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 Cover albums shared with one or more other songwriters.  See Rule V
Note: Only the Dylan tracks are listed for these albums
The 4 Seasons  •  The Abrams Brothers  •  Alessandro  •  The Beards  •  Cher  •  Country Joe  •  The Flaming Bulldogs  •  Richie Havens  • Peter Isaacson  •  Bettina Jonic  • Greg Lee  •  Pat Nevins  •  The Paragons  • Peace River  •  Jane Reynolds & Johnny Desvan  •  Nina Simone

The 4 SeasonsSing Big Hits By Burt Bacharach... Hal David... Bob Dylan  
Released: 1965
LP: Philips PHM 200-193 (mono) / PHS 600-193 (stereo) (US)
Issued with 3 different sleeves,  known as the  medeival bookyellow book  or  group photo  sleeves
LP: Philips BL 7687  (mono) (UK,  "yellow book")
LP: Philips PHM  200193  (mono) (N.Z., "medeival book")
LP: Philips SFL-7276  (Japan)
LP: Rhino R1 70248  (US,  reissue, group photo)
CD: Rhino R2 70248  (US,  group photo) [37:37]
CD: Ace CDCHD 620  (UK,  2-on-1 with "New Gold Hits")
Dylan content (LP/US CD):  6/12
US Mono LP, original issue US Stereo LP, original issue

Queen Jane Approximately  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Don't Think Twice
(single released as The Wonder Who)  •  All I Really Want To Do  •  Blowin' In The Wind
US 1st LP (Mono)_ US 1st LP (Stereo)
US Mono LP, second issue US Stereo LP, second issue Japan LP US Rhino LP+CD UK Ace CD
US 2nd LP (Mono) US 2nd LP (Stereo) Japan LP US Rhino LP+CD UK 2-on-1 CD

The Abrams BrothersBlue On Brown  
Digital Release/direct from label CD release: 2008   General CD release: 2009
CD: United For Opportunity Music  UFO 1015  (US) [52:04]
Dylan content: 6/12
Canadian bluegrass trio, ages 15-18.  Six Dylan songs + 6 Arlo Guthrie-associated songs.  
Download version available from amazon-mp3.  CD and more info available from UFO Music
.  General release of CD scheduled for 2009.

Nashville Skyline Rag  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  Going, Going, Gone  •  Gotta Serve Somebody  •  Shelter From The Storm  •  Times They Are A-Changin'

The Arlo Guthrie-associated songs: 
Cooper's Lament / Oklahoma Hills / City of New Orleans / Every Hand In The Land / Last to Leave / Last Train

AlessandroSinging Just For You! - Alessandro Sings Dylan And More !!!  
Released: 2002
CD-R: no label or #  (Italy) [73:52]
Dylan content: 11/20
Available free by request (e-mail Alessandro)... Not For Sale
Alessandro Cavazzuti: vocals, guitar & harmonica.
Non-Dylan tracks are three songs that Bob has covered: Soon, Cocaine Blues and You Belong To Me; three Neil Young songs (Hey Babe, The Needles and the Damage Done, Star of Bethlehem);  and 1 each by Gordon Lightfoot (I'm Not Supposed To Care),  Bruce Springsteen (No Surrender) and Lennon & McCartney (Here, There and Everywhere)
Alessandro also appears on  RMD DOES DYLAN  (including a cover of  Tryin' To Get To Heaven,  not on this collection)

I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine  •  4th Time Around  •  Idiot Wind  •  You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go  •  She Belongs To Me  •  Is Your Love In Vain?  •  Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll  •  Visions Of Johanna  •  Billy 1  •  Tomorrow Is A Long Time  •  Love Minus Zero/No Limit

CD-R (Italy)
AlessandroSinging Just For You II - Alessandro Sings Dylan And More  
Released: 2003
CD-R: no label or #  (Italy) [42:01]
Dylan content: 5/12
Available free by request (e-mail Alessandro)... Not For Sale
Alessandro Cavazzuti: vocals, guitar & harmonica.
Non-Dylan tracks are: Friend Of The Devil,  the traditional  Wild Mountain Thyme, Leonard Cohen's  Hallelujah,  and 4 Neil Young covers: Don't Let It Bring You Down, Down By The River, Pocahontas & Mr. Soul.

Po' Boy  •  Emotionally Yours  •  Tryin' To Get To Heaven  •  She Belongs To Me  •  You're A Big Girl Now

CD-R (Italy)
The BeardsDylan and The Band Tribute  
Recorded: 2006  /  Released: Feb. 2008
CD-R: no label or #  (Italy) [--:--]
Dylan content: 6/9
Also a Johnny Cash song.   Recorded Live at The Pour House, Raleigh NC USA - 11/31/06.   Two bonus studio tracks recorded May 2006.
Album available by digital download only.   More info at The Beards' website

Up On Cripple Creek  •  Open The Door Homer  •  Million Dollar Bash  •  Cocaine Blues  [J.Cash]  •  King Harvest  •  Ballad Of A Thin Man  •  Highway 61 Revisited  • 
Bonus studio tracks:  Million Dollar Bash  •  This Wheel’s On Fire
CherSings Sonny Bono, Bob Dylan and Others  
Released: 196?
LP: Liberty LBY 3076  (Italy)
Dylan content: 4/12
see Cher's All I Really Want To Do LP in the near-misses section

Like A Rolling Stone  •  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  •  All I Really Want To Do  •  Blowin' In The Wind

LP (Italy)
Country JoeSongs Of Dylan Donovan & Paxton  
Released: 1975
LP: UP International  LPUP 5062  (Italy)
Dylan content: 2/12
NOTE: NOT Country Joe McDonald

Tomorrow Is A Long Time  • Don't Think Twice

LP (Italy)
The Flaming BulldogsThe Bob Tribute Album  
Released: 1/1/2006
Digital Download Only:  Label & Number-?  (US) [31:16]
Tribute to the 2 Bobs: 5 Dylan & 4 Marley covers.  Available from on-line paysites such as eMusic and iTunes.

Like a Rolling Stone  •  All Along the Watchtower  •  Knockin on Heaven's Door  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues 

Marley covers: Redemption Song  •  Could You Be Loved  •  I Shot the Sheriff  •  Buffalo Soldier

Richie HavensSings Beatles and Dylan - Old & New, Together & Apart  
Released: 1987
CD: Ryko RCD 20035  (US) [72:25]
CD: Rykodisc/Festival  D29223  (Australia)
Dylan content: 7/18
Two different US discs exist: one is black with white text,  the other is split silver / light grey with contrasting text

All Along The Watchtower  •  If Not For You  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  License To Kill  •  The Times They Are A-Changin'

Peter IsaacsonSings The Songs of... Dylan, Donovan, Lightfoot, Hardin and Others  
Released: 1971
LP: Altair AKC-S107  (US)
LP: RCA LSP-4383  (Canada,  same art with RCA logo)
Dylan content: 3/11
Also see Greg Lee

Blowin' In The Wind  • 
I Threw It All Away (on Altair LP only; mistitled as "Just Like A Woman")  • 
Just Like A Woman (on RCA LP only)  • 
I Shall Be Released (incorrect songwriter credit ("Carter") on both LPs)

US LP (Altair AKC-S107)
Bettina JonicThe Bitter Mirror: Songs by Dylan & Brecht  
Released: 1975
LP(x2): Transatlantic  XTRA (D) 1157  (UK)
LP(x2): Transatlantic  XTRA (D) 115  (France/UK; 1984)
Reissue LP (1984): discs made in France; sleeve made in UK: Actor/Singer Development Project LTD (Records For Peace) , XTRA (D) 115 (missing the 7)
Dylan content: 9/22

Train A-Travellin'  •  The Death Of Emmett Till  •  It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)  •  Masters Of War  •  John Brown  •  North Country Blues  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  I'd Sure Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day  •  Blowing In The Wind

UK LP Reissue LP (France/UK)
1975 LP 1984 Reissue LP
Greg LeeSings Dylan, Lightfoot and Others  
Released: 196?-7?
LP: ?  #?  (?)
Dylan content: 3/11
I have not heard this album, but I suspect it is the same recordings as Peter Isaacson,  as both LPs have the same 11 songs.
Label, number & year info needed.

Blowin' In The Wind  • Just Like A Woman  • I Shall Be Released

US LP (Altair AKC-S107)
Pat NevinsShakey Zimmerman  
Released: 10/23/2003
CD: Artmuse Records  ART 0201  (US) [49:18]
Dylan content: 5/10
Alternates Dylan covers and Neil Young covers (5 of each) (see below)
Pat Nevins - guitars, harmonica, vocals;  Barry Sless - guitars, pedal steel;  Bill Laymon - bass;  Nura Creitz - backing vocals;  Mark Corsolini - drums, percussion.  Produced by Julie Larson & Pat Nevins
Available from  ARTMUSERECORDS.COM  for $12+shipping

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go  •  Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You  •  Went To See The Gypsy  •  Things Have Changed  •  I Threw It All Away
Neil Young covers: Lookout Joe, Everybody's Alone, The Last Trip To Tulsa, Ambulance Blues, (When You're On) The Losing End

The ParagonsSing The Beatles and Bob Dylan  
Released: 1998
CD: VP Records VPCD 2076.2  (US) [54:38]
LP:  VP Records VPRL 2076  (US)
Dylan content: CD: 6/14  LP: 5/10

Shall Be Released  •  Blowing In The Wind   (CD only)  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door  •  If Not For You  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  Like A Rollin' Stone

Peace RiverGuitar Heroes: A Tribute to Dylan, Hendrix & Clapton  
Released: 1998
CD-EP: Peace River  (US) [19:44]
Dylan content: 2/5
Florida-based duo: Tommy Cowell: guitar & vocals; Ralph Busto: synthesizers
Available from CD Baby

Just Like Thom Thumb's Blues  •  Queen Jane Approximately

Jane Reynolds y Johnny DesvanTributo a Joan Baez y Bob Dylan  
seeDanny Roberts
Released: 1977
Dylan content: 12/18
Cassette: Triton  60-07  (Spain)
Tracks on Side-A of this cassette, the Joan Baez songs, are credited to "Jane Reynolds"
Tracks on Side-B of this cassette were also released on the Johnny Desvan cassette and others,  see 
Danny Roberts  for info about the other variations.  
The Judy Lee cassette and the Danny Roberts LP were both released in Spain on the Nevada label.

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  •  Farewell, Angelina  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Mighty Quinn  •  I Want You  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Blowing And The Wind (sic)  •  She Belongs To Me  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  I Will Be Released (sic)  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door  •  Maggie's Farm

Cassette (Spain)
Nina SimoneSongs Of The Poets - Dylan, Harrison & Simone  
Released: 1976
LP: RCA  APL1-1788  (US)
LP: RCA  APL1-1788  (France)
CD: Edsel  EDCD 347  (UK)  [37:22]
Dylan content: 4/8
Just Like A Woman  from her 1971 album “Here Comes The Sun,”  the other 3 tracks from her 1969 album “To Love Somebody.”
See the Nina Simone Collector's Guide
US LP UK CD LP (France)
Just Like A Woman  •  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  •
I Shall Be Released  •  The Times They Are A-Changin'