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Albums that don't qualify for any other section, but satisfy one of the conditions of Rule VI
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Note: Only the Dylan tracks are listed for these albums

Jimmy LaFave  •  Michel Montecrossa  • Peter Paul & Mary  • Elvis Presley  •  Bob Rowe  •  Saturday Nite Fish Fry  •  The Saxons  •  The Silkie  • The Surfaris  •  The Turtles

Jimmy LaFaveAustin Skyline  
Released:  1992
CD: Bohemia Beat  8004  (US)
Dylan content: 4/16
Benefit of the doubt that Austin Skyline = Nashville Skyline

Girl From The North Country  •  You're A Big Girl Now  •  Leopard-Skin Pill Box Hat  •  Shelter From The Storm


Jimmy LaFaveTrail  
Recorded: 1991-98   Released:  1999
CD: Bohemia Beat  0009  (US)
CD: Southbound  SBDCD9  (UK)
Dylan content: 12/31

Positively 4th Street  •  Simple Twist Of Fate  •  Oh, Sister  •  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  •  Forever Young  •  If Not For You  •  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You  •  I Threw It All Away  •  Down In The Flood  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  •  One Too Many Mornings

US CD (2-disc)
» More Michel Montecrossa titles in the VOCALS section
Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen Few4th Time Around  
Released: 2001
Dylan content: 11/17
CD: Mira-Sound MCD-335  (Germany) [65:09]
Also contains My Blue Eyed Jane and You Belong To Me,  songs that Bob Dylan has covered

4th Time Around  •  Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Mine  •  To Be Alone With You  •  Emotionally Yours  •  California  •  I'll Remember You  •  Night After Night  •  Trust Yourself  •  Walkin' Down The Line  •  Not Dark Yet  • 
Things Have Changed  (MPEG Video)

CD-R (Germany)
Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen FewBob Dylan Fest 2001  
Released: 2001
Dylan content: 48 [36 Audio + 10 CD-V + 2 MPEG] /90
CD-R: Mira-Sound  MCD-367  (Germany)
Discs 1 & 4 are Audio-only; Disc 3 is Video-only (CDV); Discs 2, 5 & 6 are CD-Plus 

Audio tracks except CD#3 and where noted:
CD#1: “Ring Them Bells Concert”  Part One
Ring Them Bells  •  Lay Down Your Weary Tune  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall  •  Highlands  •  Denise  •  Bob Dylan's 115th Dream  •  Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag  •  Tight Connection To My Heart  •  When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky  •  Hero Blues
CD+#2: “Ring Them Bells Concert”  Part Two
One Of Us Must Know  •  Obviously 5 Believers  •  Wanted Man  •  Never Gonna Be The Same Again  •  It Ain't Me Babe  •  Isis  •  Silvio  •  I Threw It All Away  •  Blowin' In The Wind

6 CD-R Box (Germany)
CDV#3: “Dignity Movie Night” [CD-Video]  Note: CD-Video tracks are NOT included in the Song Lists
Dignity  •  Things Have Changed  •  The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Wanted Man  •  Born In Time  •  Quinn The Eskimo  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  Ring Them Bells  •  Never Say Good Bye
CD#4: “Come Back For More Concert”  Part One
Shot Of Love  •  East Laredo Blues  •  Shelter From The Storm  •  Visions Of Johanna  •  Dirt Road Blues  • 
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry
CD+#5: “Come Back For More Concert”  Part Two
Love Sick  •  Standing In The Doorway  •  I Shall Be Released  •  Every Grain Of Sand
MPEG Video:A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall
CD+#6: “Never Say Goodbye Concert”
Never Say Good Bye  •  Wedding Song  •  Black Crow Blues  •  The Times They Are A Changin'  • 
I'll Remember You  •  Knockin' On Heaven's Door  •  MPEG Video: Wedding Song
Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen FewBob Dylan & Michel Fest 2002  
Released:  2002
6-CD: Mira-Sound  MCD-421 (Germany)
Dylan content:  37/91

Dusty Old Fairgrounds  •  He Was A Friend Of Mine  •  Standing On The Highway  •  Hard Times In New York Town  •  Only A Hobo  •  Man On The Street  •  Walls Of Red Wing  •  Let Me Die In My Footsteps  •  Rambling, Gambling Willie  •  If You Gotta Go, Go Now  •  Farewell Angelina  •  Blind Willie McTell  •  Lord Protect My Child  •  Summer Days  •  Golden Loom  •  Catfish  •  Tell Me  •  All I Really Want To Do  •  Santa-Fe  •  She's Your Lover Now  •  Foot Of Pride  •  Ye Shall Be Changed  •  You Changed My Life  •  Seven Days  •  Rocks And Gravel  •  Chimes Of Freedom  •  Spanish Harlem Incident  •  I'll Keep It With Mine  •  Floater (Too Much To Ask)  •  Wallflower  •  Honest With Me  •  Mama, You Been On My Mind  •  I Want You  •  All Over You  •  Nobody 'Cept You  •  Baby, I'm In The Mood For You  •  Call Letter Blues  •  Everything Is Broken  •  Waiting For You

Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen FewMichel & Bob Dylan Fest 2003  
Released:  2003
5-CD + 1-DVD: Mira-Sound MCD-466  (Germany)
Dylan content: 38/99 (audio)  DVD: no Bob content

Kingsport Town  •  Where Teardrops Fall  •  What Good Am I?  •  Disease Of Conceit  •  What Was It You Wanted?  •  Shooting Star  •  Seeing The Real You At Last  •  Clean-Cut Kid  •  Something's Burning Baby  •  You Wanna Ramble  • They Killed Him  •  Driftin' Too Far From Shore  •  Precious Memories  •  Maybe Someday  •  Got My Mind Made Up  • Under Your Spell  •  Sally Sue Brown  • Death Is Not The End  •  Had A Dream About You, Baby  •  Ugliest Girl In The World  • Ninety Miles An Hour (Down A Dead End Street)  •  Cross The Green Mountain  • Slow Train  •  Minstrel Boy  •  It Hurts Me Too  •  Corrina, Corrina  • Fur Slippers  •  Let's Keep It Between Us  • Cold Irons Bound  •  Wigwam  • Alberta #1&2  •  All The Tired Horses  •  Early Mornin' Rain  •  Little Sadie  •  Belle Isle  •  Living The Blues  •  Woogie Boogie  •  Someone's Got A Hold On My Heart  •  When I Paint My Masterpiece  •  You Ain't Goin' Nowhere  • Down In The Flood (Crash On The Levee)  •  Carribean Wind  •  Up To Me  • I Wanna Be Your Lover  •  Tears Of Rage  •  One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)  •  Positively 4th Street  •  George Jackson  •  Rita May  •  Watching The River Flow

Michel Montecrossa and The Chosen FewMichel & Bob Dylan Fest 2004  
Released:  2004
5-CD + 1-DVD: Mira-Sound  ?  (Germany)
Dylan content: 40/82  (Audio only)  DVD: no Bob content

Blowin’ In The Wind  •  Knocking On Heaven’s Door  •  All Along The Watchtower  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Just Like A Woman  •  Sara  •  Oh Sister  •  Simple Twist Of Fate  •  Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You  •  This Wheel’s On Fire  •  Congratulations  •  Dirge  •  Tough Mama  •  It’s All Over Now Baby Blue  •  I Believe In You  •  Precious Angel  •  You Angel You  •  Hazel  •  Going, Going, Gone  •  New Pony  •  I Can’t Leave Her Behind  •  Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum  •  Under The Red Sky  •  Lonesome Day Blues  •  Cry A While  •  Bye And Bye  •  Tangled Up In Blue  •  Tweeter And The Monkey Man  •  Romance In Durango  •  On A Night Like This  •  Something There Is About You  •  Señor (Tales Of Yankee Power)  •  Make You Feel My Love  •  Trying To Get To Heaven  •  Is Your Love In Vain?  •  'Till I Felt In Love With You  •  We Better Talk This Over  •  Million Miles  •  Can’t Wait  •  Changing Of The Guards

Michel MontecrossaThe Marlon Brando Style Concert  
Released:  2004
2xCD: Mira-Sound  ?  (Germany)
Dylan content: 15/33

'Nothing Was Delivered  •  Under The Red Sky  •  Band Of The Hand (It’s Hell Time Man!)  •  The Usual (John Hiatt) •  Lunatic Princess Revisited (early version of From a Buick 6)  •  True Loves Tends To Forget  •  Too Much Of Nothing  •  Apple Suckling Tree  •  Please, Mrs. Henry  •  Clothes Line Saga  •  Goin’ To Acapulco  •  Million Dollar Bash  •  Odds And Ends  •  Lo And Behold  •  Open The Door, Homer  •  Where Are You Tonight? (Journey Through Dark Heat)


Michel MontecrossaMichel & Bob Dylan Fest 2005  
Released:  2005
5-CD + 1-DVD: Mira-Sound  ?  (Germany)
Dylan content: 37/80  (Audio only)

Tombstone Blues  •  Billy 1  •  Mozambique  •  Nashville Skyline Rag  •  One More Night  •  Country Pie  •  Peggy Day  •  Tell Me That It Isn't True  •  Sign On The Window  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  Angelina  •  It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry  •  From A Buick 6  •  Queen Jane Approximately  •  Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues  •  Heart Of Mine  •  Property Of Jesus  •  Lenny Bruce  •  Lay Lady Lay  •  I'll Be Your Baby Tonight  •  Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar  •  Watered Down Love  •  Dead Man, Dead Man  •  In The Summertime  •  Trouble  •  Rainy Day Women #12 & 35  •  Pledging My Time  •  Temporary Like Achilles  •  Absolutely Sweet Marie  •  Obviously 5 Believers  •  You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go  •  Meet Me In The Morning  •  If You See Her Say Hello  •  Buckets Of Rain  •  All Along The Watchtower  •  Down Along The Cove  •  Billy 1 (second version)

Michel Montecrossa Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2006  
Released:  2006
5-CD + 1-DVD: Mira-Sound  ?  (Germany)
Dylan content: ?

Do Right To Me Baby  •  Dear Landlord  •  Jokerman  •  Gotta Serve Somebody  •  John Wesley Harding  •  As I Went Out One Morning  •  Boots Of Spanish Leather  •  Ballad In Plain D  •  When He Returns  •  With God On Our Side  •  Restless Farewell  •  Man Gave Names To All The Animals  •  If Dogs Run Free  •  Time Passes Slowly  •  The Man In Me  •  Three Angels  •  Father Of Night  •  Went To See The Gypsy  •  Winterlude  •  New Morning  •  Billy  •  One More Weekend  •  If Not For You  •  Sign On The Window  •  You're A Big Girl Now  •  Wicked Messenger  •  Down The Highway  •  Talkin' New York  •  Bob Dylan's Blues  •  North Country Blues  •  John Brown  •  Ballad Of Hollis Brown  •  Oxford Town  •  Gates Of Eden  •  I Pity The Poor Immigrant  •  Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking  •  Drifter's Escape  •  I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine  •  I Am A Lonesome Hobo

Michel MontecrossaMichel & Bob Dylan Fest 2007  
Released:  2007
5-CD + 1-DVD: Mira-Sound  ?  (Germany)
Dylan content: 32/75  (Audio only)  DVD: no Dylan content
Album info at Mira-Sound   •  Tracks will also be available for download from on-line sources

Talkin' John Birch Paranoid Blues  •  Quit Your Low Down Ways  •  Who Killed Davey Moore?  •  Talking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre Blues  •  Playboys and Playgirls  •  Talkin' World War III Blues  •  Seven Curses  •  I Don't Believe You  •  It's All Over Now, Baby Blue  •  One Too Many Mornings  •  I Shall Be Free  •  Only A Pawn In Their Game  •  Percy's Song  •  Love Is Just A Four-Letter Word  •  Billy 4  •  Day Of The Locusts  •  Thunder On The Mountain  •  Man Of Peace  •  Spirit On The Water  •  Neighboorhood Bully  •  I And I  •  Rollin' and Tumblin'  •  When The Deal Goes Down  •  Sweetheart Like You  •  Someday Baby  •  Don't Fall Apart On Me Tonight  •  Workingman's Blues #2  •  Union Sundown  •  Beyond The Horizon  •  Nettie Moore  •  The Levee's Gonna Break  •  Ain't Talkin'

Michel MontecrossaMichel & Bob Dylan Fest 2008  
Released:  2008
4-CD + 2-DVD: Mira-Sound  ?  (Germany)
Dylan content: 22  - no Dylan content on DVDs of audio/DVD set
Also available as 6-DVD set  •  Album info at Mira-Sound

Tell Ol' Bill  •  Straight A's In Love  •  Rock Me Mama  •  If I Don't Be There By Morning  •  Walk Out In The Rain  •  Legionnaire's Disease  •  Huck's Tune  •  Train A-Travelin'  •  I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful Day  •  Go Away You Bomb  •  Talkin' Devil  •  Death Of Emmett Till  •  The Ballad Of Donald White  •  Cuban Missile Crisis  •  Saved  •  Covenant Woman  •  What Can I Do For You?  •  Solid Rock  •  Pressing On  •  In The Garden  •  Saving Grace  •  Are You Ready?

Only Dylan compositions are listed above,  these traditional and other songs associated with Dylan are also included on the CDs:
Cocaine Blues / People Get Ready / Somebody Touched Me / Grand Coulee Dam / Acne / Silver Dagger / Golden Vanity / Ballad Of Easy Rider / A Satisfied Mind / Wade In The Water


Michel MontecrossaMichel & Bob Dylan Fest 2010  
Released:  2010  -  Recorded: 2/20/2010
2-CD/2-DVD: Mira-Sound  #-?  (Germany)
Dylan content: 14/32
Includes all 10 songs from “Together Through Life” + 4 more
Album info at Mira-Sound

Beyond Here Lies Nothin'  •  Life Is Hard  •  My Wife's Hometown  •  If You Ever Go To Houston  •  Forgetful Heart  •  Jolene  •  This Dream Of You  •  Shake Shake Mama  •  I Feel A Change Coming On  •  It's All Good  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  Born In Time  •  Long Ago, Far Away  •  Long Time Gone
» More Michel Montecrossa titles are in the VOCALS section.   Also visit MICHEL MONTECROSSA SINGS BOB DYLAN
Peter Paul and MaryIn The Wind  
Released:  10/1963
LP: Warner Bros. W-1507 (mono) / WS-1507 (stereo)
CD: Warner Bros. 2-26224  (US)
Dylan content: 3/12

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  •  Quit Your Lowdown Ways  •  Blowin' In The Wind


US Stereo LP
Elvis Presley25 Years as a Rock'n'Roll Legend  
Compilation Released:  1981
LPx5: RCA  PL 43648(5)  (Spain) (possibly also Italy - booklet has Italian text)
Side 8 of  this limited-edition 5-record boxed set is titled  "Elvis Sings Dylan and The Beatles." 
See Rule VI-f.......
Label shown from 1981 issue.  Reissued in 1982 with orange labels.

Tomorrow Is A Long Time  • Don't Think Twice, It's All Right  (long version - 8:36)

Spanish LP boxset (box cover) Side 8 - Elvis Sings Dylan && The Beatles
Bob RoweTom Thumb's Blues  
Released: 2000
CD: September Records  DS90177  (US)
Dylan content: 3/17
Songs written,  sung,  or inspired by  Judy Collins

Tom Thumb's Blues  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  I Believe In You

Saturday Nite Fish FryDirt Road Blues  
Released: 2007
CD: 7 Arts  0012  (Canada)
Dylan content: 6/13
Recorded May 22-25/June 6, 2007.  Produced & arranged by Bill King.
Bill King
(piano, organ, vocals) / Shakura S'Aida (vocals) / Neil Chapman (guitar) / Howard Ayee (bass) / Mike Sloski (drums) / John Johnson, Bob Brough, Chris Gale & William Sperandi (horns) / The Roomies (background vocals).  The Rockit 88 Band is the rhythm section of SNFF
Available from CD Baby

10,000 Men  •  2X2  •  Dirt Road Blues  •  Lonesome Day Blues  •  Blowin' In The Wind
bonus track: It Ain't Me Babe
- The Roomies and the Rockit 88 Band

CD: 7 Arts 0012 (Canada, 2007)
The SaxonsLove Minus Zero / No Limit  
Released: 1966
LP: Mirrosonic  AM-1017 (mono) / AS-1017 (stereo) (US)
Dylan content: 3/14
The Saxons were Marvin Solley and Dan Goggin

Love Minus Zero / No Limit  •  Farewell  •  Mr. Tambourine Man

US mono LP
The SilkieYou've Got To Hide Your Love Away  
Released:  1965
LP: Fontana  SRF-67548 (stereo) / MGF-27548 (mono)  (US)
CD: One Way  OW 31441 (US, 1996)
Dylan content: 8/12 (LP);  8/16 (CD)
The Dylan covers (+4 more) were on an earlier UK Silkie LP  SING THE SONGS OF BOB DYLAN,  shown on the VOCAL page.  Stereo LPs exist in both full-color and purple-tone variations.

The Times They Are A-Changin'  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  Dylan's Dream  •  Girl Of The North Country  •  Blowin' In The Wind  •  Love Minus Zero/No Limit  •  It Ain't Me Babe  •  Tomorrow Is A Long Time

US stereo LP US mono LP US CD
US Stereo LP US Mono LP US CD
The SurfarisIt Ain't Me, Babe  
Released:  1965
LP: Decca DL-4683 (mono) / DL-74683 (stereo)
LP: Brunswick STA8631  (UK)
Dylan content: 3/12
A 6-track EP with It Ain't Me Babe & All I Really Want To Do is shown in Title Tracks

It Ain't Me, Babe  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  All I Really Want To Do

US Mono LP US Mono LP
US Decca Mono LP UK Brunswick LP
The TurtlesIt Ain't Me Babe  
Released:  1965
LP: White Whale WW-111 (mono) / WW-7111 (stereo)  (US)
LP: Line 6.25262  (Germany,  reissue)
CD: Sundazed SC 6035  (US)
CD: Repetoire REP 4399-WY  (Germany, 1993;  both mono & stereo mixes)
Dylan content: 3/12

It Ain't Me Babe  •  Love Minus Zero  •  Like A Rolling Stone

German reissue LP (Line 6.25262) CD: Sundazed SC 6035  (US) CD: Repetoire REP 4399-WY  (Germany, 1993)
Line LP Sundazed CD Repetoire CD