Deep Beneath The Waves 2000

Reviews of UNofficial Bob Dylan CDs, published here with permission. The author wishes to remain anonymous.
Last updated 18 August 2000.

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Deep Beneath The Waves no 81   4 January 2000
T-670 Atlantic City, February 27, 1999
T-671 Acoustic Thunder, Rolling Thunder 76 and 75
T-673 Across The Borderline, Europe, April/May 1997 compilation
T-xxx Les Bons Moments, Compilation of rarely performed tracks 1998 and 1999
T-xxx Masters (
T-xxx Boots Of Spanish Treasures, compilation from Spain Apr 99 tour
T-xxx Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Canada, Dec 2, 1975
T-xxx Blood On The Tracks NY Sessions (+ Sound 80 Masters), New York, Sept 12/16/23, 1974 + Minneapolis, Dec 27 & 30, 1974
T-xxx Dylan & Simon Live In Denver 1999, June 7, 1999, McNichols Arena, Denver CO
T-xxx God Only Knows, March-May 1981 United Western, Clover & Rundown Studio sessions

Deep Beneath The Waves no 82   10 April 2000
T-679 Ace Of Clubs, Eugene, Cincinnati, Detroit and Tramps Summer '99
T-681 From the Vaults, Vol 2, Compilation of tracks
T-677 A Bird's Nest In Your Hair, Earls Court, London, UK, 29 June 1981
T-xxx Rolling Through The Stormy Weather, Vienna, Austria 30 April 1999
T-680 Eating Caviar in A King Size Bed, Minneapolis, MN, 23 Oct 1998
T-678 No More Alibis, Tramps and MMSG, NY City shows July 26/27, 1999 + 1st "Highlands"- Chula Vista
T-668 Honky Tonk Blues, Van Andel Arena (Grand Rapids, MI); February 15, 1999
T-660 In Like Flynn, Flynn, VT 10/11/94
T-661 Legend In His Time, Compilation from a myriad of sources

Deep Beneath The Waves no 83   26 April 2000
T-676 I Was So Much Younger Then, 4 CD box set of early recordings.

Deep Beneath The Waves no 84   18 August 2000
T-685 Genuine Live 1966

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