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Rules for items to be included on the DYLAN COVER ALBUMS website.

VIII. E.P.'s  (Extended-Plays)

The intent of this website is to catalog albums (and EP's) by other artists performing the songs and music of BOB DYLAN.
The albums are arranged in various categories as outlined in the rules below.
An alphabetical list of all albums included on the site is provided on the INDEX page.
Also available is a SONG LIST arranged by title of all the tracks on albums featured within the site.
I make no claims that the information here is complete, but try to add any new discographical information as it becomes known.
NOTE:This website is NOT  intended as a complete list of Dylan covers, for that you should visit Olof Bjorner's IT AIN'T ME, BABE  website

    a. Long-playing record albums (LPs).
    b. Album length CDs. For the purposes of this site, CDs are defined as factory-pressed "silver" CDs.
    c. E.P.s (Extended-Plays) as defined in the E.P. section.
    d. CD-Rs that have a printed or labeled disc and printed inserts, and are intended for public distribution. For the purposes of this site, CD-Rs are defined as recordable CDs (with a blue/green tinted recorded side,)  whether mass-produced or privately-produced.
    e. Cassettes (or other tape formats) are included only if no other format was available, and only if they were officially released.  [Example:  Dinnyés József  & Band Of Memory Ezt Nem Fújta El A Szél]
    f. NOT included are singles or maxi-singles, except when defined as an E.P. (Rule VIII) or Title-Track

    a. The album consists entirely of Dylan compositions, with vocals, and in English.
    b. All tracks are performed by one artist, either solo or as a group.
    c. The album may have a few non-Dylan tracks if Dylan is mentioned in the title. [Example:  Steve Gibbons The Dylan Project] (If the non-Dylan tracks are by another writer also mentioned in the title – see SHARED section.)
    d. In some cases albums are included even if they contain one or two non-Dylan songs, especially if they are somehow Dylan related (about him or a traditional song associated with him.) Also, one non-Dylan track is forgiven if the album is intended as a Dylan tribute. [Example: Insol]

    a. Albums with Dylan songs translated into other languages that qualify under the same rules as the VOCAL section.
    b. All translated albums are listed in the TRANSLATIONS section, even if they only qualify for the SHARED, NEAR-MISSES, E.P.s or VARIOUS ARTISTS  sections.  [Example:  various Bob Dylan Revisitado]
    c. No judgement is made regarding the relation of the translation to the original English lyrics, i.e. if Dylan is credited as writer or co-writer, it is considered a Dylan cover.  [Example:  Oddvar Torsheim Tur-Retur Blues]

    a. Albums with Dylan songs performed as instrumentals that qualify under the same rules as the VOCAL section.
    b. All instrumental albums are listed in the INSTRUMENTAL section, even if they only qualify as SHARED, NEAR-MISSES, E.P.s or VARIOUS ARTISTS   [Example: Glen Campbell  Mr.12 String Guitar]
    c. Albums that contain both VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL tracks are considered VOCAL albums. If the album is obviously intended as an instrumental album and contains minimal vocals, it is listed as an INSTRUMENTAL album.  [Example:  John Schroeder  Dylan Vibrations]
    d. Karaoke and sing-a-long items are NOT included.
    e. Instructional items of any kind are NOT included.

    a. Albums that mention Dylan in the title, or sub-title, in addition to one or more other songwriters. “And others” is acceptable.
            [Example:  Richie Havens Sings Beatles & Dylan]
    b. At least TWO of the tracks must be Dylan covers.

    a. Albums that do not qualify in the regular sections, but contain enough Dylan covers to deserve mention. Albums must satisfy one of these other rules:
    b. At least 50% of the tracks are Dylan covers. [Example:  The Silkie You've Got To Hide Your Love Away]
    c. There are 10 or more Dylan covers, regardless of the percent of total. [Example:  Jimmy LaFave Trail]
    d. The album title is a Dylan title, or derived from one, and the album contains at least 3 Dylan covers.
        [Examples:  Peter Paul & Mary In The Wind;   The Surfaris It Ain't Me, Babe]
    e. The album is somehow related to another included album. [Example:  Flatt & Scruggs Nashville Airplane]
    f.  A compilation with a sub-section titled as a Dylan-covers section. [Example:  Joan Baez  Satisfied Mind]
    g. An executive decision to include it despite failing a thru f. [Example:  The Crust Brothers  Marquee Mark]

    a. Rules for the VOCAL section apply.
    b. Album is performed by more than one artist.
    c. Album may be recorded specifically as a tribute album, or be a compilation of previously recorded tracks.

a. For this section, E.P.'s (Extended-Plays) are defined as more than a 2-track single, and less than a full album, including mini-albums of less than 25 minutes playing time.
    b. All formats are allowed:     c. E.P.'s with at least 3 Dylan covers  (multiple versions of the same song are allowed.)
    d. E.P.'s that mention Dylan in their title,  even with only one Dylan cover.  [Example: Portable Flower Factory]
    e. 2-track 45s with a unique title that mentions Dylan.  [Example:  Peter Paul & Mary Cantano Bob Dylan]