Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2000

Greetings from the DEEP.....hope all you readers out there (3 or
4 at least, by now) enjoyed the Holidays and here's wishing you a
safe and happy New Year. A flurry of activity lately has left us
with some compelling content which is surveyed below. I can't
recall when such a fine spate of releases last hit but these are
sure to sate the appetities of many, at least until the
magnificent Fall '98 run starts appearing. So, dive in and we'll
see you next time around. Oh, by the pay a visit to
the excellent FIELD RECORDINGS site, another valuable resource
when requiring information on the "underground" (and it's
alphabetical, too!!!).


T-670 "ATLANTIC CITY 27.02.99 Mixing Desk (sic**)" (No label)
 (1)(Atlantic City, NJ); February 27, 1999 early show
 (2)(Atlantic City, NJ); February 27, 1999 late show
 Tracks: 26     Times: 76/78   Source: Aud   Quality: VG+++

Both Atlantic City Feb 99 shows, complete, on two disks in "just
shy of excellent" audience quality but by no means from the
mixing desk. Could be the taper sat "IN" the mixing desk area but
this recording is most assuredly not taped "FROM" it :-) Both
performances are quite good, the sound is there and it's a shame
that BD chose not to be a little more adventurous with the set
list. Still, a few gems include Lay Lady, Big Girl, She Belongs
To Me, Friend of the Devil and the Not Fade Away rave-ups, though
the late show NFA is marred by all the a-holes who felt obliged
to storm the stage. I can still hear the jerks outside the doors,
"I touched him, I touched him." What an embarassing scene......
surprised they let anyone on stage at all after that debacle....
anyway, a worthwhile addition to the live canon.

Tracklist: (1) Watching The River Flow, Lay Lady Lay, Can't Wait,
 Just Like A Woman, Silvio, Cocaine Blues, Masters Of War, 
 Tangled Up In Blue, Make You Feel My Love, Highway 61Revisited, 
 Love Sick, Don't Think Twice, Not Fade Away
 (2) To Be Alone With You, You're A Big Girl Now, Can't Wait, She 
 Belongs To Me, Memphis Blues Again, It Ain't Me Babe, Mr. 
 Tambourine Man, Tangled Up In Blue, Friend Of The Devil, Highway 
 61 Revisited, Love Sick, Blowin' In The Wind, Not Fade Away

T-671 "ACOUSTIC THUNDER"  1CD  (Wild Wolf 75/76)  Compilation of 14 SOLO
  acoustic tracks from Rolling Thunder 76 (13) and 75 (1)
Tracks: 14    Time: 69+  Source:Aud/Line   Quality: VG>Exc

This one makes you stand up and take notice. Not a casual listen,
as the quality on some of the tracks, while always very
listenable, requires your rapt attention. Do so, and find
yourself wholly engrossed by the unique performances contained

From the unglitched "Visions" and for-the-ages rewritten "If You
See Her" from Lakeland (previously available on the excellent and
rare "Un1976Titled"), to the haunting "One More Cup Of Coffee"
from Clearwater with Scarlett's breathtaking 1:30+ violin intro
and Dylan's unbelievable vocal performance  (the only cut of the
14 where Dylan is accompanied), to the ultra-rare "It's Alright
Ma," (Mobile-evening)  "Baby Blue" (Houston) and "4th Time
Around" one-off (Maine 11/26/75), to the ever-elusive "Spanish is
the Loving Tongue" from San Antonio, this set showcases the solo
Dylan at his most unique and adventurous best during the RT tour
and includes good quality versions of mainly rare performances.

As mentioned, best to fully immerse yourself in this one while
able to give it your full focus, i.e. car, home alone, head cans.
It yields best results that way, IMO.  Vintage color picture
cover with snazzy design and killer Bob color pic on back cover.
Essential listening.

Visions of Johanna (unglitched) -  Lakeland, FL 4/18/76
 If You See Her, Say Hello (w/all diff lyrics) - same as above
 Tangled Up In Blue - Tampa, FL  4/21/76
 Times They Are A-Changin' - Clearwater, FL  4/22/76 (aft)
 One More Cup Of Coffee - Clearwater, FL 4/22/76 (eve)
 Just Like A Woman - Pensacola, FL  4/28/76
 Mr T Man - Mobile, Ala   4/29/76
 It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) - same as above
 Simple Twist Of Fate - Hattiesburg, Miss  5/1/76
 Love Minus Zero/No Limit - New Orleans, LA 5/3/76 (eve)
 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - Houston, TX 5/8/76
 Spanish Is The Loving Tongue - San Antonio, TX  5/11/76
 It Ain't Me Babe - FT Worth, TX  5/16/76
 Fourth Time Around!!!!! - Augusta, ME  11/26/75*

T-673 "ACROSS THE BORDERLINE"  2CD (Wild Wolf 4-99 1/2)  Europe,
  April/May 1997 compilation + 1
Tracks: 25    Times: 71/70+    Source: Aud    Quality: Excellent

A "(bathed in a stream of) Pure Heat"-like compilation of rarely
played, unique and/or occasionally transcendant performances from
Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy and Austria (plus one) from the
last year of the last century, April and May to be specific,
which equals the aforementioned legendary set in some ways and
eclipses it in others :-O High praise, indeed, but this Wolf is
sure to become just as legandary as its "bathing beauty" cousin
from '97. The tracks are superbly selected and provide an
incredible listening experience from start to finish. 

Smartly separated into acoustic and electric "sets," disk one
contains the most rarely performed tracks - You're Gonna Quit Me,
Trying to Get To Heaven, 4th Time Around, Visions, One Too Many
Mornings, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Back Pages, Hattie Carroll,
Boots of SL, Love -0, Hallelujah - while also including terrific
renditions of warhorses Mr. TMan & Desolation Row. There's not a
one of 'em that Dylan and Band don't seriously invest themselves
in, and the dividends pay off in some of the most startling and
visceral performances in years. Quality is crystal clear and
upfront, with every nuance of strum and voice loud and clear for
maximum enjoyment. Awe-inspiring stuff.

The electric set has its share of rarities also - God Knows, Tom
Thumb, a wonderfully revamped and scaled back Tough Mama, What
Good Am I, Red Sky, If Not 4 U, Senor & Tombstone Blues - but
(surprisingly) the highlights are a monumental "Just Like A
Woman" and ethereal "Not Dark Yet," both so focused and
masterfully sung that the goosebumps emerge. Watchtower and I
Don't Believe you fill out the roster of these 12 electric gems.
From top to bottom, an essential desert island collection that
will wear out your player, smartly (and simply) packaged with
color pics and eye-catching graphics and design.

 You're Gonna Quit Me - 4/8  Oporto 
 Trying To Get To Heaven - 4/7  Lisbon
 Fourth Time Around - 4/13  Santander
 Love Minus Zero - 4/14  Madrid
 Visions Of Johanna - 4/18   Granada
 Mr. Tambourine Man - 4/25  Zurich
 Desolation Row - 4/27   Linz
 One Too Many Mornings - 4/9  Santiago de Compostola
 Boots Of Spanish Leather - 4/30  Vienna
 Tomorrow Is A Long Time - 4/11  San Sebastian
 My Back Pages - 4/27  Linz
 Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll - 4/11  Granada
 Hallelujah I'm Ready To Go  (US Summer '99) No, it's: Vancouver, Canada, June 11, 1999
 God Knows - 4/9   Santiago
 Just Like A Woman - 4/7  Lisbon  (divine)
 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues - 4/14  Madrid
 Not Dark Yet - 4/27  Linz
 Tough Mama - 4/8  Oporto
 What Good Am I - 4/21  Zaragoza
 Under The Red Sky - 5/1  Munich
 If Not For You - 5/1  Munich
 All Along The Watchtower - 5/1  Munich
 I Don't Believe You - 5/2  Milan
 Seľor - 4/15  Valencia
 Tombstone Blues - 4/19   Murcia

"LES BONS MOMENTS"  1CD (Wild Wolf 98/99)  Compilation
   of rarely performed tracks 1998 (5) and 1999 (9)
Tracks: 14   Time: 77  Source: Aud/Line   Quality: Excellent

Another smartly compiled compilation which actually serves as a
"quasi" companion to the above, with the continuing concept of
providing rarely played material alongside some of the more
devastating performances of more frequently played tunes. Just as
enjoyable a listen from start to finish, with terrific quality
throughout and nicely selected tuneage.

There was no shortage of rare gems in late '98 into '99, and high
on any list of transcendant performances was the 11/3/98 "Across
the Borderline," included here, along with the one-off "The Times
We've Known" (Les Bons Moments), the Charles Aznavour tune Dylan
pulled out at the Garden on 11/1/98, introducing it as, "I
usually play these things all to myself but I feel like I'm by
myself now." The former is imbued with a roller coaster Dylan
vocal that runs the table from tough to tender, gently sung at
times but meandering throughout the smooth highs and low groans
as only Dylan can. An exciting take on this one. Elsewhere, who
can tire of other superb renditions of 4th Time Around, Visions,
Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Senor, Blind Willie or I Don't Believe
You, or rare gems like My Blue Eyed Jane, Honky Tonk Blues, Thin
Man w/ horns, Girl From the North Country, RESTLESS FAREWELL &
Friend of the Devil.

From mountain music, to country, to folk to 50's rockabilly, this
set runs the gamut and illustrates the amazing versatility and
command that these guys have of all types of sound, with Bob's
vocals shining throughout. Another keeper.

 Restless Farewell - UCLA 5/21/98
 Blind Willie McTell - Copenhagen 6/11/98
 Tomorrow Is A Long Time - London 6/27/98
 Across the Borderline - Rochester 11/3/98
 The Times We've Known - NY City  11/1/98
 Blue Eyed Jane - Birmingham, Ala  2/7/99
 Honky Tonk Blues - Grand Rapids, MI 2/19/99
 Ballad Of A Thin Man (w/horns) -  same as above
 Friend of the Devil - Binghampton, NY  2/19/99
 I Don't Believe You - Amherst, Mass  2/24/99
 Visions of Johanna - Portland, ME  2/25/99
 Fourth Time Around - Granada, Spain  4/18/99
 Girl From North Country - Valencia, Spain 4/19/99
 Senor - Valencia, Spain  4/19/99

"MASTERS ("  1CD  (Wild Wolf)  13-track compilation 
sourced from pre-download masters
Tracks: 13   Time: 72+    Source: Masters    Quality: A+
A 13-track compilation culled from a master tape source as opposed to a
website download. For comparison, A-B the "Tears of Rage" from
"From the Vaults Vol 1" with the version here - sounds like a
totally different cut. Ditto the "Visions" from 1992 - funny how
there is crowd noise on the "FTV" version that is non-existent on
the version here. In any case, there are 5 performances common to
both, yet the mixes make each seem different . Overall, the
"Masters" versions (mixes) of these five seem more "true" and
robust, with a smoother, fuller sound, with only the Visions from
"FTV" gaining the edge on the "Masters" version, IMO. 

(Alan Fraser's On-line Performances page)

Quality on the tracks here is superb, professionally recorded and
mixed with equal juice to high and low, and smooth as a baby's
ass. Great drum and bass sound, particularly Kemper, who sounds
terrific. Hopefully, more of these will surface but for now
here's what we get:

Not Fade Away - Troy, NY 2/22/99  (50's rockabilly in the 90's, with
   that great "fat" guitar sound)
Man In The Long Black Coat - Tampa, Fl 1/30/99 (haunting)
To Be Alone With You - Troy, NY  2/22/99 (more 50's sound)
Never Gonna Be The Same Again - Tampa, Fl 1/30/99 (dead-on)
Don't Think Twice - Troy, NY  2/22/99 (a great one)
Visions of Johanna - Minneapolis, MN  9/3/92 (
Friend of the Devil - Nurnberg, Ger  5/31/98 (slick picking with Bucky
  standing out, sure to put a grin on your face) 
Watching the River Flow - Tallahassee, FL  2/1/99  (Flashes of Carl
   Perkins and James Burton!!!!!!)
Make You Feel My Love - LosAngeles, CA  5/21/98 (Bob the crooner)
Tears of Rage - NY, NY  1/17/98  (breathtaking, w/great guitars)
Lovesick - NY, NY  2/25/98 ( version, IMO)
Senor - Lucca, Italy  7/6/98 (Bucky shines)
I & I -  Dijon, FR  7/1/98  (spooky sounding version w/snaky guitars)

Wanna know what they really sound like? This'll tell 'ya.
Altogether, a mighty fine listen and great cover shot of Bob in the

DEEP correction:
In my haste to include the ".com Masters" in the
latest edition, I committed the grievous error of
not catching the following erroneous performance

Visions Of Johanna 
- Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME, 25 Feb 1999,  
not from Minneapolis, MN 1992 as listed on the disk. 
(no wonder it sounded different!!!!! :-)  ).

Tears Of Rage 
- RPI Fieldhouse, Troy, NY, 22 Feb 1999
not from NY City, Jan 17, 1998 as listed.  

After the marathon listening session that produced
this edition, vertigo began settling in and must
have adversely impacted my senses. My DEEPest



  Compilation from Spain Apr 99 tour (10), plus three from
  Marseille.  (Note: Performances below are all different
  performances than those on "Across the Borderline" or
  "Les Bons Moments" above, with the exception of the
   three marked *)
Tracks: 13   Time: 78+   Source: Aud   Quality: Excellent

More scintillating offerings from the full-of-riches Spain '99
run plus three others from Marseilles, France. The track list
below speaks for itself, the quality is top notch throughout and
Dylan and crew pretty much nail 'em all. A terrific spin f rom
start to finish, not to mention the wonderful color pic on the
cover and  the eye-catching design work. Another keeper and, as
noted above, all different versions than those on the
compilations above except the three marked *.

TombstoneBlues - Murcia  4/19*
Tomorrow Is A Long Time - Murcia 4/19
4th Time Around - Santander 4/13*
Desolation Row - Gijon 4/10
Everything Is Broken - San Sebastian 4/11
Not Dark Yet - Marseille 4/23
It Ain't Me Babe - Marseilles  4/23
Visions Of Johanna - Marseilles 4/23
MamaYou Been On MyMind - Santander 4/13
One Too Many Mornings - San Sebastian 4/11
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie - Zaragosa  4/24
I Don't Believe You - Granada  4/18
Senor - Valencia  4/15*

"MAPLE LEAF GARDENS 1975"  2CD  (Heartbreakers
   HB 924 1/2) Toronto, Canada, Dec 2, 1975  
Tracks: 20   Times: 53+/51  Source: Audience  Quality: VG+

Finally, a piece to rival the ever-elusive "Flaggin' Down the
Double EE's"....this the complete Dylan performances from the
second Toronto gig. Quality-wise, this set gets the nod over
"Flaggin'...," owing to its overall more robust and fuller sound
at the "bottom." Adjust your ear to this one and then sit back
and revel in all it's raging glory and subtle nuances. Bask in
the "communal vocal" joy of Masterpiece and the next 5 tracks
(including an "Isis" dedicated to Keith Richards), then marvel as
Bob's "sand and glue" (thanks, Ziggy) perfectly mingles with
Joan's "honey" on the five acoustic tracks before Bob lays waste
to all prior tambourine men with a magnificently understated and
fragile reading of the classic, elevating it to new heights. 

Listen in awe through the rest of the acoustic numbers.....the
compelling "Oh,Sister," with its dramatic pauses and Scarlett's
razor sharp violin work.....the knockout "Hurricane, " with Bob
getting so wound up he lets out a rare "Yeahhhh" (I love's so rare that when he does it, you know he's deeply
into it).....the always forceful and haunting "One More Cup Of
Coffee," where Dylan takes us to another place and time with this
strange tale and the unique way he sings/phrases it, not to
mention the undulating nature of his vocals on this one.....then
on to Sara and JLAW, invested with so much feeling that you can't
help but feel his joy and pain.......these are "regal" readings,
performances that deserve better than a good audience recording.

It's scary to wonder the impact these would have should we ever
be blessed with professional recordings......we can only hope.
For now, this will do. 

When I Paint My Masterpiece, It Ain't Me Babe, The Lonesome Death
Of Hattie Carroll, Hard Rain's Gonna Fall, Romance In Durango,
Isis, Blowin' In the Wind, I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, Mama
You Been On My Mind, Dark As A Dungeon, I Shall Be Released, Mr
Tambourine Man, Tangled Up In Blue, Oh Sister, Hurricane, One
More Cup Of Coffee, Sara, Just Like A Woman, Knockin' On Heaven's
Door, This Land Is Your Land.

This one's a limited Japanese Heartbreaker release. Cool cover of
Dylan lying on backstage sofa, strumming guitar, with an RT live
group shot on rear.

   A&R Studios, New York, Sept 12/16/23, 1974 plus Sound 80 
  Studios**, Minneapolis, Dec 27 & 30, 1974 (4)
Tracks:14  Time: 77+  Source:Test Press/Half-Spd Master*  Qual: Ace

A "reissue" of sorts, but with four Sound 80 Studios tracks
appended to the original "BOTT" NY versions. The Sound 80 tracks
- Tangled, Big Girl, Idiot Wind, If You See Her - are sourced
from a BOTT half speed master and sound terrific. All the talk
about being mastered at the correct speed and pitch, well, I'm
not "going there," you'll have to decide for yourself. They do
sound AWFULLY true, though. Packaging remains as originally
issued, with the first-rate gatefold cover design and the Hammill
essay.....the only difference being a "bubble" on the back cover
"announcing" the Sound 80 tracks and an inner tray card listing
the Minneapolis recording info, musicians, etc....I suppose it's
obvious that "Lily.." was excised to facilitate the material
fitting on one disk. See DEEP 70 for the complete rundown on this
set, less the Sound 80 tracks, of course.

DYLAN & SIMON "LIVE IN DENVER 1999"  3CD (Zeus Z901001/2/3)
   June 7, 1999,  McNichols Arena, Denver, CO  complete
Tracks: 31  Time: 172    Source: Aud   Quality: Very Good++

A classy looking Japanese set, housed in a color glossy gatefold
slipcase containing both the Dylan and Simon sets from this date
in very good quality. Outside of "Simple Twist of Fate," a rather
pedestrian Dylan setlist until the encores, which are the
highlight here-Sound of Silence/I Walk the Line>Blue Moon of
Kentucky/ Knockin'. Overall, a fine performance from Dylan, et
al, although far from the spectacular heights they were to scale
in the Fall. A cursory run through the Simon set was highlighted
by the S&G-era tunes...Bridge/Mrs. Robinson.....personally, I
prefer my Paul with some Art, to be honest. Some terrific color
pics of Bob and a rather lengthy essay on the tour grace the
inner gatefold of this one. Snazzy piece on the Japanese Zeus

Dylan: Cocaine/Mr. T Man/Masters/It Ain't Me Babe/TUIB/Watchtower/
Simple Twist/Memphis Blues/Make You Feel MyLove/H61/LoveSick/
RollingStone.  Encores: The Sound of Silence/I WalkThe Line>Blue 
Moon of Kentucky/Knockin'.

Simon: BridgeOver Troubled Water/ Can't Run But/ Boy In Bubble/The 
Coast/T'Ways Bus/Mrs. Robinson/Me&Julio/ Further To Fly/Graceland/
Cool River/Slip Sliding../Diamonds on Soles.../Call Me Al/Late in Evening/
Still Crazy....

"GOD ONLY KNOWS"  1CD (Sunflower Sun 001)  March-May
   1981 United Western, Clover & Rundown Studio sessions
 Tracks: 18   Time: 74    Source: Studio     Quality: Excellent

An exact clone of the rare Dandelion release "Between Saved &
Shot," musically speaking. Packaging is somewhat spartan although
not totally lame, with a nice live color shot on rear. 
See DEEP 79  for a total rundown (no pun intended) of 
the material on this disk.

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