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Various artists albums with the songs of Bob Dylan translated into other languages.  See Rule III

The Answer My Friend...: Das Zimmermann-Projekt  Germany
Released: 2003
Language: German + English
2xCD-R: www.fouru.de  (Germany) [71:27+66:13]
Also available on DVD
Eine Produktion des XOX-Theaters Kleve  Premiere: 3 Oct 2003
A German theatrical production based on the writings of Bob Dylan, a mix of spoken (in German) and musical performances (in English)
More information (in German and English), including contact & ordering details, available at: http://www.fouru.de/...Click "Dylan Revue"
2xCD-R (Germany) DVD (Germany)
are on the CD version only.        Note: Only sung versions are listed in the SONGLISTS
2x CD-R
Disc 1 (performed as noted)
It's Alright, Ma -- GOSzip  (sung in English)
Mein Leben in einem gestohlenen Moment (My Life In A Stolen Moment) -- Wolfgang Paterok  (spoken in German)
Es kommen andere Zeiten (The Times They Are A Changin') -- Clemens Wustmans  (spoken in German)
Wer tötete Davey Moore? (Who Killed Davey Moore?) -- Wolfgang Paterok  (spoken in German), Eva Marie Staudenmaier (cello)
You Angel You -- Trio Bossa Nova  (sung in English)
Maggie's Farm -- Volker Priwitzer  (spoken in German)
Tiny Montgomery -- Agnes Bröker  (spoken in German)
Tomorrow Is A Long Time -- Clemens Drissen  (sung in English)
Drei Könige (Three Kings) -- Bröker, Paterok, Priwitzer, Wustmans (spoken in German)
When The Ship Comes In -- Clemens Drissen  (sung in English)
Baby, mir geht's nur um eins (All I Really Want To Do)-- Clemens Wustmans  (spoken in German)
Traurige Lady aus dem Tiefland  (Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands) -- Agnes Bröker (spoken in German), Eva Marie Staudenmaier (cello)
Wenn du nicht wärst (If Not For You) -- Volker Priwitzer (spoken in German)
Mit Gott auf unserer Seite (With God On Our Side) -- Bröker, Paterok, Priwitzer, Wustmans  (spoken in German)
Masters Of War -- Duo Reflektion  (sung in English)
Ein schwerer Regen wird niedergehen (A Hard Rain's -Gonna Fall) -- Paterok (spoken in German), Staudenmaier, Friedhelm Koerner (violin)
Vater der Nacht (Father Of Night) -- Wustmans (spoken in German), Priwitzer (organ)
Emotionally Yours -- Trio Bossa Nova  (sung in English)
Disc 2 (sung in English except as noted)
Hard Times in New York -- GOSzip
It's All Over Now, Baby Blue -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
Man Gave Names To All The Animals -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
All Along The Watchtower -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
Mr. Tambourine Man -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
medley: Like A Rolling Stone / I Shall Be Released -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
medley: Don't Think Twice / One More Cup Of Coffee -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
Born In Time -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
This Wheel's On Fire -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
Down In The Flood -- Die Zimmermann-Projekt-Band
Als ich noch älter war (My Back Pages) -- Projekt-Band, Bröker, Paterok, Priwitzer, Wustmans  (start & end sung in English, balance spoken in German)
Ansage(announcements)-- Wolfgang Paterok  (performer introductions in German), R. Nieder (keyboards)
Blowing In The Wind -- alle Mitwirkenden  (all performers)
Mighty Quinn -- alle Mitwirkenden  (all performers)
Knocking On Heaven's Door -- alle Mitwirkenden  (all performers)
Bob Dylan Revisitado: Un Tributo en la Lengua del Amor  Spain
(Bob Dylan Revisted: A Tribute in the Language of Love)  
Released:  1996
Language: Catalan
CD: Seminola SE-0496-05-CD (Spain) [44:55]

De Vuelta En La Autopista 61  (Highway 61 Revisited) -- Lobos Negros
Wallflower -- Caballero Reynaldo
En La Atalaya  (All Along The Watchtower) -- No Problem
Eres Una Gran Chica (You're A Big Girl Now) -- Ciudadano Lopez
Vivimos En Un Mundo Politico (Political World) -- All Sex Picken
George Jackson -- Falsa Identidad

CD (Spain)
El Hombre Dio Nombre A Los Animales  (Man Gave Names To All The Animals)-- Color Mundi
Has De Servir A Alguien (Gotta Serve Somebody) -- Miquel Gil
Todo Esta Roto (Everything Is Broken) -- Las Maquinas Z con Fabulosos Tormicos
Demasiadas Mañanas (One Too Many Mornings) -- La Gran Esperanza Blanca
Amor Bajo Cero/Sin Limite (Love Minus Zero/No Limit) -- Doctor Divago
Llamando A Las Puertas Del Cielo  (Knockin' On Heaven's Door) -- Goodfellows
In Frysk Earbetoan Oan Bob Dylan: Dylan in het Fries - Earder As Letter The Netherlands Friesland (The Netherlands)
Released: 2010
Language: Frysk (a.k.a.  Western Frisian, Fries)
CD: details required  (The Netherlands) [58:41] BUY[amazon.com][amazon.co.uk][amazon.de[iTunes (US)]

Ien bak kofje noch (One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)) -- Kim Stolker
Ruzjend tn e wyn
(Blowin' In The Wind) -- Twarres
Foar altyd jong
(Forever Young) -- Ernst Langhout & Johan Keus
As it dien is skat
(When The Deal Goes Down) -- Jan Tekstra
Learen spaanske skuon
(Boots Of Spanish Leather) -- Reina Rodina
Klear om te gean
(Not Dark Yet) -- Die Twa
It is swier waar dat oer us komme sil
(Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall) -- Raynaud Ritsma
Bring my nei de himeldoar
(Tryin' To Get To Heaven) -- Mink
Emosjoneel fan dy
(Emotionally Yours) -- Three-ality
Earder as letter
(One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)) -- Meindert Talma
Blues Fan It Fjoer (Fixin' To Die Blues) -- Tsead Bruinja
Roffel op e himeldoar (Knockin' On Heaven's Door) -- all artists

May Your Song Always Be Sung Again: The Songs of Bob Dylan (promo EP)  
Released: 2001    Recorded: 1992-1998
Language: Italian (1) + Spanish (1) + English (1)
CD EP: BMG-Ariola  74321 86300 2  (Germany, for promotion only) [11:55]
All three tracks from the CD May Your Song Always Be Sung Again

Come Una Pietra Scalciata (Like A Rolling Stone) -- Articolo 31 (1998) (Italian)
Memphis Blues Again -- Kiko Veneno featuring Juan Perro (1998) (Spanish)
If You Gotta Go, Go Now -- Cowboy Junkies (1992) (English)

Promo CD-EP (Germany)

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