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Monday, December 31:
1 - Brother, What a Dilemma Grammy nominations on Friday - (LA Times) (link found by LeeAnn Hansen)
2 - Timely and Timeless - (Newsday) (link found by Paul Pearson)
3 - Dictators rule among top rock - (Denver Post)
4 - The making of triumphant pop moments - (Boston Globe)
5 - Off the record - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - The year in music - (Tennessean) (link found by Ryan Greer)
7 - bobster mp3 exchange - (bobster) (by Adam Lukas)
8 - CDs of the year - (Jam/Toronto Sun)

Sunday, December 30:
1 - Old Folksingers Keep on Playing Dave van Ronk - (Fox News)
2 - Dylan on a Good Dayis today's new BDX.
3 - Hugh Collins: the times, they are a-changing - (Scotsman) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Beat slows for sales of pop music - (Washington Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - George Harrison: For whom the guitar silently weeps - (The Independent - Bangladesh)
6 - The Bob Dylan London Meeting - Saturday 23rd February 2002 (link found by Jim)
7 - Rock records of the year 2001 - (Times of India) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Two Dogs 2001 Dylan Quiz - Word docs, use the Seksjon 1 and Seksjon 2 links (link found by Geir Olsen)
9 - Blasted From Its Self-Absorption, at Least for Now The year in pop music - Jon Pareles - (NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
10 - Top 10 of 2001 - (Louisville (KY) Courier-Journal) (link found by Dennis Martin)

Saturday, December 29:
1 - Confirmed date: Zürich April 21 - (Pollstar) (link found by Gil Walker)
2 - Blonde 4 is today's new BDX.
3 - Turn it up: Karl offers year-end perspective - St. Cloud Times (link found by Charles Hunstiger)
4 - The top 40 North American concert tours of 2001 - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Adam Barks)
5 - Our Critics' Top Albums of 2001 - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Howard Frye)
6 - Best Music of 2001 - (People) (link found by Howard Frye)
7 - The Year In Charts Beatles - (Billboard) (link found by Howard Frye)
8 - Freewheelin' - Volume 22 of Freewheelin' Quarterly is now available
9 - Bob rules Dylan's Love & Theft best of a busy year for Sun CD reviewer - (Jam) (link found by Catina P. and Charles W. Prince)
10 - Top Of The Pop 2001 - (SFGate) (link found by Catina Prieur, Lucas Stensland and Millie Delich)
11 - Dylan hits right note for Kilkenny - (Unison) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
12 - The best live in 2001 - (Jam) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Friday, December 28:
1 - Dylan shares a new 'Love'; J. reaches a new 'Lo' - (USA Today) (link found by Matt Kelley and Otto Thompson)
2 - German: Country als Blues der Weissen Hank Tribute review - (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) (link found by Hans-Dieter Neuser and Jörg Hausmann)
3 - Wilco Radio - Music programmed by the band Wilco - (Live 365) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Conference Weary is today's new BDX.
5 - French: Les meilleurs disques d'ailleurs en 2001 - (Le Devoir) (link found by Simon-Pierre Beaudet)
6 - drylongso, the Internet show of vintage blues and vernacular musical Americana, gives two bows of the head to the late Rufus Thomas and James Carr, plus more. See playlist and notes for details.
7 - The Year in Music - (Yahoo / LA Weekly)

Thursday, December 27:
The site was next to impossible to access most of yesterday. Hope it is better now.
1 - Where are they now? Nick Reynolds, Kingston Trio- (Union-Tribune)
2 - Today's BDX is "Postcard from Telluride".
3 - Picks for the top 10 discs released in 2001 - (CNN) (tip from Faith Hartzler)
4 - Westphal already making waves in Malibu - (Yahoo / The Sporting News) (link found by Martin Abela, Charles W. Prince and hodah)
5 - Best of 2001 - (Audiogalaxy Folk Dept) (link found by The Lazarenkos)
6 - In pop, Dylan leads the pack - (Star-Ledger) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
7 - Top 10 Pop Music CDs - (NY Metro) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
8 - The Year in Tunes - (Nashville Scene) (link found by Will Rigby)

2nd Christmas Day (in Norway, at least), December 26:
1 - A 2001 Hit Parade - NY Post (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Spanish: Los mejores discos pop del año - (La Vanguardia) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - There is a new BDX today called Santa Bob, and every day for the rest of the year there will be another new one!

Christmas Day, December 25:
1 - Peace, tranquility and goodwill - (by Dag E. Braathen)
2 - Swedish radio: Wermelin om Bob Dylan 25th and 27th at 1700 CET / 1100 EST - RealAudio (SR P3) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
3 - The year in music - (Salon) (link found by Will Rigby)
4 - John Cohen: Photographs of American Musicians - ( (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)
5 - Bill Monroe Memorabilia Auctioned - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Robby Prince)
6 - 2001's best albums - (LiveDaily) (link found by David A Howes)
7 - What would Jesus Say to Bob Dylan? - (Hope Community Church) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Bob Dylan And A Possible UFO Connection - (Sean Casteel) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Monday, December 24:
1 - They Left the Trends to Others Year in review by Hilburn - (LA Times) (link found by Howard Frye, LeAnn Hansen and Michael Dorn)
2 - The Consensus Top 10, Plus One - (LA Times) (link found by LeAnn Hansen)
3 - The Best (and Worst) of 2001's Concerts and CDs: Online Readers' Survey - (Washington Post) (link found by Howard Frye)
4 - Jim Weider & The Honky Tonk Gurus Finished their new album called "Remedy". It will be released on Dreamsville Records (Japan) January 17th 2002. Featuring 8 original tunes and 2 covers, "The Weight" and "Subterranean Homesick Blues" w/ special guests Merl Saunders,Mavis Staples, Garth Hudson, Tony Levin and more... (from Dag E. Braathen)
5 - Lessons From Down Below Bomb shelters- (Washington Post)
6 - Granta 76: Music includes Mark Holborn's insightful piece on Bob Dylan's relationship with the camera (Observer)
7 - Herald critics choose their favorite CDs of 2001 - (Boston Herald)
8 - Mining towns fall victim to foundering steel industry - (Chicago Tribune)
9 - Hypnotist Collector: The Alchemy of Harry Smith - (Gadfly) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
10 - Reels of Rhyme - 40 Years of Bob Dylan - Rado New Zealand - National Radio - 12 parts from Wed 5:30 pm
11 - Paul Brady the Irish Singer 'Nobody Knows?' - (Reuters) (link found by Martin Abela and Hodah)
12 - Astral Week 1961 - (Rock's Back Pages)
13 - Bob Dylan Fall tour 2001: Number of times a song has been played with dates and positions - (list by Francois Guillez)
14 - All Things Considered: John Cohen - There is no Eye (RealAudio) - (NPR)
15 - Waiting in line to see Bob in September Photos - (by sion)
16 - James Thomas plays at the Back Fence Dec. 24th (corner of Bleecker and Thompson St. NYC) 10pm EST, set includes Dylan covers (link found by JMicili)

Sunday, December 23:
1 - Music's Raw Power, Both Old and Young Jon Pareles' 2001 picks - (NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
2 - Blues and 60's Rock; Classy, Slick Soul Neil Strauss' 2001 picks - (NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
3 - Supercomputer predicts Big Blue skies Dylan quote - (cnet) (link found by Joshua Richmond)
4 - For a documentary film about Woody Guthrie's song "1913 Massacre," they are seeking audio recordings (CD, tape or vinyl) of Bob Dylan's 1961 performance of "1913 Massacre" at Carnegie Hall - or any still photos of that performance or motion picture footage (?!?) of Dylan in 1961. Please contact the filmmakers.
5 - Star-Spangled or Reflective, Pop Captures the Mood - (NY Times) (link found by Howard Frye)
6 - 12 Dylan Audio Files - (100% pure cult) (link found by Paul Read)
7 - Tim Parrish: "Walking Blues : Making Americans from Emerson to Elvis" from has brief discussion of Blind Willie McTell (the song) (tip from John Haas)
8 - Tonight, December 23 2001, at 10PM, the band It Ain't Me, Bob is playing Dylan's songs at Le Bal du Lézard, 1049, 3rd Avenue, in Quebec City, Canada (tip from Michel Jacques)
9 - Year in review - (infoplease) (link found by Howard Frye)

Saturday, December 22:
1 - 2001 - The Year in Recordings - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Howard Frye)
2 - McCartney Spokesman Denies UPN Harrison Story - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Bobby Fay)
3 - Hajdu review four screens down, middle column - ( (link found by Johannes Wilbrand)
4 - What About Bob? Folkster Martin Devaney, The Purple Onion, Dinkytown- (City Pages) (link found by Kevin Hunt)
5 - Portuguese: McCartney, Sting e Enya na briga pelo Globo de Ouro - (estado) (link found by Arnaud Courtadon)
6 - 'How High' may make list of worst movies of the year - (Cincinnati Post)
7 - The Phony Authenticity Of American Psycho Lindh - (NY Observer) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)

Friday, December 21:
1 - Dylan, Radiohead lead JAM! year-end poll - (Jam) (link found by Bobby Fay and Tom Barrett)
2 - Carolyn Hester will be at the Knitting Factory, 7021 Hollywood Blvd., on Thur. Dec. 27 for 2 shows at 8 & 10 p.m. Ample parking. Call 313-463-0204 for info. Adm.$10. Advance tickets available. (Steve Goldston)
3 - Details of priority tickets for the upcoming UK tour - (Isis) (link found by Tracy B)
4 - A Conversation With Steve Earle - (Pure Music) (link found by Derek Doorn)

Thursday, December 20:
1 - Best of 2001 - (Metacritic) (link found by Raghu Mani)
2 - EDLIS Who Has Which Boot (BDBDB) New Services - (Google) (by Joe)
3 - Pop Candy's People of the Year 2001 - (USA Today) (link found by Howard Frye)
4 - Swedish: Charley Patton - (samsonrourke) (by Tobias Levander)
5 - "How High" directed by Jesse Dylan - - - PC Films - (links found by Bryan Rodrigues)
6 - Harrison Died in LA Home Owned by McCartney - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Alex Leik)
7 - The Chieftains celebrate 40th anniversary with tour, album - Live Daily
8 - Lenny Federal live at The Double Door Inn covers McTell & Delia - (MetroLinaRadio) (link found by Ed McDonald)
9 - Beatles fans tell of 'final chat with George Harrison' - (Ananova) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
10 - Swedish: Dylan inleder Eupropaturné i Sverige - (Expressen) (link found by Monika Klingspor, Kai-Anders Nilsson, Henrik Åslund and Tobias Levander)
11 - Jesse Dylan's "How High" reviewed: Boston Phoenix - (link found by Jim Linwood)
12 - Update and new URL for "How Long Has It Been Since Dylan Played..." (by Adam Selzer)
13 - Daniel Lanois - ( (link found by Catina Prieur)

Wednesday, December 19:
1 - Bob Dylan's Officially Released Rarities and Obscurities - (Searching For A Gem) (Alan Fraser's thorough list of Dylan releases)
2 - The Thief of Time - (New York Metro) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
3 - drylongso's George Harrison memorial continues one more week with Songs about Life and Death, and the impermanence of the former, see Playlist & Notes (from Karl Kotas)

Tuesday, December 18:
1 - Norwegian: Dylan til Norge Sony Music confirms Oslo date - (Dagbladet) (link found by John Erik Andersen, Allfader, Torgeir NV and Petter Myhr)
2 - Norwegian: Dylan til Norge - igjen - (Nettavisen) (link found by Rune Roaldkvam)
3 - Julie recorded tracks for Dylan double CD - ( (link found by Dave Plentus)
4 - Swedish: Hey, Mr Tambourine Man - (Moderna tider) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
5 - Portuguese: Morre o cantor francês Gilbert Bécaud Bob recorded hias "Let It Be Me" (estadao) (link found by Arnaud Courtadon)
6 - French: Et maintenant, que va-t-il faire? Bob Dylan is bizarre. One day, I spent 3 hours with him. He didn't say a word.- (Liberation) (link found by Arnaud Courtadon)
7 - According to Sony Music Sweden, a live Dylan CD will be released in January (from Tobias Yamabe)

From an e-mail sent by Sony Music:

F, 5      Stockholm Globe
S, 6      OFF
S, 7      Oslo      Spektrum
M, 8      Copenhagen     Forum
T, 9      Hamburg   Sportshalle
W, 10          OFF
T, 11          Berlin         Arena
F, 12          Leipzig        Messehalle
S, 13          Hannover  Stadionsportshalle
S, 14          OFF
M, 15          Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle
T, 16          Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
W, 17          Munich         Olympiahalle
T, 18          OFF
F, 19          Treviso        Palaverde
S, 20          Milan          Filaforum
S, 21          Zurich         Hallenstadion
M, 22          OFF
T, 23          Innsbruck Olympiahalle
W, 24          Nurenburg Frankenhalle
T, 25          Strasbourg     Hall Rhenus
F, 26          OFF
S, 27          Oberhausen     Arena
S, 28          Brussels  Forest National
M, 29          OFF
T, 30          Paris          Zenith

W, 1      OFF
T, 2      Rotterdam Ahoy
F, 3      OFF
S, 4      Brighton  Centre
S, 5      Bournemouth    BIC
M, 6      Cardiff        CIA
T, 7      OFF
W, 8      Newcastle Telewest Arena
T, 9      Manchester     MEN Arena
F, 10          Birmingham     NEC Arena
S, 11          London         London Arena
S, 12          London         London Arena

Or, instead of London Arena

M, 13          London         Wembley
T, 14          London         Wembley

Monday, December 17:
1 - Bob Dylan, Gerde's Folk City April 11, 1961 - (New York Metro) (link found by Jim Short)
2 - French: Les Ecrivains Rock - (Magazine Literaire) (link found by Régis)
3 - Swedish: Årets bästa skivor - (Expressen) (link found by Hans Johnson)
4 - German: Die wichtigsten CDs des Jahres - (Spiegel) (link found by Hans Juckel)
5 - Isis has had major update, and you can order books online (link from Tracy Barker)
6 - The Lord of the Rings Gandalf could have been played by... - (
7 - Costello, Williams Tape Crossroads Session for CMT - (link found by John and Nina)

Sunday, December 16:
1 - German Dates 2002 confirmed - (Marek Lieberberg) (link found by infidels)
2 - The ISIS Anthology is now available on the Book Shelf at Freewheelin' - (from Keith Wootton)
3 - A new BDX today.
4 - Love & Theft Christmas Party in Bilbao, Spain, Sat 22th Dec with "The Never Ending Playing Bob Band" and video from the Liverpool 2001 show. 7 pm at the Mystic Pub in Ercilla, 1 Bilbao. Reservation is important as there will be room for no more than 50 people. Contact Plot at or tel. 636 937 834
5 - Meeting George Harrison - (Rosanne Cash) (link found by Chuck Koch)
6 - Times a-changin' again: Dylan back on top - (Miami Herald)
7 - Vote: Best Live Act Of 2001 - (Jam) (link found by Per Lindgren)

Saturday, December 15:
1 - Soundtrack to ``The Royal Tenenbaums'' - (cnet / Entertainment Wire) (link found by Jim Linwood)
2 French - Hommage régénérant au label Sun - (Liberation) (link found by Arnaud Courtadon)
3 - "Love And Theft" rated number 1 in the WFUV radio listener's poll (from Karen Green and Mel Hausner)
4 - The 10 Essential Rock Albums of 2001 - CDNow (link found by Charles W. Prince) (I don't have a commission deal with CDNow)
5 - New Zealand's National Radio is broadcasting a series called "Reels of Rhyme: Bob Dylan", hosted by Nick Bollinger and Andrew McCallum, in twelve half-hour parts, starting on December 26 (5.30pm) and continuing at the same time each weekday (from Fred Muller)
6 - Sun Records rocks again with new documentary, album - (Yahoo / Reuters)
7 French - La République invisible, de Greil Marcus, retrace l'épopée des bandes du sous-sol de Bob Dylan - (l'Humanité) (link found by Arnaud Courtadon)
8 - Albums of the Year - (Independent) (link found by John Foyle)

Friday, December 14:
1 - Boxing Bob Dylan - (Glorious Noise) (link found by Vernon Purnell)
2 German - Altrocker Bob Dylan im April 2002 auf Deutschland-Tournee - (Yahoo Deutschland) (link found by Helge Buttkereit and Tobias Mählmann)
3 - Sound surfing sense On-line music distribution plans - Guardian (link found by Peter Slack)
4 - Publication of Dylan Lyrics 1962 - 1998 has been put back to 2004, says Cape Publicity to Matt Bryden.
5 - "Love and Theft" interview with Eric Lott who wrote book with this title - (Gadfly) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
6 - ...Play a Song for Me - (Kevin Slattery) (link found by Bryan Rodrigues)
7 - CD Set Enters World of Blues Great Charley Patton - (Yahoo/Reuters) (by Bruce Olson)
8 - Video Visit With Robbie Robertson - (tech tv) (link found by Jesse Shanks)
9 - Taking a Look Back at Bob Dylan And 'Don't Look Back' - (Entertainmant News Daily) (link found by Ralf)
10 - "Vanilla Sky" - (Salon) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
11 - The Bob Dylan Rome Interview will be released in two parts on CD by someone (tip from Anneke Derksen)
12 - Bob Dylan is going to perform at the Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt am Main/Germany on April 15, 2002. Ticket pre-sale will start at 12/17/01. Tickets will be available at Tickets per Post, tel: 069/944 366-0. (advertisement from the Marek Lieberberg concert agency in rankfurter Rundschau) (tip from Sven Lewandowski)
13 - 2001 and why it sucked - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
14 Swedish - Kiss + Bob Dylan = sant - Svenska Dagbladet (link found by Niklas Strömberg)
15 German - Hamburg April 9 ticket ad - (Hamburger Abendblatt) (link found by Uwe Dehnel)
16 Swedish - George Harrison - På Egen Hand - (by Tobias Levander)

Thursday, December 13:
1 - Reviews of "Razor's Edge" and Dylan's "Love And Theft" - (Critical Corner) (by Christopher Rollason)
2 - In the spirit of the holidays there is an Adopt-a-Leaf program at The idea is a branch will adopt a leaf and allow the leaf to select one show from his list. The branch will then copy the show through a b&p. This is a great way to either be generous during the holidays or get a new free show! Enjoy. Signups will go on until Dec. 25.
3 - The times they are a-changin' Neil Young exemplifies new patriotism since 9/11 - (MSNBC) (link found by Bill Bremer)
4 - Heroes of Rock Australian National Portrait Galleryv exhibition "So You Wanna Be a Rock Star" - (Canberra Times) (link found by Phil Teece)
5 - My Sweet Lord" release Jan 14 - (NME) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - Vote: Most essential recording of past 10 years - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Michael Smith)
7 - Neil Young's "Let's Roll" streams: RealAudio 56 k - realAudio 100 k - Media Player 56 k - Media Player 100 k - (links found by HwyCDRrev)
8 - Dylan Sets 2002 Tour Dates - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
9 - Tenor's Style Is `Old-Time Mountain' (12/03) Ralph Stanley - (San Antonio Express-News) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Wednesday, December 12:
1 - Vote for Best Album Of 2001 - (Jam) (link found by John Williams)
2 - Freewheelin' magazine vol 22 news posted (by Keith Wootton)
3 - Dylan til Norge - igjen - (NRK) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Don't Look Back DVD Report - (Maximum Ink) (link found by -tom)
5 - Search back to the beginning - (Google)
6 - My first? post to (Google)
7 - Harrison's Ashes to Be Spread in Secret - (Hindunet) (link found by Stefanie Spayd)
8 - No Greater Tribute - (Nashville Scene) (link found by Jason Blandford) Charley Patton box set from amazon

Tuesday, December 11:
1 French - le 8 juillet 2001 au MJF (Montreux) - (FRequenceRock) (link found by Arnaud)
2 - Professional ethnomusicologist of the Library of Congress and all 'round good guy Dr. TODD HARVEY's book-signing (and illustrated lecture with music) for his recently published book "THE FORMATIVE DYLAN: Transmission and Stylistic Influences, 1961-1963" (ISBN 0-8108-4115-0, see and was held Monday at the Library of Congress. Harvey's truly superb book is more than completely essential for all readers of this page. (and again thanks to Mary L.) (from John Pruski)
3 - I will be interviewed on radio station Radio Godt Nytt about the Howard Sounes book this morning.
4 - drylongso blues and roots radio show includes Jack Elliott with Tedham Porterhouse - Bob - on harmonica - (Greenwich Village Cafe) (link found by Karl Kotas)
5 - Whose Bob Dylan? - (David Vest) (link found by Sigurjon)
6 - Review: Lucinda Williams feels the vibe as she rocks the Ryman - (Tennessean) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - American Voices: Dylan and Guthrie - (Reader's Digest) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
8 - Dylan in Concert - (Gadfly) (by Peter Stone Brown)
9 - Dylan, electric - (Tragos) (link found by Jim Linwood)

Monday, December 10:
1 - "The Last Waltz" on TV in New Zealand on the MGM channel: today at 11.55am, Thu 13 at 6.30pm, Fri 14 at 6.40am, Tue 18 at 3.15pm, Wed 19 at 2.45am. (Tip from Fred Muller)
2 - "Beth Loves Bob" - (cdbaby) (link found by Dave Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)
3 - Cry Me A River! The 100 Most Heartbreaking Records of All Time... Part Two - (Rock's Back Pages) (link found by Hans Johnson)
4 - Greil Marcus' Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack)
5 - You call that art? Turner Prize winner Martin Creed - Scotsman

Sunday, December 9:
I found some unread mail in the trash, where it had been filtered to. Sorry if your tips did not appear here!
1 - Finally - a new BDX! - "Bob Dylan Painting #1" - (Expecting Rain)
2 - And then there were two Remembering George Harrison and John Lennon - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Link #225 to a "Love And Theft" review has arrived.
4 - Free "Don't Look Back" showing at Cinemateket, Oslo, Monday at 2000 (Dokumentarfilmklubben) (tip from Magne Karlstad)
5 - Now hear this! The Year's best CD's - (Boston Globe) (link found by Saul Garlick)
6 - Remembering George Harrison: Full of Love and Fun By Ravi Shankar - NY Times
7 - A Boy's Life Cameron Crowe- (Rolling Stone) (link found by Michael Ballstav)
8 - While technology pushes tradition, Dylan makes a statement - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Christopher Dunn)

Saturday, December 8:
1 - New shows announced in Florida and Georgia! - ( (link found by Eben Hensby and foggy)
2 - U.S. Fall Tour - 2000 Mentions Dylan/Baez buzz - (Joan Baez Web) (link found by Aidan Dobler)
3 - Searching for the road back to America's innocence - (SF Chronicle) (link found by md)
4 - Flat-screen iMacs? NDC - Bloomberg
5 - "Love And Theft" on Amazon Best of 2001 Editors' picks (from Jim Linwood, Bill Bremer and Øyvind B (
6 - Passengers on Flight 93 inspire song by Young - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Christopher Dunn)
7 - Gothenburg 2001 bootleg info - (bobsboots)

Friday, December 7:
1 - Clayton Denwood: "Sunset on the Highway" - (cdbaby)
2 Italian - Krogsgaard in Italian etc etc - (Idiot Wind) (link found by Andrea Falesi)
3 - Dylan meeting, 24/11-2001 on Two Dogs Pub in Oslo - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (link found by Geir Olsen)
4 - Stone overturned - (Post-Gazette) (link found by drp -
5 - Borgholm bootleg - (bobsboots)
6 - Why being a Beatle was not enough George Harrison - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
7 - Home entertainment Ronnie Wood - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
8 - Harrison's death certificate deepens mystery - (Jam) (link found by customers)
9 - A Quiet Storm Harrison recording with Dylan - (Mojo) (link found by David Grossman)

Thursday, December 6:
1 - Country Music Guitarist Grady Martin Dies Grady played on Baez's Dylan tribute, "Any Day Now" - (NY Times) (link found by PSB)
2 - Peter Stone Brown plays Vienna, VA tonight.
3 - Buddy and Julie Miller: Honkytonk, Touched With Grace - (Crosswalk) (link found by Catina Prieur)
4 Norwegian - Sendte søsteren i elektrisk stol Ethel Rosenberg was betrayed by brother - (Dagbladet) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
5 Norwegian - - Dylan til Norge igjen refers to "a fan page"... - (Nettavisen) (link found by Frode Fridtjofsen)
6 Swedish - Bob Dylan till Sverige i vår - (Expressen) (link found by Geoff Steele, Leif Johansson, Martin Omberg and Örjan Hjorth)
7 - Bergen 2001 bootleg info - (bobsboots)
8 - David Blue
9 - The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan 180 gram vinyl LP - (sundazed) (link found by Mike Capasse)

Wednesday, December 5:
1 - Been There / Done That Philadelphia NBR station, Thursday 10pm: another way at looking (listening?) at Bob Dylan - (WHYY) (link found by Jeff Schwachter)
2 - Beatles på Rådhusklokkene Today at 13 CET in Oslo: Beatles on the City Hall bells - (NRK)
3 Italian - A Bob Dylan il Premio Librex-Montale - (link found by Napoleon in rags)
4 - The view from the centre Anthology includes Dylan - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)
5 - 'Leg-End' will be footnote to Beatle George's career - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)
6 - Room With a Boo Bob & Kinky Friedman in 1976 - (Texas Monthly) (link found by Gunnar Wibeck)
7 - Rolling Stone Australia Bob cover - (nextmusic) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
8 - Dylan Remains Enigmatic to Fans DC concert review - (The Hoya) (link found by Thomas Cote)
9 - 2001: The Year in Music - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
10 - bootleg mp3 exchange - (bobster)

Tuesday, December 4:
1 - 'Such A Beautiful Guy': George Harrison Remembered By Bandmates, Peers, Admirers - (VH1/MTV) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
2 - Maurenbrecher covers "Desolation Row" - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
3 Spanish - "Soy una persona extremista" Hilburn's Dylan interview - (Clarin) (link found by Ignacio Renom and Jose Manuel Simian)
4 English/Turkish radio show at 1800 GMT - Beatles Expert, Dylan lover Mr.Omer Madra at six o'clock London time- (Greenwich Village Cafe) (link found by Suha Canbay)
5 - Ron Wood: A strange young man called dylan - (Total Guitar) (link found by Derek Keogh)
6 Vote: - Who is Artist of the Year? - (Rolling Stone)

Monday, December 3:
1 - The Quiet End of the Quietest Beatle - (NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
2 - Jagger, McCartney sales struggle - (MSNBC Reuters) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
3 - George Harrison and the Concert for Bangladesh - (Salon) (link found by Will Rigby)
4 - Harrison's ashes to be immersed in Ganges - (CNN) (link found by drp,SoDamnHip)
5 - Songs by Bob Dylan, the Ramones, the Clash and Elliott Smith will be included on the soundtrack to Wes Anderson's "The Royal Tenenbaums," due December 18th. (Rolling Stone Daily Dish) (tip from Paul Pearson)
6 - Posssible Dylan Date in Oslo next April 7 - (BobDates) (link found by Wille)
7 - Highway 61 Re-revisited - (Higway 61) (link found by Wille)
8 - 2001 US Fall Tour About Bob -> Still On The Road -> end of page -> (I Happen To Be A Swede Myself !!)

Sunday, December 2:
1 - George Harrison 1943-2001 - (
2 - Harrison recorded a secret last album - (Sunday Times)
3 - VH1 programmes today:
12:30 PM - 1:00 PM VH1 News Special: George Harrison
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM George Harrison: The Last Performance Special
5:00 PM - 5:30 PM VH1 News Special: George Harrison
4 - Dylan cover by Bruno & Mario - (They All Play On Penny Whistles)
5 - Mississippi magic Charley Patton Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues - (Guardian) From the Corner Shop
6 - George Harrison tributes - (links found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - If not for you - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by PSB)
8 - Queen mourns Beatle George - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)
9 - Unlike their eternally youthful music, we find the Beatles also become old - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)
10 - Grumpy George saw through the facade of fame and fortune - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)
11 - Reluctant star did far more than just string along - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)
12 - The wives who had that certain something - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)
13 - The last reunion of three Beatles - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)
14 - Smoking stores up trouble later - (Times) (link found by bambiemoore)

Saturday, December 1:
1 - Quotes About George Harrison's Death ``George was a giant, a great, great soul, with all of the humanity, all of the wit and humor, all the wisdom, the spirituality, the common sense of a man and compassion for people. He inspired love and had the strength of a hundred men. He was like the sun, the flowers and the moon and we will miss him enormously. The world is a profoundly emptier place without him.'' - Musician Bob Dylan, who founded the Traveling Wilburys with Harrison. - (AP/Yahoo)
2 - Bob Dylan on George Harrison - (CNN)
3 - Prevost tour buses used by Dylan (Phil Cooper Motorhomes)
4 - Dylan covers by Gerry Murphy - (They All Play On Penny Whistles)
5 - Rare Elvis Presley, Beatles, Bob Dylan Items For Sale program from Dylan's first-ever concert in 1961 pictures a young Dylan playing harmonica on the cover along with the words "The Folklore Center Presents Bob Dylan." - (Yaho/ (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Farinas in folk focus - Chicago Sun-Times (link found by Charles W. Prince) The Complete Vanguard Recordings [BOX SET] from
7 Italian - Sanremo, Bob Dylan in force - (Il Messagero) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - "ScEWG - 2000 Compilation" mp3s - (TCBDS) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Friday, November 30:
Testing new server at
1 - George Harrison died yesterday.
2 - A-Changin' Dylan Gives Classics A New Life - (Hartford Courant)

The old server was shut down on Nov 23, because I had let my son run a program called egg drop on the server. This was a breach of contract, so they terminated me while I was in Mexico. It took me a few days to get things right, hope everyone will come back soon. Now served from Texas!

Wednesday, November 21:
I found no Internet access in Mexico City yesterday, because it was a holiday. But I went out and took some pictures.
I understand there was a concert Monday night at the Madison Square Garden: MSG and Uncasville setlists and MSG reviews.
2 - Echoes of Bob Dylan in Myanmar - (AsiaWeek) (link found by Bryan Gray)
3 - Dylan defies time, captivates generations - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Chuck Koch, Eileen Freiler and Dan Levy)
4 Swedish - Bob Dylan - en manipulativ mångmiljonär - Sounes review (Sydsvenskan) (link found by Hans Johnson)
5 German - David Bowie interview - 4 years ago (Alert) (link found by Max Dax)
6 - Along a Watchtower, Closely Watching the World - (NY Times) (link found by Dan Levy, John Walker, Paul Pearson and Otto Thompson)
7 - Dylan's Classic MSG Show One For the Ages - (NY Post) (link found by Jack Regan, Paul Pearson, David Stenander, Duncan Floyd, Otto Thompson, Israel Popack and John Bowne)
8 - In Upbeat Garden Show,He Pays Tribute to NYC - (NY Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan and Paul Pearson)
9 - Madison, Wisconsin pictures - (link found by Eyolf Østrem)
10 - Dylan on Dylan - (Hilburn, LA Times/Newsday) (link found by David Buchbinder)
11 - Bob Dylan meeting in Oslo Nov 24 - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (link found by Geir Olsen)
12 - Bob Dylan / Nov. 8, 2001 / Toronto (Air Canada Centre) - (Billboard) (link found by Adam Barks)
13 - Song of Ourselves Arlo Guthrie - (Washinhgton Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
14 - How High directed by Jesse Dylan - (LA Times) (link found by Ed Ricardo)
15 - Billboard Bits - (Billboard) (link found by Otto Thompson, Jim Baumann and Catina Prieur)
16 - The cuckoo bush, Bob Dylan & monster trucks - (MSN) (link found by Israel Popack, Joseph D. Lierl and Terence Kane)
17 Swedish - Paul och Ringo grät vid George Harrisons sjukbädd They wept - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
18 - Bob Dylan Celebrates New York - (Fox News) (link found by Jason Grove, Brian Shiffrin, Israel Popack and Tracy LaVere)
19 - Another Look at the Young Bob Dylan - (Int. Herald Tribune) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
20 - Washington Square Memoirs: The Great Urban Folk Boom 1950-1970 - (Pop Matters) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
21 - Dylan in Wanderland - (Newsday) (link found by Jack Regan and Paul Pearson)
22 - Dylan waxes positive about 4th Street - (NJ Star-Ledger) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg and Israel Popack)
23 - Brothers cast aside film rules NDC - (Daily News) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
24 - American Voices: Dylan and Guthrie - (Reader's Digest) (link found by Charles Owens)
25 - Jagger Rocked By Dismal Album Debut - (wcco) (link found by Brian Neuendorf)
26 - L&T no.1 essential rock album of 2001 - (CDNow) (link found by Stefan Slagter)
See ya later!

Sunday, November 18:
There will be no updates on Monday, since I will be over the Atlantic, Mexico City bound.
1 - Last night's Philadelphia setlist.
2 - Bob Dylan: "Lyrics 1962-1998" listed at for 31 December, 2001? (tip from Eben Hensby)
3 - For a fan, every Bob Dylan concert is like Christmas - (Nashua Telegraph) (link found by Joe McMullen)
4 - John Cohen: His Worst Critic Proved Wrong - (NY Times) (link found by Jim Short) From "There Is No Eye" the CD - the book.
5 - Thoughts of a Rock Critic - (Rock's Back Pages) (link found by Charles Hunstiger)
6 Italian - "Highway 61 Revisited" di Roger Ford - (Idiot Wind) (link found by Andrea Falesi)

Saturday, November 17:
1 - Dylan Documentary? - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Eben Hensby)
2 - Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records premieres on: Nov 28, 9:00 - (PBS) (link found by Paul Pearson)
3 - Visions of Bob Dylan Cincinnati review - (Only Everything) (link found by John Junker)
4 - Bob Dylan, Clearing Away The Foggy Ruins of Time - (Washington Post) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
5 - Dylan revels in back pages - (Washington Times) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
6 - Washington DC reviews
7 German - On Sunday Nov.18th, the BFS (Bayerisches Fernsehen) at 11:45 a.m. will send a 5 minute review of Bob Dylan as poet in their TV magazine "Lesezeichen". The author reveals what Mr. Tambourine Man is really about (from Uwe Gerke)
8 - 3mp3s - (Choirboy) (link found by Otto Thompson)
9 - The Bob Dylan Webring is under "new management" (Trevor Midgley)

Friday, November 16:
1 - Last night's Washington DC setlist.
2 - People of the Year: Bob Dylan - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Patrick Taurel)
3 - Guthrie's 'Land' belongs to all - (USA Today) (link found by Otto Thompson)
4 - Slick Mick and an old mucker - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Dylan Revisited - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Rambert Dance Company does Hurricane - (Guardian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - Dylan more open about himself, but still a complex character - (Boston Globe) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - His times still are a-changing - (Robert Hilburn - Baltimore Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
9 - Win Dylan ticket for Monday - (WFUV) (from the jester on the sidelines)
10 - Dylan was a show to remember - (Daily Athenaeum) (link found by Jack Regan)
11 - Where is Bob's DVD? - (campaign by shawn mccormick)
12 - Bob Dylan, Bryce Jordan Center, Penn State University, State College, PA- 11/11 - (jambands) (link found by Kenny Lynch)
13 - Want to see Bob Dylan ... for free? Write haiku, win Manchester tickets - (Nashua Telegraph) (link found by mcmullen)
14 - The Gospel Project - (by gp)
15 - Nashville pictures - (al)

Thursday, November 15:
1 - Last night's Morgantown setlist.
2 - Delta Blues Revival Draws Pilgrims to U.S. South - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Bruce Olson)
3 - Dylan takes to road for new look at old favorites - (Detroit News) (by Kevin Ransom)
4 - "Misssisippi" mp3 from Columbus, Nov 10 - (link found by Matt Young)
5 - Tie-Dyed Mourners See Kesey Off to 'Furthur' - (Yaho / Reuters) (link found by Bruce Olson)
6 Italian - Sanremo, mercoledì 14 la passerella televisiva dei Giovani - (Rockol) (link found by Giorgio Brianese)
7 - MTV's Dylan page - (MTV) (link found by David Heales)
8 - Dylan performs in true style, like always, on Never Ending Tour - (Dominion Post) (link found by Alex Leik and Jack Regan)
9 - CBS 11:35 p.m. tonight (in the US) The Late Show With David Letterman: EARL SCRUGGS (tip from Paul Pearson)
10 - German radio station WDR Radio 5 will broadcast on Nov 28 from 22.05 to 23.30 a special: "Clinton Heylin, "Behind The Shades, Bob Dylan, Take Two" - (bordermusic) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
11 - Dow 10,000, here we come? Again? a Dylan quote - (CNN) (link found by Chuck Koch)

Wednesday, November 14:
1 - Last night's Syracuse setlist.
2 - In Chicago, Bob Dylan was interviewed for an upcoming tribute to Mavis Staples on PBS. (tip from Pat Brennan)
3 - Immaculate Funk: Jerry Wexler Film Documentary - (Blues Access 45) (link found by Tricia)
4 - Jerry Wexler: Immaaculate Funk - (South by Southwest Conferences) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
5 - Bob Dylan Interactive Review - (Washington Post) (link found by Bill Baratta)
6 - Dylan at 60: Reflections of a singing street poet - (Post-Standard) (link found by Alex Leik)
7 - Dylan shows why he's a musical icon - (Post-Standard) (link found by Alex Leik)
8 - Dylan guests on Ronnie Wood's solo album out Nov. 19th. - (SPV) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
9 - Bob Dylan Radio - Left column, at the bottom (Windows Media only) - (VH1) (link found by David)

Tuesday, November 13:
1 - Dave van Ronk health update - (link found by hodah)
2 - John Fahey memorial programme rerun RealAudio - (Antenna Internet Radio)
3 - John Cohen has first known footoage of Bob (In yesterday's link #23) - (Yahoo / Reuters) (noted by Rune Roaldkvam)
4 - Desert Island Discs incl. some Bobdiscs- (BBC) (link found by David Heales)
5 - "Timeless" review - (BBC) (link found by David Heales)
6 - The times they are a-changin' - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Jack Moy)
7 - Tape News # 193 - (Freewheelin') (link from Keith Wootton)
8 - CET Trivia Quiz - (link found by Paul Read)

Monday, November 12:
1 - Last night's Penn State setlist.
2 Spanish - Estan Tocando Nuestras Canciones - (Pagina 12) (link found by José Manuel Simian)
3 - Ken Kesey, 1935-2001 / Oregon loses a legend: The 'honest-to-God Western writer' surprised us even in the end - (Register-Guard) (link found by Rossgita)
4 - Dylan at 60, revisited: New bio unmasks the man, but misses on his music - (Daily Camera) (link found by Manor)
5 - Dylan brings tour to Detroit - (Ann Arbor News) (by Kevin Ransom)
6 - Hullabaloo! incl. Dylan covers - (American Pop) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
7 - New Harrison Song to be Released - (Lycos / AP) (link found by Bob Meyer and Kyle Valanne)
8 - Dylan repaints his masterpieces with deeper, introspective tones - (Columbus Dispatch) (link found by Andy Greene and DAFlannery)
9 - Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack)
10 Norwegian - Dylan + Kierkegaard = sant? - (Dagbladet) (link found by Arthur Pedersen)
11 - American Roots Music Tonight: "The Times They Are A-Changin'" - (PBS) (link found by Paul Pearson)
12 - Bob Dylan - (PBS) (link found by Jon Lasser)
13 Spanish - Bob Dylan cuenta su vida - (La Tercera) (link found by Cristóbal Droppelmann and Andrés Urrutia)
14 - Early R.E.M Re-Recorded For 'Vanilla Sky' Bob's track: "Fourth Time Around" - (Billboard) (link found by David Heales)
15 - He's still wearing the crown - (Digital Collegian) (link found by Jack Regan)
16 - Fans get 'Tangled Up In' Bob Dylan - (Daily Collegian) (link found by Jack Regan)
17 - Legendary Dylan rocks Cobo Arena - (Michigan Daily) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman and Matt Young)
18 - Neil Young is 56 today. Happy Birthday! - (Hyperrust) (tip from Christian Uttenthal)
19 - Down From the Mountain "O Brother" concert tour - (HOB) (link found by Catina Prieur)
20 - Garth Hudson can't find Basement song: 'Can I Get a Racehorse' - (TheBand) (link found by bluetombstone)
21 - There's no business like show business - (SF Gate) (link found by Bobby Fay)
Same URL as 21: Photographer Annie Leibovitz, 52, gave birth on Oct. 16 to her first child, a girl named Sarah Cameron.
22 - Digging the roots of American music - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
23 - John Cohen Records 50 Years of Bards, Beats - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)

Sunday, November 11:
1 - Last night's Columbus setlist.
2 - Aged to perfection Toronto review - (Globe and Mail) (link found by d.r.johnston and Michael W. McCrossan)
3 Swedish - "Harrison är mycket sjuk" - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
4 - Ken Kesey, Author of 'Cuckoo's Nest,' Is Dead at 66 - (NY Times) (link found by Paul Pearson)
5 - At the End, John Hartford Fiddled His Way Back to His Beginnings - (NY Times) (link found by Paul Pearson)
6 - R.E.M. Chip in on "Vanilla Sky" Dylan track, too. - (Yahoo / Rolling Stone) (link found by Paul Pearson)
7 - "Crazy Joe" drama about legendary mob boss Crazy Joe Gallo - (A & E) (from the jester on the sidelines)
8 - Dario Fabbri's Dylan
9 - Watered-Down Love - (Christianity Today) (Dylan's Flame by Ronnie)

Saturday, November 10:
1 - Last night's Detroit setlist.
2 - Dylan ticket contest - (Washington Post) (link found by Jason Kessler)
3 - Leave me a loner - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 Italian - Sanremo, Bob Dylan in forse - (Il Messagero) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - I want to be alone - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Novelist, 60s Icon Ken Kesey Dies - (Excite/AP) (link found by Steve Michel)
7 - Saturday November 10, 2001 - (Intrepidtrips) (link found by Steve Michel and Tobias Levander)
8 - Harrison Out of Hospital? - (Eonline) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
9 - Boox: A Comic by Mark Alan Stamaty - (NY Times) (tip from Norbert Krapf)
10 - Dylan reading Baseball Weekly - (Arizona Republic) (link found by Larry Kelly)

Friday, November 9:
1 - Last night's Toronto setlist.
2 - So, This Is Heaven: Norway NDC - (LA Times) (link found by Johanne)
3 - "Sugar Baby" mp3 from Grand Rapids Nov 6
4 - Jerry Garcia on "The E! True Hollywood Story" tonight - (E!) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
5 - Dylan among this year's leading Jews - (Forward) (link found by Larry Yudelson)
6 - Grand Rapids pix: one - two - three - four (Tim McAllister)
7 - Folk-rock Buddha Dylan as relevant now as he's ever been - (Jam/Toronto Sun) (link found by Kyle Valanne, Alex Leik, Marcus Thunich and Dag E Braathen)
8 - Bucky Baxter news - Under "News" you can download mp3 of "Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You" ( (link found by Jim Tillman, Uwe Meilchen and Dag E Braathen)
9 - Dylan delights again - (The Star) (link found by Casey Martin, Michael Young and Alex Leik)
10 - Reports: New Cancer Treatment For George - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
11 - "Driving Rain" New CD, mp3 sample (.exe file, not for Mac??) - ( (link found by Gustav Persson)
12 - Cuckoo's Nest author Kesey critically ill - (CNN) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
13 - Toronto guitarist jams with Dylan - (Jam) (link found by Marcus Thunich)

Thursday, November 8:
1 - SILENT BOB: Taciturn Dylan speaks volumes through song - (Grand Rapids Press) (link found by David Stenander)
2 - Sexiest man alive Vote in "Sexiest Musician section", perhaps? - (People) (link found by Celiecoo61)
3 - "Po' Boy" Nov 6 live mp3 download - (3.4 MB, may disappear at any time)
4 Swedish - Alla har bott på Chelsea Hotel - (DN) (link found by Lennart Andersson)
5 - Where is Bob's DVD? - (campaign by shawn mccormick)
6 - "O Brother Where Art Thou" just won album of the year on the CMA music awards. (posted to rmd by Linn Carpenter, passed on to me by Howard Mirowitz)
7 - Ruchot Shel Timtum = Idiot Wind Dylan in Hebrew - (Fact Records) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
8 - Dylan author Michael Krogsgaard has registered the domain name - see Internic
9 - Heroes or Zeroes? - (BBC Radio 2 tonight) (link found by Jim Johnson and Paul Ryles)
10 - Isis site updated. The Anthology is selling fast, order now! (from Tracy Barker)
11 - The On-line gallery of Ray Keats (link found by Anneke Derksen)
12 Spanish - Bob Dylan, la conciencia del 'rock' - (La Prensa, Panamá) (link found by Julieta Noyes)
13 - Lift Every Voice Looks at American hymns, ballads and protest songs ranging from "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" to Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'."- (University of Virginia Library) (link from Charles W. Prince) (I left the link empty yesterday)
14 - New Nashville Review - (Jewels and Binoculars) (link found by Adam Selzer)

Wednesday, November 7:
1 - Last night's Grand Rapids setlist.
2 - Sioux City pictures and cover art - (George A. Dugger)
3 - Dave van Ronk health update - (link found by hodah)
4 - Lift Every Voice Looks at American hymns, ballads and protest songs ranging from "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen" to Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are A-Changin'."- (University of Virginia Library) (link from Charles W. Prince)
5 - On a magical mystery tour The Del Monico hotel - (This is London)
6 - Dylan on 'that guy' In RS interview... Jack Nicholson? - (Baltimore Sun)
7 - Chili Peppers Releasing Home Video, Working On New LP with "Subterranean" cover version - (Sonicnet)
8 - Italian lyrics translations (Testi tradotti) - (Idiot Wind) (link from Andrea Falesi)
9 - 'Last-ditch' cancer care for Harrisons - (Independent) (tip from Joseph)
10 - Seven Faces Quiz - (Jose) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
11 - "Razor's Edge" secure order form - (Homer)

Tuesday, November 6:
1 - These Albums Look to Be in the Right Key for Grammys - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Ticket contest Ontario residents only (Toronto Life) (link found by Arthur Louie)
3 - Lila Downs plays Minneapolis - (Star Tribune) (link found by Charles Hunstiger)
4 - Infinity Goes Up On Trial - Verdict Uncertain - (CERFdom) (link found by Rick Wilson)
5 - Madison pictures: 1 - 2 - 3 - (from Edward Blake)

Monday, November 5:
1 - Last night's Cincinnati setlist.
2 - Roger Daltrey Loves The New Bob Dylan Album - (Launch) (link found by Brian)
3 - BBC Radio Ulster interview with Andy Muir and more news - (Razor's Edge) (link from Homer)
4 - Dylan leaves fans howling for more - (Cincinnati Post) (link found by Alex Leik)
5 - Fans left ecstatic after Dylan show Fri - (Indiana Statesman) (link found by Kurt Schnell)
6 - Dylan 'pure thunder' at Hulman Center - (Indiana Statesman) (link found by Kurt Schnell)
7 - New songs spice up Dylan show - (Cincinnati Enquirer) (link found by Scott Hakes)
8 - I want to be alone - (Independent) (link found by Catina Prieur)
9 - Country music holds its big show - (Reuters / Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
10 - 6oth birthday/roots of Bob Dylan tribute show rerun RealAudio - (Antenna Internet Radio) (Link from Tuesday, but worth following still)
11 - American Roots Music 2nd programme tonight - (PBS) (link found by Paul Pearson)

Sunday, November 4:
1 - Last night's Nashville setlist.
2 - Loyal Fans - (Guide to Terre Haute) (link found by Ron Kern)
3 Norwegian - Har Bob Dylan lest Kierkegaard? - (Aftenposten) (link found by Steinar Hagen)
4 - Listen to Programme about the Charley Patton box setRealAudio - (Antenna Internet Radio) (Link from Tuesday, but worth following still)

Saturday, November 3:
1 - Last night's Terre Haute setlist.
2 - At Nuremberg Mass Rally Grounds, Germany Confronts Huge Nazi Relic - (AP News) (link found by Paul)
3 - Dario Fabbri's Dylan - A weekly correspondence.
4 - Dylan Delivers Classics, Old and New - (ConcertLivewire) (link found by Tony Bonyata)
5 - 'New American Language': Bern Again - (Washington Post) (link found by Dan)

Friday, November 2:
1 - Bob image by Cavezzali - more - (The 'Musica!' appendix of 'la Repubblica') (found by Michele)
2 - Sioux City pictures - more - more (gadygger)
3 - Dave van Ronk With Love - (Christine Lavin) (link found by Jim Linwood)
4 - Jill Furmanovsky's Dylan picture - (rockarchive) (link from Stu)
5 - Bobquest 6th Nov in London - (rockarchive) (link from Stu)
6 - Tour statistics and song searches from the Dylan fantasy pool ( (by Arthur Louie)
7 - All-Star Album Features New Harrison Track - (Billboard) (link found by HwyCDRrev and Alex Leik)
8 - John Butt has two Terre Haute tickets (for tonight) and four for Nashville (Saturday) that he is unable to use. Write him for details.
9 - Dario Fabbri's Dylan - A weekly correspondence.

Thursday, November 1:
1 - Last night's Madison setlist.
2 - "The Nightingale's Code - A Poetic Study Of Bob Dylan" available from Freewheelin's Book Shelf (link from Keith Wootton)
3 - "The Quest for Dylan" and "Life and Life Only" - (Rock's Back Pages) (link found by homer and James Dodds)
4 - "Isis - A Bob Dylan Anthology" - (Isis) (link found by Tracy Barker)
5 - Johnny Cash back in Nashville hospital - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Catina Prieur)
6 - Dylan this day in 1979, 1983, 1986 - (Rock Clock) (link found by Catina Prieur)
7 - A night with Bob Dylan - (Pioneer Planet) (link found by David Maeda)
8 - "Good Rockin' Tonight" review - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Ian)
9 - Artists pay tribute to Hank Williams' best on 'Timeless' - (Old Gold and Black) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - All These Inches Away From Where Greil Marcus Began - ( (link found by Gary Kass)

Wednesday, October 31:
1 - Last night's Green Bay setlist.
2 - All the greats under the Sun - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Jason Blandford) Order CD through the Cornershop
3 German - All of those Ambitionen - (Junge Welt) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
4 - Dylan delights crowd at arena - (Green Bay Press-Gazette) (link found by Alex Leik and Bob Schuren)
5 - Isis - A Bob Dylan Anthology - (Isis) (link from Tracy)
6 Norwegian - De gamle er eldst "Street Legal" most borrowed LP at Deichman library in Oslo< (Well, they have 5 copies of it.) - (NRK) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
7 - Good Rockin' Tonight: The Legacy of Sun Records - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 Swedish - Mest skåpmat om Bob Dylan Sounes review - (Norrköpings Tidningar) (link found by Göran Petersson)
9 - Guide to Field Recordings updated with 2400 items

Tuesday, October 30:
1 - Programme about the Charley Patton box setRealAudio - (Antenna Internet Radio) (by Karl Kotas)
2 - Documentary Traces Country Music - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
3 - 'Are You Ready' traces links of rock, country - (Seattle Times) (link found by Jack Regan and Joy Munsey)
4 - Photo gallery - (Mr. Jones) (link found by Dean Lavis)
5 - "Do Look Back" rockumentary - (Highway 61 Revisited Bob Dylan Tribute Band) (link found by Kelly George)
6 Swedish - Har du hört att Dylan börjat spela golf? - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
7 - Bob Dylan - The Rolling Stone Interview - (Rolling Stone) (link found by anonymous)
8 - there is no eye: music for photographs incl. Dylan track: "Roll On John" - (Smithsonian) (link found by Peter Gilmer) From - The book.

Monday, October 29:
1 - Last night's Milwaukee setlist.
2 - Dylan shows aging isn't dreary - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by Paul)
3 Spanish - Las claves del cantautor del siglo XXI George Brassens - (El Mercurio) (link found by Andrés Urrutia)
4 - Joan Baez / Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer / Richard Shindel Tour in Feb/March - (Musi-Cal-Search) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 Italian - Premio Librex-Montale a Bob Dylan Dylan wins poetry award - (Rockol) (link found by Alberto Cuccu)
6 - Dylan still cranking out the music for his fans - (Green Bay Press-Gazette) (link found by Jim Linwood)
7 - Dylan knockin' on adoration's door - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Dan Levy)
8 - Bob Dylan at the United Center - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Dan Levy)
9 German - Dylan-Paparazzi-Geschichte - (link found by Manfred Schwarz)
10 - Dylan cartoon - (Titanic-Magazin) (link found by Heiko Baumann)
11 - The Free-Floating Bob Dylan - (Reason) (link found by Tom Sylvester)

Sunday, October 28:
1 - Last night's Chicago setlist.
2 - American Roots Music starts tomorrow - (PBS) (link found by Charles W. Prince) DVD - VHS - CD Box Set - Highlights CD - Book - Box Set import to UK
3 - Homegrown Sounds - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Paul McCartney: Getting Better All the Time NDC - (Reader's Digest) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - Bob Dylan on cover of Nov 22 Rolling Stone (on sale now), 9 pp interview, portrait and photo inside (tip from HwyCDRrev)
7 -
8 - Dave van Ronk is seriously ill. He has had to cancel all his gigs through the end of the year and the loss of that income and the accompanying CD sales at gigs has left him strapped. Please feel free to announce the following address to which donations may be sent. Checks should be made payable to Dave Van Ronk and mailed to: Dave Van Ronk c/o Folklore Productions, 1671 Appian Way, Santa Monica CA 90401 (from Hodah)

Saturday, October 27:
1 - Bob Dylan shares hard-won wisdom of a war-torn soul - (Pioneer Planet) (link found by Brian Neuendorf, David Maeda, Robert Bowman and Nelson T. French)
2 - The Age of Miracles - (Isthmus) (by Stu Levitan)
3 - Dylan returns to familiar highway - (Journal Sentinel) (link found by Bob Schuren)
4 German - Fischer an der Front - (Stern) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
5 - Francine with Bob Dylan during filming "Love, Theft and Poker" - (Francine York) (link found by Bob Meyer)
6 Norwegian - Sultne på patriotisme - (NRK) (link found by Geir Olsen)
7 - On Elton John's CD player: Dylan, Blige - (USA Today) (link found by Jack Regan)
8 - PBS' Roots Series Captures American Music - (Yahoo /Reuters) (link found by Bruce Olson)
9 - Another hard day's night Was the world ever as young, as fresh and as innocent... - (Philippine Star)

Friday, October 26:
1 - Last night's St. Paul setlist.
2 - Dylan & York - (Mesabi Daily News) (link found by Michael Smith)
3 - Being '67 Dylan beats Halloween hijinks - (Daily Cardinal) (link found by David Moreau)
4 - Sharp-dressed Dylan delivers low-key show - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
5 - Movie trailer incl. "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" - (Black Hawk Down) (link found by Dan Keelean)
6 - Like a rolling stone, Dylan keeps moving Edna Gundersen interview - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Jeremy Smith)

Thursday, October 25:
1 - Last night's La Crosse setlist.
2 - No need to send links to all the variations on the Reuters article about Dylan's multivolume autobiography (See Tuesday's #3). I'm getting blasé (or is it lazee?).
3 - "Love And Theft" at # 49 - (Billboard) (link found by Palokallio Jarmo)
4 - For Dylan, things haven't changed - (Orange County Register) (link found by Fritz Liebich)
5 - A Special Cinematic Tribute to Bob Dylan - (Harvest Festival) (link found by Sue Robinson)
6 - That Old Feeling Richard Corliss inaugurates a column on classic pop culture - NDC - (Time) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
7 - Time is on their side, yes, it is - (USA Today) (link found by Bill Baratta)
8 - Still the greatest: Welcome back, Bob - ( (by Stuart Levitan )
9 - 'America' Rules... The Billboard 200 - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
10 - Patriotism leads hit parade - (USA Today) (link found by Alex Leik)
11 - Order God Bless America from and support Expecting Rain.
12 - Dylan rocks Center - (LaCrosse Tribune) (link found by Jack Regan)
13 - There's more to Dylan than 'Blowin' in the Wind' - (Sioux City Journal) (link found by Jack Regan)
14 - Minnesota's 'New Dylans' pay homage to their inspiration - (TwinCities) (link found by Alex Leik)

Wednesday, October 24:
1 - Last night's Sioux City setlist.
2 - Interview with Ben Fong-Torres - (Journalismjobs) (link found by Tim Shorrock)
3 - "Good Rockin' Tonight" - (Sun Records) (link found by Adam Miller)
4 - Dylan kommt mehrbändig - ( (link found by Stephan Teuwissen)
5 - Minnesota musicians ponder: Does Dylan's latest measure up to his greatest? - Star Tribune (link found by Jason Grove, Mark Schreifels, Matt Puczko and Jennifer Schneider)
6 - There's more to Dylan than 'Blowin' in the Wind' - (Sioux City Journal) (link found by Alex Leik)

Tuesday, October 23:
1 - Set lists and reviews - ( (link found by Jim Short and Eben Hensby)
2 - I Can't Get You Off Of My Mind, from Timeless - ( (link found by Jarmo Palokallio) Order from the Corner Shop
3 - Bob Dylan to write multivolume autobiography - (Reuters / (link found by Leonard J. Colne and Andrew Steinhouse)
4 - Terror acts coax Cat Stevens to sing 'Peace Train' NDC - (Jam) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Johnny Cash Released From Hospital - (VH1) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Wailers Revive Roots Rock and Roll with New Record - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Bruce Olson)
7 - The Andrew Muir interview mentioned in link # 5 yesterday did not go out live. It may be on BBC Radio Ulster later in the week.
8 - "Love and Theft" AMSCO songbook lyrics - (???) (link found by Andrea Falesi)
9 - English Poet Laureate and avowed Dylan fan Andrew Motion includes I and I, from the Infidels album, in Here To Eternity, a new poetry anthology he has edited for Faber and Faber. The 320-page anthology also includes poems by Dylan Thomas, Wallace Stevens and Stevie Smith, among many others. (from Terry Kelly) Order from
10 - Steal This Essay 1: Content Is a Pure Public Good NDC - (TidBITS)
11 - iPod - Apple's new mp3 device Bob Dylan example in playlist photo- (Apple)
12 - American Recordings: On "Love and Theft" and the Minstrel Boy - ( (link found by Bobdylan444 and Bob Whitson)
13 - Remastered Concert for Bangla-Desh release November 20, 2001 - (Hollywood and Vine) (link found by J. Yagüe)
14 - Edna Gundersen chat - (USA Today) (link found by Alex Leik )

Monday, October 22:
Now playing: The Beatles "Help"
1 - Last night's Denver setlist.
2 - Review: Dylan Spreads the Love at Staples Center - (NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
3 - Bob Dylan weekly radio show 23th Oct. 20:00 Istanbul time, click English - (Greenwich Village Cafe) (link found by GVC)
4 - Dylan Walks Long Path to Musical Superhero - ( (link found by Jim Short)
5 - Tomorrow, the 23rd 0900-1030 on BBC Radio Ulster: Andrew Muir is interviewed about Dylan, Dylan fans and the Never-Ending Tour. The John Bennett show can be heard in large areas of the K and on Sky Radio. Andy's book: Razor's Edge, is in the Cornershop
6 German - "Man kann auch in der Küche singen" Leonard Cohen- (Berliner Morgenpost) (link found by Matthias Hofmann)
7 - "Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum" lyrics from Songbook (posted by Mark Robert Hale)
8 - "High Water" lyrics from Songbook (posted by Mark Robert Hale)
9 - Dylan a renaissance man - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Dan Anderson)
10 - Dylan worth discovering - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Dan Anderson)
11 - Fans rapt by new, classic Dylan - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Dan Anderson)
12 - Howard Tate interview - (Gadfly online) (by Peter Stone Brown)
13 - 'O Brother' soundtrack spurs creation of a label - (LA Times / Baltimore Sun)

Sunday, October 21:
1 - Untitled Memoir Tent Book 1 by Bob Dylan, February 2002 - (amazon preorder)
2 - The Norwegian Jazz Base - I translated this into English. NDC.- (National Library of Norway)
3 - Bridge Benefit XV "Blowin' In The Wind" - ( (link found by Ted Polkinghorn)
4 - What Are the Odds of Reviving the Passion? - (Hilburn in LA Times) (link found by Otto Thompson)
5 - Minnesota's 'New Dylans' pay homage to their inspiration - (St. Paul Pioneer Press) (link found by Mtdevaney)

Saturday, October 20:
1 - Last night's Los Angeles setlist: High Water.
2 - Bob Dylan at Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento - (Lve Daily) (link found by Norbert Krapf and Tracy LaVere)
3 - The Free-Floating Bob Dylan - (Reason) (link found by eric blakeley)
4 - Japan 2001 Compilation and Newark, NJ - Feb 1, 1998 - (dylantree) (link found by Mike)
5 - Hank Williams just as "Timeless" as his new CD - (Boston Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 Italian - Baudo: "Bob Dylan a Sanremo" - (La Stampa) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - Dylan signs contract with Simon & Schuster Also Lyrics update - (Rock's Back Pages) (link found by James Dodds)
8 Norwegian - Morsom Harrison - (NRK) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land Of the Midnight Sun)
9 - Dylan proves why he's a legend and a master - (Sign On San Diego) (link found by Redwords)
10 - Untitled Memoir (Tent.) Book 1 - (Simon & Schuster) (link found by Dag E Braathen, Shelter From The Storm)
11 - Leonard Cohen chat transcript incl. comment on L&T - Jam (link found by Charles W. Prince, Tom Barrett and Steve Dube)
12 - McCartney on Stern Mon & Tue - (E online) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Friday, October 19:
1 - Freewheelin' update with important announcement. (tip from Keith Wootton)
2 - Ralph Stanley: The Lonesome Man talks about getting new friends, via O BROTHER WHERE ART THOU? - (Plan9music)
3 - "Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum" Live - ( (link found by Mark Peterson, Eben Hensby, Tobias Levander and Alexa Ahrens)
4 Turkish - Korumalar Bob Dylan'§ tan§mad§ - (Hürriyetim) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 German - Die fiktionalisierte Autobiographie von Woody Guthrie - (NZZ) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Bob Dylan, Gerde's Folk City, April 11, 1961 - (NY Metro) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
7 - Paul McCartney on Howard Stern on TV next week - (E online) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
8 - Dylan Gallery 1 - Bob at his best - (The Black Horse) (link found by Wallaseyblack)
9 - New address: The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society - (TCBDS) (link found by Patrick)

Thursday, October 18:
1 - Last night's San Diego setlist.
2 - Dylan Adelaide 2001 pictures - (link found by Paul Read)
3 - Ex-Beatle Harrison to Release New Single - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by Otto Thompson)
4 - Hank's Lonely RoadRevisited - (NY Daily News) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Paul McCartney scheduled for Howard Stern radio show 8:30 am (approx) today (tip from HwyCDRrev)
6 - Rock'n' Roll Photographer - (Bob Gruen) (link found by Tricia)
7 - Closing in 3 days - (TCBDS) (link found by julio peralta-paulino)
8 - "Love And Theft", #40 in chart, has gone Gold - (Billboard) (link found by Bill Baratta, Alex Leik, Alan in Knoxville and Örjan Hjorth)
9 - Rock's perpetual stranger in town - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Purnell, Vernon)
10 - Dylan barred from his own concert The Bob Dylan tour reaches Britain next July - (Guardian) (link found by Catina Prieur)
11 - 214 "Love And Theft" reviews here
12 - Master of the Fair - (Spiegel) (link found by Matthias Hofmann)

Wednesday, October 17:
1 - Rock to the Beat that goes on Kerouac anniversary - (Japan Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Edna Gundersen chat - (USA Today) (link found by Manor Folsom)
3 - Time to lobby the Grammys - Orange County Register (link found by Manor Folsom)
4 - Dylan digs WWF - (Living Planet jpg) (link found by Bruce Racond)
5 - Bob Dylan - (San Diego Citysearch) (link found by Alex Leik)
6 - Cowboy Poetry - SF Gate (link found by Michael Smith)
7 - Kenmore Square Citgo Sign - (Dude) (by Andy Smith)

Tuesday, October 16:
1 - Dylan offers unvarnished blues and folk - (San Jose Mercury News) (link found by Jim Short)
2 - A Dylan Show Worthy of Dylan - (LA Times) (link found by Abe Rondina)
3 - Al Kooper on the Late Show Thu 18 - (CBS) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - Our Poet of the Apocalypse Leonard Cohen - ( (link found by Martin Grossman)
5 - Hoot Night At Small Talk At the Wall - (link found by Mac)
6 - Dylan Knockin' on Concert Door - E online (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
7 Norwegian - Dylan nektet adgang til egen konsert - (VG) (link found by Merethe Myrvang, Frode Fridtjofsen and Ellisiv Pedersen)
8 German - Bob Dylan vor eigenem Konzert von Sicherheitsleuten gestoppt - (pipeline) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
9 German - Bob Dylan vor eigenem Konzert von Sicherheitsleuten gestoppt - (Donaukurier) (link found by Manfred Endtner)
10 - Angry bilingual "Masters of War" from 1978 see bottom left corner here - (5.7 mp3)
11 Dutch - Dylan toegang geweigerd eigen concert - ( (link found by S.J. Slagter)
12 - "God Bless America" includes "Blowin' In The Wind" - (Sony) (link found by Tony de V) From amazon
13 - Dylan på vinyl - så klart! - (bruktvinyl.coom) (link found by Stian Andreassen)
14 - Global Eye -- Mind Games - (Moscow Times)
15 - Dylan fan brings it all back home Tom Russell - (Belfast Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Monday, October 15:
1 - Last night's Santa Barbara setlist.
2 - Forever sung - (InsideBayArea) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
3 Dutch - Bob Dylan kan zich jaren '60 niet herinneren - ( (link found by R. Steenbergen)
4 - Rock Is About Fragmentation, Limiting A Book's Audience - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Charle W. Prince)
5 - Cohen: 'I never discuss my mistresses or my tailors' - (Guardian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Security keeps Bob Dylan out of own show - (Jam) (link found by Kyle Valanne)
7 - Bob Dylan Stopped at Checkpoint - (AP / Excite) (link found by Jack Regan)
8 - The Other Side of Garcia - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Paul Pearson)
9 - Bangladesh Concert's Relief Effort a Milestone - (LA Times) (link found by Jonathan Coe)
10 - Audio Choice - The revival of Bluesman Charley Patton - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
11 - Bob Dylan at Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento - (Live daily News) (link found by Bill Baratta)

Sunday, October 14:
The site was down for some 22 hours, I would hesitate to recommend
1 - Last night's San Fransisco setlist.
2 - Dylan leaves chit-chat for others - (InsideBayArea) (link found by Jim Short)
3 - "Shelter from the Storm" campaign with Dylan song - (World Wildlife Fund) (link found by Shawn Pulver)
4 - 'I Love Lucy': Coolly Confident, Timelessly Funny NDC - NY Times
5 - Loudon Wainwright III: His Heart Is at His Sweet Home in Suburbia - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
6 - Woody's Hymn - (Philadelphia Weekly) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
7 - Wilco's Dark Victory - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)

Saturday, October 13:
1 - Last night's San Jose setlist.
2 - Quiz: Six Differences - Six Answers - (link found by José)
3 Italian - L'escluso: Bob Dylan - (RAI) (link found by Zan)
4 Swedish - Hank Williams - Timeless - (Feber) (link found by Tobias Levander)
5 - The new album by Kenny Neal titled "One Step Closer" includes "Walk Out In The Rain" credited "Bob Dylan / Helena Springs" (tip from J.P. Wilbrand) From -

Friday, October 12:
1 - CD artwork for download as .pdf for most of this year's shows - (Freeewheelin') (link found by Keith Wootton)
2 German - Comeback der blinden Sängerin Corinna May mit einem Bob-Dylan-Lied - (Berliner Morgenpost) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
3 Irish - Dylan na filíochta - (Irish Times)
4 - Dylan plays like a young guy - Dynamic show in Sacramento - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Bobby Fay)
5 On the Fox Channel last Saturday: A Public Service Announcement for keeping the Forests alive, with Dylan's "Shelter from the Storm" in the background. (tip from Mike Paglia)
6 - Dylan and company deliver from the heart - (Sacramento Bee) (link found by Jim Short)

Thursday, October 11:
1 - Last night's Sacramento setlist.
2 - Alan Jacobs: "A Visit to Vanity Fair : Moral Essays on the Present Age",, include considerations of Bob Dylan as a religious thinker. (tip from Kevin van der Leek)
3 - Bob Dylan, reluctant prophet - (Christianity Today) (link found by Kevin van der Leek)
4 - 2001 Nobel Prize Litterature winner: VS Naipaul
5 Swedish - Bob Dylan på turné med sånger som berör - Expressen (link found by Tobias Levander and Hans Johnson)
6 Italian - I testi di "Love and Theft" tradotti in italiano Italian translation of the lyrics - (Idiot Wind) (link found by Andrea Falesi)
2 - Dylan and 9/11. Love, Theft and Evidence - (CounterPunch) (link found by Doug Wilber)

Wednesday, October 10:
1 - Last night's Central Point setlist.
2 - Dylan Quotes - New quotes from Love And Theft and from recent interviews- (by Per Lindgren)
3 - Now past 200 reviews of "Love And Theft"!
4 German - Von Dylan bis DeLillo Tomorrow's Nobel Prize - (Hamburger Abendblatt) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
5 German - Sechzig Kilo Bücher - (Hannoverische Allgemeine) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)

Tuesday, October 9:
1 - Bob Dylan Takes Love On The Road - (VH1) (link found by Douglas Schlachter and HwyCDRrev)
2 - "Love And Theft" unofficial Spanish translations! - (Page of Spanish Leather) (link found by Pachi Becerril)
3 - The weight of 'Gold' A male Lucinda? - (Boston Globe) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - Now 193 reviews of "Love And Theft" - will we reach 200?
5 - This year's Nobel prize winner in Literature will be announced Thursday Oct 11, see Swedish Academy. Bob Dylan is a contender. (link found by Jan Semneby)
6 Swedish - You Belong To Me - (Vargheden) (link found by Tobias Levander)
7 - moreComingUp - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
8 - The times they are estrangin' - (Seattle Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
9 - Now is a good time to put on some Dylan - (Daytone Beach News-Journal) (link found by Manor)
10 Danish - Med Dylan på Café - Weekend Nu (by Johannes Andersen)
11 German- Wer wird Jubilar? - (Spiegel) (link found by Catina Prieur and Heiko Baumann)
12 - A Hard Reign - (Entertainment Weekly) (link found by Bob Schuren)
13 - Music industry touts success in CD-R crackdown - (Yahoo / Variety) (link found by Alex Leik)
14 - The Bridge site has been updated to Issue 10 (from Terry Kelly)
15 - Star power - (State Journal-Register) (link found by Manor Folsom)
16 - Standing in the Doorway - ( (link found by Shawn Pulver)

Monday, October 8:
1 - Last night's Corvallis setlist.
2 - Bob Dylan's most underappreciated songs - (Sacramento Bee) (link found by Joy Munsey)
3 - Radio interviews: Weir, Starr, McGuinn etc. - (WZLX) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - Dylan tour debuts on rich, satisfying note - (Spokesman-Review) (link found by Alex Leik and Jim Linwood)
5 - Dylan's roots flourish in contemporary soil - (Seattle Times) (link found by Jim Short, Jack Regan and Alex Leik)
6 - Dylan returns -- and again hits the right chords "Dylan's voice is one of the treasures of American music" - (Seattle P-I) (link found by Jim Short and Alex Leik)
7 - People in the News Dylan in Seattle - (SF Gate) (link found by Jim Short)
8 - Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, Others Featured On 'God Bless America' Benefit CD - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
9 - Dylan kicks off tour in Seattle - (Jam) (link found by Kyle Valanne and Catina Prieur)
10 - Bob Dylan Opens National Tour - (Excite / AP) (link found by Jack Regan)
11 - "Bandits" soundtrack includes Dylan's "Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum". From (tip from Kris Kirwan)
12 - An interview with Howard Sounes - (BBC Online)
13 - Lyrics & chords for "Wait For the Light to Shine" -(link found by Thomas Lennox)

Sunday, October 7:
1 - Last night's Seattle setlist, incl "Moonlight"!
2 - Bob Dylan album cover icons for the Mac (NOT Windows!) - open with StuffIt Expander, then with Icon Archiver (from Jay Spiegelman)
3 Swedish - Hank Williams är tidlös - (Expressen) (link found by Tobias Levander)
4 - Bob Dylan Opens Fall Tour With A Brand New Show! - ( (link found by Jim Short)
5 - Salon review is linked from my "Love And Theft" page, now with 188 review links.
6 German - "Come Writers And Critics..." - ( (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
7 German - Literatur-Nobelpreis für Bob Dylan? - (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
8 - Wainwright's words sting, but it's a shot in the arm - (Milwaukeee Journal-Sentinel) (link found by Bob Schuren)

Saturday, October 6:
1 - Last night's Spokane setlist. Five new songs.
2 - Columbia's 'America' Features Celine, Dylan - (Billboard) (Tip from Otto Thompson and Jim Linwood) From
3 - Waiting for the Light to Shine mp3 - (Connie Smith) (link found by Dag Braaathen)
4 - Bob Dylan estrenará una nueva etapa del Multiusos con estrellas de talla mundial - Posssible concert in Santiago de Compostela - (Correo Galegeno) (link found by Mary-Lou Fi.)
5 - On Dylan Time - Spokesman-Review (link found by Jack Regan)
6 - "The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack" from amazon on DVD and VHS. (Tip from Douglas LeBlanc)
7 - Dylan's past visits to the region - (Spokesman-Review) (link found by Jim Short)
8 - Some things you might not know about Bob Dylan - (Seattle Times) (link found by Jim Short and Joy Munsey)
9 - "La creazione di Love and Theft" Italian translation of Rolling Stone article - (Idiot Wind) (link found by Andrea Falesi)

Friday, October 5:
Bob Dylan resumes his tour tonight, in Spokane.
1 - Last day to sign up for the Dylan fantasy pool - (dylantree) (link found by Arthur Louie)
2 - New Dylan portal site - (poptopix) (link found by Dave Plentus)
3 - "Timeless" Hank Williams tribute review and sound clip - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - KVI newsman's long career ranged from DJ to Dylan - (Seattle P-I) (link found by Jim Short)
5 - Dylan's rehearsing, but privately - (Spokesman-Review) (link found by Jim Short)
6 - Increased Dylan ticket sales - (SF Gate) (link found by Jim Short)
7 - O Brother Where Art Thou is winner at Bluegrass awards - (Ananova) (link found by Catina Prieur)
8 - Dylan's about-face: His new music mix is more pop than poetry - (Seattle Times) (link found by Alex Leik)
9 - Leonard Cohen's Ten New Songs - (Jam) - From
10 - Back to our roots - (Tennnessean) (link found by JBlandford)
11 - Garth Hudson plays Fri Oct 12 - (Halifax Pop Explosion) (link found by Duncan Floyd)
12 - A movie about making a movie about Bob fans - (bobsessivediehraddylanfans) (link found by zone)
13 - Record liner notes accurately reveal the evolution of rock hype - (Detroit News) (link found by Jack Regan)
14 - 4.430 Bob Dylan images search - (Google) (link found by Scott)
15 - Bob Dylan comes to Corvallis - (mvonline) (link found by Jim Short)
16 - A darker shade of Dylan: OSU prof discusses perception and reality - (mvonline) (link found by Jim Short)

Thursday, October 4: (From Mo i Rana)
1 - 'O Brother' Soundtrack Is Talk Of Bluegrass Convention - (House of Blues) (link found by Catina Prieur)
2 - More Dylan links - ( (link found by Nelien)
3 - You sing too much - Are musicians overdoing it with their charity efforts? (Philadelphia Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan and Chuck Koch)
4 - Consulting team looking at Armory this week - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Jim Linwood)
5 - Artwork site: Great North Woods - (Great North Woods) (link found by Juhani Huttunen)
6 - "Love And Theft" #25 in US charts - (Billboard) (link found by Palokallio Jarmo)

These Dylan covers found by Dave Plentus of Dylan Cover Albums:
Carroll House Band - She Belongs To Me - MP3
Eric Hisaw Band - I Shall Be Released - MP3
Mojave 3 - Queen Jane Approximately - MP3
Mungos Brothers Blues Band - All Along The Watchtower - MP3
The Sin Taxes - Do Right By Me Baby - MP3
Elliott Smith - Ballad Of A Thin Man - RealAudio
Elliott Smith - When I Paint My Masterpiece - RealAudio
Travis - You're A Big Girl Now - RealAudio
Paul Weller - I Shall Be Released - MP3

Wednesday, October 3: (From Oslo)
1 - 133 Dylan links - (Google)
2 - Carl Perkins - The Fireman MP3 - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - Dusty Old Fairgrounds - ( (link found by James Dodds)

Tuesday, October 2: (From Sarpsborg)
1 - Score: 93 - Universal Acclaim - (Metacritic) (link found by Raghu Mani)
2 - "Where Dead Voices Gather" by Nick Tosches about Southern minstrel singer Emmet Miller is an "inquiry into the nature of American popular music" and is said to mention Bob Dylan (amazon) (link found by Peter Slack)
3 - Emmett Miller "The Ministrel Man from Georgia" - (amazon) (link found by Peter Slack)
4 - No 2: "Love And Theft" - (Billboard) (link found by Gail W.)
5 - "In My Time of Dyin'" - (JamesThomasMusic) (link from James Thomas)

Monday, October 1: (From Sarpsborg)
There are some snags regarding my old URL, so I recommend bookmarking If everything works out OK, both URLs will be usable to reach the site. The reason for the move is that, that bought my site last year, has gone out of business, and I am continuing my work on a site of my own. I will start new associateships with and, and hope that some of you will buy your CDs, DVDs and books through my links. This may help me get some compensation for the time I spend working on the site. Thank you!

1 - Dylan, Cash among artists on tribute album to Hank Williams Sr. - (CNN) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Of thee, America, we sing - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - "Ian & Sylvia: The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings" - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - "Pathway to the Stars" Disc 2 mp3s - (Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by Peter Davies)

5 - An Idol Quest - (NME) (link found by Bo Terek)
6 - The Making of Dylan's "Love and Theft" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Bo Terek)
7 - Love And Theft" falls to #27 in UK Charts - Yahoo (link found by Jarmo.Palokallio)
8 - Mishoid Dylan Lyrics - (Groucho)
9 - Hyller Hank Williams - (NRK) (link found by Geir Olsen)
10 - "This World Can't Stand Long" and "Humming Bird" by Johnnie & Jack - (
11 - Freewheeelin' Magazine vol. 21 is available now, the first quarterly issue.

Sunday, September 30: (From Sarpsborg)
Back in Norway, with broadband, which is a relief.
1 - Livet fylt med Dylan - (Drammens Tidende) (link found by Geir Olsen Land of the Midnight Sun)
2 - Protest Song download - (Neil Innes) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Dylan track on "There Is No Eye: Music for Photographs" - (Yahoo) (link found by ombodhi)
4 - Bob Dylan book details emerge - (Jam) (link found by Bobby Fay)

Monday, September 24: (From London)
Getting on the net when you are away from home is hard... Going to the BBC Club tonight.
1 - En leken legende - (Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad) (link found by Ellisiv)
2 - Yesterday's link #1 is just a slip case edition with three Dylan CDs in it...not a remaster or reissue... (From Foggy)
3 Swedish - Bob Dylan - för första gången på listtoppen - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Tobias Levander, Jakob Eriksson and Monika Klingspor)
4 - Love and Theft is number 8 in Belgium - (Planet Internet) (link found by Michele "Napoleon in rags")
5 - # 1 in Denmark - (Hitlisten) (link found by Michele "Napoleon in rags", Kaj Borum and Torben Klint)
6 - # 3 in Iceland - (Skífan) (link found by sion)
7 - What's the best reason to buy Dylan's new album? - (MSN poll) (link found by Rob Stuart)
8 - Freewheelin' site has updated Tape News (from Keith Wootton)

Friday, September 21: (From Oslo)
1 - Rerelease Oct 16: Blonde On Blonde / Blood On... - (Yahoo) (link found by Robert Buchanan)
2 - Buddy and Julie Miller cover Dylan's "Wallflower" - (E online) (link found by Catina Prieur)
3 - "Wallflower" sound clip Larry plays fiddle- (buddieandjulie) (link found by Joy Munsey)
4 Portuguese - Tragédia ofusca novo álbum de Bob Dylan - (Estado) (link found by Arnaud Courtadon)
5 - Dylan Fantasy Pool - accepts entries for the upcoming tour (link from Arthur Louie)
6 Portuguese - Livros contam passado do músico - (Jornal do Brasil) (link found by Manoel Dantas)
7 Swedish - No 1 - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Tobias Levander)

Thursday, September 20:
The network, of which Expecting Rain was a part, is out of business. The server will be shut down on Tuesday. I hope to get back the rights to the domain name and contents. If not, I am setting up a new site:
Since I will be in London next week, it may be difficult for me to keep up with e-mail etc, that is why I am telling you today. Please bookmark and we'll see what happens!

1 - Americans tune into patriotic music Dylan at # 5 in SoundScan chart - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
2 - #5 in Billboard chart - (Billboard) (link found by Spencers)

Wednesday, September 19:
1 - "Don't Look Back" postponed till Wed 26 at 11pm - (Australian ABC-TV) (link found by Tricia and Phil Teece)
2 - Italian translation of Hilburn's interview - (Idiot Wind) (link from Andrea Falesi)
3 - An August '97 Compilation is now being treed at
4 - Clear Channel unsuitable songs more of an urban legend - (Snopes) (link found by Tom Fischer)
5 - Eddie Gorodetsky of Letterman show (incl 1984 when Dylan was on) / SNL / dharma & greg (ditto) ..etc. .is in the new dylan commercial for "L&T". When LP's Roamed the Earth (link found by HwyCDRrev)
6 - Big Albums' Quiet Debuts - (NY Daily News) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - "Love And Theft" enters German charts at # 4, his highest new entry ever and highest position since "Desire" (tip from Hans Peter Bushoff)
8 - Number One in Norway! - (VG) (link found by Magne Karlstad and Gunnar Yttri)
9 - Ronnie Wood CD with Bob Dylan on - (SPV) (link found by Gunnar Yttri)
10 - No. 13 in France - (Charts in France) (link found by Jfchapp)
11 - L&T is # 2 on one Italian chart this week (from Paolo Vites) - and #10 in the Rockol chart (tip from Alberto Cuccu)
12 - Swedish chart topper - ( (link found by Palokallio Jarmo)
13 F Bob Dylan, soixante ans et tout son talent - (Le Monde) (link found by Eddie)
14 F Les peurs et les contradictions de Robert Zimmerman, symbole ambigu de l'Amérique - (Le Monde) (link found by Eddie)
15 D No 1 at WOM and Der Spiegel (link found by Manfred Winter)
16 - Official UK Album Chart: #3 - (Worldpop) (link found by Chris Clarke)
17 - After the Horror, Radio Stations Pull Some Songs - See also today's item 4 (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
18 - Daniel Lanois is 51 today! (Rolling Stone Daily) (tip from Paul Pearson)
19 - Dutch chart: No. 18 - (musicplanet) (link found by fl)
20 - TV Fund-Raiser Taps Top Stars - (NY Daily News) (link found by Paul Pearson)
21 - America - A Tribute to Heroes - (CBS) (link found by Gail W.)

Tuesday, September 18:
1 - Robert Shelton interview rebroadcast Sept 29 - (WFUV) (link found by Jack Kelleher)
2 - Good Rockin' Tonight (The Legacy of Sun Records) pre-order from (link found by Jamie Lovinger)
3 - "Ring Them Bells" from the Supper Club + Charley Patton's "High Water Everywhere" - ( (link found by Ole Lien)
4 - "You're a Big Girl Now" (B-side) - (travisonline) (link found by Even Skoglund)
5 - Dylan on four-CD box set "American Roots Music" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Catina Prieur, Jarmo and Jon Lasser) (The item about the Beatles 1963 Juke Box Jury appearance being recovered on video should of course read "audio".
6 - Unsuitable songs includes "Knockin' ..." - (Yahoo) (link found by Ron Mura)
7 - I Am a Camera D.A. Pennebaker - (Black & White) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Monday, September 17:
You can donate to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund through
1 - "Idiot Wind" is a new Italian site - (Idiot Wind) (by Andrea Falesi)
2 - "Ich finde Farben scheußlich" Rome interview- (Der Spiegel) (link found by Tino)
3 - "Love And Theft" wallpaper / desktop image - (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
4 - Townes Van Zandt: A Neglected Poet of Nothingness and Discontent - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
5 - Are You Ready for the Country? from - (TheBand.hiof) (link found by Dag Braathen)
6 - Postponed Lennon tribute - (USA Today) (link found by Alex Leik)
7 - "Love And Theft" enters at #3 in UK charts - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
8 - Legend Of Dylan - (Time) (link found by Bill Baratta)

Sunday, September 16:
1 - Studs Terkel - (Google) (link found by darren)
2 - Halleluja, da kniest di nieder! Group BAP kneelin' at their altar - ( (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
3 - Printable American Flag
4 - "Dies ist mein Land" Woody Guthrie translation - (Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
5 - Dylan Song als Download - (T-online) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
6 - "Don't Look Back" next Wednesday, 11pm - (Australian ABC-TV) (link found by Tricia)
7 - Love and Theft this week's CD Feature - (ABC) (link found by Tricia)
8 - Dylan asks for help with his back pages - (Sunday Times) (link found by Peter Raymond)
9 - Dylan: "Non ricordo i 60 tutta colpa delle droghe" - (Repubblica) (link found by Bruno Cattivelli)
10 - Rage against the dying of the light - (News & Observer, Raleigh NC) (link found by Travis)
11 - "Love And Theft" no 16 in Finland - (YLE) (link found by Jarmo)
12 - Eclectic Al Kooper 'born at right time' - (Denver Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
13 - Playin' 'Mountain' music Pennebaker's Oh Brother documentary: "Down From the Mountain" - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
14 - "Love And Theft" no. 3 in the UK - (BBC) (link found by Annie White)
15 - Top Internet Album Sales - "Love And Theft" no. 15 - (Billboard) (link found by Aaron Knueppel)
16 - "Love And Theft" no. 3 in Ireland - ( (link found by Mark McGovern)
17 - 'Heartbroken' pope offers prayers "Blowin' In The Wind" - (CNN) (link found by Thad Williamson)

Saturday, September 15:
1 - There's a chance of a Bob Dylan show at the new Mohegan Sun Arena - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Ian)
2 - Obituary: Larry Kegan, singer/songwriter - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
3 - Kegan, 58, was musician, Dylan chum - (Pioneer Planet) (link found by Nelson T. French)
4 - Bob Dylan: Your views - (BBC) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Shows dig roots of rhythm - (Boston Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Ihr Dylanologen und Jünger des Bobbismus wo seid Ihr? - (Rems-Murr Nachrichten) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
7 - Musiklegende Bob Dylan schreibt an seinen Memoiren - ( (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
8 - "Poet: A Tribute to Townes Van Zandt" from (tipp from Uwe Meilchen)
9 - "Bob Dylan" painting by Christopher Trian - (acme fine art) (link found by Chris McKay)
10 - How Does It Feel? Don't Ask Dylan interview - (Robert Hilburn in LA Times) (link found by nijo)

Friday, September 14:
1 - "Timeless" - Hank Williams Tribute, with one Bob track: (tip from Jarmo)
2 - Eerie Image Pulled From CD NDC - (Wired) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - another one - (Dream Theater) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - How many times... - (sodamnhip) (link found by MajorBreakdown)
5 - Larry Kegan obituary - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Bobby Fay)
6 - Die-hard fan buys Dylan's childhood home - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)

Thursday, September 13:
1 - See "Love And Theft" for links to reviews and the Rome Interview.
2 - "Love And Theft" Sales Rank: 1 at (tip from Charles W. Prince)
3 - "Summer Days" free LiquidAudio download ranks no 1 - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Charlie McCoy will be the guest on Nick Stahl's show "Toe Tappin' Music" on LA's KXLU 88.9FM this week.
5 - Evoking America with Bob Dylan - (CNN) (link found by Tricia, Jack Regan and ?)
6 - Bob Dylan's Childhood Home Sold ... to Bill Pagel - (Excite / AP) (link found by Jack Regan, Charles W. Prince, Jan Semneby and Daryll Weisblott)
7 - New Carla Olsson CD with Dylan cover from - ( (link found by Magne Karlstad)
8 - Bob Dylan plays a winning hand - (Dallas Morning News) (link found by Brent Howard)

Wednesday, September 12:
1 - Two performances from the "Minneapolis Hotel Tape" - ( (link found by Fabio Augusto)
2 - Vol 21 news - (Freewheelin')
3 - Dylan dismisses 'hideous' modern music - (BBC) (link found by Jim Johnson)
4 - Dylan tips hand in commercial - (Boston Globe) (link found by Joe McMullen)
5 - I hate Bob Dylan - the song Deals with frustrations of songwriting as Bob can say it so much better. (link found by Mark Mc Govern and Dearest Puppy)
6 - Larry Keegan, life long friend of Bob Dylan has died of a heart attack. (via Marty Keller from Glen Dundas and Andy)

Tuesday, September 11:
1 - Criminal terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington D.C.. All condolences to the US nation.
2 - The Legend Of Dylan - (Time Canada) (link found by Jack Regan)
3 - His New Masterpiece - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Adam Barks)
4 - Triumph by Hewitt is proof that times have changed Tennis - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - 'So Much Older' Bob Dylan has trouble with Bio - (NY Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Love and Theft release party tonight - (Oslo) (link found by Jonas Paulsen)
7 - New Look at bobdylancom and a competition for US citizens only - ( (link found by Manoj Samudra)
8 - Wednesday - Love And Theft show - (Radio National, Australia) (link found by Sue Robinson)
9 - Ulovlig liveplate fra Bergen - (BT) (link found by Merethe Myrvang)
10 - Dylan-bråk i Bergen - (Nettavisen)
11 - Bob Dylan link story - (Guardian) (link found by Catina Prieur)

Monday, September 10:
1 - See "Love And Theft" for links to reviews and the Rome Interview.
2 - Dylan is positively on top of his game - (Edna Gundersen in USA Today) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg, John Fischer, Stu Levitan, Janne S and Alex Leik)
3 - Dylan hates most modern music - (Drudge Report) (link found by John Sasser and Otto Thompson)
4 - Today the new album is reviewed by Wolfgang Kos on Austrian radio OE1 (Austria 1 radio station) (tip from Werner)
5 - Tangled Up in Bob Bob Dylan's fans are a-changin' the Web - (Entertainment Weekly) (link found by Steve Dube)
6 - Bird's Nest in your Hair (Earl's Court 1981) tree - (
7 - "Live 1961-2000" review - (Weekly Planet) (link found by Darren)
8 - Bilbao, Spain release party tomorrow night: El martes 11. Estaís todos citados en el Café Plexiglas, calle Simon Bolivar 21 de Bilbao para escuchar a las 21:00 horas la nueva obra maestra de Bob. (día de salida del disco) (from José Ramon Rodrigo)
9 - Bob Dylan Dislikes Today's Music Time interview - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Kevin Newhart, Charles W. Prince, Jack Regan, Bob Dunn, Eric London)
10 - Bob Dylan criticó el rol de los medios de comunicación - (Diario Clarin, Argentina) (link found by Ignacio Renom)
11 - Folk Music Scene Strikes Chord With a New Generation NDC - (Calenadar Live) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
12 - Vote for All-Time Top Albums - (Ultimate Charts) (link found by Magne Karlstad)

Sunday, September 9:
1 - See "Love And Theft" for links to reviews and the Rome Interview.
2 - They All Play On Penny Whistles - devoted to fan covers of Bob Dylan's songs (
3 - Sioux City Orpheum Theater Seating Chart - (for 23 Oct) (link found by Nelson T. French)
4 - LIVE: BOB DYLAN The Joint @ the Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas - (Gadfly) (link found by Daniel Maxton)
5 - Poetry you could dance to Hajdu review- (TLS) (link found by John Morrison)
6 - ...embrace growing old as cool - (Oregonian) (link found by Mike Rogoway)
7 - Rome Interview with audio clips - (ORF) (link found by Franz Bauer)

Saturday, September 8:
1 - Songs from the new album will be played on Austrian radio OE1 at 17.30 today (tip from Werner)
2 - Blowin' in the wind Spectrum leaving ticket buyers guessing about seat location for Dylan - (Philadelphia Daily News) (link found by Bill Parr)
3 - Seating Chart - (First Union Spectrum) (link found by Rich Stombres)

Friday, September 7:
1 - New Dylan disc delights - (Star)
2 - Oh dear, the sainted Bob Dylan appears to have lost the plot. Again "Love And Theft " review - (Times) (link found by Inaki Aguirrezabal and Charles W. Prince)
3 - "L&T" tracks will be played on Experience Friday, Sept. 7th., 21.00 -23.00 hrs CET - (Radio Eins Berlin) (link found by Helmut Heimann)
4 - WDR Radio 5 16.09.01, 11.05 Uhr, 'Matinee Der Liedersänger': Erinnerung an Mimi Farina, Aufn. v. 07.02.88 aus dem Museum Bochum (tip from Uwe Meilchen)
5 - WDR Radio 5 26.09.01, 22.05 Uhr, 'Borderline': Clinton Heylin "Behind The Shades: Bob Dylan, Take Two" (tip from Uwe Meilchen)
6 - Il ritorno al futuro. La quarantatreesima svolta di Dylan "Love And Theft " review - (L'Unità) (link found by Bruno Cattivelli)
7 - One for the Bobcats "Love And Theft " review - (Guardian) (link found by James Dodds)
8 - Radio station Ö 3 (Austria 3) will broadcast part of the Dylan interview on September 9th at 8 p.m. (tip from Thomas Kalcher)
9 - Bob Dylan Love And Theft - (feber) (link found by Tobias Levander)
10 - Dylan skriver bok om sitt eget liv Soon: autobio! - (Dagbladet) (link found by Knut Johansen, Stian Andreassen, Magne Karlstad)
11 - Bob Dylan in Anteprima su Radio Capital - (link found by Michele)
12 - Bob Dylan upphör inte att förvåna The Interview - (DN) (link found by Göran Petersson, Micke Samuelsson, Niclas Carlsson, Monika Klingspor)
13 - Großes aus Scherben - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Georg Wirnsperger)
14 - Charley Patton - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Georg Wirnsperger)
15 - Ein Diebstahl aus Liebe "Love And Theft " review - (Tageszeitung) (link found by Eddy Bettens and Reinold Prömpers)
16 - "Scriverò la mia storia per questo tempo irreale" Soon: autobio! - (la Repubblica) (link found by Michele Talo)
17 - Love and Theft - The Undercover Review - (Radio Undercover) (link found by Chris O'Callaghan)
18 - Bob Dylan - Sanger ved reisens slutt "Love And Theft " review - (Aftenbladet) (link found by Thomas Vehus)
19 - King of hearts "Love And Theft " review - (Boston Globe) (link found by Jack Regan)
20 - "Love And Theft " review - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Dante)
21 - Charley Patton slutar aldrig att inspirera - (Expressen) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
22 - Glädjespridaren Dylan - (Expressen) (link found by Bengt Lindell)
23 - Love And Theft Betyg 4 - (Sydsvenskan) (link found by Tobias Levander)
24 - Dylan goes blues - (Länstidningen Östersund) (link found by Tobias Levander)
25 - Even flawed Dylan shines - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Joe Schafbuch)
26 - Gammel mann med skaperkraft "Love And Theft " review - (Adressa) (link found by Arild at Crossroads)
27 - Chrissie Hynde is 50 today - happy birthday, Chrissie! (Rolling Stone Daily via Paul Pearson)
28 - In the US, the new CD will be played at record stores this weekend (
29 - Dylan zum Lauf der Welt - (Tagesanzeiger) (link found by Peter Stalder)
30 - Razor's Edge - updated with three new book reviews and article on Love and Theft.
31 - L&T Cover scans down the page (Not Dark Yet)
32 - Dylan escribe sus memorias - (El Foco) (link found by Ignacio Renom)
33 - Dylan working on book: report - (Jam) (link found by Kyle Valanne)

Thursday, September 6:

2 - Give Absolut A Chance! - (NME) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Dylan versus the Sixties - ( (link found by Joe and Mary Dansak)
4 - Dylan spreekt! - (Vara TV) (link found by fl)
5 - Blink "Love And Theft" a bullseye - (Dagbladet) (link found by Knut Johansen and Magne Karlstad)
6 - Wonder Boys DVD - (Jacksonville Film Journal) (link found by Jarmo.Palokallio)
7 - "Love And Theft " review - (Dallas Observer) (link found by Bill Parr)
8 - Espíritus que han partido "Love And Theft " review - (La Guia) (link found by Pedro Renom)
9 - "Love And Theft " review by Andy Gill - (Independent) (link found by Damian Furniss)
10 - Dylan sluter cirkeln med rockabilly och schlager "Love And Theft " review - (Dagens Nyheter) (link found by Peeter Mark)

Wednesday, September 5:
1 - "Love And Theft" gets 5 stars - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Mike Cappo, Lucas Hanft, Shawn Pulver and Mark)
2 - "Love And Theft" review - (The Bob Dylan Starting Point) (by Eric Schoneveld)
3 - Sheryl Crow listed as guest on Dylan's "Mississippi"? - (Best Buy) (link found by John L. White)
4 - America' best - (Texas Music Kitchen) (link found by Tricia)
5 - Dylan Event Profile - (GrandRapids) (link found by Tricia)
6 - "Dylanologist" Paul Williams 1995 - (Fryburger) (link found by Manor Folsom)
7 - Ken Bruce's weekday morning show on BBC Radio 2 is playing tracks from "Love and Theft" all week. "Honest With Me" was this morning's tune (tip from Matthew Montgomery)
8 - By the time I get to Phoenix... - Phoenix and Lancaster soundcheck review (link from hodah)
9 - Dylan's new album will be broadcast in Israel at midnight (0:07) Israeli time on Thursday night; according to the promo I heard all day today the whole album will be featured. Enjoying your site tremendously! (BB, Jerusalem)
10 - WFUV in NYC is playing the entire love and theft CD on Thursday Sept 6 at 8pm(est) (tip from Mary Shutak-Jenkins)

Tuesday, September 4:
1 - A Touching 'Dance' From Pop's Past "Hitmakers: The Teens Who Stole Pop Music" - (LA Times) (link found by Manor Folsom)
2 - Trevligheter med Bob Dylan "Love And Theft" review - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by lennart andersson)
3 - Trying to Erase a Shifting Line Milton Glaser - (LA Times) (link found by Manor Folsom)
4 - Rock of the Aged - (NY Metro) (link found by ESFriedenberg)
5 - Finnish release party 7. Sept - (link found by Jarmo.Palokallio)
6 - Bob Dylan (Vo,Guitar,Piano) on "Love And Theft" - (Sony Music Japan) (link found by Jarmo.Palokallio)
7 - Bengali band may sing with Jagger, Dylan - (India in New York) (link found by Arkadyuti Basu)
8 - Scott Ross: On His Time with Dylan, Hendrix and Clapton From Isis - (Christian Broadcasting Network) (link found by Arkadyuti Basu)
9 - IDIOT WIND : Listening to Bob Dylan - (Metro Pulse) (link found by Danny Wilson)
10 - Roskilde: Uden vejskilt hjem - (Berlingske Tidende) (link found by Torben Klint)
11 - Charley Patton slutar aldrig att inspirera - (Expressen) (link found by Tobias Levander)
12 - Talking with the Hurricane - (The Ooze) (link found by Catina Prieur)
13 - Old Crank With Some Poetry And A Bottle - (neumu) (by Michael Goldberg)
14 - More "Love And Theft" reviews here at Expecting Rain.
15 - Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack)
16 - Kitty Wells "Forever Young" - (NY Post) (link found by Georgianna Johnson)
17 - He's doin' it again - (New Yorker) (link found by Ron Rance)
18 - "Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues" Joe Strummer in RealAudio clip - (BBC Radio 2) (link found by Stuart & Carolyn Davis)
19 - Guitar World Acoustic magazine has given "Love and Theft" 4 1/2 stars out of 5. Also reviews "Timeless", the Hank Willams tribute (tip from Mark Rothfuss)
20 - As poet or legend, Bob Dylan still rocks - (Arizona Republic) (link found by Larry Kelly)
21 - CD Sale, Dylan included Ends Sept 18 at 1159 PM EDT - (CDNow)
22 - It seems you can get better tickets for the upcoming US Dylan concerts from the general sale than the pre-sale available through So don't give up, check out the general sale! (based on an e-mail from Jeff Norman)

Monday, September 3:
1 - Norwegian release party for "Love And Theft" Oslo 11. Sept- (Norsk Dylanologisk Selskab) (link found by Geir Olsen)
2 - Empty Handed Painter - (Martin Beek)
3 - Danish release party for "Love And Theft" Fredericia 15. Sept - ( (link found by Kaj Borum)
4 - There are sound clips from the first five songs of "Love And Theft" at (tip from Torben Klint , Stuart Davis and Jaap Kappers)
5 - And tracks 6 and 9 can be sampled at - plus they have a free Liquid Audio download of "Summer Days".
6 - Bob Dylan III: Love And Theft and IV: Love And Theft - ( (by Hynek Pallas)
7 - Historic New York folk concerts released on CD Doc Watson gigs at New York's Gerdes Folk City in the early 1960s - (Ananova) (link found by Catina Prieur)

Sunday, September 2:
1 - Access All Areas -exhibits - Bob Dylan - (apollogallery) (link found by Tiernan Henry, Markus Prieur and Sean McArdle)
2 - Bob Dylan: Sometimes He Talks Crazy, Crazy Like a Song Greil Marcus- (NY Times) (link found by Paul Pearson, Tobias Levander, Michael Britten, Paul Summergrad, Malcolm Lawrence and Ellen Friedenberg)
3 - "D'Oh-in' in the Wind" Thu 13 on WNDS - (the Simpsons Episode Guide) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - "Double Trouble" Charlie Sexton - (Austin City Limits, PBS) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Love & Theft review - (Q 4 Music) (link found by Tobias Levander)
6 - Read about "The Definitive Charley Patton" at, but wait for the 7-CD box from Revenant Records in October.
7 - Wild Horses Bianca: Bob Dylan was always my favourite. Still is. - (Observer)
8 -
9 - Chords to "Love And Theft" - (My Back Pages) (from Eyolf Østrem)
10 - Rolling Thunder picture - (Mick Ronson Picture Galleries) (link found by Michael Ballstav)
11 - Bob Dylan profile - (Yahoo) (link found by Yvonne Mytka)
12 - New "Love And Theft" reviews - look down the page.

Saturday, September 1:
1 - David Kemper Gallery - (link found by Tobias Levander)
2 - – Dylans nye mesterverk - (BA) (link found by Tobias Levander)
3 - Come Together - A Night for John Lennon Larry Campbell will play - (TNT) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne)
4 - Wonder Boy - (MetroActive) (link found by Jack Regan)
5 - When times a-changed Hajdu review - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Padraig)
6 - Sept 29: Robert Shelton, plus more - (WFUV) (link found by Otto Thompson)
7 - Playlist - (Radio Eins) (link found by Stephan Krumme)
8 - 'A camera is like a big bagpipe...' D.A. Pennebaker - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)
9 - His Times Are A-Changin' - (Newsday) (link found by Manor Folsom)
10 - Allen Smithee: "I Hate Bob Dylan" mp3 - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Manor Folsom)
11 - Jacek Kaczmarski album includes song "Bob Dylan" Listen- ( (link found by Artur J)
12 - "Pathway to the Stars" Disc 1 mp3 download - (The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by Gary De Ell)

Friday, August 31:
1 - Striking the right chord George Bush stole Woody Guthrie's most famous tune, but he can’t take away the enduring revolutionary power of his musical legacy - (Scotsman)
2 - Password not recognized discussion on dylantree
3 - Liebe und andere Gemeinheiten - (Standard) (link found by Hans Juckel)
4 - Bob Dylan makes a TV commerical - (radio undercover) (link found by Catina Prieur and Paul Cashmere)
5 - Bob Dylan I: Live and II: Live 1978-2001 - ( (by Hynek Pallas)
6 - Listen to "Summer Days," another track from "Love And Theft"! Liquid Audio, RealAudio or MediaPlayer - ( (link found by Mike Cantella)
7 - Negatively 4th Street Hajdu review - ( (link found by Jim Linwood)
8 - Where was Bob? - Jose M. Segovia has put a new quiz on his website. For Dylan experts only!
9 - Never Ending Bob - (Jam) (link found by Dag Braathen)

Thursday, August 30:
1 - Travis to cover Bowie, Dylan - (Jam)
2 - 'O Brother' Makes Sideman Dan Tyminski A Star Nominee - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
3 - Frail My Heart: Folk music and Me Part I - Part II - (American Reporter) (link found by Manor Folsom)
4 - Avoiding the Unavoidable Tropes of Dylanology - (Slate) (link found by Matthew Bailey)
5 - "Summer Days" free Liquid Audio download - ( (link found by Jarmo)

Wednesday, August 29:
1 - "Love And Theft" commercial Windows Media Player format - (
2 - Columbia Records to Premiere Unique Commercial Spot - (Yahoo / EW) (link found by Patrick Elias and Charles Prince)
3 - Dylan Tour Goes On - (dotmusic) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - The Shirt - (Cincinnati Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Promoters hope fall boosts tour biz - (CNN) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - D-I-S-R-E-S-P-E-C-T ...rips the Hajdu book and praises Bob - (Dave Marsh at Starpolish) (link found by Matthew Blankman)
7 - F.O.B. Friends of Bob - new design and info in Spanish (tip from gustavo)
8 - Tour tumult in the concert business - (NSNBC) (link found by Dana Hanson)
9 - BBC Radio 2 Dylan series, part 8 tonight: Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid - (SceneOne) (link found by Catina Prieur)
10 - CMAs Get Soggy Country Music Association Awards nominations - (MSN) (link found by Catina prieur)
11 - Record of the Month - ( (link found by Reinold Prömpers)
12 - Bob Dylan 's Tour Ticket Pre-Sale - (Ticketmaster) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
13 - Roger McGuinn: Sylvie - (Folk Den) (link found by Rune Portaasen)
14 - Check secret password for Dylan tix - (Jam)
15 - Pop Composers, Where Are Your Standards?! - (Washington Post) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
16 - Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" appeared in an IKEA commercial last night, on Norwegian TV2 (tip from Geir Olsen)
17 - "Are You ready for the Country" by Peter Doggett, from

Tuesday, August 28:
1 - Dion - (Salon) (link found by Michael Britten)
2 - Nina Simone - (Guardian)
3 - Dylan Plots Fall Tour - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Jarmo Palokallio)
4 - Book of Bob has been overhauled, and now has a lyrics search engine - ( (link from Jim Roemer)
5 - Something thrillin' from Dylan - (Jam) (link found by Kyle Valanne)
6 - Bob Dylan / Po Boy - (Sydsvenska Dagbladet) (link found by Bengt Lindell)
7 - Columbia Records Celebrates the Music of Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Show on OVA Sept 14 - (Musicstation) (link found by Mike Cappo)
8 - FEATURE-Tour biz tumult - (Yahoo / Variety) (link found by Bobby Fay and Jack Regan)
9 - Dylan TV Commercial also on Wednesday - (VH1) (link found by Bill Baratta, Catina Prieur, Tom Thornton and Douglas Schlachter)
10 - Larry Campbell part of House band for Lennon tribute - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
11 - International record fair in Malmö (Kronprinsen), Sweden on Saturday and Copenhagen Sunday (tip from Patrik Winquist)
12 - Dharma & Greg Dylan episode "Play, Lady, Play" Wednesday on UK Paramount Comedy Channel (tip from Michael Toal)
13 - David Hadju's "Positively Fourth Street" is #35 on best seller list - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
14 - According to Billboard Online, John Wesley Harding was certified platinum for sales of one million copies in the US as of 8/16/01 (from Alan in Knoxville)

Monday, August 27:
1 - Icon Dylan plays in sold-out fair concert - (Antelope Valley Press) (link found by Alex Leik and Delia)
2 - Adventures in Prine Land - (Ottawa Citizen) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - Bob Dylan To Play Show In Madison - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - "Death Is Not The End: Love In The Time of Suicide (Last thoughts on Jerry Garcia & Kurt Cobain)" - (Babel) (link from Malcolm Lawrence)
5 - Bob Dylan Involved in Theft - (Virgin) (link found by Stephan Krumme)
6 - Dylan Rolls Out Six-Week Fall Tour - (Billboard) (link found by Catina Prieur)
7 - Today in 1965: HWY 61 released - (VH1 Rock Clock) (link found by Catina Prieur)
8 - Conduciendo a Miss Patti - (Pagina12) (link found by Jose Manuel Simian)
9 - "Still On The Road" updated with US summer tour - (I Happen To Be A Swede Myself) (by Olof Björner)

Sunday, August 26:
1 - Last night's Lancaster setlist.
2 - Vinyl Headstone is a new Dylan vinyl bootlegiography (Freewheelin') (tip from Keith Wootton)
3 - Bob on first cover of "Tiger Beat", 1965 - ( (link found by Don Helling)
4 - Skivflöden är över oss - här är datumen du ska ha koll på Coming releases in Sweden - (Expressen) (link found by Monika Klingspar)
5 - "What Was It You Wanted" answer song - (link found by sancho)
6 - Garth Hudson pictures - (by Denise Locke)
7 - Royal Wedding NDC - (Aftenposten)
8 - Vail no-standing rule a snub to bard Dylan - (Denver POst) (link found by Sean McGuinness)
9 - My lunch with Kris Kristofferson (1999) - (Salon) (link found by Patrick Taurel)

Saturday, August 25:
1 - Last night's Las Vegas setlist.
2 - Dylan Rolls Out Six-Week Fall Tour - (Billboard) (link found by Alan in Knoxville)
3 - Royal Albert Hall Dylan tribute CD - (Robyn Hitchcock News) (link found by HwyCDRrev and C. Henry)
4 - Pure Bob Dylan - (Pollstar) (link found by Robby Prince)
5 - Dylan, i primi dettagli e la copertina di 'Love and theft' - (Rockol) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
6 - Road Music - (Scotsman) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - Bob Dylan Coming To Cobo - (Yahoo / WDIV) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - "love and theft" review - ( (link found by tom)
9 - Hibbings berühmtester Sohn - (Cabana) (link found by Achim Tullius)

x - Live video from Royal wedding in Oslo Click on "Se Karl Johan live her" - (Media Player)

Friday, August 24:
1 - Last night's Sun City setlist.
2 - Tracing Dylan's rock roots from Zimmerman days - (Las Vegas Sun) (link found by Charles Prince)
3 - Roll Over, Khomeini! Iran Cultivates A Local Rock Scene, Within Limits - (Washington Post) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
4 - Downsizing Bob - (JOHO) (link found by The Fortune Teller)
5 - Treasure Trove of Twang NDC - (LA Times) (link found by Charles Prince and Howard Mirowitz)
6 - Dave Matthews Band To Release Chicago Live Album In October - (Yahoo) (link found by Bobby Fay)
7 - Frank Sinatra's Beverly Hills Home Up for Sale - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Bobby Fay)
8 - mp3s dylanfan - rmd
9 - North American Tour Dates - ( link from Bob Dylan!:-)
10 - Dylan sampler tracks will be played in "Experience" at 2000 - 2300 CET - (Radio Eins Berlin) (link from Helmut Heimann)
11 - Country Albums Chart Takes On A Bluegrass Hue - (Sonicnet) (link found by Catina Prieur)
12 - Buddy & Julie Miller will cover Dylan's "Wallflower" on next CD, Larry Campbell plays fidddle. From (Joy Munsey)
13 - Dylan unveils 'Love And Theft' tour - (Jam) (link found by Bobby Fay)
14 - Leonard Cohen Exclusive preview release - (Sympatico-Lycos) (link found by Duncan Floyd)
15 - Mags with Dylan on the cover - (Come Writers and Critics)
16 - Dylan, band provide night of musical highs - (Arizona Republic) (link found by lakel)
17 - US Group Wants Memorial to Mark Vigilante Lynching 80 Years Ago - (VOA News)

Thursday, August 23:
1 - Bob Dylan er velkommen på Britannia Bob Dylan is welcome at the Britannia (Trondheim) ...likes milk from the carton. He walked straight into the reception... stayed in the room all the time... also loved fish and fresh fruit ... asked for more dessert...- (HRR Net)
2 - Gleason Book Awards Name 12 Nominees Sounes included - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - Finalists of Twelfth Annual Gleason Music Book Awards Are Selected - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Close up Sedalia Pictures - (Rib O'flavin) (link found by gadugger)
5 - Ny Dylan-låt til gratis nedlasting - (Puls) (link found by John Erik Andersen)
6 - Mississippi - ( (link found by Torben Klint)
7 - Mississsippi and Honest With Me - (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
8 - "Four song sampler from "Love And Theft" - (eBay) (link found by Dag Braathen)
9 - As a performer, Dylan's legendary - (Denver Post)
10 - New Dylan concert dates - (Ticketmaster) (link found by Jeff Khoury)
11 - Yahoo group for Swedish-writing Dylan fans - (Yahoo) (link found by Tobias Levander)

Wednesday, August 22:
1 - Last night's Telluride setlist.
2 - "The Last Waltz" screening at 9pm Saturday August 25. - (Toronto International Film Festival) (link found by Martin Abela)
3 - New York Public Library Buys Kerouac Archive - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
4 - Sounding off. So some ageing rockers are still playing. It's nothing to get pompous about - (Guardian) (link found by Catina Prieur)
5 - Move here Bob, we love you - (Telluride Daily Planet) (link found by Rich Stombres)
6 - Ralph Stanley on Letterman, Sept. 3 - (Musicstation) (link found by Jeff Khoury)
7 - Dylan liker melk fra kartong ...likes milk from the carton - (Nettavisen) (link found by Dag Braathen)

Tuesday, August 21:
1 - Last night's Telluride setlist.
2 - "Love And Theft" lyrics - unofficial transciptions.
3 - New Dylan Track Available As Free Download - (VH1) (link found by Douglas Schlachter)
4 - Wilco's Season of Change - (Pollstar) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - More Sedalia Pictures - (link found by gadugger)
6 - BBC2 1425h today screens "Gunga Din", Dylan makes a reference to Gunga Din on the Basement Tapes (tip from Denoix Kerger)
7 - Timeless-Hank Williams Tribute sound clips, including Dylan! - (CDNow) (link found by Andre King)
8 - Do you know which movie starred both Bob Dylan and Vincent Price? Bob clips here (QuickTime 1,4 MB)
9 - Lightfoot 'proud' of country music honour - (The Star) (link found by Ryan Hopper and Corey Diamond)
10 - Dylan to Juan: You go your way, I'll go mine - (Pueblo Chieftain) (link found by Rich Stombres)
11 - Roadside sign - (Telluride Daily Planet) (link found by Rich Stombres)
12 - Library Acquires Kerouac Archives - (Yahoo/ AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Monday, August 20:
1 - Last night's Vail setlist.
3 - "Po' Boy" and "Bye And Bye" mp3s
4 - Robbie Robertson comes full circle - (Tower of Babel) (link from Malcolm Lawrence)
5 - Billy Lee Riley - an idol to Dylan - (Rockabilly Hall of Fame) (link found by Andreas Volkert)
6 - "Po' Boy", "Summer Days" and "Floater" mp3s - (Choirboy) (link found by sion and Loz Bateson)
7 - Official "Po' Boy" mp3 download "... only available to residents of the United States" (Sony Music)
8 - the same at -
9 - Canadians shut out of new Dylan track - (Jam) (link found by Kendell, Carman)
10 - It's a technical error and someone's working on correcting it, says Foggy. 2145 CET: I got the 2.8 MB file downloaded. It says "Protected Content" when played.
11 - Swedish TV4 will air the "Dharma & Greg" episode "Play Lady Play" with a Bob Dylan cameo next Monday.

Sunday, August 19:
1 - Last night's Pueblo setlist.
2 - Desolation Row Nasty Tempe crowds nearly ruined his career. But now, Bob Dylan is back. - (Phoenix New Times) (link found by Jan Wolter)
3 - Dylan's Band in Wichita - (no Bob) (link from Daniel Maxton)
4 - "Love And Theft" lyrics and more - (link from Artur J)
5 - Forever sleepy - (Irish Times)
6 - Tosches' pursuit of Emmett Miller - (SunSpot)
7 - The swinging sixties - (Belfast Telegraph)
8 - Sound clips (Sony Music Japan) Go far right on the "Summer Days" line to find MediaPlayer and RealPlayer clips (tip from James Dodds)
9 - Many say that Dylan's singing now reminds them of Leon Redbone - says Given Dylan's winning croon on his Sopranos cover of "Return to Me," the distance between the song-poet's wisdom and Redbone's friendly Tin Pan Alley exhumations has shrunk somewhat of late.
10 - Freeweheelin' web site has news of a new Dylan vinyl bootlegiography.
11 - Featured artist: Laurie Anderson - (NY Times)
12 - Lost Highway's Own Route Luke Lewis' label - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
13 - Cars & Guitars of Rock 'n' Roll Exhibit in LA includes Dylan guitar - (Calendar) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Saturday, August 18:
1 - A free download of "Po' Boy" will be available on Monday at
2 - Norse Noodlin' 2001 - ( (link found by Dag Braathen)
3 - WFUV played new Dylan songs last night: Floater, Summer Days, By And By.
4 - Howard Sounes: It is just a bad dream - (Scotsman) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - I am back home after driving 660 km Mo i Rana - Narvik - Mo i Rana, and Greg is ready for school. He has 4000 kbps bandwith in his room. Pictures
6 - The Times, They Are A-Changin' - (Showbiz) (link found by Stephan Krumme)
7 - Starry, Starry Night Accounts of when big stars played small venues. In 1962 Bob Dylan, who was then virtually unknown, played a pub in Foley Street - (BBC Radio 4, Monday at 3.45) (link found by Peter Slack)
8 - Japanese "LOVE & THEFT" will be released September 12. First pressing contains 12-page-all-color-booklet and a coupon which entitles customers to bonus disk. (No details about bonus disk and... yes, they call it "LOVE & THEFT") Plus Japanese magazines, Record Collectors and Music Magazine, will feature Bob. The both will out mid September. - (Sony Music Japan) (link found by Itsuko Nishimura)
9 - "Floater" and "Summer Days" mp3 - (Bob Dylan Pirata) (link found by Leonardo Mazzei)

Friday, August 17:
1 - Last night's Wichita setlist.
2 - ``Timeless'' Music of Hank Williams in Stores Sept. 25 - (Yahoo / Ent. Wire) (link found by Paul Pearson)
3 - tonight 8-11 CEST: ..."the premiere of some new Bob Dylan songs!" (tip from Ellen Friedenberg)
4 - "Access All Areas" - (Apollo Gallery) (link found by Rónán Mac Con Iomaire)
5 - Dylan album reviews - (George Starostin's Reviews) (link found by Cory)
6 - TV director Philip Savile gave a public talk and answered questions from the audience at the National Film Theatre in London last Tuesday. Most famous in the UK for his 1980's unemployment drama "Boys From The Blackstuff", in 1963 Mr Savile directed the now lost "Madhouse on Castle Street", in which Bob Dylan made an appearance, and it was expected that questions would be asked about this. If any readers of Expecting Rain were present, please let us know of any relevant comments made (tip from Matthew Tempest)

7 - Supplément : Spécial Bob Dylan, où sont les fans ? - (Témoignage chrétien) (link found by Renaud Depierreux)
8 - Film captures night of folk magic - (Boston Globe) (link found by Curt Nyquist)

Thursday, August 16:
1 - Last night's Oklahoma City setlist.
2 - New John Hiatt single "My Old Friend" has Dylan referenceAutostarts RealPlayer - ( (link found by Jerry Chambers)
3 - Williams in fine form in concert at Aerial - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Dylan rocks the zoo - (McAlester News-Capital & Democrat) (link from Carlton M. Lane)
5 - Peter Stone Brown plays in Philadelphia tonight.
6 - Hamilton Camp: "Paths Of Victory" from 1964 to be rereleased Sept 17 (tip from David Plentus, Dylan Cover Albums)

Wednesday, August 15:
1 - Last night's Little Rock setlist.
2 - Oxford American, Facing the Music - (Washington Post) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
3 - Bob Dylan at the Illinois State Fair - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Kevin Salinger and Georgianna Johnson)
4 - New Site Found for Grave of Bluesman Robert Johnson - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Paul Pearson)
5 - Petition for more Dylan live releases - (by Luigi Rapone)
6 - Tambourine Man only getting better Free registration required - (Arkansas Online) (link found by Jim Maynard, John Gregan and Dan Keelean)
7 - Bob Dylan & Ralph Stanley scroll down for image - (Oxford American) (link found by Jim Short)
8 - Spider John Koerner Official Website - (link found by rstockin)
9 - Olof's 1971 - 1974 Chronicles updates - (I Happen To Be A Swede Myself)

Tuesday, August 14:
1 - The Hunger Site is no more (tip from Hodah)
2 - Bob Neuwirth: A Life of Dovetails - (Babel) (link from Malcolm Lawrence)
3 - Bob Dylan will be on the Late Show with David Letterman, 13 Sept. (confirmation, anyone?) Ticket Info (link from Daryll Weisblott)
4 - sells "Love And Theft" at £8.99 in the UK (tip from David Faulkner). If you use my amazon or cdnow links, a commission will go to the network, which Expecting Rain is a part of.
5 - All Along the Library Grant to help showcase Dylan, classic paintings - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
6 - Today-in-music David Crosby is 60 today!- (Virtual New York) (tip from Paul Pearson)
7 - Sedalia Pictures - (Danny)
8 - "horsed" has compiled a Vol. 2 set of songs performed by both Dylan and Ralph Stanley. Contact:

Monday, August 13:
1 - Last night's Springfield setlist.
2 - Betwixt and Bewildered 20-Somethings Find Solace in a 'Crisis' They Can Call Their Own - (LA Times) (link found by Mirowitz)
3 - Today-in-music - In 1970, Joan Baez and Arlo Guthrie performed at the Woody Guthrie Memorial Show at the Hollywood Bowl. Bob Dylan played the NY one (thanks, PSB). (Virtual New York) (link found by Paul Pearson)
4 - Earle's a singer - he writes a bit, too - (Guardian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Sounes review Scroll down! - (Clean Cut Kid) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Tangled Up In Hard Times Dylan cover, mp3 - (vodkasonic)
7 - Live Album petition - (dylantree message board) (started by 20YearOldDylan)
8 - Dylan Delivers - (State Journal-Register) (link found by Wade Greiner and Judy Few)
9 - Ringo Starr and Bill Wyman: Expert Sidemen Shrug Off Status - (NY Times) (link found by prize and Paul Pearson)
10 - Signup for remastered Rattlesnake Gaslight Tapes tree - (dylantree)
11 - Mountain Music's Moment in the Sun - (Washington Post) (link found by John)

Sunday, August 12:
1 - Last night's Sedalia setlist.
2 - Bob Dylan discussion in Hibbing - ( (link found by peter mc crickard)
3 - Member of The Band faces loss of Hurley house and land - (Daily Freeeman) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
4 - Garth Hudson, founding member of The Band, losing home to foreclosure - (Jam!) (link found by Tricia)
5 - "Love And Theft" Limited Edition has Sales Rank: 2. (tip from Lukas)

Saturday, August 11:
1 - Last night's Des Moines setlist.
2 - Kemp Seafood to close - (Duluth News Tribune) (link found by MCCRICKARDP) - Who is Louie Kemp?
3 - "Love And Theft" Limited Edition has Sales Rank: 4.
4 - Reviews of "Razor's Edge" - (Homer)
5 - Dylan's concert spirited, eclectic - (Des Moines Register) (link found by Faith L Hartzler)

Friday, August 10:
1 - Love And Theft review - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (by Geir Olsen and Steinar Daler)
2 - The Times They Are A-Changin' 180 gram vinyl LP - (Sundazed) (link found by Jonathan Coe)
3 - "there will be a ltd edition version of "L&T" . . a 19.98 list (as opposed to an 18.98 list for the regular version) .. it will be a digipack with a SECOND disc . . retailers will BE ALLOCATED an certain amount of the LTD ED version . .so don't blame anyone but yourself if you "wait" to purchase the RARE version . . . REG CAT # 85975 . .LTD ED # 86076 . the minidisc will be ready 9/18 . . .there will also be vinyl 9/11. .. once again . .you heard it from me!" - "150,000 copies wlil be pressed and made available . .. BONUS DISC - - "pre-1961" I WAS YOUNG WHEN I LEFT HOME" . . . and an alternate oct 1964 version of THE TIMES THEY ARE A-CHANGIN . . also . .additional rare photos will be part of this package . . . (HwyCDRrev)
4 - Bob plays Des Moines tonight.
5 - Klas Burling interview with Bob Dylan, Stockholm 28th April, 1966 - (feber) (link found by Fredrik Nilsson)
6 - `O Brother' Leads Bluegrass Bids - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Catina Prieur)
7 - DO put a headstone on my grave (Robert Johnson's grave) - (Rock's Back Pages) (link found by Michael Bällstav)
8 - CDNow lists CD, MiniDisc and vinyl versions of "Love And Theft" with expected release date 11 Sept.
9 - "Love And Theft" Limited Edition Box Set Extra Tracks pre-order (tip from jarmo)

Thursday, August 9:
1 - Kid Rock, Paul McCartney, Elton John Give Props To Sun RecordsOut Oct 2 - (VH1) (link found by Greg King)
2 - Rave review for Norwegian film NDC - (Aftenposten)
3 - Freeze frame Cool and Crazy - (Guardian)
4 - Bob Dylan keeps Paul Kelly's pants up - (Radio Undercover) (link found by Catina Prieur)
5 - Love and Theft. A look through Bob Dylan’s back pages and Washington Square Memories - (Philadelphia City Paper) (link found by Chuck Koch)
6 - Good job, go see Bob Des Moines company treats workers to Dylan's State Fair concert - (Des Moines Register) (link found by David M Johnson)

Wednesday, August 8:
1 - Frie tøyler! (Free reins!) "Access All Areas" opens Sept 1. at with backstage stuff from Bob Dylan, The Eagles and Bon Jovi - (Startsiden) (link found by Andreas Nielsen and Geir Olsen)
2 - Backstage med Bob Dylan? - (Nettavisen) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
3 - Still On The Road updated - (Olof's Files)
4 - The Yearly Chronicles updated - (Olof's Files)
5 - O Brother, Where Art Thou? Artists To Tour - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
6 - Turkish weekly radio show on Bob Dylan's career 16th show on the air 14th Aug - (Greenwich Village Cafe, Turkey)
7 - Back Room Blood - Gerry Goffin Bob involvement - (GetMusic) (link found by Carla)
8 - BMG has issued a box of ten 7" vinyl singles of "May your song always be sung again". Box says limited to 500 copies. (from Wolfram W. Winkler and Thomas Michalzik)
9 - Tribute for a beloved singer. Musicians, friends remember Farina - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Bobby Fay)
10 - Good Dylan Songs on Bad Dylan Albums - (Rolling Stone) (link found by José Manuel Simian and Bobby Fay)
11 - Award lauds auteur who profiled Dylan Pennebaker - (San Jose Mercury News) (link found by sion)
12 - Access All Areas - (NME) (link found by Andy Kinsella)
13 - Dylan concert really is sold out, says promoter - (Vail Daily News) (link found by sion)
14 - OSes They Are A-Changin' - (Linux Today) (link found by sion)
15 - Between two worlds: the cryptic element in "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" - (Bob Dylan Critical Corner)

Tuesday, August 7:
1 - Dylan mot slutten av dagen North Norwegian Dylan translations on CD this fall - (Nordlands Framtid) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the midnight sun)
2 - Record labels plan copy-proof CDs - (MSNBC) (link found by Alex Leik)
3 - El nuevo disco de Bob Dylan se titula 'Love and theft' y saldrá el 10 de septiembre - (Hitsville) (link found by Wolfram W. Winkler)

Monday, August 6:
1 - Elton John tells Bob Dylan party story - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Bobby Fay and Daniel Green)
2 - A Handful of Rain Dylan Thomas meets Bob Dylan at the Chelsea Hotel - (Edinburgh Festival, 12/8-18/8) (link found by David Woolley and Damian Furniss)
3 - Isis has updated its web site.
4 - Bob Dylan Embraces Paganism and Records a Rap CD May be a joke - (conjecture news) (link found by Sigurjon)
5 - If These Old Keys Could Talk... Bob Dylan's Piano Looks Back- (Hudson Valley Music) (link found by Sigurjon)
6 - State of the Web: Yahoo! -- The Bob Dylan of the Net - ( (link found by Sigurjon)
7 - Dylan drawing - (by John Overmyer) (link found by Sigurjon)
8 - Dylan Fantasy Pool is accepting entries for the upcoming American tour.
9 - MisLucy is also coordinating a Love and Theft contest.
10 - Dylan ticket number increase OK'd - (Telluride Daily Planet) (link found by Bob Whitson)
11 - Smithsonian Must Exhibit Ingenuity to Deal With Gifts - (Yahoo / New York Times)

Sunday, August 5:
1 - Bond Gets Married In Secret Service - (Sky News)
2 - Hurricane Carter: The Other Side of the Story - (Cal Deal) - Who's Rubin Carter?
3 - Roger McGuinn - Treasures From The Folk Den - (link found by Paul Pearson)
4 - Arlo Guthrie at the Guthrie Center RealAudio - ( Pirate radio) (link found by Paul Pearson)

Saturday, August 4:
1 - Paul teams with Elvis sidemen on Sun tribute CD and Bob! - (Beatle News Briefs) (link found by François Kahn)
2 - Newport Folk Festival Flyer (1965) - (Rev. Gary Davis) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Travis cover Bowie and Dylan "You're A Big Girl Now" - (NME) (link found by François Kahn)
4 - Songcatcher - (imdb) (link found by MosqueAvenger)
5 - Joan Baez remasters - ( (link found by Paul Pearson)

Friday, August 3:
1 - The Hurricane Hoax - (Crime Magazine) (link found by Darkeyez)
2 - On Sunday August 5th 2001 at 5 pm New Zealand's National Radio Programme will broadcast the first in a series of 30 minute prgrammes entitled Pop, Bob & God. This series is a look at religion in popular music, and each programme focuses on a different artist. Porgramme one focuses (of course) on Bob Dylan (tip from Andrew McCallum)
3 - An energized Judy Collins takes charge - (Boston Globe) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - Funky professorer - Al Kooper and six musical professors (Funky Faculty) at the Notodden Blues Festival (Dagbladet) (link found by Ketil Blom)
5 - The art of lying - How a fabricated quote and a British tabloid brought the "George Harrison Is Dying" story to life (Salon)
6 - "Rare" contains unreleased outtake of "Went to See The Gypsy" - ( (link found by Thomas Lennox)

Thursday, August 2:
1 - Dylan Caricature - (President Dudley)
2 - Ralph Stanley will be honored with a special set of hand cancellations issued by ten U. S. post offices in his home area of southwestern Virginia - (Sonicnet)
3 - Taking a Look Back at Bob Dylan And 'Don't Look Back' - (LA Daily News)
4 - Woody Guthrie: Anti-fascist folk hero - (Searchlight) (link found by Eric DeBeck) (the sound seems a bit too loud and distorted)
5 - Woody Guthrie tribute concert to be released on album - (Ananova) (link found by Catina Prieur)
6 - Working the margins. George Wein’s enduring gamble with jazz and folk Newport Festival this weekend - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by Andrew Steinhouse)

Wednesday, August 1:
1 - Lucinda Williams will be a musical guest on the Tonight Show tonight in the US (tip from HwyCDRrev)
2 - The evolution of Charlie Sexton - (Gibson) (link found by Mark Rothfuss)
3 - Folk legend Ramblin' Jack reaches 70th milestone - (Ananova) (link found by Catina Prieur)
4 - Dylan's childhood home in limbo Highest bidder misses Tuesday deadline - (Duluth News) (link found by Nelson T. French)
5 - Simon Pia's Diary - (Scotsman)
6 - Singer fans flame with 'Fan Dance' Sam Phillips, T Bone Burnett - (USA Today) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
7 - Patti matters - (Honolulu Star-Bulletin) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Tuesday, July 31:
1 - Chicago-based Ike Reilly will save rock 'n' roll - (Minnesota Daily) (link found by Jack Regan) - CD from
2 - El directe de Bob Dylan a Internet Per seguir tota l'actualitat sobre Bob Dylan, la web és també molt recomanable. - (Vilaweb) (link found by Vicenç Cabanes)
3 - '4th Street' puts Dylan in context of other legends - (Seattle Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - David Hajdu - Positively 4th Street - Book Reviews & more - (DownInTheFlood) (link from Johannes P. Wilbrand)
5 - The Return of Buffalo Springfield - (CDNow) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From - -
6 - Harrison Joins Capaldi On New Single - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)

Monday, July 30:
1 - Bob Dylan spielt in Taormina, und der Ätna explodiert friedlich - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
2 - I tempi cambiano ma il rock resta. La voce di Bob Dylan cattura Taormina - (Giornale di Sicilia) (link found by Michele e Giancarlo)
3 - Still On The Road updated info about the Summer Tour - (Olof's Files) (355 KB)
4 - Bob Dylan y un miembro de Maná participan en el último disco de Pablo Milanés Bob will play on Pablo Milanés' next disc - (La Voz de Galicia) (link found by Alfredo Barreiro)
5 - Bob Dylan celebra il raduno dei reduci - (La Repubblica) (link found by Alberto Cuccu)
6 - Briste-eller- bære-Bob Anunzio review in Danish - (Information) (link found by Ulrik Goos Iversen)
7 - Extatisk publik kyls ned Gothenburg, June 29 review - ( (link found by Bernt Håkansson)

Sunday, July 29:
1 - Last night's Taormina setlist.
2 - David Flynn's Taormina review - (BobDates)
3 - Cell-phone jamming business takes off NDC - (ZDNet)
4 - The most ridiculous computer application in the world?NDC - (The Register) (link found by François Kahn)
5 - 35 years ago, Bob Dylan fell off his Triumph 500 motorbike - (Denver Post)
6 - The Year Of Good Vibrations What is rock 'n' roll's greatest year? - (Hartford Courant)

Saturday, July 28:
1 - Bob Dylan publica su primer disco nuevo desde 1997, basado en las formas del 'blues' - (El Pais) (link found by Sigurjon)
2 - Lucinda Williams stakes her claim - Song craft and sensuality at the Warfield - (SF Chronicle)
3 - Ash From Mount Etna Closes Airport - (AP)
4 - Clues to poets' deaths found in their words NDC - (Yahoo / Reuters)

Friday, July 27:
1 - Last night's Napoli setlist.
2 - Fantastico Bob - (La Repubblica) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
3 - Taormina extra gig? (rumor, false alarm!) - (dylantree) (by rotten_doctor_commie_rat )
4 - Dylan regala la sua anima a Perugia, che gli offre la laurea - (Il Messagero) (link found by Michele)
5 - Dylan sbarca ad Anzio fra gran rock e ricordi - (Il Messagero) (link found by Michele)
6 - ...a feat that, against odds, no other Dylan album has ever achieved. What feat? - (dylantree) (by texasmedicine)
7 - Boxer's death inspired change in the fight game "Who Killed Davey Moore?" - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Rich Plumb and Bobby Fay)
8 - Cover of new album - ( (link found by Andrew Lindholm)
9 - Das neue Album von BOB DYLAN - ( (link found by Wolfram W.Winkler)
10 - Billy Joe's Blues NDC - (Houston Press) (link found by Nancy Hernandez)

Thursday, July 26:
1 - Last night's Perugia setlist.
2 - George 'fine' says Beatle chum - (NME) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Behind the Burnt Cork Mask - (University of Illinois Press) (link found by ahab)
4 - Rakker ned på Dylan - (BA) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
5 - Pre-order "Love and Theft" from (link found by Michele)
6 - Don't Print That Bob Dylan plans big family reunion - (Pioneer Planet) (link found by Mike Walter)
7 - McCartney and Mills to marry NDC - (BBC) (link found by Peter Slack)

Wednesday, July 25:
1 - Last night's Anzio setlist.
2 - Dylan is "The Greatest" - (dotmusic) (link found by little maggie)
3 - Patti Smith on life, love and London NDC - (nme) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - "Don't Look Back" Friday, August 3, 2001 8 PM. John Anson Ford Amphitheatre 2580 Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, CA. Producer-Director D. A. Pennebaker will be honored with IDA's Mentor Award. - ( (link found by bw and Barbara L. Gregson)
5 - More info about the new album( - (from ICE) (posted by John Howells and Trevor Gibbs)
6 - The Bob Dylan Story, episode 3 examines Dylan's visit to the UK, in particular the influence it had on Dylan's work - (BBC Radio2) (link found by Peter Slack)
7 - "American Roots Music" documentary, CD box, DVD box - (Excite / Newswire) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Exclusive preview of "Love and Theft", the next Dylan album!
9 - Bluegrass for the 21st century The Del McCoury Band - (Salon) (link found by Jason Blandford)

Tuesday, July 24:
1 - Für immer hier und da - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
2 - Fifth Annual Music Issue with CD - (Oxford American ) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
3 - Isola Bella, una riserva naturale sotto assedio nei pressi di Taormina - Bob, watch out for the lava! (CNN Italia) (link found by Hans Langhout)
4 - Razor's Edge - Andy Muir's page has new Reviews and a radio file under Associated.
5 - The Top 50 Folk Albums of All Time - (BBC Folk & Acoustic) (link found by Catina Prieur)
6 - Dylan Biography - (BBC Folk & Acoustic) (link found by Catina Prieur)
7 - 36 years since Newport today - (VH1 Rock Clock) (link found by Catina Prieur)
8 - The Titchfield Festival has been CANCELLED, says Mike Pearce.
9 - Bob Dylan y Laurie Anderson, el Regreso de Dos Viejas Glorias The Comeback of Two Old Glories - (El Mercurio) (link found by José Manuel Simian)
10 - Hey, Mr. Sexagenarian Tambourine Man Dylan begins a U.S. tour next month with singer-songwriter Ani Di Franco - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Paul Bagnell)
11 - The Bridge At Midnight Trembles: My Story of Quebec City - (Starhawk) (link found by Marguerita)
12 - Brescia and La Spezia pictures - (bobchronicles) (link from The Wilson J. Friedberg Society)
13 - Bob Dylan Bio - ( (link found by Peter Stone Brown)

Monday, July 23:
1 - Last night's Pescara setlist.
2 - The early days of Dylan and Baez - (projo) (link found by David Plentus)
3 - Copy-protected CDs quietly slip into stores - (cNet)
4 - The best place to smoke cigars, pick your nose and play Dylan - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Chris Sotirias)
5 - Amore e Furto - ( (link found by Michele)
6 - Not So Fast! George Martin Denies Harrison Death Comments - (ABC News) (link found by Bob Meyer)
7 - Mr Tambourine incanta Pescara - (Il Centro) (link found by Michele)
8 - "American Troubadours: Groundbreaking Singer Songwriters of the '60s" - (sacbee) (link found by Jack Regan)
9 - Ex-Beatle strongly denies near-death report - (CNN) (link found by Eddie Janssens)

Sunday, July 22:
1 - New Wilco album in limbo NDC - (jam!) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - You can take the rest -- just leave me Lucinda NDC - (Pioneer Planet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - A room without a view-III - (Daily Star)
4 - Bob Dylan, mito senza fine La Spezia review - (Gazetta di Parma) (link found by Elena Romanini)
5 - "May Your Song Always Be Sung Again - Vol. 2" on Vinyl - (elvisnews) (link found by Paul Read)
6 - If Not For You - (Entertainment Weekly) (link found by Michael Case)
7 - George Harrison 'Knows He Will Die Soon' From Cancer - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by John D. Baldwin)
8 - George: I'm dying - (Sunday Mirror) (link found by Michael Case and Eyolf Østrem)
9 - Bob Dylan's Love and Theft Coming In September - (House of Blues) (link found by John L. White)
10 - Waist Deep in a Cleaner Hudson, an Old Folkie Pushes On Pete Seeger - (NY Times) (link found by mjf)

Saturday, July 21:
1 - Last night's La Spezia setlist.
2 - Das neue Album von BOB DYLAN - ( (link found by jarmo)
3 - Augie Meyers pounds out music with the best of 'em - (paper) (link found by Bobby Livingston)
4 - Bread & Roses founder Farina dies - (CNN) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
5 - A Tribute to Mimi Fariña - (Bread & Roses) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
6 - Bob Dylan: Love and Theft - 10.09.01 - (
7 - Nuwe Dylan-album op pad - (Die Burger) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Bob Dylan publica su primer disco nuevo desde 1997, basado en las formas del 'blues' - (El Pais) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Friday, July 20:
1 - Last night's Udine show was cancelled due to a rainstorm. Ticket refunds from August 20 - phone 0432 530540.
2 - Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid - (MAX Cinemax 08:00 am - 09:45 am ET) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Blues unter dunklem Himmel - (Die Presse) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
4 - Solo la pioggia "cancella" Bob Dylan - (Il Piccolo) (link found by Luigi Biondi)
5 - Bob Dylan spielte in Bad Reichenhall - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Luke)
6 - Tra i fans dell'intramontabile menestrello di Duluth "Nessuno lo supererà mai" - (Messaggero Veneto) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
7 - Al lavoro per tentare di riproporlo lunedì - (Messaggero Veneto) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
8 - "Ciao Udine, spero di tornare presto" - (Messaggero Veneto) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
9 - A report from someone who has heard the coming Dylan album goes like this:
"It's a pretty good album, I think in some ways it could be the Third Millennium Nashville Skyline - except for the voice, of course... Dylan never played so relaxed and enjoying himself in years; the ghosts of Time Out Of Mind are surely long gone. There's a lot of country-blues ballad, in the Hank Williams style, that kind of stuff Dylan did with Return To Me (from the Sopranos). By And By is Blue Moon Revisited, since it has the same melodic line. The masterpiece is Highwater, a terrific acoustic country blues, with banjo, dobro and acoustic guitars, very very powerful, a real masterpiece. Other songs, like Tweedle Dee, are fun rockabilly songs, in the Sun Records style, with good work from Augie Meyers on keyboards and great guitar licks. Not a single chord is played on piano by Dylan or anybody else, tho. And no harmonica at all.
There's some hard rock blues as well, great songs to be performed on stage, stuff like Cold Irons Bound. Another masterpiece to me is the last song, Sugar Baby, a classic Dylan acoustic ballad, in the style of Shooting Star from Oh Mercy."

If there are others who have heard the album, I'd be interested in their comments, too!
10 - "His Bobness" lässt Fans und Fotografen im Regen stehen - (PNP Online) (link found by Tini)
11 - Dylan fermato dalla pioggia - (Il Gazzetino) (link found by Michele)
12 - Dylan remains 'free-wheelin' prophet' - (USA Today) (link found by Jack Regan)

Thursday, July 19:
1 - Last night's Bad Reichenhall setlist.
2 - the dylan machine rolls on - (chaos music) (link found by Bill Hester)
3 - is now treeing Hard Times in Alabama and Dublin, Ireland 9/13 and 9/14
4 - Weisheit des Alten - (Stuttgarter Zeitung) (link found by Michael Schell)
5 - New Dylan Album - (Mojo) (link found by Thomas Vehus)
6 - Kraftvoll knödelnd und krächzend - (Badische Zeitung) (link found by Severin Theinert)
7 - Margarita Mimi Baez Fariña 1945-2001 - ( (link found by Wade Greiner)
8 - Emmylou Harris talks about... Another Side Of Bob Dylan - (Mojo) (link found by Eddie Janssens)
9 - Dylan Contraband now has a special Bootleg Forum for you to visit, perchance to bookmark (from Trevor Midgley)
10 - Die musikalische Speisung der Fünftausend in Lörrach - (Basler Zeitung) (link found by Manfred Winter)
11 - Robbie Strikes Up the Band "The Last Waltz" DVD, box set in the works - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
12 - T Bone Burnett to deliver keynote address at World of Bluegrass Trade Show - (sonicnet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
13 - Folksinger Mimi Farina -- Bread and Roses founder - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Steve Walls)
14 - Das Stimmband der Freundschaft - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Maria Wiedemann)
15 - Pictures from a Dylan Books Exhibition - (The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by John Nye)
16 - Dylan in Reichenhall: Kam, spielte und ging wieder - (Neues Volksblatt) (link found by Tini)
17 - Der alte Mann und das Mehr - (der Standard) (link found by Maria Wiedemann)

Wednesday, July 18:
1 - Tonight: The Bob Dylan Story, Part 2 - (BBC Radio 2) (link found by Michael Hires)
2 - Dylan: nel nuovo disco un omaggio al blues - (Repubblica) (link found by Bruno Cattivelli)
3 - Dylan - New album's a load of hit(s)! - (nme) (link found by Tom)
4 - Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie - (Where's the Craic) (link found by Alain Miller)
5 - Last night's Loerrach setlist.
6 - Bob Dylan: Stirling Castle - (NME) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
7 - Bob Dylan - Nowlan Park, Kilkenny - (Irish Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Oxford American comes with music - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
9 - Bob Dylan at Stirling Castle (Pictures) - (Lazarenkos) (link found by Joy Munsey)
10 - Steve Earle gives a class on Bob Dylan - (insurgentcountry) (link found by Tricia)
11 - Bob gab auf Lörrachs Marktplatz den Dylan-Blues - (Basler Zeitung) (link found by Maron Hitzenhammer)
12 - Release date set for new Bob Dylan album - (Live Daily) (link found by Erin Haines)
13 - Dylan Album Looms - (dotmusic) (link found by Tricia, Blonde on Blonde)
14 - Bob Dylan Releasing 43rd Album! - (chartattack) (link found by Tricia)
15 - Dylan's "Love" Due in Sept. - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Tricia)
16 - A settembre il nuovo Dylan - (Il Giorno) (link found by Michele)
17 - Bob rydder nytt land - (Dagbladet) (link found by Thomas Vehus)
18 - Love and Theft. Blackface Minstrelsy and the American Working Class - (OUP) (link found by Ed)
19 - Homage to Hank Williams - (New Straits Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
20 - Der ganz Große im so Kleinen - (Badische Zeitung) (link found by Philipp Reutter)

Tuesday, July 17:
1 - Bob Dylan's Love and Theft Coming In September - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
2 - Yonder Stands Your Orphan - (Int. Herald Tribune) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - He may be 60, but Dylan delivers more than nostalgia - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Columbia to Release Bob Dylan's Love and Theft - (Yahoo/Entertainment Wire) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - 'You know, I'm not everybody's cup of tea!' Marianne Faithfull - (Observer) (link found by Michael Hires)
6 - Dylan släpper nytt - (Expressen) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
7 - Dylan släpper ny bluesplatta - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Monika Klingspor) BR> 8 - Bob Dylan Tangled Up in New Album - (foxnews) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
9 - Bob Dylan's 43rd album arrives in September - (Undercover)
10 - Dylan brengt 43e album uit Broken page in IE 5 for Mac - (rtl) (link found by Stefan Slagter)
11 - New Bob Dylan album in stores Sept. 11 - (Jam) (link found by Gail)
12 - Death of the star - (Guardian) (link found by Tiernan Henry)

Monday, July 16:
1 - Last night's Kilkenny setlist.
2 - Dylan's melodies always are a-changin' New album details! - (USA Today) (link found by Jeff Fallis, Gregory Comer, Martin Zielke, Eric DeBeck)
3 - "Love and Theft" To Be Released on September 11 - ( (link found by Joy Munsey and Adam Barks)
4 - Stirling photographs - (Davy Allan) (tip from Tom)
5 - Penny pieces are a hit with readers - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by Jack Regan)
6 - Dylan devotees fans descend on Nowlan Park - (Irish Times) (link found by Frank Desmond)
7 - Dylan plays backup to Baez in this folk tale - (Denver Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Fred Neil deserved more time - (Denver Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
9 - Desperados- The Roots of Country Rock - (Denver Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
10 - The Anthology of American Folk Music is what you should listen to while you wait for the new Dylan album.
11 - Trondheim video clip Click "Se TV-reportasjen" (RealVideo) - (NRK)
12 - 60 Años de Reclusión - (El Mercurio) (link found by Andrés Urrutia and C. Droppelmann)
13 - First Day Cover - (eBay) (link found by Dag Braaathen)
14 - Dylan Writes a New Chapter - (Los Angeles Times) (link found by Mike Dorn)
15 - As good as it gets when Bob relives the rock - (Irish Independent) (link found by Scurnyn)
16 - Masterful Dylan shows he's still forever young - (Irish Independent) (link found by Scurnyn)
17 - Joan Baez cancels concert - (XPN) (link found by Kirby Bell)

Sunday, July 15:
1 - Bob Brings 1£m Payday to Stirling - (Stirling Observer) (link found by Steven Mochrie)
2 - Bob Dylan - (Sunday Times) (link found by James Smith)
3 - Yesterday's Fred Neil item (#10) contains a lot of factual errors, according to musicaner: He was born March 1936. he did not write "Modern Don Juan" at all, but Buddy Holly recorded his song "Come Back Baby". He did not drop out of the music biz at all, he recorded more than one unreleased album for Columbia in the mid to late seventies, rejected by the record company. He performed often into the late eighties but never professionaly, only for friends or unannounced. Better source:
4 - Bob Dylan, icon of American art - (Baltimore Sun)
5 - He is broken - but don't try to fix him - (Observer) (link found by Tiernan Henry, Peter Slack and Tricia)
6 - Bob Dylan, Kings Dock, Liverpool - (Independent) (link found by Tricia)
7 - Soul 'priestess' still unpredictable, defiant to a fault Nina Simone - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Shambles hit Dylan Concert - (Daily Record) (link found by Gordon Skelton)
9 - German chancellor Gerhard Schröder names the most powerful men of the 21st century - (Profil) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
10 - Like a rolling bike - (What should I put on the Fence?) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne,

Saturday, July 14:
1 - Last night's Stirling setlist.
2 - Break On Through - (The Threepenny Review) (link found by Jack Regan)
3 - Listen to Writer David Hajdu RealAudio, 30 min - (NPR Fresh Air) (link found by Anonymous) Order his book through the Corner Shop.
4 - This August, Bravo Unveils an 8-Part Anthology of the Music That Defined a Century - (Yahoo / Entertainment Wire) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Ungdommen mest frampå da ny tradisjon ble innledet New Dylan? - (Oppland Arbeiderblad) (link found by Geir Olsen)
6 - Freewheelin' Hajdu and Sounes reviews - (Times) (link found by John Morrison)
7 - John Moore - Gordon Gano interview - (Denver Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Copyright - (Shoreline) (link found by wilbrand)
9 - A different gig for Stephen the hurler - (Irish Times) (link found by Frank Desmond)
10 - Fred Neil - (Guardian) (link found by Frank Desmond)

Friday, July 13:
1 - Last night's Liverpool setlist.
2 - Yesterday's Globe and Mail paper edition had a Dylan contest, with prizes. To enter send name address and phone number to: (tip from Martin Abela, Will Rigby and Eric DeBeck)
3 - Finding God on centre court - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - The Metaphysical Photography of Elliott Landy - (Gadfly) (link found by Glenn Cooper)
5 - Levon Helm makes a new musical life for himself with a pair of drumsticks - (detnews) (link found by Jack Regan)
6 - Billy Cross (played with Dylan in the past) plays tonight at Drop Inn, Copenhagen (tip from Patrik Winquist)
7 - El gran hijo de Bob Dylan - (Plásticos y Decibelios) (link found by Jesús Sanz)
8 - Woody Guthrie Free Folk Music Festival Pictures - (catdaddies) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
9 - Bob Dylan, Kings Dock, Liverpool - (Independent) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
10 - Soundchecked before Liverpool show: Day Tripper (Lennon-McCartney) (tip from tchippin1)
11 - The Circus is in Town - (Liverpool Echo) (link found by Peter Slack)
12 - Back to where Legend began - (Liverpool Echo) (link found by Peter Slack)
13 - David Hajdu will speak at Philadelphia's Central Library, 1901 Vine St, on Thursday July 19 at 6:00 PM. Free admission (tip from Dennis J Green)

Thursday, July 12:
1 - Vote: All time top Albums - (UltimateCharts) (link found by Magne Karlstad)
2 - At the Tichfield Festival, Saturday August 18th, one of the performing bands is The Gordon Wood Band. They play lots of Bob numbers (Sweet Marie, LARS, H/61 etc etc) (link from Mike Pearce)
3 - Fasten your seatbelts for a tour of Air Force One - (Houston Chronicle) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Documentary: Barbara Kopple's 'My Generation' - (Excite) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - The Rhythm & News interview with Garth Hudson - (TheBand) (link found by Jonathan Katz)
6 - When the rock just keeps rolling Dylan Sterling Preview - (Electronic Herald) (by Andy Muir, author of Razor's Edge)
7 - Extraños giros y piruetas con sonido - (Plásticos y Decibelios) (link found by Jesús Sanz)

Wednesday, July 11:
1 - Edna Gundersen has heard the next Dylan album "an amazing throwback to early American music" - (USA Today) (link found by Otto Thompson)
2 - F.O.B. (Friends of Bob) (Argentina) link has been corrected in the Other Dylan Sites list.
3 - Last night's Brescia setlist.
4 - Book: Love and Theft similar title to Dylan's next CD- ( (link found by Dag Braathen)
5 - Review: Love and Theft - (link found by David Spencer)
6 - Nel cuore di Brescia tutti i cuori per Dylan - (Giornale di Brescia) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
7 - Grande folla per Young e stasera tocca a Dylan - (Giornale di Brescia) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
8 - Wallfahrt zum heiligen Bob - (Nürnberger Nachrichten) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
9 - Il ritorno di Bob Dylan un angelo senza età - (la Repubblica) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
10 - Riecco lo scorbutico genio di Bob Dylan - (Corriere della Sera) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
11 - La grazia della sicurezza, la felicità della poesia - (Corriere della Sera) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
12 - Il grande Bob ha voluto assistere al concerto nel backstage - (Giornale di Brescia) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
13 - Dylan Talks Pops - (Liverpool Echo) (link found by Steve Harrison)
14 - Dylan, batte forte il cuore del rock - pdf version - (Giornale di Brescia) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
15 - Caffè in incognito e tour al Capitolino - (Giornale di Brescia) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
16 - Leggenda nella piazza elettrica - (Giornale di Brescia) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
17 - L’omaggio della regina del beat - (Giornale di Brescia) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
18 - Updated Isis issue - (Isis) (link from Tracy)
19 - Things Have Changed But Bob's the Same - (Liverpool Echo) (link found by Steve Harrison)
20 - Dylan om kjærligheten - (Aftenbladet) (link found by Geir Olsen ( Land of the midnight sun)
21 - A-Ha og Bob Dylan gav null i overskudd Langesund concerts broke even - (NRK) (link found by Geir Olsen ( Land of the midnight sun)
22 - Fred Neil; Reclusive Musician Wrote 'Everybody's Talkin' - (LA Times) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)

Tuesday, July 10:
1 - El sol nunca se pone en Roskilde crowd "stared at him with the same face that the Pope may have had when they introduced Dylan to him: vague boredom" - (El Mercurio) (link found by José Manuel Simian)
2 - La forma de las noticias - talks about "an idiot wind" of information - (pagina 12) (link found by José Manuel Simian)
3 - Veteranen, Archäologen und Bob Dylan - (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
4 - Mystic Bob in Raubritterlaune - (Der Bund) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
5 - 5th Annual Southern Music Issue CD: "The Lonesome River" by Ralph Stanley and Bob Dylan - (Oxford American)
6 - Felices y geniales 60 años - (Plasticos y Decibelios) (link found by Jesús Sanz)
7 - Eine Station auf der endlosen Tour - Bieler Tagblatt (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
8 - "Ja, Bob singt und Dylan tanzt" - (Aargauer Zeitung) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
9 - Hits und Schublade - Montreux - Höhepunkt des ersten Wochenendes: Bob Dylans Auftritt - ( (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
10 - 'Yonder Stands Your Orphan' - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
11 - Arlo Guthrie celebrates his 54th birtday today. Congratulations! (Rolling Stone daily) (tip from Paul Pearson)
12 - 'Positively 4th Street' - (NPR All Things Considered) (link found by Nelson T. French and Ron Mura)

Monday, July 9:
1 - Last night's Montreux setlist.
2 - Der Blick zurück als stacheliges Vergnügen - (Wiesbadener Tagblatt) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
3 - Lucinda track: Angels Laid Him Away on Tribute to Mississippi John Hurt - (Vanguard Records) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
4 - Fred Neil has died - ( Who's Fred Neil? (tip from the musicaner)
5 - Harrison is treated for 'brain tumour' - (Independent)
6 - Tramp-Romantik unter rosa Wolken - (Stuttgarter Nachrichten) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
7 - Dylan beer fest stopped by gardai - (Kilkenny People) (link found by Catina Prieur)
8 - Ex-Beatle Harrison: I feel fine - (CNN)
9 - 12000 hängen an Bobs Lippen - (Schwäbische Post) (link found by Severin Theinert)
10 - Ganz er selbst - (Reutlinger General-Anzeiger) (by Erich Nyffenegger)
11 - Bob Dylan begeisterte am Montreux Jazz Festival - ( (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
12 - Bob Dylan in Schwäbisch Gmünd - (pictures) (link found by Jürgen Roemer)
13 - Lob der Endlichkeit - (Stuttgarter Zeitung) (link found by Manfred Winter)
14 - Bob Dylan sites in Minnesota - (Indiana University) (link found by gass)

Sunday, July 8:
1 - Last night's Schwäbisch Gmünd setlist and reviews.
2 - Der Alte Wolf Lässt das Heulen Nicht - (Reutlinger Generalanzeiger) (from Erich Nyffenegger)
3 - Dylan: My gig for the Pope was the best I ever played - (Sunday Mirror) (link found by Paul Read) Most of the quotes are clearly from a 1997 interview with Jon Pareles, says Jeff Norman. Read it at Breadcrumb Sins
4 - Surly? They Jest. Rock Stars Have Reason to Smile. It's Just Uncool to Grin & Share It. - (Washington Post) (link found by Brian Shiffrin)
5 - Bob analysis unleashed (The Learners Realm)
6 - Pictures of Larry Campbell in Langesund - (Larry Campbell site) ( Joy Munsey)

Saturday, July 7:
1 - Bob Dylan The Voice of the Generation Ten part documentary starts Wed July 11 - (BBC Radio 2) (several tips a while ago) Listen to RealAudio
2 - Bob on the Beeb! - (NME) (link found by Tom)
3 - Vom Rebell zum Brückenbauer - (Netzeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
4 - Der Alte tanzt - (Hannoverische Allgemeine) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
5 - Das Stehaufmännchen denkt noch lange nicht an Ruhestand - (Braunschweiger Zeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
6 - Signed 1959 Bob Dylan Hematite Senior Annual - (eBay) (link found by Gilbert Walker)
7 - Seven Questions With Lucinda Williams - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
8 - It's Only Rhyming Quatrains, but I Like It: Do Songs Succeed as Poetry - (Ny Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
9 - New CD: "The Ring of Truth" by Carla Olson & Mick Taylor, includes cover of Bob Dylan's "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window". From -
10 - The bluegrass social club O Brother 2nd album 'Down from the Mountain' out July 30th - (Telegraph)

Friday, July 6:
1 - Last night's Braunschweig setlist and reviews.
2 - Dylan begeisterte Publikum zum Tour-Auftakt - (rga online/dpa) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
3 - Bob Dylan: Erst Country, dann die Klassiker - (Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
4 - Lokalmatadore bei Bob Dylan in Schwäbisch Gmünd - (Stuttgarter Nachrichten) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
5 - Dylan 4th most searched for celebrity in May - (google) (link found by Jason Kessler)
6 - John Leonard's "review" of "Positively Fourth Street" and "Down the Highway" - (New York Review of Books) (link found by Randall Blumenstein)
7 - Dylan in Italia, il tour che chiude il cerchio Not your average Dylan article - (La Stampa) (link found by Dave Flynn)

Thursday, July 5:
1 - Bob Dylan Artwork Index - (link from Robert Nemecek)
2 - Robbie Robertson is 57 today. (tip from Paul Pearson)
3 - Dylan i storform frälste publiken Borgholm review - (Ölandsbladet) (link found by Mattias Davidssson)
4 - "The Sea To The North" - Garth Hudson's first solo album, out July 15 (link found by Jonathan Katz)
5 - Dylan's Duluth faces up to its past - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Ed)
6 - Langesund - (Kurt Eide) (link found by Heine Pedersen)

Wednesday, July 4:
1 - Last night's Borgholm setlist
2 - Original 1964-65 BOB DYLAN Concert Poster - (eBay, sold for $4.200) (link found by Michael J. Willys)
3 - SIGNED 1959 Bob Dylan Hematite High School - (eBay, sold for $2.300) (link found by Michael J. Willys)
4 - Bob Dylan - rare picture sleeve - (eBay, sold for $1.125) (link found by Michael J. Willys)
5 - Beck, Dylan, Petty To Cover Hank Williams On Timeless Bob will do "I Can't Get You Off of My Mind" - (Sonicnet) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Tuesday, July 3:
1 - Dylan quiz in French - use Babelfish translator - (arte-tv) (link found by Ed)
2 - Songwriter: Lucinda Williams (by Emmylou Harris) - (CNN/Time) (link found by Dag Braathen)
3 - Extatisk publik kyls ned - ( (link found by Bernt Håkansson)
4 - F.O.B. (Friends of Bob) a Dylan site in Spanish from Argentina (from gustavo)
5 - Now being treed at Pathway to the Stars, a fall 2000 compilation.
6 - Yonder Stands Your Orphan Review of novel by Barry Hannah - (Esquire/ (link found by Stephen David Walter) Order from
7 - Dylan feature - (getmusic) (link found by Eric DeBeck)
8 - Freewheelin' magazine volume 20 has been published.
9 - Bidders duel over Dylan duplex - (Duluth News) (link found by Nelson T. French)
10 - Grammys '98 featuring an interview with Bob Dylan - (iZine) (link found by Hodah)
11 - New Bob Dylan album - (ICE) (link found by Mr. Zero)

Monday, July 2:
1 - Last night's Helsingborg setlist
2 - Guitarist, musical icon Chet Atkins dies at 77 - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer and Michael Case)
3 - Roskildes store aften - (Berlingske Tidende) (link found by Rabies_xxx)
4 - Dylans upptäckarlusta överraskar - (Sydsvenskan) (link found by Johan Mirtorp)
5 - Distanceret Dylan - (Jyllands-posten) (link found by Anita Krok)
6 - Langesund programmene som ikke kunne selges. (Varden 30/6) (From Geir Olsen, Land of the midnight sun)
7 - Dylan i Norge: From the west unto the east (Shall he be released any day now?) - (Puls) (link found by Geir Olsen)
8 - 'Essence' of the South - (CNN) (link found by Faith L. Hartzler)
9 - Lycklig Dylan låter sången tala - (Dagens Nyheter) (link found by Jakob Eriksson)
10 - 'Mr. Guitar' Chet Atkins dies - (Tennessean) (link found by myrbo)
11 - Bob Dylan - karaoke på esperanto - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
12 - Waylon Jennings is performing Dylan's "Things Have Changed" on his current tour. He played it in Chicago on Saturday, June 30th. (from Michael Smith)
13 - Talking With David Hajdu - (Newsday) (link found by Michael J. Feuerstein)
14 - Dylan röjde friskt i regnet - (Expressen) (link found by Monika Klingspor)

Sunday, July 1:
1 - " Bob Dylan slocknade efter första halvan av konserten" - (Expressen) (link found by Monika Klingspor)
2 - Dylan/ Garnier picture from Roskilde - (Yahoo) (link found by Dag Braathen)

Saturday, June 30:
1 - Tonight's Roskilde setlist
2 - Last night's Göteborg setlist
3 - Dylan - en sångens itusågade dam Dylan - the "saw-a-lady-in-two" of song - (Göteborgsposten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
4 - Inse att Dylan nu är dåtid Admit that Dylan now is the past - (Göteborgsposten)
5 - De som dyrker Dylan - (Aftenposten) (link found by Rabies_xxx)

Friday, June 29:
1 - Inspirert Dylan jagde bort regnet - (Varden)
2 - Dylan trollbandt 9 000 - (TA)
3 - John Lee Hooker: An Appreciation - (Gadfly) (written by Peter Stone Brown)

Thursday, June 28:
1 - Langesund setlist

Tuesday, June 26:
1 - Bergen setlist
2 - Folkefesten få vil glemme - (BT)
3 - Dylan laget fest - (BA)
4 - Dylan danset i Bergen - ( (link found by Guri Oppegård)
5 - Dylan bergtok Bergen - (Aftenposten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Monday, June 25:
1 - Rocke-engelen innfridde - (Aftenposten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
2 - Dårlig start, perfekt slutt - (Adressa) Follow the "Se bildene fra Torvet" link for pictures! - Dylan news from Trondheim
3 - Dylan's boyhood home in Duluth sells on eBay for $94,600 - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
4 - Three Chords and the Truth - (Christianity Today) (link found by Catina Prieur)
5 - Back Pages Hajdu review - (bookmagazine) (link found by Rachel K)

Sunday, June 24:
Trondheim setlist

Saturday, June 23:
I have one spare ticket for Trondheim. E-mail me if you are interested.
1 - Bauls of Bengal - see pictures by Babukishan (from babukishan das)
2 - Fungus 'eats' CDs - (BBC News) (link found by Larry)
3 - Classical Star Sykes has Brand New Bag With Rock Collection - (NY Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - Bob Dylan has been elevated to archangel status in Norway Error: "Oslo's Trondheim Cathedral" - Oslo and Trondheim are cities 500 km apart! - (NY Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan)
5 - Der heilige Bob - (Netzeitung) (link found by Maron Hitzenhammer)
6 - With Two '60s Legends Onstage, It Seems Almost Like 'Yesterday' Simon & McCartney - (LA Times) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
7 - Dylan portrait - (David MIchael Kennedy) (link found by Tricia)
8 - John Lee Hooker - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
9 - "Sankt Bob" over hele verden - (Adressa)

Friday, June 22:
After all those snow pictures last winter, I'm duty bound to inform you that Mo i Rana had the highest temperature in Norway, 20 centigrades at 8 this morning. Forecasts for next week's concert weather in Trondheim and Bergen are good, too.
1 - John Lee Hooker passed away - (Rosebud)
2 - Dylan photographs - (Bob Gruen) (link found by Dag Braaathen)
3 - Bluesman John Lee Hooker Dies, Aged 83 - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Bobby Fay)
4 - Legendary bluesman John Lee Hooker dies - (CNN/AP) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer, Nelson T. French, Erik Belmal, David Christiansen)
5 - Blues Guitarist John Lee Hooker Dies at 83 - (NY Times) (link found by Nelson T. French)
6 - Bergen concert activities info in English - (Bergen Dylan Society) (Arnfinn Solvik)
7 - Fallece John Lee Hooker, un mito del 'blues', a los 83 años - (El Pais) (link found by Vicenç Cabanes)
8 - St. Michael modelled on Bob Dylan Picture - (Aftenposten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
9 - Dylan-feber i Trondheim 10.000 tickets now sold - (NRK) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the midnight sun)
10 - Tonight the Norwegian Broadcasting Co (NRK) will broadcast one hour from the May 23rd "BOB 6-0 Concert" at the Rockefeller in Oslo. You can listen in on the Internet at this URL Then choose "P1".
Performing artists are Åge Aleksandersen, Kåre Virud, Henning Kvitnes, Reidar Larsen, Lynni Treekrem, Prepple (Dumdum Boys) and Sivert Høyem (Madrugada). And of course the band!! Rolling Thunder Revisited. Windows Media Player required.
11 - Dylan-fans, ta bussen... Take the bus to Langesund - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen)
12 - In the American Idiom Lucinda Williams - (MetroActive) (link found by Jack Regan)
13 - New album to be released on August 29, 2001 - (Sony Japan) (link found by Itsuko Nishimura)

Thursday, June 21:
1 - Album Sales Test the Napster Effect - (LA Times)
2 - Dylan photographs exhibited in Langesund Roger Neumann - (NRK RealVideo from 14.06) (link found by Dag Braathen) (link won't last)
3 - Norge hyller Kris Kristofferson i helgen Kris, 65 on Dylan and life - (Dagbladet) (link found by Johnny Borgan)
4 - The Gospel/Blues group The Holmes Brothers are still covering Dylan's Man Of Peace (from their Speaking in Tongues cd on Alligator) in live shows as evidenced by a great performance of the song this Monday (18 June 2001) at their concert at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. (John Pruski)
5 - Folking Around - (Village Voice) (link found by Michael Feuerstein)
6 - Nidaros-engel har Dylan-fjes Cathedral angel modeled on Dylan - (Nettavisen) (link found by Eivind Hiorth Oppegaard)
7 - Engel med Dylan-ansikt Picture - (Adressa) (link found by Knut Johansen and Petter Myhr)
8 - Dylan får pent vær - (BA) (link found by Arnfinn Solvik)
9 - Dylan med englefjes - (NRK)
10 - Nidaros-engel med Dylans ansikt - (Aftenposten) (link found by Trond Valberg)
11 - Dylan på nettet - (Adressa) (link found by Knut Johansen)
12 - Take What You Need Hajdu and Sounes reviews - (New Republic) (link found by Vegard Martinsen)
13 - På fornavn med Dylan - (Byavisa) (Jan Bojer Vindheim)
14 - The most man you've never heard of John Hammond - (Calgary Herald) (link found by Jack Regan)
15 - Bob Dylan Inspired Cathedral Statue of Angel - (Reuters) (link found by Dave Christiansen, Steve Hilton and Arthur Louie)
16 - Free Spirit Linus Torvalds - (Telegraph)
17 - Stars line up for Hank Williams tribute album - (Ananova)
18 - Åpner Dylan-galleriet - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen)

Wednesday, June 20:
1 - I was called in on short notice by the local radio station yesterday, for a portrait programme on Bob Dylan. The programme aired today on Radio 3 in Mo i Rana. I picked 7 songs:
1. She Belongs To Me (Bringing It All Back Home)
2. Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag (In Concert)
3. It Takes A Lot To Laugh... (Woodstock '94 live)
4. Abandoned Love (Bitter End live)
5. Boogie Woogie Country Girl (Doc Pomus Tribute)
6. Blind Willie McTell (Bootleg Series, Vol 1-3)
7. Things Have Changed ("Wonder Boys" Soundtrack version single)
Of course, I would pick other songs today!

2 - Bergen Dylan pages - (BA) (link found by Arnfinn Solvik)
3 - Vil hylle Dylan Bergen Dylan Society plans "Forever Young" singalong during break - (BA)
4 - Roudhouse Blues: Doors guitarist plans McAlester gig - (zwire) (link found by Carlton M Lane)
5 - Hajdu on Dylan's crowd - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Lou Leary and Curt Nyquist)
6 - Overlooked Sideman Steve Douglas - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Lou Leary)
7 - Those who are stoning Bob Dylan - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - Elvis Presley's Memphis High School Yearbook in June 27 Sale Dylan too! - (Bloomberg) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
9 - Very Best of Woody Guthrie - (AMG) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From
10 - Johnny Cash: 16 Biggest Hits Vol 2 - (tip from Charles W. Prince) From
11 - The Very Best of Asleep At The Wheel - (tip from Charles W. Prince) From
12 - Bob Dylan Hitting State Fair Circuit (And Other Venues Too) In August - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev and Douglas Schlachter)
13 - Flere Dylan-billetter i dag 200 more Bergen tickets on sale - (Bergens Tidende) (link found by Arnfinn Solvik)
14 - Bob Dylan Live 1961 - 2000 - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Catina Prieur)

Tuesday, June 19:
1 - 'VH1 All Access: Rock & Religion' - (Excite) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Love is the drug Nick Cave - (the age) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - 'Newton' reveals a leader's turmoil - (SunSpot) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - American high O Brother concert - (Guardian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Dylan på godt norsk Dylan in Norwegian- (Adressa) (link found by Knut Johansen)

Monday, June 18:
I'm back from driving for 11 hours to to pick up Greg, who is out of school.
1 - Bob Dylan en Guadalajara, Jalisco 1991 - (Kaw-Liga's Shelter From The Storm) (link found by Chris Rollason)
2 - Tracking the troubadour - (Indianapolis Star) (link found by Judy Few)
3 - Norges dyreste øl Langesund: Norway's most expensive beer, NOK 55 per 0.4 l - (Finansavisen) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the midnight sun)
4 - Washington Square Memoirs Includes Dylan's "Boots of Spanish Leather." and Carolyn Hester's "Swing And Turn Jubilee" with Bob on harp - (Rhino) (link found by Ron Mura and Ed Borack)
5 - Tom Petty and his girlfriend, Dana York, got married two weeks ago in Las Vegas, where Petty and the Heartbreakers were playing a two-day stint at the Hard Rock Hotel. (From Bobby Fay)
6 - Dylan Bios Seek To Understand 'How Does It Feel?' - (Channel2000) (link found by Mr. Zero)
7 - Dylan Fantasy Pool has just opened the pool for the June/July 2001 European tour.

Sunday, June 17:
1 - 'They're selling postcards of the hanging...' Duluth's day of desolation remembered - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Let's be creative! Bob Dylan is back in fashion - (news24) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - Bobsessive DieHard Dylan Fans still need you. Making a film - (Yahoo Clubs) (link found by Ed)
4 - Knocking on Bob Bevan's door, perhaps? - (Times)
5 - Piping Up Tommy Makem - (paper)
6 - Chug-chug-chugging along Promoter MIchael Chugg - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - 'I have only written a love story' Wei Hu quotes Dylan in 'Shanghai Baby' - (Telegraph)
From -
8 - The Hippest Guy on the Planet Terry Southern, NDC - (NY Times)
9 - Bergen pre/post concert info - (Bergen Dylan Society) (from Arnfinn)
10 - Hendrix Auction May Be Reason to Get Excited - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Saturday, June 16:
We have Deep Beneath the Waves no 87 today, and there will be a new BDX today and the next 5 days!
1 - Bozo Circus is off the air - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Dave Johnson)
2 - Bob Dylan vs. Funkstar De Luxe: All Along The Watchtower Review in Swedish - (trivialt) (link found by Stefan Jonsson)
3 - Bob Dylan Sets Short U.S. Summer Tour - (Yahoo)
4 - "Dylan Revisited", Danish cover band donates 11 tracks for download - (from Peter Madsen)
5 - Eight Decades Later, Duluth Confronts Lynching's Legacy Postcards of the Hanging - (Washington Post) (link found by Larry Shapiro)
6 - En el Dyluvio has new URL and new name (was "Dylan pasó por Espa'ña")
7 - Shake Sugartown now has 2 CD's worth of material. The site celebrates it's 2 year anniversary June 20, 2001. (from Mike Cantella)
8 - Debbie Don't Dig Dylan - (Where's the Craic) (link found by Niall Brennan)

Friday, June 15:
1 - Forever Young Fathers: Cincinnati - (Cincinnati Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Lucinda Williams Enjoying Success From A Lotus Position - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Setlist contest - (bobchronicles) (The Wilson J. Friedberg Society)
4 - Norske versjoner av dylantekster: Dylan lyrics in Norwegian - (Frihetsklokker) (link found by Arnhild Nygård)
5 - New Deep Beneath the Waves arrived, will be up in a while. Three double sets.
6 - Duluth Remembers Its Darkest Hour: 1920 Lynchings of Three Black Men by a White Mob - (Tampa Bay Online) (link found by Paul)
7 - Robinson Show Lynchings - (Duluth Police History) (link found by Paul)

Thursday, June 14:
1 - Young rocks the Point - (Irish Times)
2 - Waylon Jennings Still a Rebel - (ABQ Journal) (link found by Jack Regan)
3 - The Band's 'Last Waltz' Takes Another Bow - (sonicnet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - New friends Simon & Wilson stay apart on stage - (Yahoo/Variety) (link found by Martin Abela and Charles W. Prince)
5 - My Back Pages Hajdu review - (theSlate) (link found by Brian Shiffrin)
6 - Peter Stone Brown plays in NYC tonight.
7 - On Friday 22nd June at 9pm GMT the Norwegian Broadcasting Co (NRK) will broadcast one hour from the May 23rd "BOB 6-0 Concert" at the Rockefeller in Oslo. You can listen in on the Internet at this URL Then choose "P1".
Performing artists are Åge Aleksandersen, Kåre Virud, Henning Kvitnes, Reidar Larsen, Lynni Treekrem, Prepple (Dumdum Boys) and Sivert Høyem (Madrugada). And of course the band!! Rolling Thunder Revisited. (from Robert Sætervik) (Unfortunately they require you to have Windows Media Player. KEA)
8 - Meteorolog Dylan: - (Adressa) (link found by Geir Olsen)

Wednesday, June 13:
1 - More US Dates - ( (link found by Dana Hanson)
2 - Bob Dylan at 60: A Tribute - (Mizel Arts Center, Denver) (link found by Joe Schafbuch)
3 - Avoiding the Unavoidable Tropes of Dylanology - (msn) (link found by Jesse Shanks and Jason Christensen)
4 - Alla Rinascente i biglietti per Dylan - (Repubblica) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - The truth about Bob Dylan - (SF Gate) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Coens Sing a Song of the South in 'O Brother' - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - Bob Dylan: An Appreciation of How He Is Now - (cleansheets) (link found by dorian hu)
8 - You Don't Know Lucinda - (msn) (link found by Steve Wilson and Ric)
9 - Richard Thompson: Hard to Put a Label on Him (and Vice-Versa) - (CDNow) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
10 - Bob Dylan and Allen Ginsberg T-shirt - ( (link found by Jesse Anderson)
11 - DYLAN QUOTES: new URL, new design and many new Bob Dylan quotes (Per Lindgren)
12 - Lucinda Williams' gig a good one - (link found by HwyCDRrev)
13 - 05/01/01 Asheville, NC tree - ( (Mike)
14 - Bob Dylan, si ferma in Italia il suo "tour senza fine" - (Repubblica) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
15 - The Band's 'Last Waltz' Takes Another Bow DVD next spring - (VH1)
16 - Gatherings before/after shows in Scandinavia! - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (Geir Olsen)
17 - Pumpkin, pie top Bozo's last fling for TV - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Courtney Haden)

Tuesday, June 12:
1 - Take What You Need - (New Republic) (link found by BShiffrin)
2 - New Album Confirmed - (Isis - Current News)
3 - Boz Drylan - ( (link found by Borden mills)
4 - Producing others’ records taught Lynne simplicity - (Courierpress / AP) (link found by Jack Regan)
5 - Shy Jeff Lynne must be handled with care - (National Post) (link found by Martin Abela)
6 - 'O Brother' live album set for July - (Jam) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - Bergen: Slik blir Dylan-arenaen - (BA) (link found by Bergen Dylan Society)
8 - Bob Dylan Quiz - (VH1) (link found by Stefanie Spayd)
9 - Folk heroes, flaws and all Hajdu interview - (National Post) (link found by Martin Abela, where the Aberdeen Waters Flow)

Monday, June 11:
1 - Unplugged Hajdu review + first chapter - (NY Times) (link found by Kevin van der Leek)
2 - About the Dylan Veranda - (Gecko Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - His Back Pages Book reviews - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Katie O'Donnell)
4 - "O Brother" Live Album Due - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
5 - Hibbing High School Auditorium memories RealVideo, Watch "Entire Almanac for June 8, 2001" go to 28:50 - (Twin Cities Public Television) (link found by Nelson T. French)
6 - The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made - (TheBand) (link found by Mario Mazziol)

Sunday, June 10:
1 - Bob Dylan's 60th Birthday Bash Town Hall review - (VH1) (link found by Tricia Blonde on Blonde)
2 - Just like a woman Sally Kirkland - (Malibu Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - Club Notes Levon Helm, Bruce Hornsby - (Salt Lake Tribune) (link found by Bill Parr)
4 - Por siempre viejo - (Pagina 12) (link found by Amos Hochman)
5 - Older rockers find the beat goes on - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
6 - - Dylan var helt killer - (Dagbladet) (link found by Ellsiv Pedersen)
7 - Plugged Sounes review - (NY Times) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
8 - Bob Dylan tribute: Two hours of Bob Dylan covers and some music from the man himself RealAudio- (Acoustic Café) (link found by Daniel Maxton)
9 - El poeta vagabundo - (Clarín) (link found by Amos Hochman)
10 - Nostradamus helps in media family search - (Tomorrow's Sidney Morning Herald)

Saturday, June 9:
1 - Crow bringing back classic rock - (USA Today) (link found by Len Colner)
2 - Bob Dylan, in 10 easy steps - (Orange County Register) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - Norwegian Food The gang that make backstage food at the Norwegian Wood Festival - (VG) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - The New York Times #1 Pick of Top 10 Music Programs - (All Mixed Up) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Middlebrow and proud of it Nick Hornby - (Irish Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
6 - Rockburn roulette Restless Farewell - (Ottawa Citizen) (link found by Jack Regan)
7 - John Lennon Tribute Concert due in Fall - (Instant Karma) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
8 - Freewhelin' has been updated with new Tape News & Video News listings.
9 - Lucinda Williams: The Spirit Meets Sex - (NY Times)
10 - Suggested Sounds Of Summer - (CBS News) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Friday, June 8:
1 - Video downloads (rm) - (Bob Dylan: The Great Web Wonder) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos)
2 - A Poem for Janis Joplin and Bob Dylan - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - Dumptruck: Lemmings Travel to the Sea Includes two Dylan covers - (All Music Guide) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Lost highways: Lucinda Williams and Whiskeytown - (Boston Phoenix) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
5 - New Tree at (Bathed in a Stream of) Pure Heat.
6 - Columbia 30th Anniversary Tribute to Bob Dylan (Oct 1992) tonight at 8 pm and midnight on the Ovation network.
7 - 108 hits if you search for Dylan - ( (link found by Monika Klingspor)
8 - Orange County fans of HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED, Bob Dylan Tribute band will be able to catch the band at the new HOUSE OF BLUES located in Downtown Disney, between the Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks. The show is Wednesday, June 27th at 9:00 sharp! Admission is FREE when you go to the band's website: and print the flyer featured there. Map and directions are also available. (Submitted by Kelly George)

Thursday, June 7:
1 - Hahn Dae-soo, Korea's Bob Dylan - (Korea Herald) (link found by Bobby Massey)
2 - Lucinda Williams, Down and Up - (Washington Post / Speedle) (link found by Jack Regan)
3 - Electric Light Orchestra Returns - (Las Vegas Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Lee jeans commercials use folk song by T-bone Burnett - (Chicago Sun-Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - Bobsessive DieHard Dylan Fans Making a film - (Yahoo Clubs) (link found by Ed)
6 - Blowin' in His Own Wind - (The Nation) (link found by Demetrios Bogdanos and Marty Trujillo)

Wednesday, June 6:
1 - Bob Dylan suonerà ad 'Anzio Jazz' - (Il Messagero / Il Matino) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Dylan festeggia il compleanno in beneficenza, mentre l'Italia con un album ed un tour - (Il Messagero / Il Matino) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - Junior sings for supper 'Sopranos' ' Chianese cuts an album of pop, ethnic tunes - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
4 - Charlie Workhorse - (American-Statesman) (link found by Al Young)
5 - Single-minded A quick album that surprised even Lucinda Williams - (Daily Southtown / AP) (link found by Katie O'Donnell)
6 - Vincent Price... a Fender artist? - (Fender) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - Dylan Gets All Literary - (Spin) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
8 - Missouri State Fair announces musical acts - (Kansas City Star) (link found by Jack Regan)
9 - Lucinda Williams' blue mood is musically lovely, but lyrically iffy - (Kansas City Star) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - Live 1997-1999 mp3s - (TCBDS) (link found by Marco Wolff)
11 - "Life Under Mike" includes Dylan on soundtrack - (Playbackmag) (link found by kat7)
12 - Lucinda Straight Up - (Newsweek) (link found by Jack Regan)
13 - Lucinda Williams' CD "Essence" from - -
14 - John Hartford Dies at 63 - (Excite) (link found by Robert Smirnow)
15 - Article "God is Dead. Bob Dylan Lives" (Terrence Rafferty) in June issue of GQ is followed by an article "Pop Goes Lucinda" (re Lucinda Williams) (Smith Galtney). (tip from Otto Thompson)
16 - Dylan's back pages, and more Folkies brought to life in fascinating '4th Street' - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Bobby Fay)
17 - To the Core If Car Wheels was the Blonde on Blonde of the '90s, then Essence is this decade's John Wesley Harding - (Nashville Scene) (link found by Jason Blandford)
18 - Alessandro Carrera: La Voce di Bob Dylan - (Maggie's Farm) (link found by Carlo Cesaretti)
19 - University places Dylan alongside Shakespeare - (AP / Daily Herald) (link found by Dana Hanson)
20 - Life at 78 Rpm Is Different From Today - (AP / Excite) (link found by Jack Regan)
21 - Buon compleanno Dylan - (Tiscali) (link found by Gianni)

Tuesday, June 5:
1 - Legends in the makingHajdu review - (San Jose Mercury News) (link found by Mark Purdy)
2 - Tony Garnier and Charlie Sexton with Lucinda Williams (pictures) - (Bo Ramsey) (link found by Tim Rahto)
3 - June 8th: Sam Lay (of Newport 65 and Highway 61 Revisited fame) - (Chicago Blues Festival) (link found by Andy Bowyer)
4 - Spare a few Dylan's House? - (NME) (link found by HwyCDRrev and Marion Hitzenhammer)
5 - Dylan cover by Luka Bloom: Mahe You Feel... - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
6 - Bob Dylan plans August return to the U.S. - (Live Daily) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - On the 'Road' Again Lucinda - (NY Post) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg and Jack Regan)
8 - Williams is still swinging - (Newsday) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
9 - 'Essence' review - (NY Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
10 - Songwriter Hartford, 63, Dies (O Brother...) - (AP) (link found by Nelson T. French)
11 - Dylan tribute band Babylon D are playing the Renfrew Ferry in Glasgow on Saturday night. (From Ray Smith)
12 - Stevie Nicks - (Salon) (link found by Peggy Andreas)
13 - La Salle U. Has Dylan Collection - (NY Times / AP) (link found by jgleiberman)
14 - La Salle Holds Scholarly Dylan Cache - (Excite/ AP) (link found by Jack Regan)
15 - Bobby's 60th Birthday Bash - (Netscape) (link found by Michael Case)
16 - More US concert dates in August, see above.
17 - The Phases & Faces of Bob Dylan - (Get Music) (link found by Ed)

Monday, June 4:
1 - The Mighty Quinn: "Zorba" Actor Quinn Lived Life to the Full - (LA Times)
2 - The day Bob Dylan ruined my life - (Irish Times)
3 - The music revolution will not be digitized - (Salon)
4 - Stimmen-Festival in Lörrach - (netxpress) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
5 - Bluegrass grows, thanks to 'O Brother' - (CNN) (link found by Alex Leik)
6 - June 30: Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mt. Boys (Birchmere)
7 - The times a-changin' for quirky genius Dylan - (Miami Herald)
8 - New bios get inside Bob Dylan - (Denver Post)

Sunday, June 3:
1 - Kerouac Manuscript to Be Restored - (Las Vegas Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Lucinda Williams on Letterman Monday CBS in the US - (Musicstation) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - From simple folk to the royal couple The modern folk movement in Japan - (Japan Times)
4 - An open window into Dylan's world of legend - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by Jack Regan)
5 - Bob Dylan : Feliz cumpleaños - (El Correo) (link found by Xavier)
6 - After all these years, Bob Dylan is still truckin' - ( (link found by Jerry Chambers)
7 - Perugia cattura Dylan. Canterà in un vecchio stadio - (Il Tempo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
8 - If you're listening for it, the history of rock 'n' roll is in the music - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
9 - 'Positively 4th Street: The Lives and Times of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Mimi Baez Farina and Richard Farina' by David Hajdu - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
10 - 'Positively' fine : Tuning in to the folk-singing '60s - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
11 - The Corner Shop lets you order books, CDs and DVDs.

Saturday, June 2:
1 - Hörspiel über Bob Dylan ausgezeichnet Excellent Dylan Radio Play - ( (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
2 - Lucinda Williams: After a songwriting frenzy, she doubted works' quality - (Inquirer) (link found by Chuck Koch)
3 - Screen Gems: Bob Dylan in Cyberspace - (Record Collector Magazine) (link found by HwyCDRrev) (No web content)
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8 - Jimmy Carter and Bob Dylan cartoons - (Doonesbury)
9 - All Access, Monday 2 am ET incl. Dylan - (VH1) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)

Friday, June 1:
1 - Dylan Revisited - (MetroActive) (link found by Margie)
2 - Olof's Files 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 revised - (I Happen To Be A Swede Myself)
3 - Not Dark Yet - Markus' web site is one year old today.
4 - Hibbing hootenanny marks Bob Dylan's 60th birthday - (Duluth News) (link found by Nelson T. French)
5 - University Avenue to 4th Street Hajdu review - (MetroActive) (link found by Jack Regan)
6 - Osaka March 7, 2001 mp3s - (BD Sounds) (link found by Borivoj Terek)
7 - Mono "Highway 61 Revisited" 180 gram LP - (Sundazed) (link found by Ole Lien)
8 - Lucinda Williams' psychosexual murk - (Salon) (link found by Jack Regan)
Her new CD "Essence"from - -
9 - For sale: Bob Dylan's boyhood home, on eBay - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
10 - The Class of 60: Forever Young - (New Media Music) (link found by Kris)
11 - Positively Fourth Street - Int. Herald Tribune (link found by Kris)

Thursday, May 31:
1 - A MAAD weekend of acoustic music-making - (Scotsman) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
2 - Lucinda Williams Feeds Off 'Essence' - (Yahoo / AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
3 - The biography of Bob Dylan - (BBC) (link found by Damian Furniss)
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7 - Why Bob's just as much a mystery now as he was then The Crouch End story - (Unison) (link found by Catina Prieur)
8 - Billettsalget er bedret Trondheim ticket sales improving - (NRK) (link found by Geir Olsen)
9 - Couple faces federal recording charges - (New Haven Register) (link found by Denise Locke)
10 - In diamantener Verdichtung Santa Cruz, 16. March 2000 review - (Tageszeitung) (link found by Sarah Amend)

Wednesday, May 30:
1 - Zimmerman Unbound - (NY Magazine) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
2 - Who concert download - (eelpie) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - – Har spilt med de største Garth Hudson - (BA) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Tuesday, May 29:
1 - ¡Que Viva Bob Dylan! ¡Y Que Cumpla 60 Años Más! - (MTV1a) (link found by Gustavo)
2 - Shore Confidential - (Philadelphia Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan)
3 - Scored Hits with Dylan Songs - (Philadelphia Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan)
4 - Deana Carter: Don't Dis This Ditz - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
5 - The times they aren't a-changing - (Sunday Independent) (link found by Frank Desmond)
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10 - Visions of Bob by Patrick Humphries - (BBC) (link found by Jim Linwood)
11 - His royal Bobness Readers' letters - (Salon)
12 - Kilkenny lineup (July 15): Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello (no word if solo or with a band), Blind Boys of Alabama, Juliet Turner, Revelino. (from Tiernan Henry)

Monday, May 28:
1 - Feuilleton: Bob Dylan - (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
2 - Bob Dylan, 60 ans mais sans ses fans - (Le Nouvel Observateur) (link found by Francois)
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6 - Book review: "America's Musical Life: A History" - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
7 - While We're Waiting - (Bergen Dylan Society) (link found by Arnfinn)
8 - ELVIS COSTELLO has been added as the act prior to Dylan at Kilkenny July 15th. (along with Juliet Turner and young irish group RIVELINO) (from Sean McArdle)
9 - Bob Dylan Zestig - (Dagblad de Limburger) (link found by Charles W.Prince)
10 - Tone's on Phone to Nation Blair Digs Dylan - (The Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
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13 - June 11th: Richie Blackmore's Night "The Times They Are A-Changin'" (tip from Dag Braathen)
14 - Bob Dylan: What is his legacy to music? - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
15 - Fine boys they were back then Clancy Brothers< - (Irish Times) (link found by Frank Desmond)
16 - Scrawny outsider brought poetic literacy to rock - (Irish Times) (link found by Frank Desmond)

Sunday, May 27:
1 - Kilkenny tickets - (Aitken) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
2 - New competition coming Soon with a Bob Dylan flavour - (Kilkenny Craic) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
3 - Dylan to line out on Noreside? - (Munster Express Dec 2000) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
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7 - Sterk hyllest til Dylan - (Adressa)
8 - Tjener 7 millioner på en time - (Finansavisen) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
9 - Bob Dylan Net radio all week RealAudio G2 - (Stavanger Aftenblad)
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Saturday, May 26:
1 - A MPB e Bob Dylan - (Clique Music) (link found by Manoel Dantas)
2 - Birthday Tribute, First Avenue - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
3 - Today's "Daily Telegraph" in the UK has offer exclusive to its readers of a free Dylan CD (link found by Gary Galbraith, Peter Pearson and Stephen Dunthorne)
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21 - Dave Matthews' Band of Judases continued... - (VH1) (link found by Alex Leik)
22 - David Hadju will be reading from his book Positively Fourth Street, about the lives of Bob, Joan Baez and other 60s icons. Wednesday, May 30th, Cambridge Public Library, 449 Broadway, Cambridge, MA (from Andrew Steinhouse)
23 - "Million Miles" download - (Tower Records) (link found by Michael Smith)
24 - Nothing but Dylan and Dylan covers today - (WNTN) (link found by Jack's Webmaster)

Friday, May 25:
1 - Lawmakers sing for music legend's 60th birthday - (SFGate) (link found by Tom Leitner)
2 - D.A. Pennebaker chat - (USA Today) (link found by Tom Leitner)
3 - the connection between Israel's distress and Dylan's creativity RealAudio - ( (link found by Larry Yudelson)
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12 - 6-0 in Norway - (Land of the Midnight Sun) (by Geir Olsen)
13 - Grattis Dylan - du behövs i dag - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Ole Lien)
14 - Free Dylan disc available from independent US record stores when you purchase two catalog titles. Contains live versions of Things Have Changed, Highlands, To Make You Feel My Love, and I Cant Wait. No recording dates given. (From Tim Rahto and Andre King)
15 - Dylan still rocking at 60, his music 'Forever Young' - (Washington Post) (link found by Andrew Steinhouse)
16 - Lightfoot practises what he preaches - (the star) (link found by Corey Diamond)
17 - Dylan, at 60, Revisited - (E online) (link found by Dave Christiansen)
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21 - U2 elevate Toronto - (Jam) (link found by Dave Plant)
22 - "Dylan Is an American Prophet--a Prophet Still Walking Among Us Wearing Black Leather Pants" - (E online) (link found by Doug Evans)
23 - Ivor Novello Awards nominees "Rise" by Gabrielle with "Knockin'" Dylan sample- (British Academy) (link found by Michele Simpson)
24 - CBS News Sunday Morning: Bill Flanagan pays tribute to Bob Dylan - (CBS) (link found by Bob Porter)
25 - There's no question that Dylan has genius - (Chicago Tribune)
26 - mp3 of my phone appearance on German radio yesterday 8 MB - (RadioEins)
27 - Know your Bob? 60 questions - (Channel 4)
28 - 60 answers - (Channel 4)
29 - Rolling Thunder Mp3s - (patti6767) (link found by Marco Wolff)
30 - All Things Considered - (NPR) (link found by Jonathan Katz)
31 - "Bobby Dylan 50 years old today" - Part 1 - 240 KB jpg - Part 2 - 80 KB gif (Hibbing Daily Tribune 1991) (from Jonathan Katz)

Thursday, May 24: Bob's day and a public holiday in Norway!
Happy Birthday Bob, from all readers and contributors at Expecting Rain!

"Dylan is recording his new album in NYC and did a song a day over the last two weeks. He wrote 10 songs that are very long and he plays mostly piano on the album. He is also producing the album himself." (J.M. on the Folkdj list)

According to Joe Strummer on the BBC Today program he is meeting Stevie Wonder and Bob Dylan for lunch today in/at the Ivor Novello Awards in London (tip from Ed)

60 Live Dylan Performances! - ( (link found by Tobias Levander)

Bob Dylan Celebrates Birthday With Gift To Animals - (US newswire) (link found by Kris Kirwan, and thanks to Manor)

Remember to listen in at Radio Eins Berlin Dylan Day tonight!. I was on the phone with them a while ago.

1 - Singing the praises of that old duffer Bob Dylan Bob and golf - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Marcel Levesque, Ryan Hopper and Dave Weekley)
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5 - R.E. Graswich Napoleon in Rags - (Sacramento Bee) (link found by Lou Leary and Jack Regan)
6 - "The Assembly hereby congratulates and extends its best wishes to Bob Dylan on the occasion of his 60th birthday" Resolution pending - (Assembly of the State of California) (link found by Lou Leary)
7 - Bergen Dylan Society - (link from Arnfinn)
8 - Bob på sjekker'n To which French singer did Bob write a poem? (Dagbladet) (link found by Ellisiv Pedersen)
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12 - Dylan to play Antelope Valley Fair - (Mercury News) (link found by bluetombstone)
13 - National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" will be presenting a feature on the new CD "A Nod To Bob - An Artists Tribute To Bob Dylan On His Sixtieth Birthday" this Thursday May 24th. They talked to Guy Davis, Lucy Kaplansky, Eliza Gilkyson, Martin Simpson, and Bob Feldman of Red House Records. (tip from Jonathan Katz)
14 - How does it feel? - (Ha'Aretz) (link found by Rabbi J. Avram Rothman)
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53 - An hour of unusual Dylan cuts and covers on KALX Berkeley California at midnight Friday Pacific time (0700 May 25 UTC/GMT).< A HREF="">KALX FM (from Victor Edmonds)
54 - Dylan at 60 remains elusive outsider - (ITN) (link found by Tareth Casey)
55 - To celebrate Bob's 60th Birthday, the highly requested Boulder 04.18.01 show is now being treed at (from Michael J. Pucci)
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111 - Lineup for Kilkenny has been announced, though not the running order: Bob, Elvis Costello (no idea if solo or band), Blind Boys of Alabama, Juliet Turner, Revelino. (from Tiernan Henry)
112 - Happy BobDay - (Charleston Gazette) (link found by William D. Goebel)

Wednesday, May 23:

1 - Mr. Tambourine Man - (ORF) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
2 - Bob, 60 - (Dag og Tid)
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9 - Unterirdischer Heimwehblues - (Die Zeit) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
10 - Dylandance - (Tageszeitung - many stories) (link found by Juergen Luebeck)
11 - .pdf - (Club Metro) (link found by Ole Lien)
12 - "Don't Look Back" tonight on Finnish TV - (YLE) (link found by Jorma Palokallio)
13 - Das Rock-Urgestein rollt auch jenseits der 60 mit voller Kraft - (Saarbrücker Zeitung) (link found by Heiko Baumann)
14 - Tom Waits receives songwriters honor - (Yahoo / Reuters) (link found by C. Hunstiger)
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23 - Editorial - (Tageszeitung) (link found by Gerhild Schiller)
24 - Bob Dylan, année soixante - (Liberation) (link found by François Kahn)
Kentucky radio station is having a special Dylan week in conjunction with his birthday this Thursday. You can listen on-line. (tip from Bill Hester, New Zealand)
25 - The Great Bob Dylan Information Exchange - (Q) (link found by Stephen Dunthorne)
26 - The Dylan Legend - (Gadfly) (link found by Scott Bauer and Moe)
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28 - Dylan is King of the Castle - (NME) (link found by Jack Regan)
29 - Star und Zimmermann - (Hamburger Morgenpost) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
30 - Das Taz-Dossier - (TagesZeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer and Gerhild Schiller)
31 - Bob Dylan At 60: Weiland, Stipe, Wyclef Tip Their Hats - (NME) (link found by Alex Leik)
32 - En helt vanlig sfinx från Minnesota - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Tobias Levander)
33 - Ständigt på väg till nya spelningar - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Tobias Levander)
34 - "Alla står vi i skuld till Bob" - (Svenska Dagbladet) (link found by Tobias Levander)
35 - Fans promote Dylan for Nobel Prize - (Aftenposten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
36 - Wie die Welt ohne Bob Dylan aussähe - (Kurier) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Tuesday, May 22:
1 - Das ungewaschene Phänomen - (Hannoversche Allgemeine) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
2 - Dylan i Trøkk says Expecting Rain is slow to load- (NRK) (link found by Espen Aas)
3 - Yan Friis: Dylan og meg! - (Oslopuls) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
4 - Buon compleanno, Bob Many items! - (Il Giorno) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
5 - Bob in the sixties - (the Age)
6 - Times still changin' for Dylan - (the Age) (link found by Kenneth Greve Jensen)
7 - Positively 60th Street - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Frank Desmond and Martin Abela)
8 - Bob Dylan Radio Day May 24 I'll be interviewed around 1630 CEST - (Radio Eins) (link found by Stephan Krumme)
9 - Bob Dylan wordt 60 - (De Standaard) (link found by Cedric Leroi)
10 - "Det handlar om värdighet" (Dignity) - ( (link found by Bernt Håkansson)
11 - Midtown shop puts Dylan's HS Essay on sale for 35G - (PageSix) (link found by Dana Hanson and Daniel Green)
12 - Bob Dylan Documentary Released on DVD for Singer’s 60th Birthday - (abc news) (link found by Dana Hanson)
13 - Tommorow is a long time... - (Hindustan Times) (link found by Dana Hanson)
14 - Happy 60th birthday, Bob Dylan - (Jam) (link found by Jack Regan, Bobby Fay and Corey Diamond)
15 - His times still are a-changin' - (Jam) (link found by Jack Regan, Bobby Fay and Corey Diamond)
16 - Baez on Dylan: 'I never thought anything so powerful could come out of that little toad' - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Craig Proctor)
17 - Blazing Talent - (TwinCities) (link found by Tom Kennelly)
18 - Duluth should build a statue of its famous son - (Pioneer Planet) (link found by Tom Kennelly)
19 - Betsy Bowden's "Performed Literature: Words and Music by Bob Dylan"has been republished "The most sound and thoroughgoing critical analysis of Bob Dylan's artistry available on paper" - Catharine Mason, English Professor, Université de Caen - (University Press of America)
20 - Avslør dama, vinn premie - Name the woman on the cover of... (Dagbladet) (link found by Ellisiv Pedersen)
21 - Dylan år för år - (Expressen) (link found by Tobias Levander)
The Patriarch of The Band - (Dagbladet / (link found by Richard Wall)
22 - Bob Dylan - (Salon) (link found by William Robertson, Jr. and Michael Collins)
23 - Bob Dylan Videos (60th Birthday) - (VH1 May 24 at 12 am ET) (link found by Alex Leik)
24 - Tombstone Blues - (LA Times) (link found by Christian Ter-Nedden)
25 - Immer noch der selbe schlaue Bastard - (Tages Anzeiger) (link found by Beat de Roche)

Monday, May 21:
If it's a milestone time for Dylan, 60 isn't why - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Tom Coburn)
Words Fill My Head Rare lyrics, poems & other pieces - (Olof's Files)
How Does It Feel to Be 60, Bob? - (LA Times) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
Like a Rolling Stone - (Público) (link found by Isabel Ramos)
Still an enigma after all these years - (The Star) (link found by Jack Regan)
Stuck inside of Dylan myth again - (The Star) (link found by Jack Regan)
BBC Radio Wales are broadcasting a 2 hour birthday tribute show on 24th May at 14.00 - 16.00 British time. (for the latest RealAudio 8) or (for older RealAudio versions) (tip from Tim Bone)
Katie from California is looking for two tickets for the Bergen concert. Can someone help her?
Dylan 60 tribute Sat 26 in Bergen - ( (from Bergen Dylan Society)
Den norske Dylan Mentions yours truly and a few contributors! - (Romsdals Budstikke) (link found by Øyvind Brunvoll (
As Bob Dylan turns 60, new scrutiny of his life and times - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
Dylanesque is a British tribute band. Their CD: "The Basement Fakes"!
A Tribute to Woody Guthrie EMP, Seattle Wed 23 - (emplive) (link found by Artur Louie)
Bob Dylan blowin' into 60 - (Montreal Gazette) (by Juan Rodriguez)
cartoon - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by robert smirnow)
The road still beckons for a troubador at 60 - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Dana Hanson)
Dylan, My Way #2 - (
Dylan's Mystique - (NY Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
Bob Dylan: Simply America's best songwriter - (sacbee) (link found by Jack Regan)
Thinking twice about Bob Dylan Unfortunately, so did that awful voice of his - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by someone)
Rock Tributes to a Poet and a Populist Tiwn Halll Dylan Tribute, Joey Ramone memorial - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan and Ken Feinleib)
Tangled Up In Bob - (National Review) (link found by Peter Patton)
Howard Sounes's top 10 music biographies - (Guardian) (link found by David Davis)
2FM Live Sunday 27th - ( (link found by Derek Keogh)
1984 interview broadcast - ( (link found by Derek Keogh)

Today fm available in RealAudio are running a poll to find the most popular Bob song. Ian Dempsey's Breakfast Show (7am GMT to 10am GMT) have Bob Dylan as a regular contributor, writing folk songs on request for people who are getting married, emigrating, etc. you get the picture. Anyways "Bob" will be joining Dempsey on the morning of his birthday to announce the results of the poll. (by the way the guy who 'does' Bob is hilarious and his songs are very very funny. One that springs to mind is "the night they took Coronation Street away" a protest song against the removal of a soap opera from RTE TV.)
Anyway, You vote for your best song at and the winner is announced between 7 and 10am by Bob himself on Thursday. I would like, for a change to see some real votes going in, and not the usual 'Blowin in the wind' 'Times they are a-changin' scenario.
You get the picture. Derek Keogh

This Thursday National Public Radio's "All Things Considered" (U.S) will present a feature on the CD "A Nod To Bob" An Artists Tribute To Bob Dylan on His Sixtieth Birthday". Lucy Kaplansky, Guy Davis, Eliza Gilkyson and Martin Simpson have been interviewed. at 10pm (central) will broadcast a dylan tribute (live) featuring many Austin musicians, including Eliza Gilkason and Jimmy LaFave. For legal reasons, commercial breaks will be filled with instrumental music over the web broadcast. (from Jon Lasser)

Dylan at 60 - The music legend is still full of surprises - ( (link found by Bob Meyer)
Bare Bob, Bob i Dylan-samfunnet - (BA) (link found by awensaas)
der grosse bob - Leitwolf wider Willen - (BernerZeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Looking Back at Dylan - ( (link found by Riosur)

On Thursday, May - well, who needs to be told the date? - BBC Radio Scotland (MW 810kHZ, 370m, FM 92.4-94) will have two programmes marking the Birth of Bob. At 6.15pm (repeated at 11.05 pm) Brian Morton will present interviews and music on the man, as will Archie Fisher on Travelling Folk, beginning at 7.05 pm. (from Roddy Forsyth)

Sunday, May 20:
Peers still in awe of Dylan at 60 "Augie Meyers began work on the next Dylan album this month." - (San Antonio Express-News) (link found by Michael Nave)
If you have been looking for Bob Dylan items, such as caps, t-shirts, belts, watches etc., check out Signatures Superstars.
Bob Feldman on "A Nod To Bob", Spider John Koerner plays "Delia" (RealVideo) - (TPT Almanac) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Bob Dylan: el padre de la contracultura cumple 60 años - (La Tercera, Chile) (link found by Cristobal Droppelmann)
Positively Bob Dylan: A 60th-birthday memory book - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Harry Smith Symposium - (Getty Research Institute)
Bob Dylan 60 år - (Dagbladet) (link found by Ellisiv Rasmussen og Dag Braathen)
Bob Dylan: Tangled up in myths of his own making From country bumpkin to millionaire hobo, the self-proclaimed seer - many would claim genius - has shrouded himself in mystery. As he turns 60, criticism is long overdue - (Independent)
Charlie Brown Celebrates Bob Dylan's Sixtieth Birthday (BDX) by Anton Scamvougeras (and Charles Schulz)
The essential Dylan - (Chicago Tribune)
Feind der Mütter - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Lukas Wirnsperger)
Nie und nirgendwo - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Lukas Wirnsperger)
Bob Dylan Birthday Party Rochester NY May 26 - (Milestones Music Club) (link found by Dipesh Risal)
Forever Old - (Der Standard) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Bob Dylan: Das verklärte Idol - (Format) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Dylan's Bithday - (Star Tribune) (link found by Charles Hunstiger)
Article on Bob in Christianity Today magazine (the May 11, 2001 issue), written by Steve Turner, the veteran rock journalist. (from Jerry Holmaas)

Saturday, May 19:
Dylan at 60 - is he verse or worse? - (Times) (link found by John Morrison)
Gospel Stars to Serve Bob Dylan on Tribute Album - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Carolyn Hester makes Dylan's Texas connection - (link found by Kerry Dexter)
NDC: Did you know that Donovan's son directs "Last Party 2000" which features Robert Downey Jr. and Courtney Love? (Karl Erik, watching Richard III on TV)
Documentarian Looks Back at Bob Dylan - (Wall of Sound) (link found by Dana Hanson)

i think the boxing fight which dylan attended a few days ago will be broadcast in the usa on hbo tonight (saturday).... (from the jester on the sidelines)

There will be a Birthday celebration for Bob Dylan at the Pilot Tavern 22 Cumberland St., Toronto (416) 923-5716 on Friday, May 25 on the patio starting at around 9:30pm (after the Lightfoot show). The bar has agreed to play Dylan's music all night-covering all aspects of his career. There will be no cover and all are welcome. For details please contact Gary Rusak.

Tomorrow morning (Sunday May 20) BBC Radio Scotland will broadcast a programme at 11.05 am on FM and MW, 25 minutes long, called McZimmerman's Blues, an exploration of the Scottish roots of some of Dylan's songs - Hard Rain, for example, being inspired in part by the old Scots ballad, Lord Randall. (from Roddy Forsyth)

Rocking My Life Away - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Alex Leik)
We believe in you Dylan rolls on in permanent defiance - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)

Vote: Who is the world's greatest lyricist? - (BBC) (link found by Jim Johnson)
Highway Sixty Revisited With audio link - (BBC) (link found by Sarah Poynting)
Schmächtiger Gigant - ( (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
Dozentenkonzert und Bob Dylan-Special - (szon) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
Die Ente und der Blues - (Die Welt) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
Happy Birthday Bob! Liste Radio/TV - (Jörg Hausmann)
A singer who left his mark on the 1960s - (Irish Times) (link found by Denis Healy and Jack Regan)

The freewheelin' Bob Dylan - (BBC) (link found by Peter Davies)
Göteborg Dylan Festival - (dylanundercover) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun and Jörgen Lindström)
Submit your question for D.A. Pennebaker - (USA Today) (link found by Bob Meyer)
Bob Dylan - The Last Troubadour - (New Zealand Herald) (link found by Fred Muller)
Dylan's Christian albums remade by gospel singers - (Jam) (link found by Jack Regan)

I was wondering if you could put a note on your site to see if any Chicago area Bobheads would like to help organize some sort of Bobfest next Thursday or Friday for the Big 6-0 at Alive One. The address is 2683 N. Halsted. It is a really cool Dylan friendly bar in Lincoln Park. I spoke with someone there today and they don't have anything formal planned but would be more than willing to host and help organize such an event. I've been to a few parties there where they'll rent out part of the bar for something like $20 a person all you can drink for 3 or 4 hours. Thanks and keep up the good work with the Website!!! ( contact Mark Peterson)

- Vår tids Shakespeare Pictures of Johnny Borgan, Håvard Rem - (Aftenposten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Minnesota label honors native son - (msnbc) (link found by Dana Hanson)
Immer radikal, niemals konsequent - (Berliner Zeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Anton Corbijn im Interview: "Jedes Bild ist eine Lüge" - (Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
Forever Young - (Potsdamer Neueste Nachrichten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Wer für alle spielt, gehört niemandem - (eBund) (link found by Patrick Aeschbach)
Was ist was: Bob Dylan - (jetzt) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
Henkel hängt an Dylan - Big industry boss likes Dylan (link found by Patrick Aeschbach)
Happy Birthday, Bob Dylan - eine Legende wird 60 - (Musikexpress) (link found by gordon darroch)

Friday, May 18:
Times change, but Dylan leaves a lasting imprint - (USA Today) (link found by jlaw, Jarmo Palokallio, Peter Patton, Jan Semneby, Dana Hanson and Otto Thompson)
Music world to salute Dylan - (BBC News) (link found by Tareth Casey)
Happy Birthday, Bob! Leave a message for Bob - (smalltalkatthewall) (link from Mac)
Montreux Jazz Festival part of the Sun Records Tribute - (CDNow) (link found by Corey Diamond)
Bob Dylan Radio Day May 24th I will be with them on the phone- (radio eins, Berlin)
Gospel Stars To Serve Bob Dylan On Tribute Album - (Sonicnet) (link found by Catina Prieur and Ed)
Win Bob Dylan Album - (Mojo) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
Der Unfassbare - (Die Zeit) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
Profiel - Bob Dylan - (NRC Handelsblad) (link found by Rudy Veirman)
Bob Dylan, el poeta del rock - (La Nacion Line, Argentina) (link found by cucho)
Things Have Changed 05/17/01 - (Coast Weekly, Monterey) (link found by Britt)
Don't look back - (Salon) (link found by Frank Desmond)
True Dulan play by Sam Shepard - (DeutschlandRadio) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
Rare 1984 Slane Castle archive interview with Dylan to be broadcast by Irish 2FM over the course of 4 nights, in 20 minute sections, 9 PM-11PM GMT. On the web at (From Denis)
Springbank - Individualistens whisky - ( (link found by Magne Karlstad)
60 Jahre Dylan lists TV and radio birthday shows - (
Wie find ich das? Yamaha FG-430 guitar signed by Dylan auctioned at Christie's - (Die Zeit) (link found by Uwe Meilchen)
60-song Marathon Musical Salute" to Bob Dylan at Wetlands in Manhattan - (Bergen Record) (link found by Jack Regan)
German TV channel ARD has a quiz on their videotext pages where they ask: ARD Text sucht diesmal den Künstlernamen des US-amerikanischen Musikers Robert Zimmermann Reply today by phone or post. (tip fropm Wolfram W. Winkler)
Times sure are changing - (Star Beacon, Ashtabula, OH) (link found by Kevin Briggs)
If Not For You Bob Dylan turns 60. EW wonders where we'd be without the folk father - (Entertainment Weekly) (link found by Alex Leik)
With All Memories And Fate Interview with Fernanda Pivano (Italian) - (Maggie's Farm) (link found by Leonardo Mazzei)
Protest und Poesie Hüfte und Hirn - (Tagblatt) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Zimmerpix (by Nils Sloth)

Thursday, May 17:
Bob's 6-0 events listed at Dylanbase (Add your own!)
Dylan will be appearing at the Illinois State Fair in Springfield, Illinois on Sunday, August 12. Reserved seats go on sale at 10:00 A.M. on Saturday, June 9. 217-782-1979. Track view goes on sale on June 16 at 10:00. (from Robert Lowery)
What comes after Greatest Hits, Best of, Very Best of and Essential Bob Dylan? - Of course: The Ultimate Collection! Thank you Sony Music Austria! (tip from Jarmo Palokallio) From
Razor's Edge - Bob Dylan and the Never-Ending Tour is out.
Bob Dylan Honored With Gospel Recording Pressing On: the Gospel Songs of Bob Dylan - (Yahoo) (link found by Patrick J. Elias)
Man Out of Time - (LA Weekly) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)
Bob Dylan at 60 Including video - (Virgin Radio) (tip from Tim Rahto)
The New Yorker Festival Returns, Still the Talk of the Town - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Acting his age the great mumbling artist... - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Michele Simpson and Edwin Yee)
"There's Dylan and there's Everyone Else - (Newsday) (link found by SoDamnHip and Paul Pearson)
Dylan med nye øjne - (Information) (link found by Jesper Petersen)
Bob Dylan, sessant’anni di solitudine - (Corriere della Sera) (link found by Lele Romanini)
Schmächtiger Gigant - ( (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Ein perfekter Dilettant des Folkrock - (Frankfurter Neue Presse) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Für Bob Dylan ein Ständchen aus Unna - (Westfälische Rundschau) (link found by Patrick Aeschbach)
'Positively 4th Street': Protest and Soap Opera for 4 Singers of the 60's - (NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg and Lawrence Warner)
The Gunfighter - (TV Guide) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Der Unfassbare - (Die Zeit) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Dylan til vi styrter New book about Dylan - the man with as many sides as a ball - (Jylland-Posten) (link found by Blanc 1)
Bob Dylan - En guide til hans plader - ( (New book in Danish)
Don't Follow Leaders Bob Dylan – In eigenen Worten - (Palmyra-Verlag) (link found by J.P. Wilbrand)

Wednesday, May 16:
Dylan, 98 Degrees to perform at fair August 10 - (Des Moines Register) (link found by Dana Hanson)
Bob Dylan to Celebrate Birthday - (AP/ NY Times) (link found by Ben Schafer)
Times Changed - Bob Dylan At 60 May 22 - (BBC World Service) (link found by Jill Bradnum)
On A Night Like This - (De Concertzender) (link found by fl)
Grundig og godt om Dylan Review of Petter Myhr's "Bob Dylan - jeg er en annen" - (Adresseavisen) (link found by Adrian Fiskum Myhr)
"Blonde On Blonde" was released 35 years ago today. (tip from Rolf Bergdolt) - Not till June '66 in fact (PSB)
Label Honors Dylan With Album A Nod To Bob - (AP/ Excite) (link found by Jack Regan)
"Jewels and Binoculars: Memoirs of a Young Dylan Fan" includes reviews of spring 2001 Dalton and Atlanta shows - ("How Long Has It Been Since Dylan Played...") (by Adam Selzer)
Looking back on Bob Dylan - (Nando Times) (link found by Dana Hanson)
Birthday Bash for my Hero - (Shields Gazette) (link found by Peter D)
Bob Dylan-en poemak euskaraz Dylan in Basque, the most ancient tongue in Europe - (paper) (link found by Javier Serrano)
Tribute to Bob Dylan in Amsterdam "Down the Highway" in Dutch to be released - (Paradiso) (link found by Arie de Reus)
Upcoming albums in May Byrds Play Dylan, The Essential Bob Dylan- (Sony Music Norway)
2001.09.XX Bob Dylan (unknown title) - (Sony Music Poland)
The Sound of Protest The NY Times article, also in other papers - (International Herald Tribune) (link found by Dana Hanson)
A Heavyweight at Ringside - (NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Happy Birthday, Bob - (Ripsaw) (link found by Dave Plentus of
"BIG-6-O" RADIO+TV List has some additions (Hermann Michels)
La Voce di Bob Dylan Una spiegazione dell'America - (
New 1992 Tour Compilation is being treed at

There are two Bob progs on BBC Radio 4. At 10.30am Saturday 19th May "Highway 60 Revisited". Described on "As Bob Dylan reaches his sixtieth birthday, David Stafford looks back on key moments in the career of a man revered by some and reviled by others. Featuring Martin Carthy and Billy Bragg."
5.40pm on Sunday called "A Letter To Bob..." and is on at 5.40pm on Sunday 20th and is advertised as "...On His Miscellaneous 60th Birthday: Bob Dylan turns 60 on 24th May 2001. Andrew Motion writes a personal account of his life with Dylan and sends him a birthday greeting." (from Jill Bradnum)

The National Programme of Radio New Zealand are playing what I believe is a 3 part BBC documentary on Dylan starting Sat 19 May in the afternoon - check your Listener for details. (from Andrew McCallum)

Tuesday, May 15:
New details sweeten Dylan biography - (Buffalo News) (link found by Bob Meyer)
Dylan, My Way - (InsiderOne)
San Antonio TX birthday poster - (from Bobby Livingston)
Top of the Week: Sopranos - (Kansas City Star) (link found by Jack Regan)
"BIG-6-O" RADIO+TV List - (German stations) (from joerghausmann)
Zimmermen Live in Cardiff - and on the BBC!! - 24th May 2001 - (minimaximusic) (link found by Ed)
Bob Dylan 60th Birthday Celebration at the Old Town School - (Old Town School) (link found by Avery Lerner)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - (Newsday) (link found by David Buchbinder)
The Ballad of Ramblin' Jack - (BBC) (link found by Peter Pearson)

Monday, May 14:
A lot of great links waiting after my three day absence - give them all a try!
Bob Dylan in Madison Square Garden last Saturday - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Michael Smith and Marion Hitzenhammer)
Shelby Lynne recorded her contribution for the June TNT John Lennon tribute, for which Bob Dylan also is a confirmed performer. (See "The Latest Word")
"The Wanderer" by Alex Ross You may have read this one before, but it's good - (New Yorker)
My flatmate Bob - (Guardian) (link found by Roddy Forsyth, Peter Slack, Martin McGowan, Sarah Poynting, Paul Gardner, Dominic Marsh and PSB)
An Interview with Bobby Vee Elston Gunnn - ( (link found by eleventh.hour)
"Return To Me" chords - (My Back Pages) (by Eyolf Østrem)
Whenever Bob Shines His Light On Van CDR Tree, seen bottom of left column - (the Van Morrison web site) (link found by Henry See)
The more things change - ( (link found by Jesse Olley)
Bob Dylan Tour '74 - (rock's back pages) (link found by Dag Braathen)
Peter Himmelman web site quite flashy and heavy (link found by Marty Megliorino)
Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by David Davis)
Don't look back - (Salon) (link found by Randall Busack, Kaliph Hayes, Chris Elliott and Terry Kelly)
Gott wird 60 - (Profil) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
May 29 Bob Dylan night - (Arte-TV) (link found by Tini Fuchs)
Otis Redding sings Dylan - Not! - (Rhino) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Det ruller for Bob Dylan Langesund sold out, Bergen too - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)

The latest issue of Mojo (June 2001) includes 16-page birthday tribute to Bob, including Andy Gill on the making of Blood on the Tracks, Greil Marcus on Dylan in 1962, Peter Guralnick on Bob in 1975 and Richard Williams on Dylan and the Dead. The issue includes many rare photographs, plus reviews of Howard Sounes' new biography and Greil Marcus' assessment of David Hajdu's Positively 4th Street, a book about Dylan, Baez and Richard Farina. (from Terry Kelly and Tiernan Henry).

Bucky Baxter, Steve Forbert and Michelle Shocked will perform at The Neverending birthday in Alba (in the North-west of Italy) The festival will start May 24 and during four days more than 50 musicians will cover Dylan's songs in two spectacular venues. Among the musicians involved there will be major Italian bluesmen and songwriters, jazz bands, powerful cover bands and even a big band of 40 elements! Carmel from Manchester and Joan Vinyals with Quino Pi de la Serra from Barcelona will also perform their versions of Dylan's compositions. Round tables, an exhibition of pictures and a very special installation of videos with great Dylan performances complete this event which aim is to spread the Dylan's poetics. Happy birthday, Mister Bob ! (poster) (From La Tolla) Steve Forbert web site (link found by Dave Plentus)
Top 50 bootlegged artists in the UK - (BPI) (link found by Paul Read)
Dylan fantasy pool results and prizes (from Arthur)
Theme song: Can You Please Crawl... - (Minnesota Twins) (link found by Charlie Hunstiger)
Last night's Sopranos episode included Bob Dylan's recording of "Return To Me". Reruns this week on HBO (tip from Mike P)
The Sound of Protest - (New York Times) (tip from James Swann, Alex Leik, Ellen Friedberg, Curt Nyquist )
Placing a Bob each way - (New Zealand Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Freewheelin' magazine site has been updated. (thanks to Keith Wootton)
Olof's Chronicles Olof has now updated four more chronicles (1960, 1961, 1962, 1963) - (link found by Eben Hensby)
Bob Dylan & Tom Petty 1986 radio concert May 21: "True Confessions . Live USA 1986" - (NDR2) (link found by Uwe Meilchen, Marco Wolff)
Marley's legend undiminished - (BBC) (link found by Tareth Casey)
Home entertainment Chrissie Hynde interview - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting and Peter Slack)
I am back from Ankara now, and have resumed updates.

Friday, May 11:
young but daily growin' has a new address. Focuses on the young Robert Zimmerman, before he was Bob Dylan, 1961 & 1962.
Dylan Keeps A-Changin', Making Him a Hard Act to Follow - (NY Times) (link found by Stuart)
The June issue of Uncut Magazine has a Dylan 60th Birthday Special - "How One Man Changed The World" - by Ian MacDonald (pages 36-66), plus a page special on his 30th anniversary concert. (tip from Roddy Forsyth)
I will be in Ankara on Saturday. If you are there, do you have any tips for what to see or do?
Washington Square Memoirs: The Great Urban Folk Boom (1950-1970) - (Rhino reissue) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Thursday, May 10:
Bob Dylan - The 1998 International Conference at Stanford University Video tapes of the complete conference now accessible at the Stanford Library (Music Library / Archive of Recorded Sound) - ( (link found by Tino)
Exhibition of Dylan books - Cambridge University Library - (CBDS) (thanks to John Nye)
Long reviews of Atlanta-Nashville-Memphis concerts.
Liverpool and Sterling tickets "not available" - (NME) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Bob Dylan is Composer of the Week on Radio New Zealand's Concert Programme. At 11 am May 13-18. (tip from Andrew McCallum)
Minneapolis Million Dollar Bash - ( (link found by Nelson T. French)
Judy Collins Celebrates 40 Years Of Music - (Billboard) (link found by Carsten Baumann)

Wednesday, May 9:
"Return To Me" 40 seconds mp3 sample from "Sopranos 2" soundtrack. Order from
Poet-Musician Bob Dylan - (BBC World Service)
Isis has been updated.
The neverending birthday -(Italy) (link fromGiorgio Ferrero)
Newman, Wilsons, Waits File Suit Vs. - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Trønderne svikter Dylan Only 4.000 tickets out of 20.000 sold for Trondheim June 24 - (Bergens Tidende) (link found by Johan Henden)
Ausstellungseröffnung in der Stadtbibliothek - (NGZ online) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Folk musicians give their patron saint a ‘Nod to Bob’ - (twincities) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Dylan hits 60 and the road - (ninemsn) (link found by Dana Hanson)
Lou Reed not dead! - (nme) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Nashville and Memhis reviews - (Aberdeen Waters Flow) (link from Martin Abela)
Kicking Back - (Memphis Flyer) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Tuesday, May 8:
Today the "Sopranos 2" soundtracj was released, with Bob Dylan singing "Return to Me". Order from
Sopranos 2, 30 sec sound sample Requires Windows Media Player - (Best Buy) (link found by Marty Megliorino)
Violent Femmes Kill Their Collectors Market With Digital Album Cover "Positively 4th Street" - (Chart Attack)
Sunday's Memphis concert reviewed.
Nachtstudio-Ausgabe am 60.Geburtstag Bob Dylans - (ZDF) (link found by Matthias Hofmann)
On a night like this: Bob Dylan-nacht May 18 - ( (link found by Peter Davies)
Ticket fees cross another frontier NDC - (Boston Globe) (link found by William Robertson, Jr.)
As Charity-Concert Organizer, He Rocks - (LA Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
May 24 Bob Dylan-fest in Mirapuri Coiromonte, Italy - (Check out Michel Montecrossa first) (link found by Jim Linwood)
A Nod to Bob: An Artists' Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 60th Birthday - (USA Today) (link found by Alex Leik)
No Regrets - ( (link found by Eyolf Østrem)
Rock Clock 1965, 1976 & 1982 - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)

Monday, May 7:
Birthday Boy: A new stack of books on Bob Dylan's sixtieth Excellent! (If the URL changes and you rediscover this, please send it to me) - (New Yorker) (link found by David Davis, Steve Michel and Chris Elliott)
Last night's Memphis setlist.
Music! Music! Music! 3-day Beale fest ends on a high note And Dylan was, well, Dylan - a man who has reclaimed his creativity over the decade to be our poet laureate all over again - (GoMemphis) (link found by Jack Regan)
Record number of music fans turn out for Music Midtown - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
Legendary Bob Dylan (picture) - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
Bob Dylan, Ehrfurcht und harter Stoff - (Tages-Anzeiger) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
White Rabbit CDs specializes in music from 1965 to 1975. Enter the Rabbit Hole!
May 19: Happy Birthday Bob Dylan One hour TV programme - (3Sat from ORF) (link found by Jürgen Rosch)
May 23: Million Dollar Bash - (First Avenue, Minneapolis) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Two Nashville pictures by Joel Parker
Bob Dylan zum Sechzigsten, Back to the sixties - (DeutschlandRadio Berlin) (link found by Wolfram W. Winkler)
The life and music of Bob Dylan Monday 07 May at 0930 - (BBC World Service) (link found by David Pester)

Sunday, May 6:
European Tour dates confirmed - ( (from Dan)
Last night's Nashville setlist.
Dylan demonstrates his durable magic - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
Music Midtown 2001: vent - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
Dylan delights wall-to-wall fans - (Tennessean) (link found by Jack Regan, Alex Leik and Jim Maynard)
Fans awash in music at downtown festival - (Tennessean) (link found by Jack Regan)
Like His Posters, Available Again, a Designer Endures - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan)
Madrid Birthday Bash - (Black Diamond Web) (link from Pablo Velasco)
Bob Dylan - eine Ausstellung zu seinem 60. Geburtstag - (Stadtbibliothek Neuss) (link found by Norbert Schmidt)
Deep Beneath The Waves # 86!
Does my tum look big in this? Dance to the tune of the Hurricane- (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Forever young Bob Dylan wird 60 German TV tonight - (NDRTV) (link found by Jörg Hausmann)
100% Pure Cult Bob Dylan - (

Saturday, May 5:
Last night's Atlanta setlist.
Andrew Muir's "Razor's Edge" / Cardiff Birthday Tribute - (The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link from John Nye)
Someone ought to set up a Birthday Site, gathering info about the tributes planned all over the world. Anyone? Anyone?
UNCUT magazine has massive Bob feature this month (tip from Tony Wolkowski)
Music Midtown 2001: Big names lure impressive first-day turnout - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)
Pulitzer winner breaks boundaries From concertos to rewriting Bob Dylan - (Christian Science Monitor) (link found by Jack Regan)
Like a rolling stone Dylan at 60 - (The Star) (link found by Martin Abela)
Das Theater Neumarkt Zürich feiert Bob Dylan und die Zeitschrift 'du' - ( (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Bob Dylan. Der Fremde - (du) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Ramblin' Jack lives his music - (Poughkeepsie Journal) (link found by Halibut454)
Details of Dylan birthday celebrations in Melbourne: BIG SIX-O BOB DYLAN BIRTHDAY BASH. Sunday 27 May, 3pm until late. Rare big screen videos - live music. Cornish Arms Hotel, 163A Sydney Rd, (tip from Tricia)
Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute at the Birchmere, Alexandra, VA (links from John Pruski)
O Brother, What a Party! - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Rock Clock for May 5 - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Bob Fest 2001! - (Spring Green Cafe, WIsconsin) (link found by Paul)
Best wishes on the wedding day of Kerstin & Gregor in Hamburg! (from Catina)

Friday, May 4:
Dylan returns on the edge of 60: 'I was so much older then ...' - Charlotte review (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Joseph Hunt)
My Century Watching Bob Dylan, by D.A. Pennebaker - (BBC World Service) (link found by Phil Teece)
River Stages: The godfather of song - (Tennessean) (link found by Jason Blandford)
Punks, Poets and Paperback Writers - (BBC Online) (link found by Phil Teece)
Emmylou ... singer songwriter, survivor - (New Zealand Herald / (link found by Michael Collins)
Lowell Folk Festival July 27 - 29 includes Ralph Stanley & the Clinch Mountain Boys (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Life's a Beach Unreleased Beach Boys tracks - (NME) (link found by HwyCDRrev)

Thursday, May 3:
Last night's Dalton setlist.

Deep Beneath The Waves # 85. Seven more CDs reviewed in Deep 86 which I hope to publish tomorrow.

Ex-Beatle Harrison treated for cancer - (BBC)
Former Beatle well after lung surgery - (Globe and Mail)
Beatles-Harrison kreftoperert - (VG) (link found by Geir Olsen)

82 today: Pete Seeger. Congratulations! (tip from Paul Pearson)
Dylan Delivers In Long, Strong Civic Center Show - (Citizen-Times) (link found by Alex Leik and Charles W. Prince)
Dylan Six-Oh Bash at The Cellarin Struthers, Ohio.
Record Collector Magazine looka at Dylan at 50 in their May issue (link found by Peter Slack)
Beck, Dylan films to screen at NXNE Toronto, June 7 to 9 - (jam) (link found by Bobby Fay)
Live 1961-2000: Thirty-Nine Years Of Great Concert Performances - (Jam) (link found by Murray Turin)
Dylan, Cosby tickets going fast - (Daily Citizen) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A Nod to Bob (review) - (New Zealand Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince) Order from the Corner Shop
Positively Club 47 David Hajdu's forthcoming book- (Boston Globe) (link found by Curt Nyquist) Order from the Corner Shop

Wednesday, May 2:
Last night's Asheville setlist.
I have received a new installment (#85) of "Deep Beneath the Waves", fresh reviews of 19 Bob Dylan CDs. I need some time to prepare it for the web, so watch this space!
Dylan's back and back in form - (Roanoke Times) (link found by Cindy Scott Ries)
Roskilde endnu ikke godkendt Roskilde festival still has not submitted their security plans (Nine died last year)- (Berlingske) (link found by Bjarne D. Jensen)
The 100 greatest music videos - (Ottawa Citicen) (link found by Bill White)
As Abelard Said to Heloise ... - (msn) (link found by Doug Evans)
Olof has updated versions of the 1993 "On A Rising Curve" and the 1994 chronicle "Keep On Keepin On" at I Happen To Be A Swede Myself!! (tip from Eben Hensby) has Dylan and Goin' to Acapulco lyrics (link found by Rich Powell)
Greil Marcus' Real Life Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack and Matthew Kelley)
All These Inches Away From Where Greil Marcus Began - ( (link found by Tim Beacham)
Aberdeen Waters Flow has been updated with new content.
Joe Henry was a member of Bob's band for the Dharma & Greg episode - ( (link found by Chris.Elliott)
Behind the Music (Friday 4th on VH1) - (Musicstation) (link found by Charles W. Prince and the jester on the sidelines)

There's a 60th Birthday bash in the HQ hall of Fame on Abbey street, Dublin on 24th May. "Salute him when his Birthday Comes" featuring loadsa local musicians and bands, I just got off the phone with HQ and they say it will be on their website ver' soon ,and seeing as though we've a few rock 'n folkers living here now who knows who might show up. (from Derek Keogh)

Hurlers responsible for bringing Bob to Kilkenny - Kilkenny People (link found by Derek Keogh)
The New York Town Hall event sold out early, according to Mel Hausner, who could not find a ticket.
VH1 Ranks 100 Greatest Videos - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
Dylan returns on the edge of 60: 'I was so much older then ...' - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Jack Regan)

Tuesday, May 1:
Beck, Costello, More Sing Of Love, Murder At Harry Smith Tribute - (Excite) (link found by Jack Regan)
Dibujos afinados Gorillaz' video reminds of Dylan's video for "Things Have Changed"- ( (link found by José Manuel Simian)
Paul Simon Nabs Brian Wilson for Summer Trek - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev) is open (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Beck, Costello, Others Sing of Love, Murder at Harry Smith Tribute - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Bob Dylan und Neil Young in Lörrach - (Stuttgarter Zeitung) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A timely meltdown D. A. Pennebaker - (National Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Monday, April 30:
Last night's Blacksburg setlist
Cash Sues Urban Outfitters - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A Long Struggle Against Triumph Sounes review - (Irish Times) (link found by Mick Brennan)
A Nod to Bob: An Artists’ Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 60th Birthday Order it in the Corner Shop - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)

Sunday, April 29:
Last night's Charlotte setlist
Knocking on sixty's door - (The Herald) (link found by Roddy Forsyth)
Like a rolling stone And so, on May 24, Bob Dylan turns 60. "Turns" is the right word here, suggesting yet another rite of passage for an artist who has always kept several steps ahead of his audience. - (Sunday Times)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door German 1997 movie - (IMDB) (link found by Sigurjon)
Answers are still blowin' in the wind Sounes, Heylin reviews - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack, Sarah Poynting and Terry Kelly)
Saarbrücken: eine Performance zum 60. Geburtstag von Robert Zimmerman - (Savoy Truffle) (link found by Zippo Zimmermann)
July 1, 1978 West Germany show is now being treed at

Saturday, April 28:
Last night's Knoxville setlist
Senior citizen Bob Dylan may well be at peak of his career - (Knoxville News-Sentinel)
Reaching a turning point Cornerboys and "The Wanderers" - (Irish Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Copying Styles, Stealing Riffs - The Harry Smith Project (Wired) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Anthology of American Folk Music
Bob Dylan und Neil Young kommen nach Lörrach - (Badische Zeitung) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Legenden lever - endnu - (Jyllands-Posten) (link found by Jörn Eskildsen)

Friday, April 27:
The new is now online. In addition to the bootleg reviews and info, there is also ability to view all setlists, search setlists, submit concert reviews, view lyrics, trade boots, find boots, etc. etc.... (made by Dennis Cleary)
Bob Dylan Pirate Radio will soon broadcast a few shows from May 2000.
The Bob Dylan CD & CDR Field Recordings Guide Of William J. Clinton - (monicasdude) is in a new, temporary location.
Janis Joplin's stand-in reaches the big time - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
Dylan went subterranean at the Fox ...spent three days rehearsing, the Fox locked tight as a drum - (Colorado Daily) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
May 2001. Bob Dylan - (du magazine) (link found by Beat de Roche)

Thursday, April 26:
Last night's Cape Girardeau setlist
Dylan's first-ever Cape concert meaningful to fans of all ages - (Southeast Missourian) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman and Alex Leik)
May Your Song Always Be Sung Again - The Songs Of Bob Dylan Vol. 2 out May 7, see Corner Shop
Dylan gig to turn city into 'top venue for concerts' - (Unison) (link found by Catina Prieur)
The 400 Bar (a very popular bar in Minneapolis) will be having their 15th Annual Dylan Sound Alike Contest on May 25th. There have historically been some very talented performers (link found by Jake Hertel)
BOB DYLAN-kveld på Rockefeller! - Norwegian birthday celebration (link found by Geir Olsen)
Rocka feiring for Bob Dylan - (Aftenposten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Bob Dylan 60th Birthday Bash to be Held at Wetlands - ( (link found by David Buchbinder)
the bob dylan project - (hiwayfreaker) (link found by Steven Mcclenning)
'Sundazed' Brings Back Old Classics - (LA Times) (link found by Daniel Green, Jack Regan and Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan London Meeting Saturday April 28 - (On The Heels Of Rimbaud) (tip from Jim Johnson)
Dylan book author to speak in Hibbing (He already did) - (The Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Come Writers And Critics has a new URL!

Wednesday, April 25:
Last night's Columbia setlist
Durable Dylan - (Knox News-Sentinel) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Rockers roll on - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Van, the automatic man - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Emmylou's inclusive, embraceable-you spirit - (the age) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bluegrass's New Blades Stand Tall - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Tangled up in blue - (paz-online, German) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Forever Young: Bob Dylan. Alles Gute zum 60. Geburtstag Book offers - ( (link found by Tini Fuchs)

BILBAO (SPAIN) will have it's own 60 anniversary Bob's Bash. THE PLACE : The Palladium, Iparraguirre street, near the Guggenheim Museum. DAY: may 24 HOUR: 22:00 H.
THE PROGRAM: Roots oF Bob's music/ twenty soul covers in cd/ complete Paris October 2000 concert/ videos / old spanish eps collection and vinyls/especial T-Shirt day/ rarities/ a Dylan freaks encounter with good beer!!! Please in you have interest, e-mail me!! JOSERRA D.J. SWAMPDOG. BILBAO,.

Tuesday, April 24:
Last night's Lincoln setlist
Young, Old Experience Bob Dylan - (Omaha World-Herald) (link found by Nelson T. French)
George Starostin' Reviews: Bob Dylan - (link found by Ed)
Peter Stone Brown plays at Doylestown PA April 26.
BBC Knowledge will have Dylan Night - (tvtalkin)
The 5 cd summer of 99 small club compilation "Ace of Clubs" is now being treed at
Das Leben als "Neverending Tour" - ( (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Live 1961-2000 review - (Jam!) (link found by Catina Prieur and Bobby Fay)
Talent from Towns Under Two Thousand - (4:12 into) 43:10 GK Talk About Voting, into Celebrities script (Prairie Home Companion) (link found by Brian Jones)
Today's Question: Did Bob Dylan lift "Blowin' in the Wind" from a high school yearbook? - (The Straight Dope) (link found by David Davis and drp) See also : Who is Lorre Wyatt?
Bad to the Bone: The Best Artists' Worst Albums Bob Dylan's "Self Portrait" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by LostSok)
Tangled up in new? Bob Dylan has moved forward from his folk-blues days, breaking ground with new sounds in rock - (Lincoln Journal Star) (link found by Jim Langdon)
The Road Winds On For Emmylou - (Pollstar) (link found by Robby Prince)
O Brother Goes To Carnegie Hall - (Pollstar) (link found by Robby Prince)

Monday, April 23:
Folk Circle 1974 interview - ( (link found by Manor Folsom)
Celebrity cod calls it a day NDC - (Aftenposten) - Toralf er død - (Bergens Tidende, Norwegian)
Dylan devotees enjoy singer's Expocentre one-night stand - (Topeka Capital-Journal) (link found by Richard E. Standridge)
Troubadour of the golden age Sounes review - (Spectator) (link found by John Morrison)
Dylan brings tour to Lincoln - (Daily Nebraskan) (link found by Isaac Azumba)
Und Herr Dylan kommt doch - (Salzburger Nachrichten) (link found by Thomas Huber)
Cantrell’s Swell … Richard Thompson: The Original Slim Shady - (NY Observer) (link found by Kenneth Wilson)
I've got the blues: I couldn't be happier - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Martin Abela)

Sunday, April 22:
Last night's Topeka setlist is the URL for Dansk Dylan Netværk. Nice site with news in Danish and pictures in lingua franca. (tip from Flemming Madsen)
Bob Dylan Pirate Radio mp3 broadcast for iTunes, SoundJam, WinAmp, RealPlayer etc etc. (oh, I forgot: link found by Tom)
Expecting Rain Chat - try it out!
Like a rolling stone - (Topeka Capital-Journal) (link found by Jack Regan)
The Blues Is Dying in the Place It Was Born - (NY Times) (link found by Michael Garrett)
Love is the drug Nick Cave on writing love songs - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Pre-fab pop - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The new face of protest - (Globe and Mail) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Nice Dylan photo spreads in Vanity Fair Magazine (May issue) and American Photo Magazine (May/June issue) (tip from Lee Kaufman)

Saturday, April 21:
Bob Dylan is set to spend some time in the studio during May and June. Augie Meyers may join Bob and the band.
Dylan, Stones, Sinatra On 'Sopranos' Soundtrack - (mtv) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Last night's Kearney setlist
The art of the ageless Bob Dylan by Michael Gray - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Fans chill to sounds of legendary Bob Dylan - (Kearney CyberHub) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Bob Dylan on the record Oct 1997 - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Folksmen Tapped To Play Tribute To Anthologist Harry Smith - (sonicnet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Will they become the Rolling Stones of rap? - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan Birthday Tribute May 24th - (Birchmere) (link found by George Spanos)
Coke Unveils 'Life' Campaign w/Jakob Dylan- (Yahoo/
Backstage The video - (Coca-Cola)

Friday, April 20:
Emmylou Harris will be on Letterman tonight, with Allison Kraus & Union Station and Gillian Welch (Birmingham News) (tip from Charles W. Prince)
Blowin' in the wind Dylan - legend or has been? - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
"A Nod to Bob" tribute album out May 8, find it on the bottom shelf in the Corner Shop
Tangled up in new? Bob Dylan has moved forward from his folk-blues days, breaking ground with new sounds in rock - (Lincoln Journal Star) (link found by Doug Richard and Isaac Azumba)
G.I. residents jump at chance to see living legend - (Grand Island Independent) (link found by Isaac Azumba)
"Don't Look Back" in Pittsburgh PA Friday 27th - (CMU Film Festival) (link found by drp)
A Folk Music Pied Piper "Harry Smith: The Avant-Garde in the American Vernacular," a symposium being held Friday and Saturday at the Getty Center - (LA Times) (link found by Ron Mura)
"O Brother" to Hit Carnegie June 13- (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Dylanology lives on Howard Sounes - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
He didn't dis Dylan - (Salon)

Thursday, April 19:
Boulder setlist from last night.
Bob Dylan proves he's still going strong at 59 - (Daily Camera) (link found by Jack Regan and Alex Leik)
Dylan reclaims place as great performer - (Rocky Mountain News) (link found by Brandon Zwagerman)
Back to the Sixties - Bob Dylan zum Sechstigsten Birthday show May 23 - (Thalia-Theater in Hamburg, Germany) (link found by Tobias Mählmann)
Dylan-oppvarmere i kø Many local bands want to open for Dylan June 26 in Bergen, but Dylan hasn't yet decided if he will hire an opener. 200 tickets left, probably gone now. - (Bergens Tidende) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
Toning it down East Coast International Blues and Roots Music Festival, Byron Bay April 13-16 - (The Age) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Echo & The Bunnymen Ready Career Retrospective And New Album It's All Over Now, Baby Blue - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Colleyville council OKs amended ethics resolution on disclosure In a heated two-hour debate that included references to cockroaches and Bob Dylan... - (Star-Telegram) (link found by Jack Regan)
Bob Dylan Embraces Paganism and Records a Rap CD - ( (link found by Daniel Green)

Wednesday, April 18:
Will Dylan headline Babington gig? - (People News) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Dylan e le ceneri di Corso Dylan will be in Italy, in Rome, on fifth day of may, for the ceremony of the burial of the ashes of Gregory Corso... - (La Repubblica) (link found by Gizetaenneti) (hard to reconcile with his concert in Nashville the same day)
Dylan remains enigma in rock - (Denver Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
All These Inches Away From Where Greil Marcus Began - (Powells) (link found by Brent Howard)
Portrait of a mad genius Arthur Rimbaud - (Post-Gazette) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From
A Ramone Leaves Home - (Village Voice) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Joey Ramone Solo Album Due Later This Year - (VH1) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Dylan webcast? :-)

Tuesday, April 17:
Wonder Boys author wins Pulitzer - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Sinatra voted as Voice of the Century - (Scotsman) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
Ol' Blue Eyes is tops, poll shows - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Voices of the Century - (BBC) (link found by Peter Slack)

Monday, April 16:
Where High and Low Culture Meet It was almost as if Dylan, answering only to himself, and the eager-to-please Ma/Perlman duo had simply changed places on the high-low continuum. - (LA Times) (link found by Howard Mirowitz)
Punk Pioneer Joey Ramone Dead at 49 - (mtv)
'Things have changed...Bob Dylan and Milton in the same breath? Professor Christopher Ricks thinks so...poetically speaking. Listen to the arguments at a free lecture. This Wednesday, 18th April. Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AR Doors open 5:30 pm, lecture begins 6:00 pm. For seats contact Karen Wight at, or phone 020 7244 6255.' (tip from Sarah Poynting)

Sunday, April 15:
Gott wird 60 - Zu Tode dylanologisiert - Spurensicherung Mentions Expecting Rain - ( (link found by Patrick Aeschbach)
En karrière som endret verden Rating Dylan's albums - (Adresseavisen)
Dylans hemliga fru - (Expressen) (link found by Michael Bällstav)

Saturday, April 14:
Stirling Date for Legend Dylan - (Daily Record) (link found by Ray Smith and Stevie Mochrie)
Dylan promises fans Stirling stuff - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Nothing really changes - (Scotsman) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Marino US Debut album featuring Carol Dennis Dylan - (link found by Tricia)
Sandy Bull, a Master of Musical Fusion With Open Ears, Dies at 60 - NY Times (link found by Robert Buchanan)
Freewheelin' has new Tape News, cartoons and contents for volume 19.
Chicago Old Town School of Folk Music All-Night Party - (Old Town School) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan verschwieg zweite Ehe - (Focus) (link found by Wolfram W. Winkler)
Pop goes the PM's street cred - (Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Are You Ready for the Country by Peter Doggett - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince) + revised edition of Clinton Heylin's biography Bob Dylan: Behind the Shades.

Friday, April 13:
Dylan's 'Secret' Daughter - (People) (link found by Mark Peterson)
Desolation Row/Dignity can help you reserve early tickets for Stirling Castle, see the Isis current news page
Eclectic musician Sandy Bull mixed cultures - (Tennessean) (link found by Ron Mura)
Poetry smackdown! Christopher Ricks - (Boston Globe) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan sings Peter Gzowski - (National Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan-Baez excerpt produces flashbacks - (Boston Globe) (link found by Curt Nyquist)
Syd Barrett Wouldn't You Miss Me? - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack and Charles W. Prince) -

Thursday, April 12:
Singer Acknowledges Secret Marriage to Bob Dylan - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Mick Brennan, Tricia and Otto Thompson)
Dylan's secret marriage uncovered - (BBC) (link found by Tareth Casey)
Vedgår ekteskap med Dylan - (Aftenposten, Norwegian) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
The movie "Backtrack" with Dylan and a saw will be released on DVD April 24, preorder at (tip from Dag Braathen)
38 years ago today: Bob Dylan performs a solo concert at New York's Town Hall - (Rock Clock, VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Carol Dennis: "Who is Bob Dylan?" - (Breadcrumb Sins) (link found by Erik Belmal)
Paul Peek (NDC, rockabilly) - (Salon) (link found by Bill Robertson)

Wednesday, April 11:
40 years ago today: Bob Dylan's first live appearance in New York - (Rock Clock, VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur) ... but not "Blowin' in the Wind", surely? (Stu Levitan) It's the United States of Australia, and let us all rejoice (LDC) - (Craig McGregor in the Age) (link found by Phil Teece)
We Need Arlo Guthrie More Than Ever - (the Stranger) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
can I crawl out your window? The day Bob Dylan & the Rolling Thunder Revue unwound at Mama Frasca's Dream Away Lodge in Becket, MA - (lenoxian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
New cover album with Dylan tracks only (real CD) released in Holland. Dutch band from the town of Leiden called Second Floo, CD title : "Second Floor Plays Dylan". Buma/Stemra C 855, matrix number 580637-1/6131. (tip from Anneke)

Christopher Ricks will give a talk on Bob Dylan ("Not Dark Yet" and "Hattie Carroll") at Suffolk University in Boston, Mass. (USA) on Thursday, April 12 at 1:00 pm. His lecture is part of an academic honors' society ceremony and he was selected for honorary initiation and to give his talk. Directions via the Suffolk University website or by 'phone at (617) 573-8271. (tip from Mike Madden)

Tuesday, April 10:
Join the Expecting Rain group at, and enter the poll by guessing which song Bob will open his US tour with next week. There is also a message board and a chat.
The best albums of the rock era. By Fred Muller - (AudioEnz)
Das Hohe Lied des Liedermachers Book review - (Die Tageszeitung) (link found by Jörg Hausmann) is a new site for the Danish Dylan Network (tip from Jesper Petersen)
Oh Brother, it's a concert tour - (Radio Undercover) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Ein Freund von uns allen: Mister Bob Dylan "du" May issue will be dedicated to Dylan - (du) (link found by Igor Arslan)
Bob Dylan quizbook pdf document - (Under Your Spell)
Rakin' in the cash Second Sounes excerpt - (National Post) (link found by Sue Osborne)

How that 'grocery list' begins

Was there a motorcycle crash -- or did he just fall off?
R&B Stars Turn Out Covers On 'Rhythm & Spirit' Set Nona Hendryx, "Gotta Serve Somebody" - (Billboard) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan: Open Air in Schwäbisch Gmünd - (Stuttgarter Nachrichten) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Monday, April 9:
Only Dylan when he wants to be Sounes book review - (This Is London) (link found by Avery Lerner)
Dylan's back pages - (Pioneer Press) (link found by Tom Kennelly)
On the road again - (Boston Globe)
"Don't Look Back" DVD and VHS rerelease in May - (paper) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Catina Prieur)
Dylan is coming – City to welcome living legend - (Kilkenny People) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Four exclusive excerpts from a revelatory new biography - (National Post) (link found by Robert Smirnow, Sue Osborne and Scott Gilbreath)
Secret wife of Bob Dylan
When Bob Dylan and Joan Baez became lovers, it was a good career move for both of them.
The answers, my friend, are at the foot of the page
Dylan left a trail of disinformation with reporters - (National Post) (link found by George Ziavras)

Sunday, April 8:
"Letters From the Wasteland", new Wallflowers video RealVideo - (tip from the Wallflowers Network)
Eksklusiv A-ha konsert A-ha plays Langesund June 30, two days after Dylan - (Nettavisen) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Dylan Fantasy Pool now in sign-up mode for the April/May 2001 US tour

Saturday, April 7:
Tonight: Fine Arts Theater 2451 Shattuck, Berkeley (510)848-1143 Bob Dylan in DON'T LOOK BACK 9:00PM

Ten part Bob Dylan Story on BBC Radio 2 from July 11 - (Smooth Operations) (link found by Gavin Brightwell)
This Land is Your Land: The Life and Legacy of Woody Guthrie - (Washington State History Museum) (link found by Mitch Rath)
Famous Jews : Song Writers, Composers and Lyricists (Vote) - (Yahoodi) (link found by Tricia)
The Band: "Rock of Ages" will be out May 7, with four Dylan tracks. See the Corner Shop (tip from Peter Gilmer)
100 Students Catch Illness During Break Histoplasmosis - (NY Times) (link found by Jack Regan and Paul)
Top Ten Things Overheard At The 73rd Annual Academy Awards - (CBS - Late Show) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)
Last week's snowshoweling and Saturday in the sun where I live.
Woodstock & The Region Tuli Kupferberg's view of Dylan's Oscar performance - (Woodstock Journal) (link found by Thomas Lennox)
Rolling thunder revival - (Australian) (link found by Maris Sayner)
"Blow" soundtrack includes Bob Dylan's "All The Tired Horses", from - -
The Tribal Mind After his Oscar for best song, Bob Dylan's Best Of album ... has jumped into the Top 20 - (Sydney Morning Herald)
The Carthy Chronicles Includes cover of "Hattie Carroll" and several songs influencing Dylan- (Free Reed Records) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From - -
Featured Author: Allen Ginsberg - (Ny Times) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)

Friday, April 6:
Famous Jews : Vocalists and Singers (Vote) Susanna Hoffs was way out front... - (Yahoodi) (link found by Ed)
Osaka March 6th mp3s - Downloads - My mp3s (heavy front page) (CleanCut Kid)
Freewheelin' can now accept online subscriptions for the magazine.
Aussie Perspective of recent tour (The Learners Realm) Toyko, Japan 03.03.01 tree is now is sign-up mode at
Driven to distraction Cars in rock songs - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack and Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan : An Early Birthday Tribute Satire - (Private Eye) (link found by Peter Slack)
This week in 1961, Bob Dylan made his first professional appearance at a club in New York's Greenwich Village. - (Entertainment Highlights in History) (link found by Charles W. Prince and yvonne mytka)
New Yorker Fest Honors Dylan - (Yahoo) (link found by yvonne mytka)

Thursday, April 5:
Front page - Well, how does it feel? - (The Mail & Guardian, South Africa) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Weathermen Blues - (Asia Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A 25-Year Salute To Phil Ochs - (Hartford Courant) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A Heartfelt Slice of Americana Johansen, Harry Smiths - (Chicago Tribune) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
No need to think twice, Bob Dylan's work will live on long after he has gone - (Sunday Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan comes to the aid of the GAA in Kilkenny (Irish Times) (link found by Tiernan Henry, Catina Prieur, Jack Regan and Michael Farry)
Live CDs: No Loss Of Gloss For the Boss Springsteen Live in NYC - (Washington Post) (link found by Tom Coburn) From
"Bleecker Street: Greenwich Village in the '60s" - (Salon) (link found by yvonne mytka) From
Dylan to be Honored at NYC Town Hall - (WCBSFM) (link found by Peter Pearson)
Willi Winkler, Bob Dylan. Ein Leben review - (Addenda) (link found by Wolfram W. Winkler) From
Thousands Pay Tribute to 'Vietnam's Bob Dylan' - (Excite) (link found by Manor Folsom)
Trinh Cong Son, Vietnam-era Antiwar Singer, Dies at 62 - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)

Wednesday, April 4:
Bob Dylan London Meeting Saturday April 28th at the Coach and Horses pub in Mayfair.
Tracy Chapman, Patti Smith To Salute Bob Dylan - (SonicNet) (link found by Many)
Dylan's Oscars demand - ( (link found by Yvonne Mytka and Patricia Jungwirth)
Bob Dylan looks set to play in Kilkenny this summer (July 15) - (Irish Examiner) (link found by Sean McArdle and Markus Prieur)
Dylan feires på Rockefeller Norwegian birthday celebration will include Jonas Fjeld, Eric Andersen and Garth Hudson - (avis1) (link found by Geir Olsen , Land of the Midnight Sun)
...og på Rockefeller blir det bursdagsfest - (Dagbladet) (link found by Dag E Braathen, Shelter From the Storm)
Ballina reviews
Freewheelin' has been updated and has new address:
Vietnam mourns its 'Dylan' - (BBC) (link found by Jim Johnson)
Singing praises for Dylan - (Seattle Times) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
Bob Dylan's Lyrics: Superior To All Poetry Written Since The Wasteland - (Jeffrey Side) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Hylles med norsk biografi Dylan bio in Norwegian - (Dagbladet) (link found by Thomas Vehus and Heine Pedersen)
Poetry: How to Read it and How to Write About It - (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Woody Guthrie Festival in July - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Tuesday, April 3:
Getting Mick to sing Baul, with Dylan & Das - (Telegraph, India) (link found by Siddhartha Ghosh) Who are the Bauls of Bengal? Purna Das is trying his best to cajole long-time friend Dylan to come out of his one-gig-a-year wilderness... (?)
Horsley: 'Key Largo, Montego, Baby why don't we go?' Songs that get stuck in your head - (Amarillo Globe-Times) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
Today In History In 1965, Bob Dylan appeared on the music charts for the first time with the song "Subterranean Homesick Blues." - (CNS News) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
Old rock stars never die Brian Wilson- (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Legends in the making (NDC, thankfully!) - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A perfect final, you betcha accompanied by a merged soundtrack of local boys Prince Rogers Nelson and Robert Zimmerman- (ESPN) (link found by Derek)
Magazine Arts Fest the Talk of the Town - (Yahoo/NY Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Monday, April 2:
Byron blowin' in the wind as Bob blisses Ballina - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
Real Life Rock Top 10 By Greil Marcus - (Salon) (link found by John Bouldry and Peter Slack) "The Blues Roots of Bob Dylan", see the Corner Shop.
Knockin' on Dylan's Door - (NY Daily News) (link found by Daniel Green) Tickets for New Yorker Festival Salute to Bob Dylan at Town Hall May 19. (link from Sam)
What's the Animals' "House of the Rising Sun" all about? - (The Straight Dope) (link found by Ron Mura)
Vietnam Musician Trinh Cong Son Dies - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)

Sunday, April 1:
Bob Dylan til Nordkapp Bob Dylan plays North Cape June 22, wants to see the midnight sun - Finnmark Dagblad (story published 01.04.2001 - 00:00)
Bob Dylan: Bringing it all back home by Andy Gill - (Independent) (link found by Jesse Shanks and Charles W. Prince)
Dylan Fantasy Pool results - (
The chosen folk - (St.Louis Post-Dispatch) (link found by Jeff Khoury)
Peter Himmelman's big score on 'Judging Amy' - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French) (website-to-be)
Down the Highway: The Life of Bob Dylan by Howard Sounes - He's never been afraid to change his tune (cartoon) - (Sunday Times) (link from Paul Summergrad, James Smith) From Book from the Corner Shop.
Willi Winkler: "Bob Dylan. Ein Leben" reviewed: Heiliger Zimmerman - (Berliner Zeitung) (link found by Wolfram Winkler) Wolfram's review - From
With the Auteur Passé, Rock Gets Impersonal - (NY Times) (link found by Paul Summergrad)
These are words without music Songwriting, at one time poetry's poor cousin, is flush with new literary respectability. - (Montreal online) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Times They Have A-Changed - (TV Guide cartoon) (thanks to Sweet Marie and Andy)
You Don't need a Weatherman... (Mutts cartoon) (thanks to Sweet Marie)
Dylan arriving in Perth and Live at Centennial Park, Sydney - ( (link found by Donna Mytka)
Looking for David Blue - ( (link found by SarahTuk)

Saturday, March 31:
Ballina setlist and Brisbane reviews.
Emmylou Harris and Steve Earle among artists on new CD: "Concerts for a Landmine Free World", out April 10 - (tip from Dag Braathen)
"Don't Look Back", with French subtitles on TV: Sunday, April 1st, 9:30PM, on Télé-Québec (Canada). (tip from Michel Jacques)

Friday, March 30:
Brisbane setlist
Careful Bob, they're talkin' a frame-up - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
Henley, Petty, Love Urge Artists To Fight The Labels' Power - (sonicnet) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
A look at the other '1's - (USA Today) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Explorer and adventurer Helge Ingstad has died - He found proof that Norwegians had lived in North America, 500 years before Christopher Colombus landed on the continent. (Norway Post) (NDC) His book at
Home entertainment - Andy Kershaw - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)

Thursday, March 29:
The Summer Grandpops BOB DYLAN (80% certain) and Tom Jones are set to headline Liverpool's Summer Pops. - (Liverpool Echo) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Cairns setlist
Page of Spanish Leather (by Pachi Becerril)
A night to remember - (Montreal Gazette) (link found by Jack Regan)
''O Brother'' tour in talks - (Yahoo) (link found by Scott)
Oscar Night's Memorable Moments - (San Francisco Chronicle) (link found by Jack Regan)
mp3 download: "Across The Borderlines" - Live 1999 - (Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by Marco Wolff)
mp3 download: 23 Sep 2000 Cardiff - (Tombstoneblues) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Wednesday, March 28:
Artist of the Month - (basement) (link found by Ed)
Bob Dylan Biography - ( (link found by Bobby)
Bob Dylan: Des Sängers langer Weg "Live 1961- 2000" review - (Thüringer Allgemeine) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
- En stor begivenhet for musikkelskere A great event for music lovers - (Porsgrunns Dagblad) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
Naboene gleder seg til Dylan-konserten Neighbours looking forward to Langesund concert - (Porsgrunns Dagblad) (link found by Lars Haltbrekken)
Things haven't changed Stavanger wants Dylan, but noone made the effort - (Stavanger Aftenblad) (link found by Geir Olsen and Dan Ove Nilsen)
Nicht alle Wege führen nach Rom - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) (link found by Rolf Bergdolt)
Must Be Some Way Out of Here Funkstar De Luxe sampling of "All Along the Watchtower"- (Village Voice) (link found by Kris)
Bob Dylan: "20-Year-Old Singer Is Bright New Face at Gerde's Club" - (Shelton article in NY Times Sept 29, 1961) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Boston musician's Hollywood pals go wild on benefit CD ... next project, a CD of the songs of Smokey Robinson. Bob Dylan wants to sing `Tracks of My Tears.' - (Boston Herald) (link found by "The Wallflowers Network")
Oscars 2001 Best & Worst - (E! online) (link found by Ian)
At the Oscars, Carrots, Pepsi and a Kidnapping Joke - (NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan and Social Consciousness - (U of C transcriptions) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Documentary Spotlights 'Mermaid Avenue' Sessions - (Yahoo! Music) (link found by Robby Prince)
Blowin' in the wind - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Chris Sotirias and Peter O'Donnell)

Tuesday, March 27:
Tangled Up in Bob - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Kris)
A Few Things We Just Had to Know - (LA Times) (link found by Subhash)
Welcome to Oscars fright night ... Bob Dylan, who provided one of the genuine fright sights of the evening- (Telegraph)
Dylan til torgs Trondheim town square will hold 15.000 - (Adresseavisen)
4000 Dylan-billetter solgt i går 4000 tickets sold on first day - (Bergens Tidende) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Breie glis for Bob i boks Wide grins in Langesund - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Dylan seiles inn Dylan will be sailed to the stage - (VG)
The three German dates confirmed - (Marek Lieberberg) (link found by Tobias Mählmann)
Bob Dylan var publikens favorit - (Expressen, Swedish) (link found by Tobias Yamabe-Törnell)
Le cose sono cambiate. Ma in peggio. la statuetta a bob dylan a hard and severe judgment on Bob's Oscar song... - (Repubblica, Italian) (link found by Gianni)
Retirement not an option for woman who has worked in Hibbing for 60 years at the Hibbing Monument Company - grave stone monuments. - (Hibbing Daily Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Slow Train: Bob Dylan and the art of American song - (Turk's Head Review) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
Dignita' Italian "Dignity" lyrics, rhymin'! - (Michele Lipparini)
Some spend night in line for tickets to see Oscar winner Bob Dylan - (Kearney CyberHub) (link found by Isaac Azumba)
Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Kick Off 15-Date Tour May 9: Wallflowers To Open - (CDNow) (link found by "The Wallflowers Network")
Dylan, Dun Take Home Musical Oscars - (Billboard) (link found by Sean McGuinness)

Monday, March 26:
Dylan Wins Oscar for `Wonder Boys' - (AP/NY Times) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
Dylan finally knocks on Oscar's door - (Star Tribune) (link found by Nelson T. French)
Still pictures - acceptance speech (QuickTime, from Mike)
"Things Have Changed" performance in RealVideo at TVTalkin and in QuickTime (4.8 MB) here.
A whole bunch of Oscar/Dylan stories here - (
Dylan til Trondheim 24 June - (Adresseavisen)
Dylan kommer til Bergen 26 June - (Bergens Tidende) (link found by Johan Henden)
Offisielt: Dylan til Langesund 28 June - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land Of The Midnight Sun)
Langesund venue: Wrightegaarden - (link found by Dag Braathen, Shelter From The Storm)
Norwegian tickets on sale now from +47 815 33 133
Dylan gifte sig i smyg - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Henrik Åslund)
The secret's out on Bob Dylan Book excerpt - (Courier-Mail) (link found by Mark Harrison)
Howard Sounes: "Down the Highway:The Life of Bob Dylan" from
Dylan Housekeeper Reveals All - (dotmusic) (link found by FriŢ▀jófur Björnsson)
Dylan fans face the big question - (Sunday Mail) (link found by Mark Harrison)

Sunday, March 25:
Sydney setlist and review: On the grass in more ways than one as Dylan plays again - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Alex Leik)
Bob blowin' into town - (Northern Daily Leader) (link found by Amanda Rose)
Song and Dance Man with Michael Gray tonight at the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast
Well, how does it feel? - (The Observer) (link found by Peter Slack)
The Best Pictures I Didn't See "How does it feel..." - (Washington Post) (link found by Joe Pop)
Caught on film! Why rock stars are so criminally bad at playing rock stars - (Mojo) (link found by François Kahn)
Die Antwort weiß ganz allein der Fan Silly review of Willi Winkler's "Bob Dylan - ein Leben" From (Welt am Sonntag) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Maria Muldaur's "Richland Woman Blues" will be out April 10. From

Saturday, March 24:
My daughter Ellisiv and her husband Heine are refurnishing their bathroom. Check out Heine's model railway pages, too! (NDC)
Bob Dylan zeitmäßig ausgeknockt "Aimless Virus" played "Knockin'" for 12 hours and are in Guinness... - (stimme) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
A treasury full of vinyl Music Man Oldies, Catonsville MD - (
Tamworth and Newcastle setlists.
Waiting For Dylan Tickets - Dedicated fans camp outside Pershing - (Journal Star) (link found by Jack Regan and Doug Richard)
Crowes Pair Up With Neil Young, Dylan - (Billboard) (link found by Jack Regan)
Three Norwegian papers carry the same wire report stating Dylan will play Trondheim, Bergen and Langesund June 24-26-28 before Roskilde June 30th: Aftenposten, VG, Nettavisen (link found by Dan Ove Nilsen)
Dylan To Take On The Oscars All The Latest News On Saint Bob - (Mojo) (link found by Dave Holmes)
Do you keep notes? - (PioneerPlanet) (link found by Jack Regan)
The John Green Memorial Convention Saturday 31th March in Northampton, tickets still available. Details from Freewheelin' website.
No Byron mountains, but at last his range is back - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Alex Leik)
Live 1961-2000 review in Swedish Why not rather the complete Portsmouth show? - (feber) (link found by Tobias Levander)
GN'R, Dylan to Play Roskilde - (Yahoo) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Friday, March 23:
6. Juli Steinbach- Langenbach - (Frankenpost) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
Dylan in disguise Roots artist Steve Forbert always a Zimmerman fan - (Canoe) (link found by Jack Regan and Gary Rusak)
Adultery Revisited "Faithless" compared to "Blood On The Tracks" - (Scotsman)
Dylan has secret daughter: book - (Canoe) (link found by François Kahn and Sue Osborne)
Times sure have changed for Dylan - (NY Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Taquilleras Figuras Compiten por la Mejor Canción Oscars preview - ( (link found by Andrés Urrutia)
Oscar Producer Wants Short Speeches - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Turn it up, we can't hear you - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Roll over Mancini, Oscar's ready to rock - (Calgary Herald) (link found by Jack Regan)
Oscars, Where Is Thy Sting? - (metroactive) (link found by Jack Regan)
Let there be light - (Nick Cave on meeting Bob Dylan) (link found by Ron Mura)
"Shining Star" includes cover of "Positively 4th Street" - ( (link found by Matt Bialosuknia) From
Kerouac's 'Road' Scroll Is Going to Auction - (NY Times) (link found by Curt Nyquist)

Thursday, March 22:
Three Swedish Dylan Dates confirmed: June 29: Trädgårdsföreningen Göteborg, July 1: Sofiero Castle Helsingborg and July 3: Castle ruins at Borgholm (tips from Anders Fajersson and Mikael Westberg)
Swedish dates - (EMA) (link found by Patrik Winquist)
Bob Dylan-konsert i fare Yesterday's leak endangers Trondheim concert - (Adresseavisen) (link found by Øyvind Mo Larsen)
- Langesund er det sikreste Dylan-kortet Langesund June 28 still the most likely Norwegian date - (Varden) (link found by ?)
Papa John Phillips' death reminds us we're not forever young - (Star-Telegram) (link found by Jürgen Kloss)
Times Sure Have Changed for Dylan - (NY Post) (link found by Patrick Collins and Daniel Green)
Bob Dylan: Melbourne Rod Laver Arena - ( (link found by David Holmes)
The Man Behind Oscars Curtain Producer swears show will be shorter - (SF Gate) (link found by Jack Regan)
American Storyteller Pete Seeger - (Book Magazine) (link found by Rachel Day Klingberg)
Elliott Murphy and Iain Matthews: "La Terre Commune" Includes cover of "Blind Willie McTell" - (Eminent Records) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From

Wednesday, March 21:
Melbourne setlist.
New site: Bob Chronicles contains data base of the Never Ending Tour! (Made in Italy by Sergio, Federico & Franco)
Dylan Artwork (link found by Jesse Alonzo Lambertson)
Bob Dylan til Trondheim og Bergen - (Dagbladet) (link found by Øyvind Mo Larsen)
Dylan aktuell for Norge - (Nettavisen) (link found by Merethe Myrvang)
But don't forget - confirmed dates will be released March 28.!
Dylan Hitting The Road Again - (Billboard) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Bob Dylan coming to Kearney, Lincoln - (Journal Star) (link found by Scott Bauer, Jack Regan)
Memphis Beale Street Music Festival May 4-6 - (Memphis in May) (link found by Jim Maynard)
Times a changin' for Dylan (Herald Sun) (link found by Alex Leik)
Music sells the message - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Garth Hudson/ Jonas Fjeld/ Eric Andersen will play in Langesund May 25 - ( (link found by Dag E Braathen)

Tuesday, March 20:
US concert dates announced - ( (link found by Dana Hanson)

Adelaide setlist.
"Tangled Up In Bob" article in latest Rolling Stone Magazine.
Salute To Bob Dylan for Pen - New Yorker Festival, Town Hall, May 19 - (Ticketmaster) (link found by Tom Farnsworth)
Francoise Hardy on meeting Bob Dylan in 1966 - (Mojo) (link found by Andrew Lindholm)
David Gray discusses "Bringing It All Back Home" - (Mojo) (link found by Andrew Lindholm)
An das Tor zum Rekord anklopfen A German teenage band named Ainless Virus wants to play Knockin' On Heaven's Door for 12 hours (yawn!) March 23 - ( (link found by Sven Simonsen)
Lloyd Cole Stays Positive With Negatives LDC - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Oscars voting ends today - (Ananaova) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Director keeping honors in perspective If "Wonder Boys" loses, writer-director Hanson will still be just fine - (Philadelphia Inquirer) (link found by Chuck Koch)
You'll Find Out When You Reach The Top is the Bob Dylan fantasy pool

Monday, March 19:
Used, autographed harmonica Hurry up and get it - (Vintage 429) (link found by Ed)
Bob Dylan's star signs - (Rock'n'Astrology Palace) (link found by Ed) have their first vinyl Dylan reissue up for sale, the mono mix of "Bringing It All Back Home" (link found by Tony Perry)
John Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas dies - (CNN)

Sunday, March 18:
Perth setlist. has opened, and looks like it will become another important and frequently used Dylan bookmark.
The Holmes Brothers: Speaking In Tongues contains cover of Dylan's "Man of Peace" - Order from (link found by Peter Slack)
Can you outguess Ebert? - (Sun Times) (link found by Fabio Augusto)
Dylan may accept Oscar from Australia - (Sunday Telegraph) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Oscars getting in tune - (Bergen Record) (link found by Jack Regan)
Help Julie Felix pick Dylan songs to cover on her next album. ( (link found by Michael Smith)

Saturday, March 17:
Music Icon - Bob Dylan arrives in Australia - ( (link found by Nick Miller)
Front page picture - (Daily Telegraph) (link found by Peter O'Donnell)
Times have changed for Bob Dylan fans "He's no longer someone I would listen to" - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by gianni zanata)
Dylan plays May 5th, Wallflowers the day before - (Nashville River Stages) (link found by Michael Smith)
Spiller trolig i Bergen Dylan will probably play in Bergen. All European dates will be published March 28th. - (Bergens Tidende, Norway) (link found by Dan Ove Nilsen and Dag E. Braathen)
Demme Mines Vaults For 'Blow' Includes Dylan's "All The Tired Horses" - (Billboard) (link found by Jack Regan and Joy Munsey)
Let the locusts descend - (The Daily Princetonian)
Napster Says It Has Done All It Can To Block Songs Incuding Dylan's "I Want You" - (Sonicnet)

Friday, March 16:
The times, they may be a-changin' for Oscar's taste in music Dylan considered the front-runner, but even Bjork and Sting have a shot - (Edna Gundersen in USA Today)
Dylan, Offspring, Run-D.M.C. Sign On For Atlanta Fest - (House of Blues) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Dylan to Play Music Midtown - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Just passing time "Live 1961-2000" review - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)
Isis has added a "back issues" page.
Can you see the Beatles on the John Wesley Harding album cover? See Bob Meyer's scans.
DylanArt has launched online shop where you can buy prints.

Thursday, March 15:
You gotta Wonder - (Toronto Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Wonder Boys still wonderful - (Ottawa Sun) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
"Wonder Boys" script - (bizland) (link found by tom)
Dylan to Play Music Midtown Turner South will broadcast a live two-hour concert on May 5th. It will include "a legendary headliner and several special guest appearances" - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince, tip from Paul Pearson)
Olof's updated '92 chronicle - (Olof) (link found by Eben Hensby)

Wednesday, March 14:
Tokyo setlist.
Dylan och Young på väg till Roskilde Festival may be called off due to foot and mouth disease - (Aftonbladet) (link found by Tobias Levander, Dante and Martin Omberg)
Atlanta's Music Midtown Fest Sports Impressive Talent - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Taormina Arte 2001, forse ci sarà anche Bob Dylan Bob is expected to perform in Taormina Sicilia on 28 July - (kwMusica) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
Because it is Dylan - (Sydney Morning Herald) (link found by Stephen Baker)
Wallflowers play Nashville May 5 - (Kick) (link found by Gary Parker)
Eagles European Dates Announced, Schmit To Release New Solo Album Covers "To Make You Feel My Love"- (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Let the locusts descend - The Daily Princetonian) (link found by fringdwlr)
Dylan at Music Midtown 2001, Atlanta in May - (Musicmidtown) (link found by Jack Regan)
Jeff Tweedy revisits recent Wilco tunes - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Al Tuck 'The New High Road Of Song' - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Jimmy LaFave's "Texoma" out now from Mp3 of "Emotionally Yours" - (Bohemiabeat) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Tuesday, March 13:
Hamamatsu setlist.
Bob Dylan sjekker Bergens-været Bob Dylan scrutinizes Bergen weather to avoid ruin voice - (Bergens Tidende, Norwegian) (link found by Jon Magnus Follesø, Dan Ove Nilsen and Dag E Braathen)
Dylan Set For Satellite Oscars - (Mojo) (link found by Tim Norford)
Vold feirer Dylan på Sting Jan Erik Vold celebrates Dylan at Sting (Stavanger) - (Rogalands Avis, Norwegian) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
"O Brother, Where Art Thou" release date: June 12, 2001. Pre-order from
Yahoo! -- The Bob Dylan of the Net - ( (link found by Dana Hanson)

Monday, March 12:
Nagoya setlist.
Un nouvel inédit de Syd Barrett à paraître - (99octane) (link found by Ed Ricardo)
Bob Dylan til Langesund i sommer? ... according to a renowned American web site - (NRK) (link found by Dag E Braathen)

Try searching, see the Google search box further down this page! (thanks to Charlie)
Tangled Up in Bob x - (the Age)
Wonder Boys: Third time lucky? - (Toronto Star) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
** FINALLY! "Wonder Boys" release date in stores is March 13th. - (Robert Downey Jr. site) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From
Dylan to Hit Oscars via Satellite - (Yahoo) (link found by Robby Prince) 12 Famous Men, spoken word jazz opera - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Valerie De LaCruz at May 24, 2001 Bob Dylan's Birthday Tribute Show, Union College, Schenectady, NY - (Valerie De LaCruz) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Yakkity Yak - Ramblin' Jack talks back - (OC Weekly) (link found by Jack Regan)
Madonna as Lucy? Casting Pop Stars on TV Bob Dylan as Grandpa Munster. - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Aimster Pig Encoder Renames Napster files - (Aimster) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)

Sunday, March 11:
Forever Young - the 2001 Bob Dylan Convention Manchester, May 25-27 - (from Dave Dingle)
6th International festival of poetry at County Hall, Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. Thursday 22 March 7.30pm Keynote Address "Bob Dylan: The Rhyme Schemer" by Prof. Christopher Ricks. Newsletter of the Irish Writers' Centre (Not mentioned on this page) (link found by Michael Farry)

Saturday, March 10:
Hiroshima setlist
Discussing Dylan's recent concert - (Japan Times) (link found by Georgianna Johnson)
New Yorker Magazine's 3-day festival celebrating Bob Dylan's 60th birthday - ( New Yorker Festival site
Blue Heaven "Miles Davis is my definition of cool," Bob Dylan has said. - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Time Out of Mind Interview - (IZine) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Rock History Exam #3 - (Michael Anderson, Dana College) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The 60's Revisited - "Positively Fourth Street" When the foursome went to visit novelist Henry Miller, Dylan and Miller played pingpong. - (SFGate) (link found by a bobfia spy)
Last Thoughts on Woody The voice of Bob Dylan … the music of Chris Copping - ( (link found by Roland)

Friday, March 9:
Fukuoka setlist
Greg Trooper scheduled to open for Bob in Langesund, Norway - ( (link found by Robert Eriksson)
Greg Trooper and Larry Campbell in Oslo 1986 - (Joy's Larry Campbell site)

Live 1961-2000 short review - (Mirror) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Plans to recreate 1966 Manchester Free Trade Hall concert - (Highway 61 Revisited) (link found by Kelly George) They play the House of Blues March 13th, free tickets here.
Downtown dilemma Desolation Row in Paterson - (Bergen Record) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)
Johnny Cash : "Roads Less Traveled" to be released on March 13, 2001. From
Steve Howe : Portrait of Bob Dylan In Indonesian? - ( (link found by Jesse Alonzo Lambertson)
John Hiatt Sunday at the House of Blues - (Times-Picayune) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Prizes nominees Rock'n'Roll Jews by Michael Billig From - - - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack)
Look Back, Don't Look Back - (Dallas Observer) (link found by Jack Regan)
A Legend Passes - John Fahey redefined American guitar music - (SF Gate) (link found by Sven Simonsen)
Bob Dylan has agreed to appear (live via satellite from Australia) on the 73rd Academy Awards telecast - (Newsday) (link found by Vernon Purnell and Bobby Fay)
It Ain't Me, Babe - Bob Dylan, reluctant prophet - (Christianity Today)
I received my new Titanium Powerbook G4 today, so I may be a bit incommunicado for a while. :-)

Thursday, March 8:
It seems that some European Dylan Dates are close to being finalised, among them several possible ones in Norway. Venter på den siste signaturen (Waiting for the last signature. 100 posters already printed in Nashville.) - (Varden) (link found by Geir Olsen)
Best of Bob Dylan Vol. 1 + Vol. 2 special tour edition, exclusive to Australia... will be deleted June 30th. (chaosmusic) (tip from Peter O'Donnell)
J Files 3 hour Dylan radio show March 15th - (ABC/Triple J) (link found by Peter O'Donnell)
Sun Records Rises Again Tribute album, documentary out this summer. Bob sings "Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache". - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince, Catina Prieur and Vernon Purnell)
The Oscar picks for this year's flicks - (CNN) (link found by Kris Kirwan)
RIIA "Songs of the Century" project - (CNN) (link found by Stuart Lutz)
Buget surplus should go to assist state's schools Dylan quote - (Pioneer Planet)
Cisco Houston compilation charts Vanguard career of folk veteran - (ananaova)

Wednesday, March 7:
Osaka setlist
Field Recordings guide updated (tip from Ole Lien)
New, unconfirmed tour dates at BobDates
Bob Dylan confirmed - (Nashville River Stage) (link found by Ricky Cobb)
Dylan may beam into Oscars - (Edna Gundersen, USA Today)
T-Bobe Burnett: O Brother in Arms - (VH1) (link found by Robby Prince)
Bob Dylan Album Reviews - (George Starostin's Reviews) (link found by Jesse Lambertson)
World's first Webcam coffee pot to be scrapped - (Register)
From Bakhåll in Sweden, a bilingual Swedish-English edition of Tarantula, including a 12 minute bonus CD with Klas Burling's Dylan interview from 1966. Info in English.
Nation breathes sigh of relief as celebrity cod recovers - (NDC) (ananaova)
The Wolf Hunt (NDC) - (Aftenposten)

Tuesday, March 6:
Osaka setlist
Downtown music fest to feature Dylan, son Dylan highlights a lineup May 4-6 at Nashville River Stages. Three day passes on sale today. Also Lucinda Williams, Joan Osborne and Blues Traveler. - (Tennessean) (link found by Stefanie Spayd)
Top 100 Voices Of The Century (vote) - (BBC Radio 2) (link found by David Wheeler)
Rare Dylan track features on new album "Acne" - (ananova) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Judge nixes Napster Song-swapping service ordered to remove copyrighted titles - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
ISIS has been updated with news from the current print issue.
Lucinda's Butterfly Will Fly New album in May - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Patrick Elias)
Reggae Legends Pay Tribute To Rock Royalty In 'Reggae Rocks: The Tide is High' "Blowin' In The Wind" cover - (press release) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Patrick Elias)
Napster starts limited blocking, but users unfazed - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer) lists these coming books in German (Tips from Jürgen Kloss):
Willi Winkler : Bob Dylan. Ein Leben. (March)
Günter Amendt : Back to the Sixties. Bob Dylan zum Sechzigsten. (April)
Bob Dylan : In eigenen Worten. (2001)
"Real Emotional Girl" by Patricia O'Callaghan, out March 20, includes cover of Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" and several Leonard Cohen songs. From (tip from Eben Hensby)

Monday, March 5:
Dylan may beam into Oscars - (USA Today) (link found by Dana Hanson)
Live 1961 - 2000 limited import to Norway (Sony Music Norway) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)
Levon Helm and the Barn Burners at Biscuits & Blues - (Greil Marcus' Real Life Top 10) (link found by Peter Slack)
An All-Star Tribute to Bob Dylan March 18 - (Delta College, University Center, MI) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The History of Rock'n'Roll - (Dr. William McKeen, U of Florida) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan course by N Cooke - (College of the Holy Cross) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Napster users anxiously await screening technology - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Budget surplus crisis solved ... build a bus museum Greyhound Bus Museum in Hibbing - (Miami Herald) (link found by Nelson T French)
Bob Dylan kommt nach Schwäbisch Gmünd - (Schwäbisch Gmünd) (link found by Xavier Cardeña)

Sunday, March 4:
Tokyo setlist
Dylan's Tribe - (The Age) (link found by Sue Robinson)
Still raging, at the dying of the light - (The Age)
"Don't Let Go" - Jerry Garcia CD with "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" from (link found by Leo Nierse)
Linda McCartney's Sixties - Portrait of an Era Photo exhibition in Edmonton - (Provincial Museum of Alberta) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Lydon lost his connection with the real World "Maggie's Farm" quote - (Boston Herald)

Saturday, March 3:
Tokyo setlist. is an extensive new Dylan site in Norwegian.
Napster filter welcomed by music industry - (CNN) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
The Band "Rock Of Ages" reissue with four Dylan tracks Out May 8 - (Ice) theband.hiof (links found by Lars steen jacobsen and Jaap Kappers)
House of Blues free tickets March 13 - (Highway 61 Revisited tribute band) (link found by Kelly Alblinger)
Dylan's greatest song voted ... - (Learner's Realm)
Songs of Dissent Live! Includes four Dylan covers - (Cultural Center for Social Change) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Trey Ansastasio Dylan covers in mp3 - ( (link found by sodamnhip)
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes: "Blow in the Wind" Includes punk cover of "Blowin' In The Wind" - ( (link found by Johanna)
"It Must Be Love" from Rolling Stones' Cure For The Blues has a guest vocalist that might be Bob? (Napster)

Friday, March 2:
Yokohama setlist.
"Return To Me" Bob Dylan shows his Italian roots by crooning "Return to Me" ("Ritoma-Me") on "The Sopranos 2" soundtrack (Columbia) - (Bergen Record) Out April 3, from (There has been some uncertainty as to whether the Dylan track will be on the CD, so you may want to wait before ordering.)
Live 1961-2000 review - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bud On the Tracks Dear Dark, Is it true that Bob Dylan coined the phrase "whassup,"... - (Request Magazine) (link found by Robert Wilkenson)
UPDATE 1-Napster faces music in court on Friday - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Jeff Tweedy Slays the Gotham Masses Plays the Dylan-esque, "She's A Jar" - (Virgin Mega) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Thursday, March 1:
Court expected to shut Napster down March 2nd - (mp3 newswire) (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer)
Take five: the daily news quiz - (Guardian) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
King Bob & Queen Joni - (Blaclisted Journalist) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
George Harrison Promotes Old Album 300 000 tuned into his chat session - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
News from Duluth (near the end of the page) Duluth Armory, where Bob saw Buddy Holly, is going to be torn down - (Prairie Dog Productions) (link found by Jesse Olley)
Gregory Corso memorial service Sun., March 11 - (NY Press) (link found by Ben Schafer)
Highway 61 Revisited tribute band plays Canyon Club in Agoura Hills on Saturday, March 3rd (link from Kelly Alblinger)
The Sundance channel shows "Don't Look Back" this month - March 1, 6, 14 & 17. (tip from Stephen Baker)

Wednesday, February 28:
Akita setlist.
Napster attack launched on behalf of the late Roy Orbison - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Big Festival at Milton Keynes, UK July 27-29 might include Bob Dylan (link from Jack Regan)
David Bowie has recorded Dylan's "Tryin' to get into heaven" (Rare Hours Outtake) (Napster)
BOB DYLAN: Thirty-nine Years of Great Concert Performances review (Daily Yomiuri) (link found by Otto Thompson)
(from Lee Kaufman:)
I don't think I have seen this info posted yet and thought it would be of great interest:
1. There is a very nice photography show of Dylan called LEGACY-DYLAN IN WOODSTOCK--by Elliott Landy, Daniel Kramer, John Cohen and Lynn Goldsmith at the Center for Photography in Woodstock, New York from January 13-March 11, 2001. Website --
2. Also, and perhaps even more exciting, is an exhibit of work by John Cohen and Fred McDarrah at a restaurant called the Clove in Highfalls, New York (very close to Woodstock) which includes a large number of Dylan photos many of which are unpublished and VERY INTERESTING. These images will be up on there walls through the spring. Unfortunately, no website.
Anyone in the New York metropolitan area may want to plan a trip to see these shows in the next couple of weeks. By the way, I understand the food at the Clove is very good, but did not have time to eat there on my trip.

Tuesday, February 27:
Sendai setlist.
Knockin' On Oscar's Door "Bob wants to be at the Oscars. We're trying to switch some of the dates around..." - (NY Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan)
Goodbye, Columbus If Bob Dylan would refuse to record for Hitler Records, how much longer in good conscience can he and other artists record for Columbia Records, named for this genocidal monster Christopher Columbus? - (FrontPageMagazine) (link found by Ed Ricardo)
Bob Dylan Birthday Countdown Clock - (
"Bob Dylan Returning Shirley Temple to Liza Minelli" Painting by Elliot Green - (artnet) (link found by jesse lambertson)
Arista Records Releases Jerry Garcia Band - Shining Star Includes cover of "Positively 4th Street" - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince) From

Monday, February 26:
New Yorker Festival May 19: An evening tribute to Bob Dylan - (NY Convention and Visitor's Bureau) (link found by Charles W. Prince) (very slow)
Rockin' for Folk Beck joins Harry Smith tribute at UCLA April 25-26 - (eOnline) (link found by Doug Evans)
Johnny Cash is 69 today, February 26, 2000 - (RockClock) (link found by Catina Prieur) - today-in-music
"Muzac" - (Radio National) (link found by Phil Teece)

Sunday, February 25:
Bob opened his Japanese/Australian tour today in Omiya, here is the setlist!
Anastasio Hits Road Without Phish Covers "Rainy Day Women 12 & 35" - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
180 gram Dylan vinyl albums - (Simply Vinyl) (link found by Tim Carter)
Andrea DeCarlo says: "Bob Dylan has been my most important literary influence. If there had not been him, my books would not be as they are". - (Italian) (link found by Gianni Zanata)
Takin' care of business Playing corporate gigs such as Bob's Applied Materials - (Boston Globe) (link found by georgianna)

Saturday, February 24:
Dylan still speaking to our hearts and minds - (Lincoln Journal Star) (link found by Scott Bauer)
PJ Harvey Webcasts Show - (Spin) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Olof's FilesNew: 1991 Accepting Chaos Chronicle (tip from Markus Prieur)
Who's Spinning What "I don't want to say I'm a little slow, but I've just discovered Bob Dylan," confesses stand-up comic Rita Rudner, - (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan Fantasy Pool - entries must be in one hour before Bob plays Omiya tomorrow.
The Holmes Brothers "Speaking in Tongues" Covers Dylan's "Man of Peace" - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince) -
The Cruzados early recordings, Dylan plays harmonica on one track (link found by Doug Richard)

Friday, February 23:
Big Issue Festival Dylan concert rumour - (efestivals) (link found by Ian)
A Grammys Postmortem - (Time) (link found by Doug Evans)
Revisiting The Band's Rock of Ages - (Rock's Back Pages) (link found by Tricia)
The label maker - (Times Union) (link found by Rob Madeo)

Thursday, February 22:
Grammy Winners Bob not included, but Johnny Cash won! - (Grammy) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Johnny Cash leaves hospital after 10 days The only person to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame - (msnbc) (link found by Alex Leik)
Johnny Cash leaves hospital - (BBC) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Emmylou Harris won the Best Contemporary Folk Album award for Red Dirt Girl.
"Sanningen behöver inget manus" The truth needs no script - D. A. Pennebaker, in love with digital video cameras - (Dagens Nyheter, Swedish) (link found by Ole Lien)
Isis updated with of the MY BACK PAGES convention to celebrate Bob's 60th Birthday.
'Mature' musicians -- on the road again - (CNN) (link found by Rabbi Avram Rothman)
(Third Day, Gospel group) "Bob Dylan made probably the most spiritual record I've ever heard in my life," - (Crosswalk) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Profile: Andrew Pinder, e-envoy - Changing of the guards - (Accountancy Age) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Wednesday, February 21:
Grammy Night tonight (8 pm ET - PT CBS)
Artist Profile: Bob Dylan - (Grammy) (link found by Paul Pearson)
Steve Jobs Macworld Tokyo Keynote 5 p.m. PST (8 p.m. EST) - (Apple, NDC)
Funkstar DeLuxe covers "All Along The Watchtower" on CD out Feb 20th : -
You just kinda wasted my precious time - (The Byron Bay Echo) (link found by Tricia)
"Nothing To Win and Nothing To Lose" Guess which songs Bob wil play in the coming concerts. (Arthur Louie)
Critics Say Grammys Are Often Out of Tune - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince and Yvonne Mytka)
Oscar nod a big step for singer Bjork In all likelihood, Bob Dylan will win the best original song Academy Award next month for ''Things Have Changed'' from the film ''Wonder Boys'' because he's Bob Dylan, and that's just the way the world works. - (Boston Globe) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Napster Offers $1 Billion Settlement Deal - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Scontro fra titani per la miglior canzone Oscar commentary - (La Repubblica) (link found by Cesare Bassani)
What Might Have Been - (Robert Hilburn, LA Times) (link found by John Fischer and Alex Leik)
Self-Righteous Leftists Broadside - (Houston Press) (link found by Craig Jamieson)
Dylan articles - (Rock's Backpages) (link found by Dag E. Braathen)
pazz & jop poll - (Village Voice) (link found by Several)

Tuesday, February 20:
PC sales show no recovery In the words of Bob Dylan, ... - (cnet) (link found by Joshua H Richmond)
More snow in Mo i Rana.
Johnny Cash's Health 'Improving' - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Real Life Rock Top 10 - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack)
Film Looks At Billy Bragg, Wilco Tribute to Guthrie - (House of Blues) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Brit hit Coldplay quietly invades America - (Bergen Record) (link found by Luke Davis)

Monday, February 19:
Give the Award to This Guy Grammy producer Pierre Cossette- (NY Post) (tip from Jack Regan)
Dylan Video Clips and MP3 of the day - (Dana Hanson)
And the winner isn't... - (Guardian) (link found by Sarah Poynting)
Critic Christgau Wraps the '90s - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Examiner's Job Can Be Taxing, But He Enjoys It To relax, he listens to rock music during lunch, and often when he gets home. But ... - (Hartford Courant)

Sunday, February 18:
Their own worst enemy Manic Street Preachers - 5th last paragraph about Bob's New Morning voice. - (Sunday Times)
Remembering A Guitar Genius Mike Bloomfield - (SF Chronicle) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Feberkrönikan: Rockhistoriens Mest Hemliga Platta Most Secret Record in Rock History: "The Road From Turkey Scratch" by the Band - (Feber, Swedish) (link found by Eyolf Østrem, My back Pages)
The Most Secret Record in Rock History - (theband, English translation) (link found by Tricia)
Grammy Whammy But, Slim, what if you win? (Eminem) - (NY Post)
Grammy Preview - EW) (link found by Steven Dube)
'Hurricane' to bring justice theme to CSU - (Denver Post) (link found by Jack Regan)
David Blue would have been 60 today - (Rock Clock) (link found by Tom Coburn, correction from Jon Bercovici)
Who was David Blue?

Saturday, February 17:
Jimmy LaFave's "Texoma" - Release: March 13 Includes cover of "Emotionally Yours" Downloadable mp3! (link found by Marion Hitzenhammer) Order from
This Day in Music 1969 - Johnny Cash records a session in Nashville, Tenn., with Bob Dylan. ``Girl from the North Country'' is the only duet released from the session. - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Peter Stone Brown plays Fergie's Pub, PA tonight.
Things Have Changed - (Antonio García Muñoz) (link found by nonio)

Friday, February 16:
Bob Dylan - on the Side That's Winning - (Oscarwatch) (link found by Tricia)
Las Konmfesiones de Kiko Veneno Se ha sustituido a Bob Dylan por Alejandro Sanz como modelo. - (El Pais) (link found by Vicenç Cabanes)
I'm out to shovel more snow, will be back in an hour. 1733: Done

Thursday, February 15:
The Son Also Rises Jakob Dylan: The world's most fashionable Wallflower - (the-wallflowers-net/GQ)
George Harrison Live Chat - (Yahoo) (link found by Robby Prince and Charles W. Prince)
Syd Barrett Song Unearthed "Got the Bob Dylan blues/And the Bob Dylan shoes/ And my clothes and my hair's in a mess/ But you know/ I just couldn't care less." CD out April 16th - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Syd Barrett Song Unearthed - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Katie O'Donnell)
'Jurassic Park' Unearthed in Argentina's Patagonia - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan DA Doubt - (Echo) (link found by Tricia)
Keep it Cool - (Sydney Morning Herald) Paul Kelly has been asked by Dylan's manager not to gush too much when talking about his hero (link found by Phil Teece)
Triple Crown is Blowin' in Wind for Bob Not too shabby for an old songwriter who sings like a wounded dog. - (NY Post)
La prima volta di Dylan - (La Repubblica) (link found by Manuel Rosini)
The Neverending Birthday - New English and Spanish versions of the site dedicated to the festival for Dylan's birthday. (Tip from Giorgio Ferrero)
Name that tune -- before it names you - (Salon) (link found by Peter Slack)

Wednesday, February 14:
Lots of places write about the Oscar nominations, but not many weighty comments on Dylan.
Dylan goes knockin' on Oscar's door - (Reuters/Yahoo ) (links found by Charles W. Prince, Peter Patton, Ben Schafer)
It's Julia's party, but Oscar has other guests ... anyone who's hip will feel compelled to vote for him - (USA Today) (link found by Ellen Friedenberg)
Music Veterans Compete for Oscar - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Alex Leik)
Freewheelin' has Tape News No 185, and the Saturday 31th March John Green Memorial Convention is getting closer.
David Pritchard Joins Paradise as CEO; Jesse Dylan to Focus On Commercial and Theatrical Film Directing - (MSNBC/ (link found by Rob Stuart)
Rock Clock, February 14, 1974 - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
The Chinese New Year and Snake people Famous people born in the Year Of The Snake: ... Bob Dylan - (CNN) (link found by Rabbi J. Avram Rothman)

Tuesday, February 13:
First things first: I had to shovel the snow that fell from the roof before I could give you the news.

Bob Dylan's first Oscar nomination - ( (link found by Jan Semneby, Dana Hanson, Sean McArdle, Randy Johnston, Marion Hizenhammer, Alex Leik, Vernon Purnell and Sven Simonsen) Other nominees are Sting, David Hartley, Bjork, and Randy Newman.
"Wonder Boys" DVD includes "Things Have Changed" video, soon from
Olof's Files have been updated with Session pages for 1990 and an updated version of the 1990 chronicle called Days of 49. There is also the 2000 chronicle "The Best Is Yet To Come". (I Happen to be a Swede Myself)
Tangled Up In Bluegrass A Tribute to Bob Dylan, from
The Crowd Was One For The Record! Bob and Jacob in the crowd at LA Forum - (Elton John News) (link found by greenea) (actually, Jacob was in Japan!)
Elton outshines Billy at costly concert - (Yahoo/Variety) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Academy Honors New Class of Pop Classics Among them are the Bob Dylan rock anthem ``All Along the Watchtower,'' as performed by the Jimi Hendrix Experience (1968) - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Opening acts for the Australian tour: Pixie Jenkins will open for Bob in Tamworth 23 March, and Mick Hart will open in Newcastle 24 March (tip from Phil Teece)

Monday, February 12:
A Blow to Napster - (CBS News) (link found by Alex Leik)
Court Says Napster Must Stop - (Excite/AP)
Cash in Hospital With Pneumonia - (AP)
Dylan among the Poets : Christopher Ricks explores the work of Bob Dylan - (15 MB RealAudio, a couple of snags at the outset) (from BBC Radio 3) (thanks to Arthur Louie)
Iowa State U. author recounts rock 'n' roll road stories - (Excite/U-Wire) (link found by Jack Regan) "The Hunger Bone" from
"Across The Borderlines" - Live 1999 mp3 download, CD1 - (The Cambridge Bob Dylan Society) (link found by Christopher Leipold)
Nothing is revealed - (The Byron Bay Echo) (link found by tricia)
Grammy Uncensored - (MTV Mon, Tue, Fri) (link found by the jester on the sidelines)
Napster fans in song download frenzy ahead of ruling - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Robby Prince)
The Chelsea Hotel (Tour) - (New York Today) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Words and Music for a Revolution - (New York Today) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
With 'Angels,' Eliza Carthy Spreads Her Sturdy Wings Daughter of Martin Carthy - (Washington Post) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
'Circus' Star Brewster Stays Out of Spotlight - (SF Gate) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Sunday, February 11:
Larry Campbell performs tonight with Charles Lyonhart at: Danny's Cafe, 143 Main Street, Ossining, New York
Tom Waits stricken with Dylan-phobia - (dotmusic) (link found by the wallflowers network)
Dylan among the Poets: Christopher Ricks explores the work of Bob Dylan, who turns 60 this year, and argues that he deserves to be considered 'among the poets'. - (BBC Radio 3 at 5.45 TODAY) (link found by Paul Read and David Pester)
"Life Under Mike" - (from the Sunday Sun) (link found by Eddie)
The Golden Age That Wasn't Beat poet Gregory Corso knew what Dubya never will - (NY Daily News) (link found by Halibut454)
Crowell Uses Chorus of Cash Song CD: "The Houston Kid" out Feb 13 from - (Yahoo) (link found by Robby Prince)
Snapshots of Leonard Cohen New book, CD, video fill void while singer keeps out of limelight - (The Star) has the hardback - paperback (April) - CD: Tour of Field Commander Cohen.
First Look at Human Genome Shows How Little There Is - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Court won't halt wolf hunt (NDC) - (Aftenposten in English)

Saturday, February 10:
Blind cod clings to life after numerous catches (NDC) - (ananaova) (link found by Andrew Gray)
Navnestrid for blind torsk To call the cod Toralf or Balder? 57% vote for Balder. He is poorly, does not touch his food. - (Sunnmørsposten, Norwegian)
The Napster parasites Online marketers are snooping around in your hard drive, taking notes on every MP3 file you download. - (Salon)
Bob Dylan in Gmünd - (Südwest Presse) (link found by Thomas Erle and Markus Prieur)
A round table of telecoms dreams Dylan quote - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Choice cuts: Janice Blackburn The curator may listen to Belle and Sebastian, but she prefers Bob Dylan - (Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan, Beatles Shots at EMP "Artist to Icon" exhibit at Seattle's Experience Music Project - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bucky Baxter, ex-Dylan band member, is doing a short tour with Steve Forbert beginning February 15th in Nashville and ending with 2 dates in NYC followed by a taping for World Cafe on March 5th. (from Jim Tillman)

Friday, February 9:
2001 Orville H. Gibson Guitar Awards nominations Dylan nominated for Best Acoustic Guitarist (Male) - (MTV)
Guitar makers honour the world's finest plank spankers - (intermusic) (link found by Catina Prieur)
To The Tree With Roots is a Dylan CD Tree site (
Billy Bragg And Wilco DVD Due As Wilco Parts Ways With Drummer - (Yahoo) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Elliott Murphy in Gent on 24th Feb (Vooruit) with Michael De Jong for a special singer-songwriters night featuring a Dylan tribute. M.De Jong 20.30-21.45 - Elliott 22.00-23.30 + final with special guests. Tickets and reservations: (32)092321790) (tip from Michel on the NightLights list via Olof)
It was 37 years ago today that the Beatles were on the Ed Sullivan Show for the first time. (tip from drp)
So shall I compare thee to 'A Perfect Day'? - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Thank you, Gregory, for saving me from the '50s - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Ry Cooder's Cuba Trip Questioned In Clinton Controversy - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Thursday, February 8:
How's your pal, Bob Dylan? (Brando) - (Clean Cut Kid)
Rock Clock "Eat The Document" premiered 30 years ago today. - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Sue Foley's "Back To The Blues" has cover of "Positively 4th Street".
From - - (tip from Leo Nierse)
Victor Maymudes Obituary - (LA Times) (link found by Jack Regan)

Wednesday, February 7:
Dylan tour the test for Australia's winning rock promoter of the year - (Sidney Morning Herald) (link found by Phil Teece)
Personal Struggles Fueled Kristofferson's Songwriting - (LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
All-Star Punk Band Covers Oldies - (Yahoo) (link found by Vernon Purnell)
Dylan Does Dino for Sopranos - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Catina Prieur and Tobias Levander)
Paul Kelly to open for Dylan down under - ( (link found by Stephen Baker)

Tuesday, February 6: A whole bunch of tips today!
Dylan among the Poets: Christopher Ricks explores the work of Bob Dylan, who turns 60 this year, and argues that he deserves to be considered 'among the poets'. - (BBC Radio 3 on Sunday) (link found by Paul Read and David Pester)
Just how good is he? Why Eminem belongs in the pantheon of literary greats - (Guardian) (link found by Peter Slack and Frank Desmond)
'My mind is as blank as fresh snow' David Johansen has outlived three other members of the New York Dolls. - (Guardian)
'National' tour by Bob Dylan to miss national capital - (Canberra Times) (link found by Phil Teece)
Tout le monde n'aime pas Bob Dylan Byron Bay bother - (Le Monde) (link found by Valérie Charlez)
Concerned residents may stop Dylan concert - (Canoe) (link found by Daryll Weisblott)
Dylan Australian Show May Be Nixed - (Excite) (link found by Luke Davis)
Byron blocks Dylan - ( (link found by Jim Short)
Lucinda, Beck to Cover Hank Bob, too: "I Can't Get You Off of My Mind" - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Vernon Purnell, Michael Collins, Tobias Levander, Ian, Rune Roalkvam and Paul Pearson)
Mobster Mash Dylan's "Sopranos" recording "Return to Me" - (Entertainment Weekly) (link found by Steve Matthews)
Dylan's greatest song - soon to be released. Here are descriptions of some voted songs (Learners Realm)
All Along The Watchtower has lyrics by Dylan, Young, Hendrix.
Q's Five Star Dylan box set ... new wrapping - (Q 4 Music) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Music lyrics ("Mondegreens") - (US News) (link found by Jack Regan)

Monday, February 5:
Mystery Man - (nudeasthenews) (by Jeff Rose)
1. Bob Dylan Festival 24 th May in Turkey (link found by S.Canbay)
Sing Me in, O Muse! Man of Constant Sorrow - (Britannica) (link found by Chris Elliott)
Dylan gig blowin' in the wind - (Australian) (link found by Phil Teece)

Sixties folkie Julie Felix appeared on the Ed Stewart show on BBC Radio 2 in Britain, on Sunday, February 4, and talked about appearing with Dylan at Isle of Wight Festival and chatting to him backstage. Felix chose It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) as her favourite Dylan track, calling it "an anthem of individuality." (from Terry Kelly)

In May, coming from Red House Records, "in celebration of the 60th birthday of Bob Dylan":
"A Nod to Bob: An artists and label tribute to Bob Dylan."
Ramblin Jack = "Dont Think Twice"
Spider john Koerner = Delia
Guy Davis (w/ Levon) = Sweetheart like you
Suzzy and Maggie Roche = Clothesline Saga (!)
Rosalie Sorrells = Tomorrow Is a Long Time
Lucy Kaplansky = It Aint Me Babe
Norman Blake and Peter Ostroushko= Restless Farewell
Greg Brown = Pledging My Time
Cliff Eberhardt = I Want You
Eliza Gilkyson = Love Minus Zero/No Limit
John Gorka = Girl from the North Country
Hart-Rouge = With God on our Side (in French!)
The Paperboys = AATW
Martin Simpson = Boots of Spanish Leather
(tip from Seth via PSB)

Sunday, February 4:
Norwegian acoustic duo "Kings of Convenience" has released "Quiet is the New Loud". From
The race is on - Oscar nominations coming up Feb 13 - (Chicago Sun-Times)

Saturday, February 3:
Bob Dylan Discography - (discographynet) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Boston U. Prof Lectures on Bob Dylan's Lyrics 11/10/2000 - (Daily Free Press) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Issues in Rock Music - Song Site Project Fall 1995 (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Man in the Sand: Woody Guthrie - (Vision TV) (link found by Sam C. Visser)
Dialling for Dylan - (MetroActive, 1998) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Loneliness and Individualism in America - (Nathaniel McDonald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Rolling Thunder - Dylan Tribute Band. Try the quiz at the Jokerman Casino!
Tower of Ambition - (NY Observer) (link found by William Robertson)

Friday, February 2:
At 81, Seeger weaves quilt of folk classics, topical songs - (Boston Herald) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Victor Maymudes death notice - (from NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Isis site has been updated with lots of news including the official track listing for the Japanese CD.

Thursday, February 1:
The Best Is Yet To Come - Olof's 2000 Chronicle
Reissue of ``Rock Of Ages'' by the Band - (EW) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Hey, Mr. Design ManMilton Glaser: Art is Work - (LA Times) (link found by Timothy Hart)
Picasso of pop - (Boston Globe) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
VictorPage lists several of Victor Maymudes' book projects (link found by Patricia Jungwirth)
February 1 1978: premiere of Renaldo and Clara - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Bob Dylan will be on "Before They Were Rock Stars" TONIGHT--VH1 at 8 P.M. (US Eastern Time) (According to "Rolling Stone Daily") (tip from Paul Pearson)
Dylan shows recommended by Olof - (Page by Francois)
Travis Resume Recording - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
"Odetta Sings Dylan" at - -

Wednesday, January 31:
Never-ending birthday for Bob - (Italian) (link found by piercarlo)
Some complaining about complaining - (McSweeney's) (link found by Adam Hindman)
Written on Their Souls: Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Dylan, Emmylou Harris To Pay Tribute To Hank Williams - (sonicnet) (link found by Drone)

Tuesday, January 30:
All Things Must Pass - (George Harrison) (link found by Jack Kelleher)
Rock Clock (30 Jan 1990) - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Farm Aid 2000 Willie Nelson clips - (VH1) (link found by Catina Prieur)
Victor Maymudes has left the arena (link found by James_Rodewald) Who's Who entry

Monday, January 29:
Passion for Music Drives Columbia Chief to Make Plenty of Industry Noise Don Ienner - (LA Times)
Earle's a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll - (Newsday)
Stjernelag for Zwart A-ha, Dylan and Cash on the soundtrack - (VG, Norwegian) (link found by Geir Olsen, Land of the Midnight Sun)
1999 discussion assignment - Which best describes Bob Dylan's voice: abrasive, untrained, and wretched -or- a fitting "instrument" to carry the messages of his lyrics? (link found by Charles W. Prince)
"Never Ending Tour [IMPORT]" from may be the upcoming Japanese release?

Sunday, January 28:
"Drifter's Escape": tracking Dylan's trip through time McGill Undergrads evoke the romanticism of a lost generation - (McGill Tribune)
The Rock of Aged Levon Helm - (Houston Press) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
RecorderMan - Flash anim with Dylan at Newport. (link found by Ray Rehayem)
Rock Hall to Honor Masters Bessie Smith, Hank Williams to receive Rock Hall honor - (Rolling Stone) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Beneath the Surface, Dion's Restless Melancholy - (Robert Hilburn, LA Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Highway 61 Visited Tribute Band plays Agoura Hills, CA Sat Feb 3 - (link found by Kelly George)
A different perspective - (Pranksterism) (link found by David Bondrow)
Original 3-track Who mastertapes for sale - (Shel Talmy) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Il rock in una stanza d'albergo Chelsea Hotel - (kwMusica, Italian) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
Blood, ballads and bullets - (Guardian)

Saturday, January 27:
Rolling Thunder Logbook by Sam Shepard
Peter Stone Brown plays in NYC tonight.
Harrison revisits solo highlight. Rocker's back after setbacks - (USA Today, Edna G)
Milan’s millennial male (LDC) - (Economic Times)
No Dylan Content: Soft-hearted fisherman frees confused cod - (AltaVista/Reuters) (link found by Andrew Gray)

Friday, January 26:
EU to investigate CD overcharging claims - (Sky News) (link found by Dag E Braathen)
Blood on the Tracks - The purpose of the site is to provide a resource where Dylan traders can check out the features of master field recordings that might appear to be flaws.
Beginning to see the light Polly Jean Harvey - (the Age)

No Dylan Content:
Dig Unearths Remains of Colonial Philadelphia - (abc)
A Warrior Camp Pre-Viking Chieftains Likely Drove Scandinavian Conflicts - (Discovering Archeology)
News from Norway - (Aftenposten)
The Norway Post - (Norway Post)
Liv Ullmann i fokus Annie Leibowitz photographs her for Vanity Fair's Oscar issue - (VG, Norwegian)
'Faithless': Scenes From a Not So Great Marriage - (NY Times) (link found by Kenneth Wilson)

Thursday, January 25:
'Wonder Boys' Golden Globe Winner Receives New Home Video and DVD Release Date: March 13 - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
John Mellencamp's Sundance Debut - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The Sneer Or Bob Dylan Or A Long Concersation Between Two Nice People - ( (link found by Robert Purcell)
Leanin' on Bob (The r.m.d Song) - ( (by Will Rigby)
"Hearts of Fire" trailer - (Windows Media) (link created by Dag Braathen)

Wednesday, January 24:
Transcending the Ordinary CMT Sponsors Steve Earle's "Transcendental Blues" Tour, Airs Concert Special (NDC) - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dire Straits Frontman Happy As a Dinosaur - (Yahoo/Reuters) (link found by R.L. Hargis)
Larry Campbell's father has died - (Joy Munsey's LC page)
Nifty Fifties race ahead with advertisers in pursuit - (Telegraph)

Tuesday, January 23:
Weekend Golden with Parties - (Yahoo/Variety)
Quick Hits - (NY Daily News) (link found by Jack Regan)
QuickTime video of Bob's Golden Globe award (from Christian Zeiser via Marion Hitzenhammer) (with German commentary) (1 MB)
Dylan, 'Almost Famous' Win Golden Globes - (MTV) (link found by Alex Leik)
Bob Dylan Live On Stage A limited edition of "The Best of Bob Dylan Volumes 1 & 2" will be released on the 5th March 2001. - (Sony Music Australia) (link found by Jarmo Palokallio)
Composer Bacharach Awarded Top Music Honor - (Yahoo/Reuters)
Freewheelin' updated with a new "Tape News" No 184
Highway 61 Revisited - Prossime uscite (L'Espresso) (link found by Mario Mazziol)
Kerri-Anne gives PM the boot PM's favourite music? - (Australian) (link found by Phil Teece) w

Monday, January 22:
Last night, Bob Dylan won a Golden Globe award for "Things Have Changed" from "Wonder Boys" as best original song.
Bob's award and thank you speech in RealAudio (thanks to Marion Hitzenhammer)
Dylan Nabs Golden Globe (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Aftonbaldet (Swedish) (link found by Dante)
List of Winners (
Seattle Times (link found by Jack Regan)
New Musical Express (link found by Nick Jordan)
LA Times (LA Times) (link from Manuel Rosini)
Thanks to Randy Johnston for the pictures!
Chris Haston/NBC via Reuters picture at Yahoo (link from Michael Smith)
58th Annual Golden Globe Awards Coverage - (DigitalHit) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
Blow by Blow - (E online) (link found by Mark Purdy)

This year's Polar Prize awards go to Burt Bacharach and Karlheinz Stockhausen, plus there is a special award to Robert Moog. You may recall that Bob Dylan received this award last year.

New chapters and verses Bob Dylan gets two biographies for his 60th birthday - (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Byron De La Beckwith dies He was only a pawn in their game (MSNBC) (link found by Alex Leik) - Medgar Evers

Sunday, January 21:
Bob Dylan is reported to be on the Golden Globe awards show tonight.
Jesse Winchester cuts his first new album in 11 years - (SF gate) (link found by Michael Britten)
Danny Kelly, 44, the man behind the successful network of internet sites discusses the gadgets in his life with Richard Johnson. What's the first thing you do when you log on? - (Sunday Times)
Setlist info for 28 Feb 2001 Japanese release - (Searching For A Gem) (link found by HwyCDRrev) Sony Music Japan version
Daniel Kramer on Bob Dylan.. Report from EMP panel discussion in Seattle - ( (written by rainyday1235)
The Dylan of drama From his base in Paris, the radical director Peter Brook still exerts huge influence over the British stage. - (Sunday Times)

Saturday, January 20:
The Bob Dylan CD & CDR Field Recordings Guide Of William J. Clinton has been updated with new or revised entries for more than 60 items. The Guide now also includes links to about 350 higher-grade cover scans for listed CDs, with many more to be added shortly.
The cost of losing Bill - (Scotsman)
Dylan heads down under - (Radio Undercover) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Friday, January 19:
'Strange Frequency' Is Dark and Funny "Knockin'" plays a role in new movie - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Bob Dylan Summer Course in Denmark, end of June, with Billy Cross lecture - (tip from Jan Pöhlmann)
Beat Poet Gregory Corso, 70, Dies of Cancer - (SF Gate) (link found by Sven Simonsen)

Thursday, January 18:
Dylan is among "Featured Artists" at Golden Globe Awards NBC this Sunday at 8 PM - (Musicstation) (link found by Kris K)
Beat Poet Gregory Corso Dies at 70 - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by PSB)
Raisins in the Sun With former Bob band members - (Wall of Sound) (link found by Jack Regan)
recorderman - (Flash required) (link found by Ray Rehayem)
Heir to the great tradition Tom Paxton - Glasgow Royal Concert Hall - (Independent) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Thaon Communications Subsidiary has launced camapaigns for Bob Dylan,.. - (Yahoo/Press release) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
The times they are a... Oh, you know - (Daily Yomiuri) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Wednesday, January 17:
George Harrison'S All Things Must Pass Is Restored With Five Previously Unreleased Additional Tracks - (mi2n)
From - -
howmanyroads - ("Six Degrees of Separation") (tip from Birgit Krah)
Sheryl Crow's Congressional Testimony on Work For Hire - (Music Dish) (link found by Hodah)
A survivor of the next-Bob-Dylan syndrome Steve Forbert - (Ottawa Citizen) (link found by Joy Munsey)
Sam Shepard - (Salon) (link found by Leo Nierse)

Tuesday, January 16:
I got my Mac back today, with a new DVD-ROM drive. Hopefully I can do better updates again!
Johnny Cash's New Diagnosis - (MSN) (link found by yvonne mytka)
T-Bone Burnett Helps Fine-Tune Coens' `Brother' - (The Hartford Courant) (link found by Gil Walker)
Dylan came to Minnesota to paint his masterpiece - (Pioneer Planet) (link found by Jennifer Schneider)
The Ten Best Live Rock Recordings, Part 5-10 : Before the Flood - (allaboutjazz) (link found by John Gregan)
Roots & Rhythm - try it out! - ( (link found by Dave Plentus)

Monday, January 15:
Artist to Icon - (Experience Music Project in Seattle) (link found by Arthur Louie)
Enough of the porky pies, Skase - we've acquired a taste for blood Señor quote. - (Sidney Morning Herald)

Sunday, January 14:
70's Rock: The Bad Vibes Continue - (NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
`It's a Man's World': Ahead of Its Time, And Ahead of Ours - (NY Times) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Van won't do it (end of page) - (Washington Post) (link found by Peter Stone Brown)
Sacred squeal of now Detroit's Grammy- winning Eminem is said by critics to be a musical genius; his book of liner notes and lyrics begs the question - (Toronto Star) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Saturday, January 13:
At last!! Do look back - Highway 61 Revisited is the "world's first and only Bob Dylan tribute band" tonight at the Canyon Club, 28912 Roadside Drive, Agoura Hills. - (The Star) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
'Oh Brother' A Boon For Ralph Stanley - (Billboard) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Dylan Deserves All-Star Tribute - (Billboard) (link found by Joy Munsey. Webpage for Larry Campbell)
Grey power rules as the over-fifties begin to flex their political muscles As Bob Dylan used to sing, the times they are a-changin', and it is people that grew up with the Sixties’ favourite singer/songwriter who are now influencing those changes. - (Scotsman)
You had to be there Pearl Jam and bootleg history - (Irish Times)

Friday, January 12:
He's Got You, From Cradle To Grave Bono's Q Dylan tribute - (u2 homepage) (link found by Mary Syvanto) lists the "Q 5 Star Reviews" Vol 1, Vol 2 and Vol 3. They seem to be 3-packs of nine Dylan albums.
Bob Dylan chase 1977 The hunting down of Bob Dylan – the hunt for the myth, and the hunt for the flesh and blood from where the myth rose
Dylan's not done (bottom of page) ...Paragon II is still the champ at the house mix position - (audiotoys)
Isis has video news and more for sale ads.

Thursday, January 11:
More Australian dates, see above.
Johnny Cash Recovering, Recharging - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)

Preliminary details about the coming Japanese CD (from Masato Kato)
"Bob Dylan Live - Forty years of great concert performances"
SRCS2438 2520yen (tax in)

1) Somebody Touched Me Portsmouth England, 9/24/2000*
2) Wade In the Water 12/22/1961*
3) The Times They Are A-Changin'-1963 or 1964*
4) Don't Look Back - 1965
5) I Don't Believe You - Free Trade Hall, Manchester,5/17/1965
6) Minstrel Boy - 1969 (Self Portrait)
7) Grand Coulee Dam from Woody Guthrie Tribute Concert
8) Knockin' On Heaven's Door - NY MSG, 1/30/1974 (Before the Flood)
9) Shelter from the Storm - Fort Collins, Colorado , 5/23/1975 (Hard Rain)
10) I Want You - Tokyo Budokan , 3/1/1978 (Live at Budokan)
11) Slow Train - Foxboro,MA, Sullivan Stadium, 7/4/1987 (Dylan and The Dead)
12) Dignity - NY 11/18/1994 (Unplugged)
13) Cold Irons Bound - El Rey Theatre 12/16/1997
14) Born in Time - New Jersey Center 2/1/1998
15) Senor - Lucca, Italy 7/6/1998
16) Country Pie - Portsmouth, England, 2000*
17) Things Have Changed -TBD/2000*
*Previously Unreleased

Isis has a different list under "Current News"

Mike Scott: 'I'm as good as anyone in rock'n'roll' - (Telegraph)
Yearning of the artist as a young man - (The Age) (link found by Jesse Shanks)

Wednesday, January 10:
Bob Dylan 'Returns' On Soundtrack "Sopranos 2" with "Return to Me" out March 20 - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik, Chris Oxley, John Gregan and Jim Baumann)
Marianne Faithfull - (Salon) (link found by Dan Selicaro)
Alexander Gets 'Miracles' Marker - (Yahoo/AP) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Andrew Nugent has opened his site Tangled Up In Blue and welcomes suggestions.
AudioFind can find mp3s for you (link found by Sean McArdle)
Baby Boomers Turn 55, Eye Retirement Communities... Forever Young? - (Yahoo) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Jon Bon Jovi Am I a big Dylan fan? - (Q) (link found by Sean McArdle)
Ricky Martin, Van Morrison, Kelsey Grammer set for Bush inauguration show - (Yahoo/Variety) (link found by Patrick Collins)

Tuesday, January 9:
Australian dates at BobDates
Bob Dylan interviews - (Hodah)
I have borrowed an iMac while my DVD-ROM drive gets fixed. BTW did you see the new Apple stuff?

Monday, January 8:
Van Morrison on the Tonight show - (musicstation) (link found by HwyCDRrev)
An appeal to appreciators of Bob Dylan's Music - (Paul Williams) (link found by Kristian Baardsen)
Isis site updated with news of a Sony CD being released to coincide with the Japanese tour and Grammy and Golden Globe nominations.
George Harrison: 'All Things' In Good Time - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)

Sunday, January 7:
I sessant'anni di Dylan e Baez Dylan and Baez will be sixty this year. - (la Repubblica) (Italian) (link found by Davide Bernardi)
Freewheelin' site is updated with news of Vol 18, out now.
Joan Baez Tour Dates Tour dates cancelled, sister Mimi in a battle with cancer. - ( (link found by Paul Pearson)
A call for a Catholicism that renews parental ties Review of: "Constantine's Sword: The Church and the Jews", mentions Dylan, the Pope and "Blowin' in the Wind". - (Boston Globe) From
1. Bob Dylan Festival in Turkey, May 24 - (CBDS) (link sent by Suha Canbay)
Road Songs: A Portrait of Robbie Robertson CBC-TV Tuesday, Jan. 9, at 7pm - ( (link found by hodah)
Pop musings: Schoolhouses rock Picking the "Songs of the Century" - (Star Tribune) (link found by Jennifer Schneider)

Saturday, January 6:
Arthur Louie has put together An Introductory Guide To Bob Dylan CD-R trading.
The performance of Friend of the Devil released on the Grateful Dead's "Stolen Roses" is from March 1, 1999 performed at The Rio Suites Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV. This was a "private" show for Lucky Brand Jeans. (info from Masato Kato and Carsten Baumann) See
Peter Stone Brown plays in Lahaska, PA tonight.
Prestigious Polar Music Prize to Be Announced Jan. 22 Dylan got this award last year. - (Yahoo!/Entertainment Wire) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
EMP Unveils New Photography Exhibit -- Elvis, Dylan and the Beatles Becoming Rock Icons - (Yahoo!/Entertainment Wire) (link found by Charles W. Prince)
Gaslight Tapes - (BobsBoots)
Guitar Great James Burton to Join Rock and Roll Hall of Fame - ( (link found by Charles W. Prince) Burton played with Dylan in Shreveport, Louisiana Oct 30, 1996.

Friday, January 5:
Birmingham June 24, 1998 concert download - (No Direction Home) (link found by Lee Richardson)
Broadbandbob is a group for Bob fans with fast Internet connections who wish to exchange - (eGroups)
How about making a Twin CD-R set containing the same 13 songs each which have been performed live by our Bob & which have been recorded by the Stanley Brothers? Neat idea, yes? - Horst Schrader thought so. Contact Horst for more info.
Two Dogs Oslo Dylan meeting report from 9/12-2000 - (Norwegian) (The Land of the Midnight Sun)
"It Takes A Lot To Laugh" Dylan cover album by L.A. duo Andy Hill and Renee Safier - (link found by Dave Plentus at
Bob Dylan Survey Results of previous survey: "Never - Ending Tour" most inspiring period. Now new survey. (Learners Realm)
The Bob Dylan CD & CDR Field Recordings Guide Of William J. Clinton has been updated with "well over 100 new entries".
Harry Smith Changes American Music--Again - (Baltimore citypaper) (link found by Wayne Rhodes) The Corner Shop has links for buying.
2001 Glastonbury Festival Canceled - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)

Thursday, January 4:
VH1 Awards Beatles for Top Album Four Dylan albums on the list. - (AP) (VH1 list) (link from Bo)

Wednesday, January 3:
Grammy nominations:
Field 3 Rock, Category 15, Best Male Rock Vocal Performance: Things Have Changed, Bob Dylan
Field 13 Folk, Category 63, Best Contemporary Folk Album: Billy Bragg & Wilco - Johnny Cash - Steve Earle - Emmylou Harris - John Hiatt
Field 20, Category 73: Two albums w/ Dylan songs (High Fidelity and The Sopranos)
Field 20 Film/TV/Visual Media Category 75, Best Song...: Things Have Changed, Bob Dylan
Field 23 Album Notes, Category 81, Best Album Notes: The Best of Broadside 1962-1988
Field 24 Historical, Category 82, Best Historical Album: The Best of Broadside 1962-1988

On This Day in 1974, Bob Dylan and The Band started a 39 date US tour. Dylan's first live appearance for over 7 years, there were more than 5 million applications for the 660,000 tickets - (music365) (40 dates actually, says Bob Meyer)

Tuesday, January 2:
The greatest: Artists find new life in old hits Review of "The Essential Bob Dylan" - (CNN)
Two Vintage Jerry Garcia Band Sets Due Includes "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - (Billboard) (link found by Alex Leik)
Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Shame Close to bottom: Sebastian Cabot does "It Ain't Me Babe" and "Like A Rolling Stone" - (Fade to Black) (link found by Adam Hindman)

Monday, January 1 (New Year's Day 2001):
Billy Bragg: He Sings of Regular Folk and Dreams Their Dreams - (NY Times)

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