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Albums with the songs of Bob Dylan translated into other languages.  See Rule III

Ferne (Sweden)  •  Klaus Grabenhorst (Germany)  •  La Gran Esperanza Blanca (Spain)
Happy End Band
(Hungary)  •  Martyna Jakubowicz (Poland)  •  Ernst Jansz (The Netherlands)  •  Jorcx (Spain)  •
Serge Kerval
(France)  •  Robert Krestan & Druha Trava (Czech Republic)  •  Ernst Langhout & Johan Keus (The Netherlands)  •
Vesa Lattunen & Company
(Finland)  •  Claes Malmberg Union (Sweden)  •  Danny Maseng (Israel)  •
Toli Morilla
(Asturia-Spain)  •  Youssou N'Dour (Senegal)  • Niedecken (Germany)  •  Nuuskamuikkunen (Finland)  •  [20]

FerneInte ens ett farväl - Dylan på svenska  Sweden
Released: 2003
Language: Swedish
CD: Living In The Past  LIPCD002  (Sweden) [62:28]
Translations and vocals by Lars “Ferne” Fernebring,  with Thomas Wiehe, Ulf Oldehed, and Mac Robertson
CD (Sweden)
Mannen i svart  (Man in The Long Black Coat)
Men va fan det får gå  (Don't Think Twice, It's Allright)  
När dagen sakta vaknar  (Mr. Tambourine Man)
En kopp kaffe till  (One More Cup Of Coffee)
Fridens man  (Man of Peace)
Hon väljer själv i alla fall  (Love Minus Zero/No Limit)
Som en fisk på land  (Like a Rolling Stone)
Hon finns alltid kvar  (If You See Her Say Hello)
Snart minns ingen längre vem du var  (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
Vänner?  (Positively 4th Street)
Vänd dej om och gå  (Is Your Love in Vain?)
Du där, du där  (Dead Man, Dead Man)
Varje litet frö  (Every Grain of Sand)
Klaus GrabenhorstBob Dylan's Traum  (Bob Dylan's Dream)  Germany
Released: 2001
Language: German
CD-R: private issue, no#  (Germany)
“Klaus Grabenhorst singt ins Deutsche gebrachte Lieder und Gedichte von Bob Dylan”
= “Klaus Grabenhorst sings in German songs and poems of Bob Dylan”
Recited poems in italics
Artist website
CD-R (Germany)
Ich will dich  (I Want You)
Alles was ich will von dir   (All I Really Want To Do)
John Brown
Oxford Town
Hibbing ist eine gute alte Stadt
Für Woody (Song To Woody - with new music)
Lied vom Wind
Der einsame Tod der Hattie Caroll (The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll)
Maggie's Farm
Der Wind heult (The Wind Howls [Love Minus Zero])
Highway 61
11 Entwürfe für meinen Grabstein (11 Outlined Epitaphs)
Heute Nacht  (I'll Be Your Baby Tonight)
Sie ist Künstler (She Belongs To Me)
Baby Blue
Mr. Tambourine Man
Gewidmet den Rauhreitern
Hab mal wieder den Blues (Tangled Up In Blue)
Klopfe am Himmelstor
Desolation Row
La Gran Esperanza BlancaDylanita  Spain
Released: 12/2006
Language: Spanish + English
CD: Masked Tortilla Productions  no #  (Spain) [42:58]
Limited edition of 150 for LGEB collectors and fans,  sold only at the band's December 23, 2006 show.
Translations by Fran Garcia.  Click HERE for more images.  Masked Tortilla Productions (Spanish)

Demasiadas Mañanas (One Too Many Mornings) (big band version)
La Gente Está Lista (People Get Ready)
Viento Idiota (Idiot Wind)
Senderos De Victoria (Paths Of Victory)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (English) (Live)
Catfish (Spanish) (Live)
Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
(English) (Live)
Columbia, 20 de Julio  (LGEB song that mentions Bob)
Demasiadas Ma
ñanas (One Too Many Mornings) (acoustic version)
(acoustic in studio - hidden track - 1:19)
CD (Spain)
Happy End BandDylanizmusok  Hungary
Released: 1993
Language: Hungarian
CD-R: no label-name or #  (Hungary) [45:42]
Translations by N. Horváth Péter,  except *Németh Viktor and **N. Horváth Péter & Németh Viktor
Happy End Band is:  Kálnai Zsuzsa (vocals & guitar) and Németh Viktor (vocals, guitar, harmonica, zongora(?))
More info & Contact address at:....HAPPY END BAND WEBSITE
Vándorzenész   (Mr. Tambourine Man)
Néhanap   (Girl Of The North Country)
Eltévedt árnyék   (The Times They Are A-Changin')
Gazdagodóknak (Így van jól)   (Don't Think Twice, It’s Alright)
Ablak alatti nóta   (Billy)
Itt a vége, fuss el kedvesem*   (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
Bárhogy nézem   (Death Is Not The End)
Sötét szempár   (Dark Eyes)
Kérés   (Oh, Sister)
De tudnod kell...**   (Every Grain Of Sand)
Ne menj el   (Santa Fe)
A ködön túl    (Knockin' On Heaven's Door)
CD-R (Hungary)
Martyna JakubowiczTylko Dylan  Poland
Released: 2005
Language: Polish
CD: Sony/BMG  5197572  (Poland)
Sony/BMG Poland's page for the album is  HERE
Available from on-line sellers specializing in Polish music.
Martyna has previously covered All Along The Watchtower twice: on her 1989 live album "Live Jarocin '89,"  and a studio version on 1991's "Kolysz..mnie."

CD (Poland)
Ernst JanszDromen van Johanna:  Ernst Jansz zingt Bob Dylan vertaald  The Netherlands
Released: 9/06/2010
Language: Dutch
CD+DVD: V2 Records Benelux  VVNL21612  (The Netherlands) [69:26]
DVD contains a "Making of Dromen van Johanna" feature and 3 videos: Tomorrow is a Long Time, To Ramona and Just Like A Woman
Album page at V2 Records
Corrina Corrina
Zware regen (A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall)
Uit Spanje Spaanse laarzen (Boots Of Spanish Leather)
Voor Ramona (To Ramona)
De Verlorenstraat (Desolation Row)
Als een vrouw (Just Like A Woman)

Dromen van Johanna (Visions Of Johanna)
Droeve dame van het Laagland (Sad-Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands)
Liefde min nul (Love Minus Zero/No Limit)
Huiswaarts (Tomorrow’s A Long Time)
Iedere korrel zand (Every Grain Of Sand)
Het meisje van de Rode Rivier (Red River Shore)
JorcxHistòries Alienes:  Dylan, Bruce, Knopfler, Cohen  Spain
Released: 2001
Language: Catalan
Dylan content: 3/10 (+ 3 Bruce Springsteen, 2 Mark Knopfler, 2 Leonard Cohen songs)
CD-R: no label or #  (Spain)
Translations by Jordi Calmet Xartó.
Jordi Calmet: veu i guitarres / Santos Berrocal: bateria i corus / Fluren Ferrer: teclats i corus / Mikel Vázquez: baix elèctric
Jorcx' 2004 album "Doble Joc" includes a Catalan translation of Huracà (Hurricane)
More info & contact addresses at the JORCX Website

Ferit d'amor  (Lovesick)   •   Ara ja t'has fet gran (You're A Big Girl Now)  
Un dels dos sabrà (un dia o altre)  (One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later))

CD-R (Spain)
Serge KervalSerge Kerval Chante Bob Dylan  France
Released:  1971
Language: French
LP: BAM Edition AZ LD 5766  (France)
LP: BAM   LD 5766   (France;   reissue w/“blue” cover)
LP: Gamma GS-155  (Canada;  w/“gray” cover)
CD: Scalen S KP 56370-021792 (France, 1996) [39:19]

Interlude (Winterlude)
Va ton chemin j'irai le mien    (Most Likely You Go Your Way)
Miss Marie   (Absolutely Sweet Marie)
Comme une vraie femme   (Just Like A Woman)
Le chimpanze noir   (Obviously Five Believers)
En quatre temps   (Fourth Time Around)
Je t'aime   (I Want You)
L'homme qui est en moi   (The Man In Me)
J'ai mal pour toi   (It Hurts Me Too)  (Traditional)
Anticipation (Temporary Like Achilles)
A l'amour  (New Morning)
Belle Isle  (Traditional)

Original sleeve + 1996 CD reissue (France) reissue LP (France)
Original LP and CD France reissue LP
Canada LP
LP (Canada)
Serge Kerval Chante Bob Dylan  (picture sleeves)
Released:  1971
Language: French
Singles from the album above

P/S: BAM  16001  (France)
Je t'aime   (I Want You)
Va ton chemin j'irai le mien   (Most Likely You Go Your Way)
P/S: BAM  16002  (France)
Comme une vraie femme   (Just Like A Woman)
Interlude (Winterlude)

P/S: BAM 16001 P/S: BAM 16002
Robert Křesťan & Druhá Tráva Dylanovky  Czech Republic
Released: 2007
Language: Czech
CD: Universal Music - #?  (Czech Republic) [??:??]  mp3s available from amazon.com
Album page at druhatrava.cz
Ješte není tma (Not Dark Yet)
Cím dál tíž se dejchá (A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall)
Sbohem, Angelino (Farewell Angelina)
Jak mlýn se tocí svet
(Simple Twist of Fate)
U Majdy na statku (Maggie's Farm)
Ceká nás poslední ráno (One Too Many Mornings - instrumental)
Lily, Rosemary a Srdcovej kluk (...and the Jack of Hearts)
Zvony zvoní (Ring Them Bells)
Nashville Skyline Rag
Dívka ze severu
(Girl of the North Country)
Ernst Langhout & Johan KeusDylan yn it Frysk  The NetherlandsFriesland (The Netherlands)
Released: 2004
Language: Frysk (a.k.a.  Western Frisian, Fries)
CD: Marista  MCD7112  (The Netherlands) [51:37]
"Frysk" is a language used in "Friesland", which is in the northwest of The Netherlands
Artist's website:  ernstlanghout.nl    •    Label website:  marista.nl
CD (The Netherlands)
De Tiden Feroarje (The Times They Are A-Changin')
Skûlplak Foar De Stoarm (Shelter From The Storm)
Begrutsjen Mei De Immigrant (I Pity The Poor Immigrant)
De Kweade Boadskipper (The Wicked Messenger)
Rûzjend Yn 'e Wyn (Blowin' In The Wind)
De Swalkers Flecht (The Drifter's Escape)
Ik Dreamde Dat Ik Augustinus Seach (I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine)
Ha Gjin Noed, It Is Goed (Don't Think Twice, It's Allright)
Man Yn 'e Lange Swarte Jas (Man In The Long Black Coat)
Ienris Bin Ik Fry (I Shall Be Released)
De Wachttoer (All Along The Watchtower)
Ernst Langhout & Johan KeusDylan yn it Frysk 2   The NetherlandsFriesland (The Netherlands)
Released: 2005
Language: Frysk (a.k.a.  Western Frisian, Fries)
CD: Marista  MCD7150  (The Netherlands) [46:48]
"Frysk" is a language used in "Friesland", which is in the northwest of The Netherlands
Artist's website:  ernstlanghout.nl    •    Label website:  marista.nl
CD (The Netherlands)
Leafde ûnder nul / Gjin grins .(Love Minus Zero/No Limit)
Krekt as in frommes.(Just Like A Woman)
Harlekyn .(Jokerman)
Foar aliid jong .(Forever Young)
Lis, famke, lis .(Lay Lady Lay)
Silst ien tsjinje moatte.(Gotta Serve Somebody)
Slaan op 'e himeldoar .(Knockin' On Heaven's Door)
Rôljend as in stien.(Like A Rolling Stone)
It is swier waer dat oer ús komme sil .(Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall)
Unwennigens blues.(Subterranean Homesick Blues)
Tiid ferrint stadich.(Time Passes Slowly)
Ernst Langhout & Johan KeusDylan yn it Frysk (double-CD reissue)   The NetherlandsFriesland (The Netherlands)
Released: October 2010
Language: Frysk (a.k.a.  Western Frisian, Fries)
CD: Marista  MCD8145  (The Netherlands) [51:37+46:48]
In October 2010 the above two CDs were reissued as a double-CD with no additional music
Label website:  marista.nl
2xCD (The Netherlands)
Vesa Lattunen & CompanyLauluja Dylanilta  Finland
Released: 1979
Language: Finnish
EP: JP-Musiikki Oy  EP 1501  (Finland)

Eskimo Quinn  (Mighty Quinn)
Kunkut Valvoo Torncissaan (All Along The Watchtower)
Rauta Kaivos  (North Country Blues)
Kun Laivat Laskevat Laituriin (When The Ship Comes In)

7inch EP (Finland)
Claes Malmberg UnionRastlös Exrebell  Sweden
Released:  1996
Language: Swedish
Dylan content: 6/10
CD: Union 001  (Sweden) [41:18]
CD (Sweden)
Civilklädd Präst   (Man of Peace)
Joker, du   (Jokerman)
I Tårars Dis   (Where Teardrops Fall)
Fåfäng Glöd   (Is Your Love In Vain)
Isa Bell   (Absolutely Sweet Marie)
Danny MasengFirst Edition  Israel
Released:  1975
Language: Hebrew
Dylan Content: 6/12
LP: Hataklit DD 30874  (Israel)
All Dylan songs on Side-B; from the radio program “Pgisha Mechudeshet” (Renewed Meeting)
LP (Israel)
Ratziti (I Want You)
Ish Hatamburin   (Mr. Tambourine Man)
Mami (Daddy You've Been On My Mind)
Kmo Isha   (Just Like A Woman)
Ein ma Lacheshov   (Don't Think Twice)
Nouchi Letzidi   (Lay Lady Lay)
Els Miralls de Dylan  
seeGerard Quintana i Jordi Batiste
Toli MorillaDiez Cantares de Bob Dylan N'Asturianu  (Ten Bob Dylan Songs in the Asturian Language)  Spain
Released:  2009
Language: Asturian
CD: Scaletour Ediciones SC 002  (Asturies, Spain) [40:54]
More info at: tolimorilla.com and MySpace.   Available from CD Baby 
Toli's 2003 album “Entre el barro y las preguntas” included 2 well-regarded Spanish translations: Se acabó (Baby Blue) and Desde la torre más alta (Watchtower)
Huracán  (Hurricane)
Toco les puertes del cielu  (Knockin' On Heaven's Door)
Nun lo pienses más   (Don't Think Twice, It's All Right)
L'home qu'hai en mi   (The Man In Me)
La finca de Mari   (Maggie's Farm)
Mas o menos, Queen Jane   (Queen Jane Approximately)
Esi nun soi yo   (It Ain't Me, Babe)
Otru café más   (One More Cup Of Coffee)
Ella me pertenez   (She Belongs To Me)
Youssou N'DourChimes Of Freedom  Senegal
Released:  1995
Language: Wolof  (Senegal)
Dylan content: 3/5
CD-EP: Sony/Work WRK 661496 2  (Austria)
CD-EP: Columbia PRCD 96393  (Mexico)
Both CDs have 3 versions + 2 non Dylan covers

Austrian CD:
Chimes Of Freedom  (edit)  •  Chimes Of Freedom  (album version)  • 
Chimes Of Freedom  (Wolof/English duet with Bruce Cockburn from Columbia Records Radio Hr)

Euro CD5 Euro CD5
Mexican CD:
Chimes Of Freedom  (4:51)  •  Chimes Of Freedom  (Edit - 4:00)  •  Chimes Of Freedom  (with Ending - 4:52)
NiedeckenLeopardefell  Germany
Released:  1995
Language: German (Kölsche)
CD: EMI Electrola  8 32473 2 5  (Germany) [76:16]
CD: EMI Electrola  35603 0  (Netherlands)
CD (Germany)
Unfassbar vill Rään (A Hard Rain's A -Gonna Fall)
Fröher oder spääder (Sooner Or Later One Of Us Must Know)
Ich Will Dich  (I Want You)
Vill passiert sickher (My Back Pages)
Dä Joker Danz (Jokerman)
Wo Bess Du Hück Naach, Marie? (Absolutely Sweet Marie)
Sibbe Daach  (Seven Days)
Leopardefellhoot (Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat)
Nürburgring (Highway 61)
Jeder's Manchmohl Einsam, nit nur Du (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)
Quinn, dä Eskimo (Mighty Quinn)
Dat benn ich nit (It Ain't Me Babe)
Nix andres em Kopp (License To Kill)
Als ob se'n Frau wöhr (Just Like A Woman)
Meisterstöck (When I Paint My Masterpiece)
Drei Engel  (Three Angels)
MaxiCDs from the Leopardefell album with non-album tracks

NiedeckenIch Will Dich
Released:  1995
Language: German (Kölsche)
CD5: EMI Electrola  8 62134 2  (Germany) [10:27]

Ich will Dich  (I Want You) (edit)
Wo Bess Du Hück Naach, Marie?   (Absolutely Sweet Marie)
Komisch   (Simple Twist Of Fate)  (non-album)

CD (Germany)
NiedeckenJeder's Manchmohl Einsam
Released:  1995
Language: German (Kölsche)
CD5: EMI Electrola  8 62146 2   (Germany)
CD5 (Promo, with interviews): EMI Electrola  5 19 463  (Germany)

Jeder's Manchmohl Einsam, nit nur Du   (It's All Over Now, Baby Blue)(edit)
Dä Joker Danz (Jokerman) (edit)
Bovven Huh, Om Wachturm (All Along The Watchtower)(non-album)

CD (Germany)
NuuskamuikkunenLaulaa Ja Soittaa Bob Dylania  Finland
Released:  1976
Language: Finnish
LP: Kiss RPLP 5021  (Finland)
LP (Finland)
Setä Pelimanni   (Hey Mr. Tambourine Man)
Hei Tule Takaisin   (I Want You)
En Ymmärtää Voi   (I Don't Believe You)
Kaikki Ohi On   (It's All Over Now Baby Blue)
Bob Dylanin Uni   (Bob Dylan's Dream)
Paras Kun Erotaan   (Most Likely Your Way (and I'll Go Mine))
Kuin Nuori Nainen   (Just Like A Woman)
Olet Yksin Taas   (Like A Rolling Stone)
Huominen On Niin Kaukana   (Tomorrow Is A Long Time)
En Minä Joku Toinen   (It Ain't Me Babe)
Anna Olla Älä Huoli Lain   (Don't Think Twice, It's Allright)
Heitin Kaiken Pois   (I Threw It All Away)