393 :The Genuine Bootleg Series :Scorpio :315 :The Golden Wilburys :Front Row :047 :The Greatest Hits Vol IV -2CD (1 BD track) :The Easy Rider Years :080 :The Greatest Single Ever Made :none :431 :The Hidden TV Shows :Angry Dino :366 :The Last Night Stand : :012 :The Legend's Live :SW :316 :The Live Dylan :Black Panther :349 :The Lonesome Sparrow Sings :Black Nite Crash :053 :The Lost Lennon Tapes Vol One (1 BD track) :Living Legend :508 :The Maine Event :The Razor's Edge :409 :The Man, The Master :Banzai :076 :The Midas Touch -2CD :The Razor's Edge :318 :The Minnesota Tapes :Wanted Man Music WMM 033/034/035 :380 :The Never Ending Tour :Take It Or Leave It :015 :The Pedlar Now Speaks -2CD :The Razor's Edge :483 :The Poet & The Players -2cd :none :560 :The Private Affairs Of Bob Dylan :Satintone :462 :The Real Sound :Red Sky Records :399 :The Real Voice of America :Tuff Bites :069 :The Unreleased Live Album :Moonlight :388 :The Wiener Club Of Spalding :Rocks :438 :The Witmark Years :Capricorn :458 :There Is A Place Of Broken Dreams :Flashback :164 :They Don't Deserve It :L.C.Music :350 :Thin Wild Mercury Music :Spank :249 :This One's For You Bob :Angry Dino :378 :Through A Bullet Of Light :Golom :343 :Through A Glass Darkly :The Razors Edge :288 :Toad's Place Vol 1 :Wanted Man Music WMM 027/028 :289 :Toad's Place Vol 2 :Wanted Man Music WMM 029/030 :261 :Tomorrow Nights :none :196 :Total Thing, The :Red Phantom :252 :Tribute :Living Legend :253 :Tribute To Bob Dylan And More, A :none :254 :Tribute, The :Rockdreams :365 :Triple Night : :184 :True Confessions :Swingin' Pig :410 :True Stories :Meteor :110 :Twelve Curses :The early Years :440 :Twelve Shillings A Pound :none :057 :U2; Cover Of Love -2CD (4 BD tracks) :none :056 :U2; Covering 'em -2CD (4 BD tracks) :none :058 :U2; New Horizon -2CD (2 BD tracks) :Flashback :059 :U2; Ultra Rare Trax No 3 (1 BD track) :none :060 :U2; Ultra Rare Trax Vol 3 (1 BD track) :none :459 :Uncut Unplugged :C-Nine Records :478 :Unplugged/Half Cut :Excalibur :467 :Unplugs It Once More :Tuff Bites :489 :Unsurpassed Masters :Hard Rain :281 :Van Morrison Meets Bob Dylan :Living Legends :043 :Van Morrison; At The Playhouse (1 BD track) :Yellow Dog :271 :Vastly Original Work :none :437 :Visit To Islael (sic) :Cuttlefish :137 :Volume Four :In The Groove :165 :Volume Four & A Half :Adam VIII Ltd :153 :Volume Two :Goblin Records :176 :Volume Two :Beta Records :214 :Wanted Man :Kiss The Stone :217 :Warfield, The :Flashback :532 :Washington 1994 :Amsterdam :086 :Watching The River Flow :Tarantula :559 :Weekend At Wolftrap :Scorpio :339 :Welcome Back :none :376 :What's Real :TNT Studio :255 :When Friends Are Coming :none :534 :Wicked Messenger :none :430 :Wild Cathedral Evening :Grunt :256 :With A Little Help From My Friends :none :171 :With A Little Help FromTwo Stones :The Grand Pick :445 :With One Hand Waving Free :Hard Rain :497 :With One Hand Waving Free Vol 2 :Hard Rain :312 :Witmark Demos 1962-64 :Off Beat Records :061 :Wolftrap :Moonlight :044 :Woodstock '94 -10CD (1 BD CD) :Baby Capone :412 :Woodstock 1994 :none :422 :Woodstock Revisited :DvGIG :473 :Yesterday :Winged Wheel :553 :You Ain't Goin' Nowhere :Exclusive Series :166 :You Can't Kill An Idea (Part 1) :Silver Rarities :167 :You Can't Kill An Idea (Part 2) :Silver Rarities :309 :You Don't Know Me; 30 Years in the Life of the Poet :Great Dane :492 :You Figure It Out :Hawk :157 :You Gotta Serve Somebody :Musichien :516 :You May Call Me Zimmy :Lucky Records
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